Windows On Mac :: Black Screen With Blinking Cursor On XP Install?

Nov 10, 2006

my Boot Camp install of XP—I successfully partitioned the disk in my new Mac Pro to install XP, but my problem occurs when re-booting to install XP itself. When the machine rebooted the first time to install, it stopped at a black screen with a blinking white cursor, old-school DOS style. Second time when I rebooted and held down Option, it spit out the Windows CD. When I put it back in and it appeared and I tried to select it, it spun up, looked like it was going to work, and then spit it out again, whereupon I got a DOS prompt asking me to put in a bootable volume and press any key. When I inserted the CD, it spun up, but pressing keys on the keyboard did nothing. I tried rebooting again. This time holding option yielded both the Mac HD and the Windows CD (no spitting out!). Taking this as a good sign, I selected the CD and waited. Same black screen with blinking white cursor as last time, no other response, no prompts, never progesses to an installer, pressing keys didn't help.

Has anyone else run into this problem? This is a brand new Mac Pro with the Radeon in it, I have a USB keyboard and mouse hooked up, and it has the latest firmware update.

EDIT: Seems the CD was bad. Slipstreamed SP2 into my original CD and went. Now I just need to get those ATI drivers.

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OS X :: Bootcamp Blinking Cursor On Windows Install?

Oct 16, 2009

My tech teacher gave me a windows cd that has unlimited activations or whatever, and my friend just installed boot camp on his macbook 13". I have the same computer, and yet after partitioning with boot camp assistant, and starting the windows installer with the Windows disk inserted, I get a black screen with a blinking cursor. I have tried repairing the disk when booted from the Leopard cd, resetting the PRAM, and changing the screen resolution to 800X600. I have removed the partition and repartitioned several times. I know for a fact that it is not the disk, because people are installing windows with it as I speak.

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OS X :: Bootcamp Windows 7 And Infamous Blinking Cursor?

Feb 13, 2010

I've just installed a Windows 7 using bootcamp, all the installation went without any problems, but when I try to boot the Win7 partition it shows a blinking cursor a long time, then it boots windows and everything works perfectly.

I have read that this problem is related to some BIOS operation that the activated-by-other-means windows 7 copy does. It would be great if there's a solution to this issue because it's very annoying. But anyway it's the price for not buying the things in the right way (I'm only use windows a few times and I want to try Win7, so I'm not planning to pay such a expensive price for a full price license)

However, My worries are in other directions, does this BIOS things, harm in any way to the regular OSX boot process?? Actually OSX boots as usual.

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OS X :: Black Screen While Trying To Install Windows 7?

Sep 13, 2009

For the last 5 hours i have been trying to install Windows 7 on my iMac

24-inch : 2.66GHz
2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB memory
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

Running with 10.5.8 version. This problem that I get, and can't pass beyond it, is that I get black screen with a little white line in the left-upper corner of the screen. I have tryed to let it hang for 20 min, but nothing happens.

What have i done:

1. Boot Camp 32GB space.

2. Disk Util -> inspect the memory, reparing the harddrive, analyzing alle the things I can in Disc Util.

3. Format the partation og make new.Nothing has halped me.. I'm stuck and can't do anyting.

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp And XP Install - Screen Goes Black

Mar 29, 2010

I have a Mac Mini (2.55GHz intel duo core) and I trying to install windows xp with sp2 (downloaded from MSDN, burned to boot able disk). I created a 100GB partition with boot camp assistant, and started the installation. When I reboot the Mac Mini, and I select the windows CD icon, the screen goes black, and the Mac Mini just stops reading the disk, and stalls at the blank screen.

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OS X :: Unable To Setup MBR / Black Screen With A Blinking White Underscore

Aug 12, 2009

I am running OSX 10.5.8. A little while ago I successfully Boot-Camped my hard drive and installed Windows 7, but i recently got a new hard drive. I copied over my OSX partition successfully, but didn't copy over the Windows partition. On my new drive I went through the boot camp assistant and created a partition and inserted the Windows 7 disc. But when it restarts, it just seems to hang there- it's just a black screen with a blinking white underscore(_).

I have been told that because I copied over my OSX partition it didn't set up the MBR on the new disk, is their any way to fix this? (besides doing a clean install of OSX)
Are there any software or guides available to help me fix this?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Start / No Chime / Black Screen / Blinking Light?

