IMac :: Can't Boot From Cd?

Feb 24, 2010

I found this beautiful 17" eMac at a yard sale! it is pristine I fell in love. I went about removing the stuff left behind by the old owner. Now it does not boot.

After a while I get the question mark on a folder. I know what I did but not how to get out of it. I have no OS X disk to start it from. What do I do now? I did try to reset some things but no good.

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IMac :: 27" Wont's Boot Up / Takes A Very Long Time To Boot?

May 15, 2010

I have a 2 week old iMac 27", i7, 2tb Hard Drive, 16gb RM

In the second week the boot up times became very slow.

I would turn the machine on and get the chime within 5 seconds or so.

Then just a black/blank screen.

Eventually after about 10mins I would get a white screen then it would boot up normally.

Now the machine just doesn't get to the white screen. So I get the chime and then just darkness. It does sound like the machine is on (usual quiet imac whirring).

I've tried various key commands when I turn the machine on including pressing C with the install disk in the dvd drive and the alt, control, P, R pram reset.

I've also tried unplugging all the cables, leaving the machine for a minute and switching back on. I did manage to perform the PRAM reset once. I reset the machine and it booted fine.

But now when I switch it on just darkness.

I've called after sales and will try to get the machine replaced but in the meantime is there anything I could try that might make the machine work? I need to do a remix this weekend (deadline Monday) so really need to get it working.

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IMac PPC :: It Will Not Boot Out Of Safe Boot Mode

Apr 22, 2012

I have a Imac PPC with a 2Ghz processor and 1GB of Ram.  I am running leopard 10.5.8.  Recently i woke the PC from sleep mode to find a blue screen with only the cursor working.  Using the internet, I determined how to get the PC booted in safe mode.  I have used all the disk utilities at my disposal along with onyx and cocktail to try and fix what I believe is a startup problem. I hae booted the PC in single user mode and tried the fskc codes, which i believe is just the same as the disk utility. Based on my computer all permissions are correct and there is nothing wrong with the HD.  The PC still will not boot normally.  I have even done an archive and re-install of Leopard. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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IMac :: Windows Aero Not Working In Boot Camp-2009 IMac GT120

Mar 28, 2009

I think it worked at one point, but sometime around the point when I set up Fusion with the partition, Windows Aero turned off and is no longer an option in the display settings. I installed this driver with the modded INF to see if it would do anything, but Aero is still not an option. I also have issues playing some games in Fusion, while they work fine in Boot Camp.

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IMac :: Intel IMac Cannot Manage To Remove A Linux Boot Disc From The Optical Drive

Nov 1, 2009

I'm using a 20" white intel iMac and cannot manage to remove a linux boot disc from the optical drive.At first, the only way that i managed to boot to the linux disc in the first place was from the Startup Disk menu in OSX. I could not even get to the Startup Manager ('opt' at boot) or boot straight to the disc ('C').Now i'm in a position where no matter what i do, the system boots to the linux disc. I cannot even force the startup into OSX to try to eject the disc from there. I've tried holding all of these keys/combinations at startup

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IMac :: Weird Boot Issues On IMac Core Duo?

Oct 28, 2009

Back in August, I did an OS update on my iMac, and the machine wouldn't reboot. I was able to reinstall Leopard by booting from a disk, and all was well for a few more weeks. The machine seemed to run normal, with the exception of 5-minute-plus boot up times. But within a few weeks it stopped booting. I installed Leopard on an external HDD and figured I'd leave the internal alone until Snow Leopard came out.

A few weeks later when SL was released, I booted from the install disk, found the internal HDD, and went through the installation process. Everything went fine but the machine would not boot. I installed SL on my external HDD running Leopard, and everything was fine. I've since been running my computer off the external.

The internal HDD no longer shows up on the desktop, in Disk Utility, etc. I'm fearing it may have died. More worrisome, though, is my machine doesn't always boot up, whether from my external HDD (set as the startup disk) or from CD. By "doesn't always boot up," I mean most of the time when I restart, it just sits on a gray screen, nothing happens (even when holding "Option" or C.) Sometimes it will boot, but takes 20 or 30 minutes to do so.

I'm considering replacing the internal HDD, but am curious, does that seem like the issue, or might the failure to boot from externals and CDs indicate a more serious problem?

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IMac PPC :: Imac G3 Installation Of Tiger Cd Won't Boot?

May 14, 2012

I have the CD version of tiger and am trying to install it to a recently purchased iMac G3. The Installer installs disc 1, resets, but doesn't boot up to install disc 2, it simply asks again to install disc 1. The Mac for some reason will not boot from the installed software and therefore I cannot complete installation. Can anyone figure out why the mac refuses to boot from the HD in order to install disc 2?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4)

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OS X :: IMac Won't Boot With 4GB But Will With 3GB?

Apr 7, 2009

When I look at "About This Mac" it says that I have a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. I originally had two 1GB sticks. When I installed two 2GB RAM sticks, it wouldn't boot. Just for fun, I tried putting one 2GB and one 1GB stick inside, and it boots fine.

