Desktops :: MAC Only Reads OS Discs / Won't Read Other Disks

Dec 17, 2010

I have an older Power Mac G5 that I had problems with, and hoped I could get a little help.I wanted to start fresh, so I booted the Mac OSX software disk that came with the computer, and I was able to get my computer back to factory fresh (software-wise). After I reloaded the OSX (and did all of the software updates from Apple), I tried loading a program from an original installation CD/DVD. It would not load--it tried, but eventually ejected the disk. This happened over and over--I tried different types of discs (music CDs, DVDs, software), and the ONLY CDS/DVDs that work are the MAC OSX installation discs. I have tried using a DVD lense cleaner and compressed air.

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MacBook Pro :: Optical Drive No Longer Reads Disks?

Apr 10, 2012

never really had a terrible problem with this computuer until the last few months with the battery wearing out and having to replace the charging cord twice but now it seems like I have a problem here. Earlier today, less than an hour ago, i burned a CD for my buddy, when i went to burn the second disk, it didnt want to accept it.  Finally, when it did, it wouldnt read I had a disk in it.  When i got home, i tried other cds/dvds and it wouldnt read them either.  It was making a rather bad sound, kind of like an alarm sound.  The CD will not spin and is ejeceted shortly after. I was planning on bootcamping my Macbook Pro later this weekend, but if i can not get this to work, I wont be able to.  I dont think i have Apple Care and the nearest apple store is about a 2 hour drive from my house. 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Desktops :: Eject / Remove Discs From Imac8?

Dec 12, 2009

It appears that my children inserted two disc's in the DVD drive. I been unable to eject the discs. Any idea how I can eject / remove the discs from my iMac8,1?

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Desktops :: Mac Pro Suddenly Not Recognizing Discs / No Mountable Filesystems

Sep 28, 2010

Hopefully this is the correct place to post my question. Yesterday I inserted a movie DVD into the internal drive of my MacPro 3,1 and received the error message, "The disc you inserted is not readable by this computer". I tried several different movie discs, some old, some new releases I just purchased and I get the same message. Data discs work fine but not movie DVDs.

I also noticed that my Mac can no longer mount an ISO or DMG file. I get an error saying "No Mountable filesystems". I have repaired permissions, restarted, disconnected all external peripherals, etc. Pretty much all the basic stuff you try when your Mac isn't behaving as you'd expect. The odd thing is that it just started behaving this way within the last two days. DVDs played fine before and I could mount any ISO or DMG file. Only thing that is different is I ran the most recent security update from Apple when it popped up.

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Desktops :: Cannot Start IMac Even With Original Install Disks

Oct 29, 2009

I have a 20" Intel based iMac (model A1224) running Snow Leopard. It is just over a year old and only had the original Apple keyboard and mouse plugged into it. Today when I tried to start it I got only a blank gray screen. I tried all the keyboard combo start-up suggestions in the Apple help screens, unplugging/replugging everything, and booting with the Original disk and the Snow Leopard disk. A couple of those attempts produced a minute of the gray apple logo screen, then back to blank. While the disks were in it did sound like it was trying to read them, but spit out the disks after about 5 minutes.

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Read Any Discs

Jun 11, 2012

My mac was running on OS X Lion, but my hard drive was so full, I decided to erase my entire harddrive. The problem is that I cannot start my mac up with my main harddrive, and my disc drive thinks all disc's are blank cd's and dvd's.

Info:MacBookPro, iOS 5

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PowerPC :: IMac G4 800 Read Dl Discs?

Oct 30, 2007

does a doublelayer disc work in an iMac G4/800 17" with the original built in superdrive? I want to burn a dl-disc with 7GB on my macbook and give it to a friend who owns that machine.

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Mac Pro :: Vista 64-bit - Superdrive Can't Read Discs?

Feb 27, 2008

I just got a Mac Pro (2006/2007) and Installed Vista Ultimate x64 from a DVD. When I rebooted and got to the Vista desktop, it no longer lets me used the superdrive. I can eject it from Vista but when I insert a disc, all it does is spin up forever and lock up Vista.

I have reloaded Vista 3 times and get the same issue. Everything else works except the superdrive.

