Hardware :: Brightness Slider Gone In Display Preferences

Jun 19, 2009

I have a 24" LED Cinema Display and can no longer control the brightness settings in OSX I believe when I applied the recent java/bluetooth updates the slider disappeared upon reboot. I did some searching and can't come up with a way to get it back. I'm using a 15" Unibody MBP, and the brightness slider for that screen is available and does work. I also tried setting the keyboard shortcuts on my main keyboard (external) to turn up/down the brightness but they won't function at all.

I have tried zapping the PRAM, repairing permissions, and disconnecting/reconnecting the display, as well as booting with no external display and nothing has made the slider reappear. I also logged-in as a different user and the slider is not there for the Cinema on that profile either. I really, really hope I don't have to reinstall OSX to get rid of this but I'm out of ideas. The worst of it is that I turned down the brightness to less than half (when it worked) becuase I had a headache and now it's stuck there!

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Mac Pro :: Brightness Slider In Display Preferences Missing

Nov 19, 2009

I have just realised that the Brightness slider in Display Prefs on my Mac Pro is missing. Running SL 10.6.2 with an Apple 24inch ACD connected.

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Software :: Brightness Slider And Function Keys Not Working

Apr 30, 2005

The issue is with the brightness keys and the brightness slider controls. It appears that after the 10.4 upgrade the main LCD on some PBs and iBooks stops working. In my case the attached screen lost the ability to adjust brightness, but my external 20" LCD is fine. It looks like two things have happened. The association between the keys (F1 and F2) and the code for controlling brightness somehow got disconnected and/or the "capability" of the mac to adjust the brightness of the attached LCD got lost in the upgrade. We've tried repair permissions, rebooting, new users to no avail.

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MacBook :: Adjust Display Brightness

Feb 28, 2009

I found the setting under Displays to automatically adjust brightness, but is there a way to set this different for Battery or Power Adapter? I would like to keep this option on for using the Battery, but would like the display at a constant level when using the Power Adapter.

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MacBook :: Display Brightness - Screen Go Dim After Sometimes

Oct 10, 2009

Recently, after about 5 minutes of use (not sitting idle), my MacBook's screen will go very dim. I hit the buttons on the keyboard to take the brightness all the way up, but it doesn't get much brighter and there's only one thing that I can do to make the screen go brighter: I go into System Preferences and click Display. The second I click that, the brightness returns without me doing anything in the Display section, so after Display comes up, I just close it out and the screen brightness is fine for a while. It seems to do this after the lid has been closed for a while and then starts dimming again after opening the lid and using it for about 5 minutes. Is there a way to fix the auto-dim mode without disabling it? MacBook (white) is running Leopard 10.5.8 with all the latest updates.

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Hardware :: How To Control Brightness On Cinema Display

Jul 12, 2008

I have setup the 23i cinema display with mac pro. I have connected the USB and firewire cable to mac pro.. and keyboard is attached to back of the display. For some reason I cannot seem to adjust the brightness of the display from the keyboard (though I can do it from the side of the monitor). Neither can I see the brightness slider bar in the display settings. Also while the display is the the power led in the front blinks 3 times, then there is a little pause, and blinks 3 times again. How to fix this brightness control issue with the display. I have reseted PRAM and NVRAM... still nothing has changed. Also note I do not have and options tab for some reason.... (I have tried to plug the display's usb into the back 3 usb of the Macpro... still nothing)

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MacBook Pro :: Display & Keyboard Brightness Keep Changing

Jul 28, 2010

I just got a new MBP this week and curious as to how/why my display brightness, along with the brightness of the backlit keyboard keep changing without me doing anything.

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MacBook Pro :: Brightness When Connected To External Display?

Jul 31, 2010

When I connect my 13" MBP to an external display to watch a movie etc. the external display seems to be darker than it would appear if I was watching on my MBP. Is there anything I can do to make things brighter (other than turning the brightness up on my TV)?

