PowerPC :: Possible To Swap Hard Drives - G5 To G5 Power Tower

Oct 17, 2008

Is possible to just swap the 500g hard drive into the G5 Power Tower instead of cloning the hard drive - Both PPC ?

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Power Mac G5 :: Install 4 SATA Drives Into Tower?

Dec 27, 2007

Is it possible to install 4 SATA drives into a G5 tower? I didn't open it up yet cause I have to move so much material to get to it. I'm assuming you can purchased a SATA PCI card but is there room in the case for 2 additional drives?

PowerMac G5

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MacBook Pro :: Can Swap Hard Drives From One To Another

Jun 28, 2012

My old model A1150 has a very nice 750 MB hard drive (with all my files on it). I just bought a somewhat newer MBP with a 200 GB HD.Can I just swap the hard drives? Any trick to it? One has Snow Leopard, the other just Leopard. 

MacBook Pro A1150, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2 GB Ram, using FCE 4

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MacBook Pro :: Swap Hard Drives Between Different Systems

Jun 22, 2009

I just got a unibody 17''. Can I swap the hard drive in it with a 15'' Santa Rosa MBP? Just to save time installing everything plus the 15'' has a newish 7200 rpm hard drive. I noticed the trackpad System Preference is different between MBPs so I'm wondering what else is different.

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MacBook :: Swap Hard Drives With Out Reinstalling OS

Oct 26, 2009

I've never done this before, but I'm curious if I was to swap the hard drive from my macbook and my macbook pro if they would still boot and operate as normal?I'm plenty capable of taking them apart, I just would like to know if I can save myself the time of reinstalling the OS by just swapping the drives.

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MacBook Pro :: Swap Hard Drives - Software To Use?

Apr 21, 2010

I have two Macs:1. MBP i7 - Hitachi HTS545050B9SA02 500gb (5400rpm)2. MacMini 2.0 C2D - WDC WD3200BEKT 320gb (7200rpm)Software I use: Logic Pro, Adobe, Bootcamp, and Gaming..According to the below benchmarks, the WDC scores 494, while the Hitachi scores 346.

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MacBook :: Physically Swap Hard Drives From One Pro To Another?

Jun 21, 2012

How do I "Physically" swap my hard drive from my old mac to my new macbook pro Mid 2012?I know how to swap them easily enough but when I do this I turn on the new mac and all I get is a "Circle with a line through it"

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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PowerPC :: G4 Tower Power Supply Dead?

May 19, 2010

Have a Power Mac G4 MDD - Apple genius bar looked at it and told me probably need a new power supply (shutting down at will and having trouble powering up but before that the computer was running well) and I'm not sure if I should get a used or new one on ebay or if you have a better idea. Can't afford a whole new system so want to resurrect this one.

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Power Mac :: Enclosures For Quantum Viking II 9.1 GB Hard Drive From A G3 Tower?

May 17, 2012

Does ANY company make a stand-alone external enclosure for a Quantum Viking II 9.1 GB PHXWS hard drive from an old G3 Tower?

PowerMac, Mac OS 9.2.x

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MacBook Pro :: Swap Hard Drives Between 2006 160gb And MacBook 60gb?

Apr 18, 2012

My late 2006 MBP 160GB hard drive died, can I install a late 2006 macbook 60GB hard drive into my macbook pro without any boot issues? Both machines have snow leopard, but since this is not a straight swap and I'm crossing between models I wasn't sure how successful I would be. I know that can't transfer my files, but I just wanted a working computer until I can get a new hard drive.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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PowerPC :: Swap IMac G3 Hard Drive

Jul 4, 2007

just got my first mac (a freebie):

iMac G3 Power PC 233
OSX 10.3.9
Darwin 7.9.0

the first two things i want to do are upgrade memory and hard drive. problem is i have none of the media the software came on. is there a way to transfer all apps (no data yet) to another HDD?

