MacBook :: Getting Everything Written Repeated At Shut Down?

Apr 5, 2009

i bought my macbook last thursday its my first mac and i love it but i have a question i thought the macbooks where suppose to hace 2gb 1066 mhz but when go to about this mac it says i have 1067 is this normal or is there something wrong?

also last night when i was about to shut down my pc i went to the little apple but there was something weird

every single thing was reapeated

shut down
shut down

what wrong?and its not there anymore

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OS X :: Repeated Hangs - Not Fixed After Repeated Repairs?

Sep 23, 2010

I have a MBP1,1 completely updated and OS 10.6.4 is now experiencing repeated hanging sessions where the beach ball shows up for 20 seconds at a time. I tried repairing the disk and repairing permissions, both with the disc upon startup and just running OS X normally. However, each time I repair, the same 3 files are always fixed and a 4th file that was not being able to be repaired at all. I don't think it's RAM problem because Windows runs smoothly, but this issue is frustrating. Should I just reinstall OS X.

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MacBook Air :: How To Produce Written Document

May 27, 2012

I recently purchased a MacBook Air. I can't figure out how to produce a document. Must I purchase iWorks separately? All the Apples and macs I've gotten before had the software already on them.

MacBook Air

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MacBook Pro :: Keeps Typing Letter ƒ Instead Of F - Capital F Is Written As Ï

Jun 5, 2014

My macbook keeps typing the letter ƒ instead of the letter f. Capital f is written as Ï. I'm not sure what to do.

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MacBook Air :: Its Repeated Freeze On Startup?

Mar 19, 2012

Several times in the last few days the startup page has frozen. Following the instructions in the little instruction book I power down by holding the power button, wait a few seconds, then power back up while holding down the option key, and with all peripherals disconnected. I get a screen with two icons, "Macintosh HD" and "Recovery HD". The instructions say, "click the internal flash drive icon." Assuming that means the "Macintosh HD" icon, I click on that. That brings up a new startup page. Usually that is not frozen and I can sign in. Occasionally this second startup page is frozen too, so I repeat the power+option powerup. Whenever I have to resort to the second try I get an unfrozen startup page. 

Once signed in I go to System Preferences and click on Startup Disk. Always after a frozen startup page I find this preference unlocked and the "Macintosh HD OS X 10.7.3" highlighted. I click on the icon, lock the preference again, and all works fine for the next one or two startups, then I get the frozen startup page again. One time on the power+option powerup I clicked on the "Recovery HD" icon rather that the "Macintosh HD" icon. All I got then was the blank Apple logo page with the revolving gear going on interminably. After several minutes I gave up on seeing what that would produce. 

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Samsung 840 EVO SSD - Reduce Total Bytes Written (TBW)

Jun 29, 2014

I just replaced my damage HD (original HD) to my MBP 2009 unibody. So far, I like the SSD drive, and I use it for my internal storage. I've been read a fews article online, but it seems I don't find the answer. My concern is, How do I reduce TBW on SSD? if I play video (like youtube, Netflix, or Hulu) or play online games, would it be increase my TBW? So far, I set up my download file to my external HD. Whenever I download file, application, or etc, it would go to my external HD. Second question, What can I do to lower the use of SSD? Therefore, my SSD will last long like 3-5  years perhaps. Third question, since Samsung Magician Software can't run on MBP. How do I check my TBW and the health of my SSD?  

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OS X :: Repeated Macbook Hard Drive Failure?

Oct 6, 2008

I have a white mb 2.4 250 GB SD. Purchased new in late feb. The hard drive went bad in september. Then in october it happened again. My question is how many time does the hard drive have to go bad before i can get a new computer? If apple updates the macbook how do they determine which config i would get as a replacement? How would it affect apple care? i have registered it already.

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MacBook :: Programs That Finds Repeated Files?

May 31, 2009

but free anyone knows one i only find ones that you have to buy.

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MacBook :: What Causes Repeated Startup Disk Failure

Mar 8, 2012

In both Snow Leopard and Lion, I am experiencing start-up disk failures that cannot be repaired by disk utility. Does anyone know what can cause this?

MacBook-iPhone, iOS 4

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MacBook Pro :: Repeated Crashes Even With New Hard Drive?

May 25, 2012

My old and trusted 2007 MacBook Pro (10.6.8) has been experiencing repeated crashes for the last few months - the quick type of system crash where the screen goes blue and then the OS pops right back up but with all the applications shut down. I took it into the Genius Bar this week and after running a diagnostc on it, the rep said that my hard drive was failing and that was the cause of the crashes.  They wouldn't replace the drive for me as it wasn't the orignal one (I had upgraded to a 500GB 7200rpm drive a little over a year ago).   

That replacement drive was out of warranty (of course), so I purchases a new 640GB drive from another dealer and replaced it myself. I also made sure to make it a 5400prm drive this time as the 7200rpm just ran too hot for me and I though that could have been one of the reasons that led to it's apparently impending demise. 