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MacBook :: CD / DVD Drive Won't Read Discs

Feb 14, 2009

First, my MacBook is a little more than a year old and is no longer covered under warranty, so I would like to try any possible fixes (like cleaning the drive) before having to buy a new drive. Here's my problem: when I put a CD or DVD into the drive, it spins around and clicks a lot but never seems to really catch, and after about a minute or so of this, it ejects itself. It never shows up on my desktop, so the computer is unable to read anything from the CD or DVD. I know the problem is not the CD or DVD, because I've tried the same discs on other machines and they work fine. This problem came up on me gradually. It started happening a few months ago, and maybe only 1 out of 10 or 20 discs would it do this. Then it became a third of the time, then half of the time, and now it's about 99% of the time I try to insert a disc. I was able to get one disc to work a few days ago, but when I ejected it and reinserted it, it didn't work the second time.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Read Discs

Jan 13, 2010

My MBP 2.33Ghz has always been with discs but its starting to become a pain, a friend burnt a disc for me the other day which it read but thought it was blank.

Last night I put a +R DL DVD that worked in another machine and it just ejected it, I then put my 10.5 disc in and it worked fine.

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MacBook Pro :: DVD Drive Won't Read Disks

Sep 24, 2009

I have the early 2006 17" first intel Macbook pro , My DVD drive stopped reading any Drive i put into , I've noticed that a couple of weeks back, but it would read them after a while.

Today I've tried installing SL on it and the drive keeps on spinning and spinning and the it would be ejected out , I've tried several times to no avail , tried switching users and it read the install DVD, pressed on install and it started installing , it required rebooting when the computer rebooted it stopped reading the drive!

Tried remote disk method to no avail, it cannot read other disk drives on the same network while the other computers read its drive, I've made sure that the share DVD option from the sharing pane in system preferences was enabled on both machines...

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Read Disks?

Mar 28, 2012

it shows a disk is inserted but they are ALL empty

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Burning Data DVDs - Discs Not Able To Read By Mac

Nov 28, 2009

I'm having issues with burning data DVDs on my Mackbook Pro (running Snow Leopard) I'm burning large files (DVD/Blu-Ray rips) and the discs are unreliable. I'm trying to pinpoint the problem but haven't been able to. Some of the discs are not able to be read by the Mac - sometimes it spits the disc out a few seconds after being inserted...other discs just spin and spin and spin and it seems the Mac cannot read them - I can't even eject them without rebooting the computer. There seems to be no rhyme or reason between discs that read OK and discs that don't. Some discs were burned via the internal superdrive and some via a Sony USB dual layer burner. All discs burn and verify OK - there was no indication on any of them that anything went wrong. I am using Sony and Memorex discs, single and dual layer. Are there any known issues with either the Mac superdrive, or the burning of large (4+ GB - almost 8 GB) single files? I've got a good number of discs here and like I said all burned OK...but I've been having to go back to retrieve files and am only now finding that some of the discs are giving the problems described above, which means many of the backups I thought were legit are no good. Alternatively, if there is a better method for backing up these files . They are stored on hard drives being used by a streaming video player. I thought backing up each file to DVD would be a reliable backup method but apparently this is not the case. It's not ideal to back up to other hard drives - there are too many files and it would be too expensive. I don't know that online backups would be feasible because of the amount of time it would take to upload them and the space they would take up would likely be too expensive to maintain.

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MacBook Pro :: USB Superdrive Will Not Read Discs But Only Eject

Aug 21, 2014

new usb superdrive connected to new macbook pro, superdrive will not read discs, just ejects discs.

MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Mac Mini :: Any Upgrade To DVD Player To Read HD Disks?

Mar 26, 2009

Is there any way to upgrade my DVD player to read HD DVDs?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Even Try To Read Disks And Immediately Ejects Them

Jan 4, 2010

Put a CD into my 2007 MacBook Pro today to find it immediatly ejected it without even trying to read it. Happens with all disks. I've had a similar problem where it would fail to read disks & eject them after about 20 seconds, that turned out just to be a dusty laser, this is different, takes about 5 seconds before ejecting.

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MacBook Air :: MBA Ext. Superdrive - Read - Write To The Mini-dvd Discs

Apr 25, 2008

I bought this drive and I was wondering if it will read/write to the mini-dvd discs?

