PowerPC :: Any Possibility To Replace Broken Keys

May 11, 2008

I have a Powerbook G4 that has a broken shift and enter key. The other shift and enter both work fine, so I haven't lost any functionality, but I'd like to fix it anyway. They are the only two keys that do not work. Would buying a new keyboard fix this problem? If not, what do I need to do?

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OS X :: Broken Keyboard Keys - Diagonal Keys Stopped Working?

Feb 12, 2010

I'm using the thin aluminum USB external keyboard and suddenly my 8ik, diagonal of keys stopped working (now I'm using my laptop keyboard). Anyone know if this is typically a sign of a broken keyboard, or a user issue?

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MacBook Pro :: Where To Buy Keys To Replace Keyboard With Japanese Keys

Apr 22, 2012

Where can I buy keys to replace my keyboard with Japanese keys?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Hard Drive To Replace A Broken One

Dec 10, 2009

I recently bought a MBA but after some months the HD gave up. So I bought a generic Samsung HS082HB 1,8" zif HD to replace the broken HD. I thought I bought the right one but my MBA wasn't able to recognize the new HD. This new HD is a generic Samsung while the original was the one with the apple () printed on the label. So I ask you: do I need the certified one or did I miss something in replacing the HD?

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MacBook Pro :: Magsafe Charger Is Broken / Will Apple Replace It?

Mar 20, 2012

i should still have 1 month warranty left on my macbook pro.I tripped over the magsafe cord. It popped out. But now it is not charging. I think they should give me a free one, since it was designed to protect itself & the computer..

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Replace Broken 10.6.4 Install Disk?

May 30, 2012

I have cracked my OS X 10.6.4 install disk, (which, it seems to mean that my iLife application disk wont work either). Is there any way to get a replacement? I don't always live near internet access, so Lion isn't really an option.

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MacBook :: How To Install External DVD Drive To Replace Broken Internal One

Jun 17, 2012

My old macbook has a broken optical drive inside it. The one that came with it has quit working and the genius at the genius bar said it needed to be replaced. The genius said to get an external one online so I bought the Amazon basics external dvd drive. How to install it and get it to work.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: Keyboard Shortcuts And Broken Keys

Mar 2, 2009

Someone spilled something on my delete key and it was pretty sticky so I decided to take it out and clean it. After a few minutes of picking the key to get it out, it relinquished itself and I wiped it off. I then put it back on and now it simply doesn't work when I press it. Am I going to have to go to the professionals to fix it? I later did the same to my Volume Up key to see how I may have screwed up the delete key and it inevitably messed up as well. For a short time my trackpad wouldn't tap when I tapped it so I had to go into the system preferences and turn off the function of the trackpad ignoring accidental taps on the keyboard or something for it to work, so my delete key must currently be pushed down but not functioning correctly (I don't know). Then I somehow crewed up my keyboard shortcuts and now some functions work while others do nothing. On word I can use the shortcuts to save and underline, but can't use them to bold and undo. I use the latter more than the former and I don't have a clue as to why this has happened.

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MacBook Pro :: Replace BLACK KEYS With WHITE

Feb 16, 2009

I really dont like the black chiclet keys on the unibody MBP. Although I would really want them in classic grey, I was wondering: Would it be possible to buy a set of WHITE KEYS from the old Macbook 13 inch series, and put them in the new MBP Might sound crazy, but would be cool if it worked

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MacBook :: Ways To Replace Individual Keys?

Jan 27, 2010

my cat ripped off half the keys on my keyboard and some of them I could get back on but 4 of them I am not able to fix myself and I'm wondering if I take it to Apple if they can just replace the keys (obviously they are still working they just need the top back on) and how much it will roughly cost

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PowerPC :: Any Possibility To Install Third Hard Drive To G5?

Aug 26, 2007

Is there any way to install a 3rd internal hard drive to my PowerMac G5 dual 1.8?

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MacBook Pro :: Broken Keyboard - Keys No Longer Work

Feb 23, 2010

I have a mid-2007 Macbook Pro (A1226). I accidentally spilt soup on it, and now the "z, x, c" keys no longer work. The apple store said I need a keyboard replacement. However, do you think that if I take apart the keyboard and clean it with rubbing alcohol, it will fix it? Or if not rubbing alcohol, what kind of solution could I use?