[URL] says that I can have up to 4GB: [URL]

But the guides say that it depends on if I have Merom w/ Santa Rosa chipset or not:[URL]

But I read somewhere else that even if I install two 2GB sticks that it will just ignore the power of the second one and default to 3GB.

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OS X :: Can IMac Boot From USB

Mar 18, 2010

I am finding conflicting information when I search but can a new iMac boot from a USB drive?

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IMac PPC :: G3 Will Not Boot From 10.3 CD

May 3, 2012

I am trying to upgrade my iMac G3 from 10.2 to 10.3, When I try booting any cd it always just continues booting to the os. I know the drive works, because I can read the disk in Jaguar.


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IMac PPC :: Boot Up With Usb?

Jun 13, 2012

IMAC 20"  2.1Ghz 

I replaced the hard drive with my other HD. It is loaded with Tiger alread but I don't have recovery discs.  

Can I download the start up files onto USB and start up that way? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.7)

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OS X :: Imac Won't Boot Up After Downloading 10.4.1

Nov 18, 2009

I have a 15" Imac G4 I bought used off of Ebay. It was doing great and then I clicked to look for updates. So it downloaded a 168mb file to update 10.4 to 10.4.1 It automatically tried installing, but then said it couldn't install and that it was moved into the trash. So I took it out of the trash and dragged it on my desktop. Then when I went to turn the computer on, it only shows the grey screen!

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IMac :: Won't Work / Can't Boot Up

Jan 5, 2011

In 2011, my iMac was sent to hell for a crime it most probably did commit. This Mac promptly crashed and caused the destruction of my WD 1tb External HDD containing my recently backed up files. Today, the iMac will not boot up.

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OS X :: IMac Does Not Boot After RAM Upgrade?

Jun 8, 2008

iMac intel core duo...

My computer had 1GB of RAM, so I just bought a 2GB RAM card. When I installed both cards together i can hear the hard drive start up and then nothing, no boot up, just a black screen and the "sleep" light is just solid. I know both cards are fine because I tested each by themselves and they both started up and worked well, its only when they are both in at the same time does it do this. also both slots work because i tested both of them! I tried to do the PRAM reset and it doesnt work, and I tried to do it with one card in and then reset and then shutdown and install the 2nd card and still nothing. Please give me some advice, i am soooo frustrated!!

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IMac :: Won't Boot - Hdd Failure?

Dec 11, 2008

The string of problems I've encountered started a few days ago. I normally let my imac go to sleep by itself but, on this occasion I told it to sleep via the apple menu. When I awoke the imac the screen was frozen. No mouse movement, no clock movement, nothing. At this point I turned the power off and back on again. It didn't get past the white screen (before the gray with apple logo). I then tried resetting the PRAM, booting in safe mode, and booting from my os disc. Nothing worked.

After several tens of tries it magically booted. It stayed active long enough for me to back up all my data (transferring at least 100GB), reformat the hdd, reinstall leapord, transfer data back, and use it until I let it sleep again.

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OS X :: IMac Hangs On Boot

Dec 26, 2008

I have a iMac(20") for about a year now and its ran great up untill now. It is hanging on boot. Sometimes its the white screen with apple logo and spinning gear, other times the screen goes blue and i can see it load a mouse cursor for about 2 seconds, then the screen goes through a few shades of blue and the spinning gear re-apears with no apple logo. The computer then loops. I tried to boot to safe mode, but as i have the sound off i am not sure i am holding the shift key at teh proper moment. If anyone has any advice, please, please let me know. my mac reinstall cd is about 8hrs drive from where i am, and i do not know if mac issues replacement cd's.

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OS X :: IMac Frozen Boot Up

Apr 4, 2009

My iMac just crashed. All apps except finder gave me the beach ball, and force quit wouldn't load. I cold-booted it and it is now stuck on the screen showing the apple logo and the pin wheel, except the pin-wheel doesn't spin!

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OS X :: Imac 24" Won't Boot Up

Jul 22, 2009

I have a 24" imac with the dualcore. Yesterday I was pasting something from Illustrator to photoshop and it froze. The ball spun for about 5 mins, force quit would not come up so I held the power button and shut it off. Now only the grey screen comes up like its booting, apple logo and spinning wheel. I started in safe mode and ran fsck but it seemed to take forever (hours) and never finished.

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OS X :: IMac Not Boot After Trying To Set Permissions

Feb 3, 2010

I have an IMac with Mac OS X 10.5 on it. Here is what happened: I wanted to network my imac with another pc in the room that has Windows on it. I set permissions to allow read write access for other computers on the network. The pc on the network were displayed on the imac but could not be opened when clicked on. Message box stated needed to reboot imac.

On rebooting the imac all that comes up is grey screen with apple symbol and gear running underneath it. Tried booting in safe mode-screen displays progress bar.Progress bar completes and then goes away and then all i have is a grey screen with an apple symbol and rotating gear. Also tried resetting the PRAM which ended with same result of grey screen,apple symbol and running gear. Have recently moved and can not find my install disc.

