IMac PPC :: Imac G3 Installation Of Tiger Cd Won't Boot?

May 14, 2012

I have the CD version of tiger and am trying to install it to a recently purchased iMac G3. The Installer installs disc 1, resets, but doesn't boot up to install disc 2, it simply asks again to install disc 1. The Mac for some reason will not boot from the installed software and therefore I cannot complete installation. Can anyone figure out why the mac refuses to boot from the HD in order to install disc 2?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4)

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OS X :: IMac - Possible To Dual Boot Tiger And Snow Leopard?

Dec 3, 2009

I just ordered a new iMac and I'll be upgrading from a 1GHz TiBook with Tiger on it. I have some important music software that I'm not 100% sure will work with Snow Leopard, but my understanding is that it's already ok for Universal Binary. So I had the thought that maybe I could put Tiger on the iMac and dual boot. I've never dealt with a dual-boot system before, other than a couple times when I played around with Classic Mode when I still had Jaguar and/or Panther.

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Software :: Tiger / Leopard Dual Boot On IMac G5

May 18, 2008

Since I do development, I want to keep my iMac G5 at 10.4.11 (Tiger) while having 10.5.2 (Leopard) on an external drive for booting and customer support (in the meantime anyways - at some point, I may move the internal to Leopard and keep a version of Tiger on the external drive for customer support).Sounds none too difficult to achieve this. Attach external drive, insert installation CD, and follow instructions.

One thing that alludes me is the best way to make the applications available on the external Leopard boot. Can I just run them from the internal drive or will they need to be copied/installed on the external as well? Any really clear and useful resources on this type of thing?

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Software :: Dual Boot Tiger (HD) And Leopard (Ext) On IMac

Feb 28, 2009

How do I install a dual boot with tiger on the internal Hard disk and leopard on the external usb/firewire hard disk.

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Power Mac G5 :: Can't Boot Into Tiger After Leopard Installation Fails

Nov 25, 2007

Installation of Leopard on my Power Mac G5 failed. After that, I can't even boot into Tiger. Whenever I power on, it just stays at the grey Apple screen. I thought changing the hard disk might help. But my experiments proved that the same behavior persists even without any hard disk. Power on, "dong", grey apple screen: that's it. What happened?

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5Ghz, PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz, iBook G4 1.2Ghz, MBP 2.33Ghz
Mac OS X (10.5.1)
LaCie 500GB, LaCie 1TB, several iPods

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IMac :: AL IMac ESata Installation

Dec 9, 2007

I am kind of a newb to eSata technology. Is it possible to install a eSata port on am AL iMac? Has anyone done it?

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IMac :: Windows Aero Not Working In Boot Camp-2009 IMac GT120

Mar 28, 2009

I think it worked at one point, but sometime around the point when I set up Fusion with the partition, Windows Aero turned off and is no longer an option in the display settings. I installed this driver with the modded INF to see if it would do anything, but Aero is still not an option. I also have issues playing some games in Fusion, while they work fine in Boot Camp.

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IMac :: Intel IMac Cannot Manage To Remove A Linux Boot Disc From The Optical Drive

Nov 1, 2009

I'm using a 20" white intel iMac and cannot manage to remove a linux boot disc from the optical drive.At first, the only way that i managed to boot to the linux disc in the first place was from the Startup Disk menu in OSX. I could not even get to the Startup Manager ('opt' at boot) or boot straight to the disc ('C').Now i'm in a position where no matter what i do, the system boots to the linux disc. I cannot even force the startup into OSX to try to eject the disc from there. I've tried holding all of these keys/combinations at startup

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IMac :: Weird Boot Issues On IMac Core Duo?

Oct 28, 2009

Back in August, I did an OS update on my iMac, and the machine wouldn't reboot. I was able to reinstall Leopard by booting from a disk, and all was well for a few more weeks. The machine seemed to run normal, with the exception of 5-minute-plus boot up times. But within a few weeks it stopped booting. I installed Leopard on an external HDD and figured I'd leave the internal alone until Snow Leopard came out.

A few weeks later when SL was released, I booted from the install disk, found the internal HDD, and went through the installation process. Everything went fine but the machine would not boot. I installed SL on my external HDD running Leopard, and everything was fine. I've since been running my computer off the external.