Dec 1, 2007

I've got a nasty issue with my 13-mo. old MacBook.

I'm pretty sure it's a dead logic board and possibly a dead hard drive, which I really, really, really hope not as I don't have backups of everything on the drive. I just upgraded to Leopard this past week and did a clean install so not all of my stuff is setup yet.

Power adapter and battery are inserted. All 3rd party peripherals and RAM have been removed.

MacBook does not chime at boot. The screen flickers, but stays black. If I hold down the power button then try to let it boot the light on the front right flashes constantly (like when it's sleeping but a faster pace), like a turn signal on a car. I can hear the cd-rom drive whining but everything else is dead silent.

I've done everything here with the exception of calling Apple.[URL]

I've also tried FW Target Disk Mode, but the MacBook drive does not show up.

I've done everything I can think of and I'm out of ideas at this point.

Additionally, there's a cd-rom (Tiger Restore CD) stuck in the drive. Holding down the mouse button during restart does not eject this CD. Where is the force eject button (I see no pinhole)?

I have business documents, emails, etc. that I HAVE TO get off this hard drive. How can I do it? I don't have a 2.5" drive enclosure but if that will solve the situation I will pick one up asap.

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OS X :: IMac Only Booting Black Screen After Attempting To Install Windows 7?

Nov 20, 2009

what can I do about his to boot back into OS X again. Holding down buttons (eg option) will not do anything.

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IMac :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Premium / Bootcamp Black Screen Appears

Feb 1, 2010

iMac 27" i7 with OS X v 10.6.x when I create the bootcamp partition for windows 7 and I install from my original DVD of Windows 7. I format the partition during the install of windows 7 and on the first reboot after windows 7 first part of the install, the screen shows the Windows 7 logo and says continuing installation and then a black screen and then nothing.

I have to hard power off the iMac and then it starts over says the thing about the system didn't shut down properly and gives me the option to start safe mode etc. and does the same thing each time.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Goes Black Then Cursor Looks Like It's Erasing It

Apr 21, 2012

MacBook Pro late 2011 with Lion 10.7.3

In just about any program, if I leave program running, close lid, come back in about 30 minutes, my screen will be black.  I can see cursor, but when I move mouse it will "erase" some of the black screen.  I've seen similar forum postings, but in those the screen is locking up -- mine does not do that.  I've taken in to Genius Bar, they've run diagnostics and found no problems. 

I then have to restart, but in doing so it will bring up the Guest login screen, with a completely different wallpaper than my default. 

Also, there, at times, is a "hissing" sound that no one can diagnose.  At first we thought it was caused by a game in which there is the sound of a waterfall, but I'm now hearing it even when the game is not being played.  Super drive has been checked and no problem found.

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MacBook :: Black Screen With Cursor After Sleep Just For A While

Jun 6, 2014

i've a macbook pro late 2013 mavericks.i have tried safe boot but still same problem.i can see notifications and the cursor only ....

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), script

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MacBook Pro :: Get A Black Screen With A Cursor When Start Up

Jun 2, 2014

I get a black screen with a cursor when i start up. I have tried the cmb pr fix and that gets me here, but des not solve it and the first letter of my login, enter followed by my password and enter does not work either.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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OS X Mavericks :: Allowed Updates Now Screen Is Black With A Cursor?

Jun 6, 2014

My imac has a black screen with cursor after i allowed maverick updates. I tried holding shift key during start up and at first it looked like it was going to work, then it turned black again. What do i do??

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), iOS 7.0.1

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MacBook Air :: Black Screen With Cursor After Waking From Sleep

Aug 22, 2014

I just purchased a brand new macbook air this past week. I noticed within the first day of using that if my machine went into sleep mode, and I hit a key to take it out of sleep mode, it would go to a black screen with my cursor for about 30 seconds. 

It does not do it every time but enough that it is annoying. I am coming from a mid 2011 mac air that did not have any issues. (only replaced for all day battery) 

Do you think this a hardware or software issue? If i swap this mac out do you think I will just encounter the same thing? 

I have read numerous posts regarding waking from sleep issues but they all seem to be affecting MacBooks purchased between 2012 and 2013. 

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Laptop Screen Randomly Going Black - Cursor Is Active

Jun 20, 2014

My laptop screen randomly going black during the use of computer, but the cursor is active and it moves with the track-pad. I bought this macbook pro 15"Inch laptop just 3 weeks ago. Is there any alternative for this issue?