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Hardware :: USB Floppy Drive To Read Old System Plus Disks

Jun 1, 2009

I've been clearing out my loft, and found my old Macintosh Plus, keyboad, mouse and software from my student days. If still powers up and works!Anyway, I also found a disk box of some 24 * 3.5" 800k floppies of my old work, dissertation, and things, and would really like to get these onto a current machine as well as Mac Project and MacWrite, MacPaint etc. to read them.I've an old 12" G4 Powerbook which I rebuilt with 10.4.11 so it runs Classic, but I now need someway of getting the files off the 3.5" floppies. The Mac+ has no ethernet only the old Appletalk. I tried my local Mac Store who wanted to sell me a nice new USB floppy drive which was PC compatible. Now I know the old SuperDrives could read these old 800Kb disks but will a modern drive read them as well? The Mac Expert in store didn't have a clue, and to be frank it didn't look like he was even born when these were around.any other suggestions on transferring these files?

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Software :: Optical Drive Doesn't See Nor Read Disks - Not Mounting

Dec 10, 2005

i just posted this but i don't think in the right place as i have been assigned a ticket number and rec'd an email telling me my ip is logged..i hope they don't charge for advice! I'm a desperate woman with a small wallet at the moment. i have a ibook g3 running osx 10.4.2 toast titanium 6 and suddenly she is indicating there is no disc in the drive when i go to use toast and i realize it is not appearing on the desktop nor elsewhere just in ATA. it is neither reading nor writing from the disk drive. the optical drive isn't seeing it. i have tried rebooting and different disks but it doesn't respond. i am not a seasoned veteran here, I'm a layman. I do know when i look under ABOUT THIS MAC: It lists the following:

Revision: 1.3g
Detachable Drive: No
Protocol: ATAPI
Unit Number: 1
Socket Type: Internal

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MacBook Pro :: Super Drive Failing To Read The Discs And Ejecting Them Within 30 Seconds

Dec 7, 2014

The Super Drive on my MBP seems to be completely busted, whenever I try to read a DVD or CD it takes the disc in, spins it around a couple of times and then ejects it again without ever coming up with any options as to what to do with the disc. Discs don't appear in Finder either. It's obviously failing to read the discs and ejecting them within 30 seconds. 

Now I've searched for a solution and as a result I've reset the NVRAM to no avail, and also tried using a CD lens cleaner but that seemed to have no effect either, I guess maybe as it got ejected within just 30 seconds as every other disc does. 

The next solution I've found online is to delete Finder's preference files. The files I'm supposed to delete are "" and", however neither of these files appear to exist on my computer.  

I remember discovering the fault while my MBP was still in warranty but I rarely use the Super Drive so totally forgot about it and it's now out of warranty

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

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MacBook Pro :: Super Drive Unable To Read Discs / Makes Clicking Noise

Nov 8, 2010

I've been using this MBP since 2007, and, it's starting to fail me. I was using an external hdd on it since the internal one crashed, and, then the external one crashed. I just purchased a 250gig hdd which fits perfectly in my Macbook, but, now I have another issue that's been pressing me for some time that didn't bother me at all until now when I need to install Snow Leopard;

My Super Drive isn't reading discs at all, and, it's making this scary crackling noise. I uploaded a video on youtube of me putting 2 discs in it, 1 with content (World of Warcraft: The Frozen Throne) and the other without content (Just a blank CD).

Before I link the video, I'd like to note that I am apparently amazed by the laser seeing as how I point to it and make a note of it ._. URL

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OS X :: Lost Discs - Install Discs From The Computer

Mar 10, 2009

I came home for vacation and decided to reformat my imac g5 to get a fresh start. I backed up all my files, took out my leopard retail box, and was ready to go when I opened up the box, and noticed no disc. I have no idea where it went.I have the install discs from the computer when i got it, but it only has 10.4, so id rather not use them. I have the install discs from my macbook pro with 10.5, but I am pretty sure it will not work.So does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just go ahead and install 10.4 until and then just install 10.5 when i find it? (i really hate doing this, I hate having more than one version of an os installed)

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OS X :: 2GB RAM Reads As 1GB RAM?

Mar 29, 2009

I just added a pair of Kingston 2GB FB DIMM PC2 6400 sticks of RAM to my Mac Pro 8-core on top of the two 1GB RAM sticks that the computer came with. I was expecting a total of 6 GB of RAM but when I go to computer info it says I only have 4GB which means that the new Kingston sticks are reading as 1GB each instead of 2GB.