Anyway, less than 24 hrs from installing the new drive, the system just experienced another of those crashes.  Now I'm at a loss.  Can anyone possibly offer some advice? 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Repeated Thunderbolt Cable Failures

Jul 6, 2012

I've just received my new MacBook Pro with Retina display last week and I'm very happy with it. But there's one issue... my Thunderbolt cables keep failing! 

I bought a Seagate GoFlex for Mac drive with the GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter and an Apple Thunderbolt cable. The first cable failed after about an hour of operation (intensive copying of data onto the drive). I took everything to an Apple Store and they determined that the Thunderbolt cable was the culprit. They gave me a new one and I went home. 

... just to have the same thing happen again the next day. This time the cable held up a little longer, maybe five hours until - again - the drive failed to be recognized and the new cable went bad as well! 

I just came home from the store and this time, they swapped everything: drive, TB adapter and TB cable. I hope it won't happen again...

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Repeated Blown Backlights On 2.4GHz System

Apr 26, 2010

Awhile back this MBP 17" Hi-Res was dropped on the upper left corner. After that the backlight no longer functioned properly. I first tried replacing the inverter board which didn't help. I finally got around to replacing the whole screen today. Fired the thing up. Display looked great. It worked for about an hour before I heard a weird noise from the computer and the backlight went out again.

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MacBook Pro :: Restarted With Blur Screen / Some Text Is Written And It Will Reboot Automatically

Sep 10, 2014

I bought my Macbook Pro 15 2.5 Gh 512 Gb on 20th Aug it get restarted automatically, and sometime when I start my Mac that time also it get restarted with blur screen some text is written and it will reboot automatically and after rebooting it will ask username and password and after login the screen will show a message written your system got restarted.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Repeated WiFi Timeouts With Home Network Connection

Apr 18, 2012

All day, I am able to use the internet (via WiFi connection) at the library. But when I get home, I can't connect to my home WiFi connection. This was never an issue before. I have done all of the obvious things (resetting my router, clearing saved connections from my computer and joining a 'new' network, check and installed all updates, etc etc), but nothing seems to work. All the other devices in our house are connected to the WiFi just fine.

I run the diagnostic and I'm only green on WiFi and WiFi settings, with network settings and ISP fluctuating between yellow and red, and internet and server is always red. I have tried DHCP Lease renewel (which usually does the trick when I am getting an invalid IP address ( until I get a valid one ( But now sometimes I'm not even getting an IP at all!All I wanna do is unwind, check/reply to emails just surf the web to decompress after my long days.

(Running Lion 10.7.3; 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo; 4 GB ram (soon to be 8 )

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Copying Users Files To External Disc - Some Data Can’t Bet Read Or Written

Jun 20, 2014

My Macbook pro wouldn't turn on. I booted to the installation DVD and installed OS X to the external drive. Once the installation was done, I was able to access my laptop without any problem and I retrieved all my files from the USERS Folder. I tried to copy my old files to the external disk, before formatting the system’s internal drive and reinstalling OS X.

However, at every attempt, I’d get “some data can’t bet read or written (Error Code -36)”. I ran a Verify/Repair Disk Permissions and this is what I got:

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Software :: Adding To Written Dvd?

Sep 25, 2008

i'm getting ready to put less than 1gb on my 4 gb dvd. i want to be able to add more data later-what do i use?

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Software :: Mac Not Recognising Written DVD?

Mar 6, 2009

When I create a DVD, it plays fine on DVD players, but when I insert the disc into my mac, it see's the DVD as a blank disc.

I've downloaded Mac the Ripper, Handbrake and VLC media player in the hopes that it could pull off the vob files, but nothing has worked so far.

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OS X :: Large Amounts Of Data Written To Hd?

Aug 11, 2010

os x 10.4
Intel Core 2 Duo
2.16 GHz
1 GB

my mac was getting really slow so i wiped and reloaded the hd. it was zippy for a couple hours, then started bogging down again. i saw huge amounts of data being written to the hd when i wasn't using my computer, 10+ GB over a couple days i was only checking email. how can i find out what program is writing to my hd?

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OS X :: Adding Files To Previously Written CD Possible?

Jun 24, 2010

I used to be able to add files (pictures) to CD-R that was previously used. Now if I try to add more files to it, it tells me that CD can no longer be modified. Means that it was automatically closed. How can I continue adding files to a same CD without closing it after?

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Applications :: What Software Is Written For Eight Processor Cores

Mar 30, 2009

I'm looking at replacing my ancient G5 tower with a new Mac Pro, and looking at the options, obviously I have to decide between the single CPU quad-core or the 2 CPU "eight-core" solution.

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OS X :: Can Toast Titanium Read Written Files

Jan 11, 2010

when i put my cd or dvd in the cd/dvd drive it reads the files fine but when i open toast it doesn't seem to show them.