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PowerPC :: Using G5 And MacPro Hard Drive Swap And Display

Jul 16, 2009

Hoping someone can help me figure this out. I swapped HDDs between a G5 and MacPro this morning. The MacPro was connected to a large LCD TV via HDMI for it's display (using a DVI to HDMI adapter) and it worked great for just scrolling images of our projects (no audio). When I put it's HDD in the G5 and connected it to the display the same way, I got nothing on the screen. Thinking it was a video card issue on the G5 end, I plugged in a different monitor and rebooted the G5. This time I got the flashing question mark folder meaning it couldn't find an OS to boot. So now I can't tell what the issue is. I thought HDDs between G5s and MacPros were the same? If not does this mean the older G5 drive won't work in the MacPro tower? (I haven't tried yet).

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Power Mac :: G5 Won't Detect Hard Drives

Mar 28, 2012

This is an intermittent problem. I have a dual processor PowerMacG5 2GHz. The computer won't boot up. Used disc utility to find out that no hard drive was detected. Thought hard drive was bad. Installed new hard drive. Installed Tiger. Rebooted. Computer won't boot, disc utility shows no hard drive. Unplugged computer. Removed hard drive. Started disc utility from disk. Turned off machine. Unplugged. Installed hard drive. Started up machine. Machine runs fine. Now turned machine off and tried to restart again, now no hard drive detected again. Redid unplugging and reinstallation of hard drives. Now both hard drives works fine. This problem can be repeated. I prefer not to ever turn off my machine again. Startup procedure with unplugging, reinstallation of hard drives is just a pain. 

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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PowerPC :: Does Power Mac G4 Have Disc Drives? And If It Does How Do They Open?

Apr 8, 2009


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Power Mac G5 :: Trashed One Of Hard Drives And Need It Back

Oct 30, 2007

I have got myself in a very sorry state. I have a G5 powermac with two harddrives, one that the system runs on and the other that i have called STUFF and ....well has all my stuff on it. While on the phone talking i managed somehow( dont ask) to drag the STUFF hard drive into the Trash and it disappeared in a puff of smoke, and well... i need it back.

I cant find the HD within finder, but managed to find it while looking in disc utility but have not been able to drag it to desktop or anything like that.Anyway, if you have any ideas as to how i can go back in time and get my HD i would be seriously grateful.

Mac OS X (10.4.6)

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OS X :: Power Loss And Hard Drives Always Mounted

Mar 30, 2009

I am using an external hard drive with Airport Extreme for Time Machine. Should I be worried about my data in an event of power loss because the drive is always mounted? Has anyone loss a drive due to power loss and what have you done to fix it or prevent it? What are you using as backup power and why? I know I can go with Drobo, but are there other lower cost options?

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Power Mac :: Converter Cable For Hard Drives?

Jun 9, 2012

I have a IBM Deskstar ATA/IDE hard drive, model DTLA-305040 that came out of a Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver) whose power supply died.  I'm trying to install the hard drive in the open bay of a Power Mac G5 9,1 - A1093 with a 1.8 GHz processor, which (I think/guess) takes a SATA hard drive.  Is there a cable I can use to make the hard drive "compatible" inside the G5?  Or would it be better to just get a cable to access the hard drive externally, copy the data off it and then be done with the old hard drive?  It's pretty old and apparently these IBM Deskstar drives had a lot of issues.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Model 5,1/2.4 GHz/8 core (mid 2010)

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MacBook Pro :: Power Consumption Of Hard Drives 5400 & 7200?

Oct 15, 2009

as topic states, what do you think the difference in power consumption between 5400rpm and 7200 rpm?

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PowerPC :: G3 Power Mac - (swap Out Drive With New DVD Drive)?

Sep 22, 2006

Someone just gave me an old G3 Power Mac that works fine but has OS9 installed. I'd like to put Tiger on it but it has a CD-ROM drive instead of DVD. Looking at the currect drive it seems like a standard CD tray drive. Is it possible to swap out this drive with a DVD drive or do I have to have a special type of drive approved by Apple? I'm doing this so that my kids will have a access to another computer in my office.