Is this bad memory or am I missing something?

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OS X :: SuperDrive Only Reads Disk On Second Attempt

Apr 8, 2009

My MBP has been acting up lately. It seems that whenever I put a DVD into my drive, it sounds like the computer is reading it or attempting to and then spits it back out. When I put the dvd back in a second time, it reads it just fine and mounts it on desktop without any problems. Doesnt seem to matter what kind of dvd it is; game, movie, etc. The SuperDrive only reads it when I put the disk in the second time. I'm running 10.5.6.

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Software :: Mac Mini Reads All CDs As Blank?

May 21, 2010

I bought my Mac Mini in late 2006 and have had very few problems with it up until recently. I installed Boot Camp with Windows XP on the computer and have been using both operating systems fairly equally until the Windows XP operating system stopped working correctly. I decided it would be best to back up my data and reformat, so I erased the Windows XP partition and am currently trying to make the partition again. Heres the problem: Whenever I insert the Windows XP install CD (or any CD - music or not) it just displays as 'blank cd/disc' and when I try clicking it, the Mac Mini says there is nothing on the disc. I have tried burning the Windows XP operating system to several discs as well to see if my copy was faulty, and yet it will not work.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Reads Not Charging?

Jul 2, 2012

I just got my new MBPR in the mail today and figured I'd drain the battery to 0 before fully charging it for the first time. Only problem is, the charger doesn't seem to be working properly. The light on the magsafe never turns on and the computer reads "Not Charging" for the battery status, yet it is still charging the battery VERY slowly. I've tried many different outlets throughout my house, and have taken off the extension for the power cord also. Nothing can get that light to turn on!

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)

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OS X :: System Re-installation Via Install Disks / Install Disks Not Present?

Nov 27, 2010

I have a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo (first generation of MacBook Pro released). I run OSX 10.6.5. My disk utility has detected a problem and says I need the install disks that came with the computer. Called apple and they said I could reboot from snow leopard or the upgrade.** Problem is that I don't have any disks with me except those that came with my brand new iMac. Can I use those to reinstall the system? Is there any other way?

**They also said that after 2007, the install disks that come with computers are keyed to that specific computer so I "might" not be able to use the disk to repair.

Additionally, and I don't know if this makes a difference but I have the airport/time capsule which backs up my computer for easy restore.

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MacBook :: CD / DVD Only Reads When Laptop Tilted Back

Aug 24, 2009

I replaced my Cd-rom/DVD player a month ago after it was giving me trouble. I bought a Superdrive on ebay and installed it. I'm still having problems though, and I can barely use it. I have to tilt the laptop back to get it to read or eject a disc. Do you think it's the drive or is it some other problem since I am on my 2nd drive? I don't have the money to have apple fix it, it's only 1.5 years old.

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PowerPC :: Installed RAM But G5 Reads 6.5 Gigs RAM - How Can I Prevent From It?

May 1, 2010

I installed new RAM. BUT, there is some trouble that I hope you can help with:1. My G5 sometimes reads 6.5 gigs of RAM, and sometimes 5.5 gigs of RAM. NOTE: Slots DIMM6/J43 & DIMM6/J44 vary in gig size (see at bottom)2. I can't shutdown. The icons disappear from screen, but, fans rev-up, and screen background remains, but, computer won't shutdown. I have to shutdown with power button.3. I've Reset PRAM, unplugged power and disconnected all plug-ins,and then started again. No change.4. I've done disc repair off of OS X disc. No change. Size: 512 MB

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Software :: WD 320GB Drive Only Reads 128GB?

Dec 5, 2008

I have a Quicksilver 933 with 1.5GB ram and 2 internal hard drives (WD 320GB, Maxtor 80Gb). Operating system is 10.4.11, Boot ROM is 4.2.5f1. It's my understanding that some QS were produced with the ability to use larger hard drives. Mine does not and I am wondering what I can do to correct this. Computer sees and writes to both drives. The 80 is fully usable but 320 only allows 128 of storage. Disk utility sees whole drive as just under 300Gb but I can't use more than 128. I have ATA HiCap driver that will allow me to partition into sections but it's a pain. Is that my only option or buying a card?

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