PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 17" Bluetooth Modem Is Not Working?

Jun 13, 2009

I have been using my phone as a bluetooth modem on my PB for quite some time now, but today I get an error saying it is unavailable. But it is a different message than when my bluetooth on phone is off. I have a HTC Touch Pro, Alltel (CDMA). The reason I use bluetooth is because I don't know how to use USB tethering (which would be nice as bt makes my phone quite hot). Anyways, If anyone can help with either problem, it will be GREATLY appreciated. I am currently posting this on my phone, as I have a 10hr car ride and no comp.

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PowerPC :: Possible To Use Nokia N95 Telephone As Usb Modem On Powerbook?

Apr 20, 2007

I am wondering whether it is possible to use a Nokia N95 telephone as a usb modem on a powerbook.

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PowerPC :: Possible To Connect Powerbook Via Bluetooth?

Nov 16, 2006

Is there a way of using my Orange Samsung D600e to allow my Powerbook to surf the net when wifi isn't present. I've heard bits about using it via GPRS.So far I've managed to browse certain files from my Mac on the phone but I really wan't to be able to switch off airport and get a connection via my mobile. Any tips? Is it possible?I also have an old Nokia 6230e handset

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PowerPC :: PowerBook Lost Bluetooth After 10.4.9?

Apr 6, 2007

i know there are a lot of MB/MBP users here, but if i was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with their powerbooky A few days after i installed 10.4.9, my bluetooth mouse started having a harder and harder time connecting, and now cannot connect at all. I also used to be able to pair my phone, and no longer can. The mouse still works with other computers (friends MBP).

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PowerPC :: LG Shine & Powerbook - Photos PB Via Bluetooth?

Jul 7, 2008

I've just spent 30 minutes trying to do it. I have the Bluetooth 2.0 PB so that's not the problem. They reconise eachother, its just when i go to send the photo to the PB it says "failed" after about 5 seconds. I have the PB on discoverable too

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PowerPC :: Won't Transfer Data / Cant Fix Powerbook's Bluetooth Signal

Mar 31, 2007

When I transfer large amounts of data over my Powerbook's wireless, I lose my bluetooth connection to my keyboard. Also my wireless signal decreases. Is there some way to fix this? I'm trying to backup a drive to my windows pc in the other room.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook With Bluetooth Mighty Mouse Options?

Aug 3, 2008

I have a 12" PowerBook G4 (the very last revision in 2006) and I've never had issues with the bluetooth before (although I've only ever used it to move a few pictures from my phone to my laptop occasionally). This week, I bought a wireless mighty mouse and connected it no problem. Yesterday was the first day I used it and it worked like a champ all day. Today, I was using it and in the middle of moving it around, it just stopped responding. My trackpad still works fine, but the cursor stops moving with the mouse, the clicker doesn't work, etc. When I turn the mouse off for a minute and then turn it back on, it works for a few minutes and then quits again. The first thing I tried was to swap batteries, but that didn't help. Neither did a restart.

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PowerPC :: Stereo Bluetooth Headphones On PowerBook G4 17"

Feb 18, 2009

Is there any way I can use my Motorola HT820 headphones with my PowerBook G4 17" ? When i try to pair it, it tells me "The device set up process was interrupted" or "Failed to set up the headset. headsets are not supported on your Bluetooth hardware."

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PowerPC :: Keyboard Messed Up While Working On Powerbook

Sep 29, 2006

Everytime when I'm on my Powerbook after 1 hour, sometimes my keyboard messes up.

All the letters turns to letter and symbols.

I reboot the laptop and its fine, this only happens every now and again.

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PowerPC :: Sound In Powerbook Just Stopped Working

Jul 17, 2007

tried vol up and down in preferences..nothing the only output is headphones it says

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PowerPC :: Post Damaged But Working Powerbook

Feb 19, 2009

just wanted to see how these machines handle abuse. I don't plan on abusing mine, but I am thinking about giving my brother one, and he is careful, but sometimes slips. I know the aluminum bodies aren't that strong, I've bumped my 12" into my car door, and it got a dent. Now I'm very very careful with it. Anybody else got stories or pics?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Superdrive Not Working / Spitting Out Any Disc That Put In

Mar 25, 2009

So about 6 months ago, my powerbook g4 1.67's drive just starting spitting out any disc you put in. It would take them, whir around for a bit, then eject. It seemed like it had just died pretty much. Today, on a whim, I decided to try a disc in the drive, and it works! Apple repair had given it up for dead, so why do you think it came back?

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PowerPC :: USB Keyboard And Mouse No Longer Working On Powerbook?

Mar 31, 2009

The apple keyboard and mouse have stopped working altogether on my powerbook. They were working just minutes ago. Restart did nothing. Ideas?

Both USB slots are working.

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OS X :: Music Skips On Bluetooth Headphone (Modem Connected)

Feb 12, 2010

With the modem I am currently using, I connect it VA bluetooth to my macbook pro. Now, when I try to listen to music with my bluetooth headphones at the same time I am using my modem the music from my headphones skips quite a bit. If I shut off my modem, I can play music 100% fine to my headphones - without skips. Is it possible to be using my modem and playing music to my bluetooth headphones without my headphones skipping the music?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Working Very Slow / Loading Websites Is Slow And Cant Watch Movie

Dec 11, 2010

Hey guys, i got an old Powerbook that the whole family use to surf the net. I notice its been super slow lately. Ive never had a problem with this notebook, I've only done 2 reinstall in the time ive owned it. I recentluy did another one, and notice its still slow, loading websites is slow, cant watch movies on it. This is a notebook i use to do photoshop and illustrator work on.