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OS X :: Broken Option Keys And Stuck In Boot Camp?

May 22, 2010

Recently I was unfortunate enough to witness the spilling of gin and tonic on my precious macbook pro. Luckily, having had spillage issues before, I reduced the damage and now have merely a few keys not working (including both option keys) and some dodgey letters.

After turning off my mac it restarted automatically in boot camp mode and with both option keys broken I can't get back into OS :/ What's more, my boot camp has no sound and the internet doesn't work so it's pretty much turned into an iphone charger.

I was wondering if anybody knew what I could do to rescue my files and what I should do about the broken key situation?

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PowerPC :: Any Possibility To Delete Extra Drives On G4 Desktop?

May 22, 2007

I've just bought a second mac - little cheapie to use as a second machine. The guy had it set up with three drives showing on the desktop: OSX, CLASSIC and FILES. I don't need OS9/Classic, or the FILES folder, so I threw them in the trash & emptied it. However, it's showing that I only have 4gig of space on the hard drive. I went into system prefs/disc utility, and it's still showing the drives I deleted - although greyed out. Its seems to still be allocating them 5.9gb each of space. In the column on the left in disc utility, it shows the following drive icons:

19.1 GB MAXTOR 92049U3
I tried deleting them through utility, but I must have done something wrong, as they just popped up on my desktop again. Looks like I need to remove partitions.

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OS X :: Snow Leopard - Option To Change Modifier Keys Broken

Aug 30, 2009

I just installed Snow Leopard and the Modifier Key option no longer works. i.e. I can't switch the CTRL and COMMAND keys. The option dialog still pops up, but the keys don't actually switch. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around or a preference file I can change manually?

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MacBook Pro :: Volumes Keys Showing "broken Icon" Symbol On It?

Mar 22, 2012

I am having volume issues on my 2011 MPB running Lion.  When I start my computer it makes the start up noise, and I am also running Windows 7 with BootCamp, and the volume works there. On my Mac side however, I am getting a broken icon symbol when I hit the volume buttons, and I also cannot control volume throung the pull dowm bar on the upper portion of the screen.  No volume is working. I have done all my updates, and I have reset my PRAM (which was only a temporary fix).  

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: Want To Replace 2.0 With 2.5 Or 2.7

Aug 25, 2008

I have a powermac g5 2.0 dual, and I was wondering if I could replace it with a 2.5ghz cpu? Could I just swap the processor chips, or would i need the entire processor? I know the 2.5s were liquid cooled.

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PowerPC :: Broken GPU On G4 - Where To Buy

Jul 28, 2008

Could someone please tell me the name of the GPU and where I could buy it?

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PowerPC :: How Easy Is It To Replace HDD With New One?

Jun 17, 2007

I am having some trouble with my Powerbook G4. I am pretty sure my hard drive is failing but want to get some other opinions before I start replacing stuff. Over the last couple days the HDD starting make strange noises (clicking a lot, along with other undescribale noises). I am wanting to hold off buying a MBP until after Leopard is out.

I am wondering a few things:
1. Is my diagnosis of bad HDD right?
2. How easy is it to replace the HDD with a new one (seems pretty easy reading instructions from ifixit.com)
3. Will any 2.5" ATA drive work?
4. I installed OS X on a firewire drive before the internal drive died but now it will not boot. Am I right in assuming once the new drive is in I can pop the Install disk in and install OS X?
5. Am I forgetting anything? Any tips?

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PowerPC :: How To Replace Hdd In 12" 867 MHz

Jul 29, 2009

i just need to find a picture guide online. i'm fixing my friends computer and it is so frustrating to open.

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PowerPC :: Broken OCed B/W G3/400 ?

May 29, 2007

So I got a BW 350 new back in 1999 and immediately OCed. I tried OCing it to 450 and it didn't work. I tried 400mHz and everything worked fine, its been that way ever since.

The BW has served me very well and I have since maxed the RAM and put a Radeon 7000 GPU into it and was using it as a TV media computer. It was working ok/good and so I thought I'd try to OC it again to 450 to see if I could get it working and squeeze a bit more juice out of it. God what a stupid idea.

It wouldn't work at 450 so I set it back to 400, it wouldn't work!!! Even back at 350 it won't work. God I can't believe I did this. I don't have the original block of jumpers that came with the computer (I know what box its in, but just can't find it).