The internal HDD no longer shows up on the desktop, in Disk Utility, etc. I'm fearing it may have died. More worrisome, though, is my machine doesn't always boot up, whether from my external HDD (set as the startup disk) or from CD. By "doesn't always boot up," I mean most of the time when I restart, it just sits on a gray screen, nothing happens (even when holding "Option" or C.) Sometimes it will boot, but takes 20 or 30 minutes to do so.

I'm considering replacing the internal HDD, but am curious, does that seem like the issue, or might the failure to boot from externals and CDs indicate a more serious problem?

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OS X :: Tiger On An IMac G4 800 Mhz?

Dec 4, 2005

I have an iMac g4 800mhz, 768 mb of ram 40 gb internal HD and 250 gb external HD. I plan on upgrading to Tiger this wednesday. Also, my mac has been a bit quirky over the last year or so. The internal HD seems to almost spin constantly. It spins and spins....spins down, then right back up again. Weird. Once in a while the apps act strange as well. So, I plan on doing a clean install of Tiger. Everything is backed up on the external HD.

My question is, does anybody know how Tiger will run on my system? Will doing a clean install eliminate these "quirks"? And finally, will quicktime 7 finally run smooth with the upgrade? Right now, Quicktime isn't as smooth as it used to be with Quicktime 6.

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OS X :: Tiger Or Leopard On My G4 IMac?

Dec 25, 2010

I got a G4 iMac with a 1ghz powerPC and 512MB ram for Christmas - it came with Leopard.

It's not horrible slow but you can tell it's trudging along quite choppily at times (when I try to load anything in flash or youtube it can't handle it).

Would I be better off going to Tiger? I've never used Tiger before - would my experience on Tiger be horrible compared to Leopard?

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IMac :: Will Any Tiger OS Disks Do?

Nov 3, 2009

Looking to upgrade the OS in my G4 iMac to Tiger. I've been told that I have to be sure that the OS disks are for my particular machine? Any truth to this?(Pardon my ignorance on the subject)

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IMac PPC :: How To Install Tiger (10.4) To Hd From MBP

May 10, 2012

I just bought a G5 iMac 17" that had no hard drive. I have an old 160 gig drive to install, but there is something wrong with the optical drive and I can't insert an install disk. What I thought I could do is connect the 160 gig to my MacBookPro (OS X 10.7.4) and install Tiger to the USB drive. No go! I get a message that PPC is not supported. I tried booting from the install disk but my Mac bypassed it and booted into 10.7.4. What else can I do to get a compatible OS on the drive?

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OS X V10.4 :: Get Tiger Installation Discs?

Apr 12, 2012

Photoshop CS2 opens but wont perform any task (open jpgs, create new jpgs etc). Other CS2 progs such as indesign are fine. MAC shop, couldn't fix, said I should try install op system 4 Powerbook G4-dont have discs- can I get them? or other solution? Am using OS 10.4.11- I think I need Tiger? 


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PowerPC :: Installing Tiger On A IMac G3?

Feb 20, 2007

is it possible to install Tiger on a iMac G3 with you iPod. Im in the process of selling it & i want to do some maintenance on it, so that its nice & speedy. Can i install Tiger using my Ipod Nano 2G? If so what is the process of going about doing so?

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PowerPC :: Trying To Install Tiger On G4 IMac?

Mar 4, 2007

I've got a flat panel G4 iMac, currently running 10.3.9. I'm having ongoing problems: frequent kernel panics, weird things happening to the display (display breaks up into a jumble of lines on occasion). I've done the usual troubleshooting: disk utility, apple hardware test, reboot in Safe. I want to try reinstalling the OS to see if this helps.

Problem: I don't have the install discs for OS 10.3.9 - about a year ago the logic board was replaced and I had the service swap in a new hard drive at that time and they loaded 10.3.9 when they did this. I don't want to buy 10.4 at this point - with Leopard coming out soon from what I understand, also want to make sure I can get the computer running properly again before I throw any more money at it. I've tried using borrowed discs to install 10.4, but I keep getting a message stating: "you cannot install this software on this computer". This has happened with 3 different borrowed install discs. Two of the borrowed discs were for iBooks, one was for a G5 iMac.