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Intel Mac :: Display Is Dull - Adjust The Brightness?

Jun 11, 2012

I have an iMac, the screen has gone quite dark (as if in sleep mode)  I have to sit in a darkened room to see it properly. Have I hit the wrong key or key combination of keys? How do I adjust the brightness?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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OS X Mavericks :: Adjusting IMac Display Brightness?

Sep 3, 2014

Suddenly my iMac's display is very dim - almost can't read the text. The display brightness keys <F2> and <F1> don't do anything any more. How can you adjust the screen brightness? 

iMac (21.5-inch Late 2009), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Hardware :: Cinema Display And MacBook Brightness Sync Possible?

Nov 20, 2010

Basically what I want to do is sync my Apple Cinema Display's brightness with my MacBook ambient light brightness control. So when the brightness of my MacBook changes because of ambient lighting, my secondary monitor changes with it. Is this possible? Is there a software that does this?

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MacBook Pro :: Display Brightness Ambient Light Sensor?

Aug 31, 2009

I thought Apple said that the brightness will go brighter when it's darker, and get dimmer when it's brighter. Why is mine doing the opposite?

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MacBook Pro :: Display Control (Brightness / Contrast Or Backlight)

Sep 30, 2009

The reason I am asking is that I am using a Spyder colorimeter to calibrate my monitor and it is asking me which controls exist on the display:


My thinking is that F1 and F2 control the backlight level and not the "brightness" level, if you get what I mean.

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MacBook Air :: Does The Display Losses Brightness Over Time/usage

May 20, 2010

Just had apple replacing the display on my rev b air due lose hinges, I think this new display much brighter then the old display. It is just a psychological thing? or does the screen actually losses brightness over time/usgae?

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MacBook Pro :: External Display And Wired Keyboard - Brightness Keys?

Oct 18, 2009

I use my MBP hooked up to an NEC display with an Apple wired keyboard. Is there any way to have the F1/F2 keys still control the brightness on the MBP display? They currently don't do anything.

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Hardware :: Unable To Control Display Brightness / LCD Panel Replaced?

Dec 29, 2009

I have a 24inch LCD ACD display connected to my Mac Pro. This display all used to work OK, but now, read on. I had to send this 24inch LCD ACD display away to have the panel replaced. Since it has returned when I look in About This Mac/Displays it shows that I have an iMac connected as the display and now the brightness cannot be controlled. If the 24inch LED ACD is connected to my Macbook it all works as it should

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Intel Mac :: Keeping A High Brightness Level All The Time Effect Performance Or Display?

Feb 27, 2012

does keeping a high brightness level all the time effect performance or display?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1), 27"/4GB/2.7GHz/intel core i5

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IMac (Intel) :: Change Display Settings Such As Color Temperature And Backlight Brightness On Monitor?

Nov 30, 2014

My wife has an iMac (I don't know any other way to identify it e.g. model number), and she has this 3rd party calibration software that I'm trying to use. I am not used to a Mac, and I cannot find the display settings for the monitor. There are no buttons on the monitor, and when I go to preferences, I can only find the brightness control. I've googled this and cannot find a clear, simple answer. I have used every version of Windows (currently on 8.1 on my PC) and it's easy for me on that platform. I suppose it's just that I don't really know how to navigate Mac OS.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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PowerPC :: No Sound - Slider Grayed Out

Jan 20, 2008

i reset my powerbook and now i have no sound! when i press F4 of F6 to change the volume the little picture pops up to confirm that you pressed the button and it shows the volume at max but there is a crossed out circle underneath it. and when i check it in the preference pane it shows the volume slider as grayed out and also in the menu bar it is grayed!

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Slider To Adjust Thumbs?

Feb 1, 2012

The (in Lion) slider at the bottome right of the Finder window used to adjust size of thumbnails. Now it's disconnected. I can only change size via View Options. which switch I turned on…or off? 