Do you think its just its time? I think it could be the hard drive or memory, is there any type of diagnostic i can do to find out what the problem is?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Battery - Significance Of Levels For Powerbook G4 15''

Nov 15, 2006

I am leaving for a week long trip and many parts of it will not be able to run the computer off of the powercord, which is a problem because I get about 40mins of wordprocessing use out of it when I run the battery alone. Can someone explain what the significance of these levels are for my Powerbook G4 15'' (Alm) 1.25GHz, namely the cycle count and full charge/remaining capacity?

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OS X :: Using And Working With USB 3G Wireless Modem And Dell And Touch?

Aug 24, 2009

I have and issue here, I have internet trough wireless USB 3G Stick, (with a sim card on it) I can take it anywhere I want and Its cool...

At home I want to use my laptop dell and my Ipod touch, And I JUST CANT work it out...

1st Is there anyway I could buy a modem, that has a 3G conection or simport to install and have wifi in my house...

2nd I could use a sharing internet conection, BUT IT JUST DONT WORK in a PC, It only work in a mac (but I do not have one at home only at work)

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PowerPC :: Will PCI Fax Modem Work In Powermac G3?

Aug 1, 2008

I have an old PowerMac G3, (Yosemite) and I thought about adding a 56k fax modem to it just for kicks. Question is: will a PCI fax modem work in the powermac g3? It's running Mac OS X and the modem is rather new.

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PowerPC :: Will IMac Internal Modem Work In G4?

Oct 10, 2007

The iMac is a G3 Slot-load SE, and the PowerMac is a G4 450MHz AGP. I happen to have an AGP that only came with the telephone jack, but no modem card connected inside. Both modems look the same in photos: 661-2213 (slot load) & 661-2186 (AGP). Is the only difference that the newer one has flex K56?

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PowerPC :: Connect G4 MDD To Internet Via Cable Modem?

Feb 14, 2009

I have a Power Mac G4 MDD that I am trying to connect to the Internet using a USB Cable Modem from Broadstripe Cable in Maryland.

So far I have tried a straight connection using the supplied USB cable, then via an Ethernet adapter from the USB cable to the MDD. Went through the software setup several times and still have had no success. does anyone have a solution for this type of problem?

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PowerPC :: Way To Get A Wireless Internet Modem Access

Jan 11, 2010

an older retired couple, recently got cable modem access specifically so I could have it. They are the coolest, nicest people on earth. I'd like to get them on my wireless network as a

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PowerPC :: 12 Inch Powerbook Not Starting Up / Using Install Disk From A 15 Inch Powerbook G4

Oct 15, 2008

My 12 inch powerbook does not start up. Instead it loads to Darwin. I have an install disk from a 15 inch powerbook G4 and I would like to know if using this would work on my 12 inch powerbook G4?

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PowerPC :: Wireless Internet On G4 - How To Boost Signals Without Modem

Aug 12, 2009

What can I buy to strengthen my signal without modem? I have a lot of problems connecting to the internet while in some of my classes.

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Software :: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Stopped Working / Itunes Stopped Working

May 13, 2009

I installed 10.5.7 yesterday. Immediately after the installation was complete, my Apple bluetooth keyboard stopped working. Went into Bluetooth system settings, and it said that there was no bluetooth hardware found... (it's built into the machine!!)...

Also, every time I start iTunes, it gives some weird error about Adobe Flash player. I'm not at home now so I don't have the exact wording of the error with me, sorry...

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Applications :: Skype As Modem Or Modem Emulator?

Feb 10, 2007

Is there any sort of "bridge" software that allows a terminal emulation program, say, Z-Term, to use Skype as a modem? It seems silly to pay for connections to BBS's when I've got SkypeOut, but I haven't been able to find a way to do this.

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OS X :: Powerbook Is Not Working

Jun 1, 2010

I have a 2005 Powerbook and it does not turn on. The power charger when plugged in is solid green but the battery is empty.The power charger remains green even when I take the battery out and plug it directly to the wall outlet.I also have a replacement battery that is fully charged but it still does not power on.

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OS X :: Bluetooth Interface Not Working After Upgrade?

May 14, 2009

I have an iMac with 1.6 PowerPC G5 and am running OSX 10.5.7. I just received a notice to upgrade OSX and did so. Now I have lost my wireless keyboard, and when I put my mouse on the header of the desktop to open anything all I get is the dreaded beach ball. I can't open my airport, bluetooth, volume control or anything on the desktop header. I tried to go through System Preferences (which I could open) but when I try to open bluetooth there all I get is the beachball and have to force quit.

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth Not Working In Lion?

Mar 14, 2012

I have installed Lion few days ago, every thing are OK, except on thing, the bluetooth not working, the icon appears normally in the status bar but when i search or setup bluetooth device it found nothing

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Not Working On PowerBook G4?

Jun 15, 2012

I Have A PowerBook G4 and every time I Try to start iTunes it says :iTunes requires QuickTime 7.5.5 or later. For more information on upgrading your computer, visit [URL].

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Hardware :: Bluetooth Mouse Stopped Working

Jan 8, 2010

I just bought a MacBook Pro about a week ago, and installed WinXP SP2 through Boot Camp. Everything has worked fine up until this morning when my BT mouse suddenly stopped working on both Mac OS X and Windows.

I fixed the problem on the Mac OS X by trashing a preference file, and the mouse now works perfectly.

It still does not work on Windows, though. When I try to install it, it locates the mouse, connects, but the system tray displays the following message: "A problem occured during hardware installation. Your hardware might not work properly".

I have a feeling it is a software problem. I tried reinstalling the Boot Camp software, but it didn't work.

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