OS X :: How To Set Auto Capitalization On Mac Mail

Apr 17, 2007

I have a client that asks "how do I set Auto-Capitalization on Mac Mail?" What she is refering to is as she types, if she does not manually capitalize a word, she wants the "spell check" to do it for her. I have researched this issue to no avail. Does this feature even exist on mail?


OS X V10.7 Lion :: Why Doesn't Mail Have Auto-capitalization In MacBook Pro

Jun 8, 2012

Why doesn't mail have auto capitalization in MacBook Pro with os lion

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1.1

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Does Address Book Have Auto-capitalization Or Auto-fill Feature

Mar 31, 2012

In a previous contact software program I have used for years, the first letter of names, streets, and cities, were automatically capitalized as I typed them in. Unfortunately, that software does not work under Lion and the developer is out of business. Because of that, I am trying to convert to Address Book. I can't find the ability to have that same thing happen in Address Book. Is there something I can turn on in Preferences or some other obscure window? My old contact software also automatically filled in cities, names, or states that I previously entered. Great time saver but doesn't seem to exist in Address Book.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)

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ITunes :: Set The Iphone To Auto-sync With The Mac Book Pro

May 11, 2012

how do i set the iphone to auto sync with the mac book pro?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Intel Mac :: How To Set Auto Zoom In - Font Size Very Small In Apps

Jul 6, 2012

I'm using the newest IMac. And the problem is every time I put data using number (iwork) for accounting, the font is very very little almost unable to see by normal. I must pinching my eyes a little bit to see it clearly. Should I change something in setting and how? and this is happen when using safari too. From the first time I bought it, I never change the setting except to change username and password to login in. So I let it all in default version. I'm using IMac 27-inch, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 processor 3.1GHz intel core i5. Nothing changed since I bought it till now. It's very annoyed and difficult for me to input, edited, even read it as report.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Set Up Mac To Auto-install Software Disk / When Insert It

Feb 21, 2012

can anyone tell me how do I set up my mac to auto install a software disk when I insert it.

MAC OS X, Mac OS X (10.6.4), imac

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Applications :: Comcast Mail Not Working In MAIL(mac) How Do I Set It Up Right

Dec 31, 2008

i am using MAIL in mac. i am using a macbook pro and i want to set up my comast.net mail. i set it up before and now its not working. i changed something and now i have no idea what i am doing.

what is the outgoing and incoming, and the port number and all the settings. i have never had this comcast mail working correctly. when i first set it up i would have to "refresh" the MAIL all the time so it would get my mail. i can not recieve or send mail anymore.

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Applications :: Any Way To Set Auto Refresh ITunes Library?

Sep 5, 2010

Is there a way to make iTunes auto refresh its library? I have 2 MacBooks, a Mac Pro, and a Mac Mini for an HTPC with an external 2TB drive. I have all of our music on the external drive.
Plex Media Server auto-refreshes wonderfully. Just looking for a script or workflow or app or service that will automatically add my new media in my iTunes Library to the iTunes program every 24 hours or so.

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Applications :: How To Set Auto Generate Date For Template

Mar 11, 2010

I want to insert a date in the header and save it as a template. Just as what the templates shipped with Pages. I have no difficulty in inserting the date( from the date menu), and I saved it as a template. The question is that when I use the template next time, the date is the date that I created the template. While apple's template has no this kind of problem.

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OS X :: Stop Auto Forward On .mac Mail?

Nov 24, 2009

I have set up an autoforward on my .mac account a long time ago! I am trying to delete or stop it and cant find where or how to do it.

by the way there are no set rules in mail preferences!

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Hardware :: SHould I Just Leave The Radio On Auto Or Set Up A Seperate 5ghz Network?

Dec 29, 2010

Can someone with the dual band router tell me what is the best way to set it up ? SHould i just leave the radio on auto or should i set up a seperate 5ghz network ?

I just want my mac, ipad and iphone and one windows laptop and xbox to all play nice on the router...

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Applications :: Where The Auto Complete List Is Stored For Mac Mail

Nov 5, 2010

dose anyone know where the auto complete list is stored for mac mail?