Would replacing all the jumpers give it a chance at life again?

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PowerPC :: Mac Mini To Replace Vintage G4 MDD?

Sep 8, 2009

I am usually on the PowerMac / Mac Pro section all the time, but here I have a question for you:

I still have my old school PowerMac G4. But now I am running out of options and think about to buy a new Mac Mini. However I have heard that the mini doesn't really work for new games. How about "older" ones?
I have Windows games such as the Tiberium Wars and the Add on. I also would love to play Fallout3 on boot camp. Would that be too much for it, considering a maximum configuration of the mini.

Regarding a faster HD, I personally wouldn't like to open the mini. However I have seen the mini stack V3 on OWC. Going for a large 1 gig drive for booting, would that speed up things a little bit, or would I need a WD Raptor in it to make those games possible ?

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PowerPC :: Can I Replace The Processor In My Power Mac G4?

Feb 6, 2010

I just recently switched to Mac and was given a Power Mac G4 (CPU type PowerPC G4 - 2.9). I would like to upgrade and replace the processor. Is this a possibility or would it make more sense to buy a new computer?

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PowerPC :: Trying To Replace The Card With The Cheapest One?

Jul 7, 2010

I have a late model G5 Quad 2.5 Ghz that I'm trying to sell.The video card is dead and causing all sorts of kernel panics.So, I'm trying to replace the card with the cheapest one I can find, so I can sell the machine.I found this one on ebay:[URL]It says it will work with the G5 Tower 8x AGP, but I don't know if thats mine or not.
Do you guys know if that will work in my machine?

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PowerPC :: Broken Screen On Powerbook

Sep 8, 2006

i had applecare but they wouldn't cover it so the bill is 1300 to fix just the screen and labor. any other place i can go to to fix this?

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PowerPC :: Headphone Out Broken - Replacement Possible?

Oct 10, 2006

Its been going for a while now and finally the right channel of audio has fully cut out from the headphone jack. This is a huge bummer. I mean the laptops 3 years old so its not to bad. I mean its taken a beating over the years. Its just that I use it to listen to music and audio out for watching dvds, so its no good for that anymore. I have an external audio card but thats no good for when I am mobile and I use the laptop all over the place. Is there a way to fix this or would it need a whole logic board replacement? Can I use a audio card that fits into those card slots on the left hand side of the Powerbook. What are those cards called again?

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PowerPC :: Screen Broken Off A Powerbook G4

Nov 7, 2006

i have a friend who has a powerbook g4 (black keyboard) that was sold to him for very cheap, unfortunately the screen was torn off the base of the computer. Its in perfect running condition but he cant take it anywhere because the screen needs to be supported against a wall as it cant stand on its own. Is there any inexpensive way to fix the screen and restick back to the base of the laptop and if the only way to go is get a professional to do it, how much would it cost him to get it fix. He got the computer for 50 bucks so having the computer work perfectly even if he has to spend at most 300 dollars would be great.

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PowerPC :: Broken Ibook LCD Screen

Aug 25, 2007

i had my laptop on the floor in front of the recliner i was sitting it, i took the remote that i had put on the chair and fumbled it as i took it off of the chair. It fell about 2.5 feet straight onto my laptop and hit the screen. It bounced off of the the case in-between the hinge and the screen and then hit the screen about 2.5 inches up from the bottom. It made a crack from where it hit all the way to the top corner going at about a 45 degree angle to the left. Then the cat ran out of the room when i started cursing about my fumbling. There aren't any dead pixels some how, but it does have several cracks. Is there a plastic shield before the LCD layer? if anybody has a spare 14" ibook LCD screen from a 1.42GHz i book, i have money if you don't need it. Its not under warranty by the way.

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PowerPC :: Reinstalling OSX On G4 With Broken Screen

Nov 20, 2007

I have a powerbook G4 with a broken screen that I recently got from a friend. It works with an external monitor but when I put in the restore disk the laptop tries to use the laptop screen. How can I get it to output to the external monitor when I put the recovery disk in so I can reinstall OSX?

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PowerPC :: How To Install 10.4 With Broken DVD Drive

Aug 19, 2008

I have a 12" powerbook that is running 10.2 and want to upgrade it to Tiger. The problem is that the DVD drive is broken so I can't pop in my copy and install. Is there any way for me to install it using a USB external hard drive?

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