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OS X :: Can I Just Swap Drives

Mar 25, 2009

Just got a new MacPro at my office (the end-of-life'd 8 core model) and my old MacPro is going to a coworker. Can I just take the drive out of my MacPro and stick it in the new MacPro and just be off and running? I mean, i've already done it and everything seems to be running ok. The only issues I'm seeing is that my Adobe CS3 software freaked out and deactivated and TimeMachine wants to start over - won't recognize my previous backup data

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PowerPC :: G5 Support For SATA 300 Hard Drives?

Oct 27, 2006

I was wondering if my dual 2.0 ghz g5 supported the sata 300 hard drives?

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PowerPC :: Two Hard Drives On G4 But Not Plugged / Screwed In

Dec 9, 2007

A buddy of mine has had a Power Mac G4 sitting around for a while now. I asked him about it, and he told me that I could have it if I wanted. He really only uses his MacBook Pro anyways. So, I get home, plug it all in, and nothing happens. I opened up the side and everything seems to be in place. There seem to be 2 hard drives, one which isn't screwed in. One of them isn't plugged in, I'm not too sure what that's about. Power supply is there, RAM is there. I don't know why it's not coming on. When I push the power button, a light on the front flashes for a second, but nothing happens. I know it needs a RAM upgrade, and probably a processor upgrade as well. However, first, I'd like to get it running first.

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PowerPC :: RAID 0 On Dissimilar Hard Drives On G5?

May 2, 2010

I have read that it is "a shortcut to disaster" if I do a RAID0 (or any other RAID for that matter), if the Hard Drives are dissimilar. I have the original HD 149GB (now 5 years old), and have bought a new 1T HD, and was planning on setting them up as a striped RAID0. Is this a bad idea? Should I purchase a second 1T HD and do a RAID0 or RAID1 setup instead?

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PowerPC :: Transferring Applications To New Hard Drives

May 26, 2010

I been searching the net for an answer but everything requires to buy something. I have my original hard drive of 140 GB and just bought a new one thats 1TB. I want to transfer my applications from the 140 to the 1TB. Is there a simple way of doing this.

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OS X :: Swap G5 & Intel IMac Startup Drives?

Oct 7, 2009

We've got a 17" G5 iMac and a 20" Intel iMac that need to switch places and users. The easiest thing for me, would be to just swap out the internal hard drives. They both have Leopard installed, but I don't know if the different processors get dedicated system software installed, or can I just swap 'em?

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OS X :: Swap OS Versions Between Internal And External Drives?

Oct 19, 2009

Currently, my iMac has 10.4.11 on the internal 250GB drive and 10.5.8 on an external 500 GB drive. Is there any way to 'move' 10.5.8 to the internal drive and the 10.4.11 to the external, even if it requires another external drive to accomodate the swap, without reinstalling?There is plenty of disk space on each. Not sure if this would require new installations with some form of backup of data/applications. Trying to do as little as possible.

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PowerPC :: Hard To Read / Write To External Drives With G5

Sep 17, 2007

This issue has been killing my work flow for quite awhile. I have a G5 dual 2.0. I can barely read or write files to an external hard drive. Say I try and copy 1.56GB of audio (12 files) from my external drive it will start to copy then stop at 500mb for minutes then start moving as normal and stop again around 900 for minutes.. then again at 1.4. This also happens when writing.

Here is the confusing part. This happens with two external drives (different models) with firewire 400, 800 and USB. I have reinstall OSx. I have repaired permissions and ran repair disc on everything. These hard drives work FLAWLESS with my Macbook Pro as well. Gr what can this be? It takes forever to copy data to or from a drive which is often how I transfer audio between my desktop and laptop. I should soon have Mac Pro money and this crappy G5 can go out the window. I am on 10.4..

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PowerPC :: Does All Hard Drives Compatible With Grape Imac G3

Oct 22, 2008

are all hard drives compatible? i think so but i want to know for sure. i know apple has little things they do to make you buy apple stuff

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PowerPC :: Dual 2.0 Ghz G5 Support Sata 300 Hard Drives?

Jun 29, 2009

i was wondering if my dual 2.0 ghz g5 supported the sata 300 hard drives?

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PowerPC :: Unable To Read External Hard Drives

Mar 11, 2010

I can't read any external hard drive on my laptop, but both mine and my friends smaller 250g WD HD were visible on his mac.

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