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IMac :: Log Into Tiger With Fingerprint Scanner?

Aug 20, 2007

Is it possible?

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PowerPC :: How To Install Tiger On My G3 600 Mhz Imac

Jul 4, 2008

so i want to install tiger on my G3 600 mhz 256 mb RAM imac that has no dvd drive.i looked around the net and found that apple used to accept tiger DVD's and exchange them for CD's for a 10$ fee but thats no longer the case....

i also found that i could install tiger from another mac with a DVD drive using firewire disk i looked around my things and found an old firewire cable and hooked both machines up (imac and my mbp) and restarted the imac holding down the t key and so then the firewire symbol shows up on the imacs screen...well from what i understand the imac's HD is supposed to show up on my mbp desktop...this never happens.And ive tried it multiple i dont know what the problem is..and ive tried it using OS 9 and 10.0 the OS's the machine came with..

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IMac :: Installing Tiger On G3 - Support For OS X

Jan 17, 2009

I recently acquired an original iMac G3 from my Uncle. I put a 80GB PATA drive in there, and installed OS9 without any hitches (apart from the fact that it doesn't recognise the HD because I think I have the jumpers wrong, it still boots eventually though). Anyways to my question, does this version of iMac support OSX? I am hoping to install Tiger onto it, regardless of the speed that the machine will be. I had a Graphite iMac so I'm used to slow speeds baha. I'm guessing the main problem would be in regards to the CD drive, it isn't a DVD drive.

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OS X :: Installing Tiger On Internal HDD Through Imac?

Dec 13, 2009

I have a macbook pro 13".. the HD crashed and i had to send it out for recovery (the platter was f'd up) and the optical drive stopped working.

i have a thingy i use where i pllug in the internal HD and it becomes a USB on my imac... can i run Tiger and install it to that specific HD and format it as well? then when i plug the HD back into the macbook it will work?

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PowerPC :: Panther Or Tiger For IMac G3

Jun 8, 2010

I might be getting a iMac G3 (for surfing and maybe itunes) and I was wondering if I should put tiger or panther on it? I had tiger on my iMac G4 before it died and I loved it. I was used to leopard before though (my imac G6). I don't know the processors or anything yet... but since I'm getting two of them for free I'm not really complaining. How much iMac G3 suck. I think they are adorable

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IMac :: Trying To Install Tiger Or Leopard On G5

Jul 19, 2010

I have an imac g5 2.1ghz (isight version). The previous hdd completely broke, so with great struggle I managed to open it up and put in a 500gb hdd, I'm now looking to fresh install OS x. I put tiger in the imac and hold 'c', it boots to a grey screen with a folder and an exclamation mark. I put the disk in and hold the option key, it goes to a menu where an hour glass appears for about 3minutes before my tiger install disk is found. The install disk has an image of a disk with a small cross in the bottom right corner (i thought it was supposed to have an image of cd itself, but at least its recognized) I click the cd to install and it goes to a white screen with the apple logo, after a brief minute, a spinny wheel appears and spins for about 3-5minutes.

The apple logo then changes to a cancel or stop sign but the spinny wheel is still spinning below...I left it for about 40minutes and it didnt go any further. I've tried several times with the same result, I've also created a bootable usb with tiger on it and had the same result after using a command on the open firmware comand line to boot the usb, a friend tried to create a usb with leopard on it, but after trying to boot it..i get a message saying "Load-size is too small" Here are some pictures (click the tabs to see all 4) [URL]

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IMac PPC :: Can't Install Either Leopard Or Tiger On G4

Mar 7, 2012

I just bought a used iMac g4 with the following specs: 1.25 ghz, 160 gb HD, 1 gb of ram, with a 20" screen (USB 2.0). It has OS X 10.3.9 installed. I have retail copies of tiger and leopard. The problem is that I can't get either to install.  When i load the disk, the computer restarts, but then returns back to home screen.  I've tried holding down "c", but that does nothing for me. I've also gone to start up disk in utilities, but all that is listed on there is my G4 hard drive and "network". The superdrive isn't listed on there. I know the super drive works; i've used it several times and i used it to open up the install disk.  What am I doing wrong.

iPad 2, iOS 5

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IMac PPC :: G4 Not Working After Tiger Install?