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IMac :: Unable To Boot Up

Jul 27, 2010

Whenever I turn on my computer, I see a flashing folder icon, occasionally interspaced with a globe icon. I read elsewhere that this lasts for several minutes, but it can go on for an hour without pause. I tried booting up from my install disc, but couldn't get the computer to acknowledge it.

I was able to start installing with a 10.5 upgrade disc, but was unable to complete it because the computer did not already have 10.4 or later on the HD (for the record, I was on 10.5.8 before it crashed). I tried restarting it from the Network.

I can't even access my HD through a firewire cable; the HD simply won't show up on the host computer's screen. I'm pretty sure this means that my HD is hosed, but I thought I'd ask to make sure.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: IMac Won't Boot Up?

Mar 23, 2012

My iMac won't boot up. All I get is the apple logo and a spinning circle, just sits there and spinns. 

iMac 20, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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IMac Won't Boot Up Properly

Apr 6, 2012

When I turn it on the whit screen comes with apple, then after a few minutes it goe off

iMac, iOS 5.0.1

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IMac PPC :: G5 Won't Boot Properly?

Apr 18, 2012

Recently I inherited an iMac G5 (no iSight) that has bluetooth and a preinstaled airport card. When I recieved it the drive was wiped so I did an install from the original disks. My problem is that the computer will not boot properly ; I can hear the chime, mostly the lcd lights up but it stays black, sometimes I will see the gray screen and from there it will either go to the light blue screen and hang or it will distort the picture and the fan will kick in. 2 out of 20 times it will boot successfuly but after about 1 min. it will freeze up, distort the image and then the display goes crazy! I don't know whats wrong... the capacitors have been replaced a not too long ago along with the power supply, and I ran a hardware test and it says everything is fine ( the G5 won't recognize the airport card or bluethooth!). I need help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PPC G5 (no iSight)

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IMac (Intel) :: Won't Come On Or Boot

Jun 19, 2014

My iMac won't come on or boot. What can I do?

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IMac :: Unable To Boot From External?

Aug 31, 2010

I have an intel iMac (2.4 Ghz C2D) and at the beginning of the year I purchased a Drobo. I have all my data on the Drobo, and decided to move my home folder to the Drobo. I discovered I could not boot as the admin if the Drobo was not connected.

I want to use Super Duper to clone my HD on an external so I can boot from it on my Macbook when I travel. My internal HD on the iMac is 320GB but only 60GB is used (applications). The home folder on the Drobo is 300GB's in size. If I partitioned a 500GB drive say one partition being the home folder and the other partition the internal drive on my iMac would I be able to boot from the external?

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OS X :: Safari Kept Hanging - IMac Won't Boot Up

Nov 21, 2010

My wife's iMac MC508 is 2 weeks old, I had to re-install it after 1 week because Safari kept hanging. It was working ok yesterday lunchtime when I used it but last night my wife switched it on and just got the white screen with logo, then a blank progress bar then the circle thing before it shut itself down. We have tried all the key combinations that we found online but no change. The only thing I have not done is put the install disk back in for fear of not being able to eject it. Has the hard drive packed up? Does this mean a trip to an Apple store?

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp - Cannot Use IMAC

Jul 14, 2007

i am new to these forums, i have recently purchaced a imac and i previously installed parralells on it which worked fine other than the fact i could not play games on it. I was told to install bootcamp to overcome this issue, however when i downloaded bootcamp and proceeded with the install at the windows stage of the process (the dos looking blue screen where you choose the partition) the partition bootcamp created for me did not show up, therefore i cancelled the windows setup but when the computer re booted it is stuck on a grey screen like when you turn it on, you cannot boot from the OS X cd's which came with the computer you cannot log in on safemode you pretty much can't do anything. I have backed up all important things prior to doing this but how would you format the computer if its not responding to the command to boot from the CD?

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PowerPC :: IMAC G4 Stuck In Boot

Oct 14, 2007

I picked up this G4 (M6498, 17", 800/256/80HD) from a lady in her 80's whose son sent her a new G5, but I'm having trouble getting it to boot on HD or CD. When I turn it on all I get is a file icon alternating between mac face and "?". Boot from IMAC CD: same thing - I hear the CD track switching a few times periodically but that's it. Boot from OS9 Install CD: same thing. I'm not that familiar with iMac, although I've had a few other Mac machines on and off through the years AppleIIe, PowerMacG3). Any suggestions what to try next?

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IMac :: Turn Down In Boot Camp

Jan 21, 2008

Have just got an iMac and am running boot camp - XP Pro. I've turned down the brightness with the boot camp software controller, but the screen is way too bright still. Any other way in XP/boot camp to turn the thing down more (other than sunglasses)? I've googled sans luck.

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PowerPC :: IMac G3 Shuts Down During Boot

Dec 25, 2008

I have a 700MHz iMac G3, which froze during DVD playback and it needed to be rebooted. Now it will not boot, the gray screen comes up with the loading circle, but it will just shut down after about a minute. I have reset the PRAM, PMU and it is running 10.4. No beeps or anything when it shuts down, it just turns off.

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