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Applications :: Itunes Volume Slider Looks Like Baseball

Sep 15, 2010

Is it me, or does the slider in iTunes 10 look like a baseball? Not complaining; after all it IS America's pastime. Baseball, not iTunes. (oh, wait iTunes is international. Ah well.)

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MacBook Air :: Unable To Adjust Screen Brightness / Brightness Goes Up And Up

Nov 15, 2010

The brightness goes up when you plug in your MBA, but then over time it just goes up and up. I honestly like my brightness pretty low (rarely more than half, typically at 3-5 notches), but it just keeps on going up and up. I almost never set it above half, but multiple times a day, I notice that it looks pretty high and it's at like 3/4 so I put it it down to about 1/3, but after a while, it's just up again.

Anyone else notice this? What is it, why does it do this? How can I fix it? I don't mind not having auto-brightness (even though I loved it), as long as my screen doesn't keep going up.

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OS X :: Cannot Access Display In System Preferences

Feb 5, 2010

When I try to select display in system pref. the display window will open and then close without letting me make any changes.

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OS X :: Sony And Change The Display Preferences On My Macbook

Sep 2, 2009

I have a standard Macbook. I bought a mini DVI-VGA adapter so I could connect my Sony LCD Multi Function Display and my Macbook together.The connection works fine, but I am having a serious problem with the display. The monitor shows the wallpaper of my macbook but does not show anything I open. So for example, the wall paper is there, but if I open Safari, it doesn't reflect this on the monitor. Only when I try to change the display preferences on my macbook does something show up on the monitor.

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Intel Mac :: OS X 10.7.4 Update - Lost Display Preferences

May 12, 2012

On my 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac when updating to 10.7.4 with Software update I lost all my display settings except 960x600 and 1920x1200. This affects all user accounts. I also downloaded the combo updater and reinstalled but have the same results. How can I recover the additional settings?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Recent Update Problem

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Mac Pro :: Changing Hard Drive Display Preferences?

Jun 14, 2012

I just installed a Mercury Accelsior RAID drive in a PCI slot in my Mac Pro. It appears on the desktop, but I don't want it to. In Finder > Preferences I have "Hard Disks" unchecked, and "External Drives" checked. Does the Mac Pro see this as an external drive?Apparently so. Is there a way to specify that this one particular external drive shouldn't display on the desktop?

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Hardware :: System Does Not Detect The Monitor In Display Preferences

Aug 23, 2009

a mini display port. I purchased the mini display port to DVI adapter to hook my computer up to a Viewsonic vx2235wm 22" screen. I plug it in and get nothing. I've read on the apple support site that some people with older mac mini's and MacBook Pro's can hook it up no problem. But for me, my monitor is getting no signal and my MacBook Pro doesn't detect the monitor in the Display Preferences.

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MacBook Pro :: Change The Display Configuration Of It But Can't See To Open The Preferences?

Apr 10, 2012

I need to change the display configuration of my macbook but I can't see to open the preferences (because the configuration is wrong!) - what can I do?

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MacBook Pro :: Only Showing Screensaver - Show Display When Preferences Opened?

Sep 9, 2010

im using that converter which converts the mac port into VGA and im using a VGA to the tv and its only showing the screensaver. NOTHING ELSE. Also strangly enough it does show DISPLAYS when I open the prefrences.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Restore Resolution Choices In Display In System Preferences

May 11, 2012

Today I did my normal software update as usual only to find out the Lion update left me with only two choices of screen resolution, 1920x1200(too big) and 960x600(too small), on my 24" iMac. The same update did not affect my Pro. As I need a 1024x768 screen resolution on my iMac, how can I restore those screen resolution settings? I called AppleCare, and they sent me an additional update that I downloaded and installed but it did not change anything. My iMac is right at 5 years old. Do these things ever get to the point that updates create such problems? Everything was working perfectly until this happened. Plus they said there's no way to go back(that is, return to the same point that I was before the update).

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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