Apr 27, 2012

After installing osx 10.4.11, boot time has increased.  Sometimes it will not boot at all, but when at main screen, folders and some applications cannot be opened. Ive been trying to install an older os, but it will not allow that. how to format and start over fresh.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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IMac PPC :: Best Version Of Safari For A G5 With Tiger?

May 20, 2012

I upgraded an iMac G5 to Tiger.  Safari crashes often and does not support many new web sites, particularly those requiring Flash. I have tried Opera and Camino both of which have problems when Flash is required.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)

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OS X :: IMac Refuses To Sleep After New HD Installation

Mar 26, 2009

My iMac refuses to sleep no matter what sleep preferences I set or even if I try to sleep it manually (apple>sleep). It doesn't do anything. The display doesn't even dim like it used to a week ago. I don't have anything plugged in but the keyboard and regular mighty mouse, and restart doesn't change anything either. The Apple store installed a new hard drive on the computer a few days ago, since the 1.5 year old one randomly crashed and died. So I don't know what kind of funky things they might have changed, I'm just wondering if there's any simple maneuver I can do to make it sleep like it's supposed to!

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IMac :: ATI 4850 - Old Leopard Installation

Apr 15, 2009

this is my first posting but I am desperate and need some help Apple could not provide. Here is my situation:

- new iMac 9,1 2,93 GHz, 4 GByte, ATI Radeon 4850
- pre-installed OS: Leopard 10.5.6

I have access to a MBP and an older iMac. The MBP had a defective logic board some months ago so I decided to copy its content (after repair) to an external hard drive. I used this hard drive as my primary OS and used it with the MBP or iMac and did have the same data all the time - excellent time-saver for me. Now the new iMac was shipped yesterday. I tried to boot it from the very same external hard drive as well. It worked but there are some annoying facts I need some help to deal with: I cannot activate sleep mode with the new iMac. The graphics card seems not to work well: stuttering screen saver, slow high definition video playback, slow spaces etc. I cannot dim the monitor's backlight with F1/F2 keys nor the monitor setup. All these problems disappear when I boot from the internal HDD but that is not an option for me. It looks like the "old" Leopard installations lacks of some drivers. Is there a way to add them, is there another solution or will an update of Leopard 10.5.7 - at least most likely - solve the problem? Apple support did not feel the need to help for "exotic configurations". I was told a fresh installation of a retail Leopard copy on an external hard drive COULD work (no guarantee) but it would take me too much time to re-configure and I don't feel the desire to set up my system fresh and new like in old Windows days.

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OS X :: Case Sensitive Installation On IMac

Dec 10, 2009

So, I just received my iMac and after playing with it for a few weeks I find that I don't like the fact that it was shipped with a case insensitive install. I was hoping I could simple run some command to convert, but there doesn't appear to be any "easy" way to do this. I assume I can simply reinstall and as part of the install format the drive case sensitive.

My questions are as follows:
1) Is a reformat/reinstall my only option (not a problem but I though I would ask)
2) I don't expect Mac OSX to have a problem running in this environment but if someone is aware of any restrictions I would love to hear it.
3) Would this have any effect on my plans to install Windows 7 via bootcamp? (once it's supported that is).

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Software :: Windows XP Installation On My New Imac?

Dec 23, 2009

I have recently purchased a new Imac (OSX 10.6.2), and I want to install Windows XP Home edition on it using Boot Camp. I have already installed Windows on another computer, my older Macbook, and my question is this - can I use the same Windows installation disk and activation code for my new computer? I have read that one Windows XP disk is good for just one activation; do I need to uninstall it from my macbook in order to be able to install it on my Imac? Is that even possible?

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IMac Intel :: Upgraded RAM To 4Gb And Running Tiger

Dec 22, 2008

My MBP came with Tiger when I got it almost a year ago. I upgrade the Ram to 4gb a few weeks ago. If I put Tiger back... Would it run better?

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