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MacBook Pro :: Randomly Black Screen / Cursor Visible / No Crash

Jun 26, 2014

My mid 2013 MBP, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16Gb 1600 Mhz DDR with a 500 GB SSD running Mavericks 10.9.3 has, since upgrade to Mavericks, developed a tick. It will occasionally and erratically (some days nothing, sometimes once a day, sometimes twice or more) go black with cursor arrow visible and responsive. (Responsive=it's visible and moves as expected in response to trackpad) The screen comes back after 30-40 seconds or so, but not in response to any keypress or mouse movement that I can detect a pattern for. It just sits there, while I hit escape, spacebar, shift, cmd-option-esc, cmd-option-tab, mouse around, whatever, then comes back. System is fine, don't even get the beach ball. So it's a minor annoyance, except when I'm presenting to a roomful of people who are waiting for my machine to wake up, and that 30 seconds can be FOREVER. Which has happened twice now. When I'm connected to an external screen via thunderbolt that screen is black as well. 

tried the fix of resetting SMC as well as Safe Mode boot to complete any unfinished OS updates. But the symptom is different, and those fixes haven't worked. I've never had a bad reboot, this condition just seems to pop up without apparent rhyme or reason. It's so infrequent and unpredictable that I despair how long it will take me to run bare and cycle through restoring background apps.

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MacBook Air :: Stuck On Black Screen With Movable Cursor But No Able To Shut Down Or Restart

Dec 2, 2014

I accidentally connected my wife's MacBook Air to my docking station at work today. Nothing seemed to happen so I undocked it and the computer displayed a black screen and I could see and move the cursor using the trackpad. I then tried shutting down by holding the power button for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 min, etc. Nothing worked and it's stuck on the black screen so I can't use Yosemite's menu to shut down or restart. When I leave the computer idle for around a minute, the cursor disappears but it will reappear after pressing keys on the keyboard.

MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Windows On Mac :: Dumb Blinking Line While Trying To Install Bootcamp

Jul 13, 2008

I have windows xp and I want to use boot camp. So partioned the thing and then clicked install, in the boot camp assistant. Then it shut down to install windows, but it came up with a black scree with a little, blinking underscore line at the top left. And then it just stays there, doing nothing. And the keyboard won't do anything.

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MacBook Pro :: Black Screen With Cursor For 5-10 Seconds When Trying To Wake Immediately After Display Sleep

Jun 23, 2014

I've noticed that when my rMBP (late 2013, Mavericks) turns off the display automatically while on battery (as configured via Energy Saver) and I try to wake it immediately, I get a black screen with the cursor, rather than my password/unlock screen.  It remains a black screen, with the cursor moveable, for 5-10 seconds or so, and then the password/unlock screen will appear as usual. 

This does not happen if:I don't try to wake the display/computer immediately after automatic display sleep (e.g., I wait 5-10 seconds and it's fine)I turn off the display using a hot corner and immediately wake the displayI put the computer to sleep by closing the lid and immediately wake it by opening the lidI select Sleep from the System/Apple menu and immediately wake it by pressing a key or clicking on the trackpad 

Why automatic display sleep is causing this temporary black screen?  I currently get around it by setting the time for automatic display sleep while on battery to 10 minutes instead of the default 3 minutes to minimize the chances of needing to immediately wake the screen.  I'd like to keep it at 3 minutes if possible to maximize energy savings, but the temporary black screen is really annoying if I didn't really want display sleep and consequently have to wake immediately.

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Mac :: After Windows Installation Blue Screen Appears With Cursor On Screen But It Freezes Completely

Jan 18, 2010

After windows is installed a Blue screen appears with cursor on screen but it freezes completely.I can fix this by restarting my mac , then once windows restarts i insert the Mac OS disc , select the disc within my computer but the following message appears "Package requires new version of installer"

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OS X :: Erratic Blinking Cursor And Repeated Pinging Sound

May 10, 2010

I noticed this problem beginning (give or take) 3weeks ago with my iMac. I'm currently running Leopard with the latest update. It seems I have an erratic blinking cursor, no matter if placed in a URL field, a search field of any sort, or anywhere just trying to type something, the cursor seems to "take off" in this sort of perpetual blinking that I can't make stop. When the problem first began, after 2 restarts, my machine returned to normal. However, yesterday afternoon, the same problem re-appeared.