So i can copy all the email address, ones i have typed into mail, across to my new setup. I have copied the com.apple.mail.plist and the mail folder/mail downloads into the right places. But i when i type a email it doesn't fill out the address for me.

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Intel Mac :: Delete Auto-fill Addresses In Mail?

Apr 7, 2012

i've looked thru Mail Preferences and can't see where i can delete an old email address. deleted already from address-book & contacts but still seems to pop up automatically when i type person's name (along with the correct email).

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Intel Mac :: How To Stop Draft Auto-saving In Mail

Jun 2, 2012

OMG.  Every word I type in Mail gets autosaved!  I have dozens of drafts of the same message saved, one word at a time (or so it feels like). 

How do I stop this craziness!? Cannot find the dropdown or setting anywhere. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: Spelling And Capitalization In Email?

Mar 10, 2010

Is there a way to set email preference that words are automatically capitalized if appropriate (first word in a sentence; i to I etc.)? and can words be automatically corrected for misspellings? This works fine on the Iphone.

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OS X :: Set Mac Mail On The Dock To Use Outlook?

Dec 23, 2009

I am trying to set my mac mail on the dock to use outlook. Is there a way to have it setup on a mac?

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Intel Mac :: Set Mail Password To Get It?

Apr 11, 2012

How can I set my Mail password? Mail is asking for a password and will not accept my usual password

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Intel Mac :: Set The Date In Mail 5.2?

Jun 16, 2012

I use Mac Mail 5.2, and in the date line on outgoing messages always says "31 May2012 10:11: 41 CDT. What must I do to make the messages show the correct date and time?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Set Up Password For Mac Mail?

Mar 9, 2012

In Mail, I know how to go to Mail > Preferences to set up a password. I currently have a password set in this manner. When I open the Mail app, I can receive and send email without having to key in a password.What I want, however, is for Mail to prompt me for a password each time I start up the app. Is there a way to do this? As FYI, I do not want to store my Mail password in Keychain.

Info:MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Set Outgoing Mail Account Default Mail Sender

Jun 17, 2012

How do you change the "From account" in mail to make a different From account as the default address that others see the email is from?

iMac, iOS 5.1.1

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Set Mail To Check Yahoo Mail Spam Folder?

Jun 21, 2012

Is there any way that Mail can be set up to check Yahoo Mail's Spam folder when retrieving emails form the Inbox?I have set  my 8 year old daughter an email address up in yahoo. She keeps missing one of her friends emails as it keeps being filtered into Spam. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 13 inch 2.4Ghz Core i5 4 GB RM

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Intel Mac :: Can't Seem To Set Up A Second Email Account With Mail

May 7, 2012

I'm having an impossible time setting up a second email account on Mail. Seemed as though it would be simple but after I've done all the basics, it sets up the account on MobileMe instead of iCloud and there it stops. Can't send or receive messages.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Software :: How To Set Password Login Window Appear For Mac Mail App?

Nov 30, 2009

I was able to have mac mail to ask me my password each time I open the app, but ever since I put new system in, I haven't been able to figure this out..

I have a 'mac.com' email acct, I go look on their settings and I still can't figure this out-

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Set Up Mac Mail To See All Folders In Outlook Exchange?

Apr 18, 2012

I have my MacMail set to see my work's Outlook exchange (for PC), but all I can see in MacMail is my Exchange Inbox, Sent, and Trash, but I cannot see any of the (admittely numerous) folders I have on my exchange e-mail account at work.  Is there anyway to do this WITHOUT using Mac Office 

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Mac Pro :: Auto-work Correction Doesn't Work In Apple Mail

Jun 9, 2012

while writing a mail message, spellings are not auto corrected like in I phone

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Apple Mail Auto Move To Inbox

Aug 30, 2010

If something is marked as Junk in Apple Mail, I have it auto move it to the Junk section of the client. But, If I go there and hit "Not Junk" it doesn't move back to the inbox, and changes so it isnt brown or "junk", but it still sits in the "Junk" section. Is there a way to have it auto move back to the inbox once I have hit "Not Junk"?