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Software :: Disk Cannot Be Read From Or Written To (Error -36)

Mar 3, 2009

I am trying to copy about 12000 songs from my internal HD to an external so I can wipe my drive clean and start again. The problem is that I keep getting this "disk cannot be read from or written to" every few hundred songs. The songs have come from all over, and there is no common thread to how I acquired any of them. I've actually got this error when trying to copy several different file types to an external HD and I've no earthly idea why. I'm sure the drive is riddled with irreparable errors which is why I want to wipe it, but I need to get a lot of these files over before I do so. Can anyone recommend some kind of utility that will identify and/or repair these corrupt files so I don't have to stop and start the transfer every 30 seconds?

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Software :: Some Data In AVI Could Not Be Read / Written (Error -36)

Mar 20, 2009

I have a problem when I'm transferring files from my powerbook g4 to external hard disks such as lacie or ipod. It keeps popping up "the finder cannot complete the operation because some data in file AVI could not be read or written. (Error Code -36). This happens just for certain files, not all of them. I don't know whether the hard disk has an issue or the file is corrupted and if the file is corrupted I hope there is a program that can restore it.

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Software :: Re-sync My Ipod To My PC It Could Not Be Read Or Written Anything?

Jun 14, 2009

Hey how you doin? I went last night to re-sync my ipod to my PC and I got the following error box ...."ipod disk could not be read from or written to" I just synced it two nights prior to this problem, what exactly is wrong with my ipod and how can I fix it?

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Mac Pro :: Repeated Kernel Panics / How To Avoid It

Feb 20, 2009

I began having freezes unrelated to any new software or behaviors. The hardware check showed no problems with the hardware or memory, so I cleaned out the inside of the computer, used Disk utility, AppleJack, Mac Janitor and reset p ram (all said it was OK, then the freeze came back), and finally zeroed the hard drive and reinstalled OSX.

It was stable for a few weeks then the freeze happened again followed by repeated kernel panics. I went thru all the steps above again but finished with an archive and install and created a new user admin account. Until this point the freezes and KP were on all three user profiles. But now this new user admin is fully functional while the others are still messed up.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Use Outlook For A Mac I Keep Getting Repeated Emails

Apr 14, 2012

Whenever I run Outlook Send/Receive, in addition to my new emails, I keep getting the same 8 old emails. Now they are starting to duplicate themselves. I had over 2000 the last time.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Repeated Filesystem Damage On It?

May 18, 2012

I'm running 10.7.4 on a fairly old macbook pro.  I have FileVault 2 for the boot disk.  I use SuperDuper! to make clones of this onto an external disk, and it has, twice in the last few weeks, failed to make a copy complaining about what turns out to be filesystem damage.  I fix this by doing  recovery boot & using Disk Utility to unlock and check the boot disk.  Disk Utility finds damage, and fixes it.  Both times it has been incorrrect block counts in a tarred up copy of ~/Library/Preferences which I make daily. I find this a bit terrifying as it means I can no longer trust the system: does anyone know what is going on?  I don't think I ever had any kind of filesystem damage like this pre-Lion. 

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Applications :: (FTP Error Code -36) Data Cannot Be Read / Written

Aug 31, 2003

When ever I try to move a file from an FTP server to my desktop I always get an error saying some data cant be read or written. I have tried it with like five different FTP's and I get the same error. Here is a grap of the error.

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OS X :: Cause Of Kernel Panics - Hardware Or Badly Written Software

Dec 15, 2009

It seems that when people talk Kernel Panics on forums that I visit everybody says they are caused by hardware. Now I am confused by this as yes as people say KPs can be caused by hardware, but surely badly or incorrectly written software can also cause KPs, as in badly written Kernel extensions are also a cause are they not ? I am trying to get to the bottom of all the Kernel Panics people are getting on Mac Pros, because all these reports seem to have appeared since Snow Leopard raised its ugly head.

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OS X :: Finder Can't Complete Operation Because Data Can't Be Read Or Written

Jan 22, 2010

I've done a search for this and cannot seem to find a definitive solution. I've just upgraded to a larger Verbatim external drive and when I go to take files off my existing external drive across to it, it keeps coming up with the error: The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in *** can't be read or written. This only happens in certain folders. I am able to copy some folders across, but some I get this error. I've tried verifying both drives, formatting the Verbatim one for FAT32, repairing, but nothing seems to work. Some points that may be worth mentioning:

- The original external drive is formatted as MAC OS X Extended Journaled.
- Some of the folders I am having trouble with may have been originally created on a PC.

I would like to keep the new drive as FAT32, so I can use it on a PC if I need to down the road. I read something about using dot_clean via terminal, but I can never seem to get the path correct to my external drive. (The name of the external drive is MASTER HD) Would appreciate if anyone else has had the same problem could tell me what they did to solve it? Not sure why some files will copy over and some wont?

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