When trying to close applications, the problem causes a repeated "pinging" sound. I've tried 3 restarts without any luck. I generally leave my machine on all the time with sleep mode activated. I currently use the wireless aluminum BT keyboard and magic mouse. The magic mouse has the latest drivers that fixed my wireless keyboard from dying after every 3 or so days. Nonetheless, I'm baffled, frustrated, and confused on this one. I even ran disk utility this morning to see if something was wrong with the hard disk. The utility finished saying the hard disk appears to be ok.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Disable Cursor From Blinking On A Global Level

Dec 12, 2014

I've already tried to enter several commands in the terminal, but they don't work on a global level, e.g. defaults write -g CursorBlink -string 0  (did not work) defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriod -int 99999999 .The blinking cursor in Safari and in the menu

MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Windows On Mac :: Black Screen With Underscore At Top Left Corner / Booting Into Windows 7

Oct 11, 2009

This only happens when I choose to boot into windows. The screen sort of hangs for about 20 seconds in a black screen with an underscore at the top left corner before even starting to boot into windows. I know its normal for this to happen for like 5 seconds tops, but this is happening for about 20 seconds and its dreadful trying to boot into Windows 7 because it takes so long. When windows is done starting up i don't even get any messages saying startup failed or something like that. This is so annoying that I even reinstalled everything but the same thing happened.

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Windows :: Normal Grey Screen Appears With No Apple Logo, Then It Goes To Black Screen?

Mar 17, 2009

I was trying to install Windows XP Pro, but for some reason the it wasn't showing another HDD to install Windows on. So I quit the install, and restarted my computer. Now all that happens is the normal grey screen appears (with no Apple logo), then it goes to a black screen and has the blinking cursor (Kinda like DOS).

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IMac :: Black Screen After Bootcamp 3 Install?

Dec 1, 2009

I decided I was going to install XP on a bootcamp partition tonight and everything went fine until I installed the Bootcamp 3 software. After installing the Bootcamp drivers the machine rebooted and I ended up with a black screen in Windows. I did hear the XP welcome music so I figured it was a display driver issue. I rebooted into safe mode and deleted the ATI 4850 driver and restarted. After removing the bootcamp driver everything was normal again other than the fact that I only had the default Windows drivers running.

What am I doing wrong? I installed XP off of an XP disc with SP2 already on it and ran the Bootcamp install off the Snow Leopard disc. Finally, not sure if this matters, I am running one of the new i7 iMacs.

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Windows On Mac :: Keep Getting Black Screen

Apr 19, 2010

I'm trying to install Windows 7 64bit on my 27" iMac but i keep getting a black screen after it finished installing windows but its fine when i boot OSX. Does anyone know why am i having this problem?

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Windows On Mac :: Black Screen After Sleep In Vista

Sep 1, 2010

I've been experiencing a black screen with a frozen cursor (everything is basically frozen) after waking up from sleep in Windows Vista. The Mac side of things are fine, and its super annoying, because I have to do a hard reboot each time this happens. I tried google, but it appears that everyone that has a problem similar to this has a responsive computer or just needed a different driver for their graphics card. I've tried installing a different X1600 driver for this, but it didn't work. I'm on a MBP1,1 running Windows Vista SP2 (fully upgraded) with Bootcamp 3.1.

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Windows On Mac :: Mac Up Goes Into This Black Screen Saying "No CD Found?

Feb 28, 2009

I've recently deleted my Windows side on Bootcamp and when ever I start my Mac up, it goes into this black screen saying "No CD found, press any key to exit" or something and I have to press alt everytime I boot my Mac up to avoid going into that mode.

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Windows On Mac :: Black Screen On Second Reboot Installing 7

May 27, 2009

Imac has all the updates before I partitioned with bootcamp (52 GB) I inserted a Win 7 Pro 32 bit disc (OEM from newegg). It installed windows and auto rebooted, windows came up and auto booted again. All I got was a black screen, I think it just turned off. I tried powering the machine on and booted to windows, but a message asking if I wanted to boot normally or go into safe mode. Does anyone have an idea why I can't get past this step?

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Windows On Mac :: No Screen Turn Black And Never Starts?

Nov 13, 2009

After installing windows 7 on my new iMac the system wants to reboot, so i let it. When it does, i press down the option key and choose it to start in Widows, but now the screen turns black, and windows never starts. i dont know what to do.

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