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Applications :: Using Auto Check Function In Mail?

Oct 14, 2010

Does the Mail application have to be running or in the background for the Auto setting to function in getting my email? If so I guess it can't do this function like the iPhone? I am new to the Mac, so sorry if I sound uniformed.

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OS X Technologies :: Mail Applescript "set New Mail Sound" Apple Event Handler Failed?

Apr 16, 2012

The following Applescript segment works in Snow Leopard and fails in Lion with "AppleEvent handler failed. number -10000" tell application "Mail"set new mail sound to "Glass"end tell In addition, the Apple-supplied, Mail Applescript for gathering Mail information "Display All Accounts and Preferences.scpt" fails (again with "AppleEvent handler failed. number -10000") on the line set displayString to displayString & my formatFields("New mail sound", new mail sound) & return 

The Console Log reports the following error.  

Mail: [<MailApp 0x7fd6a9e009a0> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key newMailSound. The Mail Applescript property "new mail sound" appears not to be recognized correctly. I do not have any Mail plugins.  Several additional sounds have been added to the system sound set.  Mail reports no problems using them. 

Under Snow Leopard, I used the same Applescripts (fired off by iCal) which turned on/off Mail's New Mail Sound depending on the time of day, i.e. I  set the new mail sound to be "Silent Alert" in the evening and restored it to my default new mail alert in the morning.  Any guidance as to what might be wrong and how to solve this problem would be very welcome.   

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Apple Mail Auto Check Spelling In Multiple Languages?

Apr 18, 2009

new to apple, used to Thunderbird (window version) that detect your language and check the spelling automatically. I write emails everyday in 3 languages and so far what i do is: in a new email, right clic to open a menu, then clic spelling and grammar / clic show spelling and grammar / choose your language / close the menu. Mac is great, there MUST be a plug in or a faster way.

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MacBook Pro :: Mail Application Going Crazy On Auto Start?

Sep 23, 2009

I just bought a new macbook pro a little over a month ago and have since upgraded to Snow Leopard (fresh install). One day about a week ago, out of no where, the mail application seemed to launch itself whenever I opened my laptop (resume from hibernate?). It is asking me for my name and email address to start setting it up. From there, I press cancel and the window disappears but the icon stays on the dock like its open and when I go to the Force Quit window it shows Mail as not responding and I have to force quit it. This doesnt happen every time but happens pretty often for seemingly no reason.

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Software :: Mail Auto Assigns Custom Port 465

Aug 20, 2009

I reinstalled entire mac with all systems included and this problem occurs only after this new installation. The Mail system on mac is now changing the Custom Port from my port 125 to the port 465, which means that whenever I restart Mail no emails wants to go out, because they need port 125. I understand how to change this back to fix the problem but my question is why, when I restart my computer is Mail changing this custom port...?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Auto-capitalize Body Text In Mail?

Jul 4, 2012

On my iPad, when I type in text it will automatically capitalize the first word in a sentence and other words as appropriate, plus let me add to the list of autocomplete words. 

Is there similar functionality in Lion? I'm used to relying on iOS to do this work for me, I bought a new MacBook pro recently, and I'm trying to set it up so both devices work as much alike as possible.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Way To Auto Replace First Word Of E-mail In A Series Of 100 E-mails?

Oct 29, 2010

Sending out the same e-mail message to 100 different people, but I want to customize the e-mail to their first name. Is there any program that you can upload a text list or Excel list to and it will do this automatically and create the e-mails in your drafts folder? Don't want to use a online sending service because they put crap at the bottom of the e-mail and recipients know it's automated.Want the people to think it's not something automated.Also, I know there's a way to schedule delivery of a message for a future date in Apple Mail via Apple Script, but you seem to have to schedule one by one. Any watch to do a batch scheduling?

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Applications :: Apple Mail Address Auto-complete With Gmail IMAP?

Sep 26, 2009

I use Apple Mail with gmail IMAP, everything works fine, except that when I start typing an e-mail address I don't get auto-complete. It's driving me insane, so I heard there was this thing called LDAP, that could be able to achieve this ?

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