Mac Mini :: Won't Boot / Disk0s2: I/O Error

Oct 31, 2009

I have boot camp installed, and when I hold the Option key down at startup, I see the Windows Vista drive (but can't select it). After about a minute, the Mac OSX drive shows up. I can select the Mac drive, but then I get stuck at the grey screen again.

I tried starting up in Single User mode and at the command prompt, ran /sbin/fsck -fy but got a couple "disk0s2: I/O errors" followed by "Invalid node structure" and "The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired." (see attached photo of exact message).

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MacBook :: Doesn't Boot, Disk0s2 - I/O Error, Invalid Node Structure

May 10, 2010

I'm having big problem with my notebook.

It goes down after the gray start video.

Doing the fsck this is what comes out...

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OS X :: Unable To Startup - Disk0s2: I/O Error

Oct 26, 2010

I tried to on my mac this morning and just like usual, the "chime" when off and the gray screen with the apple logo came out together with the spinning gear.

However today, it took longer than usual on the spinning gear and my mac osx did not startup and my mac switched off automatically.

I then tried to boot my mac osx in safe mode(+verbose) and I got the following error:


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MacBook Pro :: Stuck On Grey Screen With Apple Logo "disk0s2 I/O Error 2009"

Jan 10, 2011

I have a Macbook Pro 13 from the summer of 2009. After Christmas I decided to upgrade my hard drive and memory. This is what I got. [URL] For about a week everything seemed to work perfectly. I then began to have problems almost every day (finder crashing, etc). I reinstalled OSX probably 5 times using my previous account until finally did a clean wipe and reinstalled OSX again. It now seems to be working for the most part, but booting takes about two minutes. It gets stuck on the grey screen with the Apple logo with the turning gear for a couple of minutes before it boots. Normally it wouldn't bother me too much, but after the problems I was having before, I really wanted to make sure that there was no problem with my new hard drive or memory. After doing the usual suggestions for slow boot time (resetting PRAM, disconnecting external devices, repairing disk permissions, etc.) nothing changed. I booted into verbose mode and it seems to hang up for awhile before listing

disk0s2 i/o error

It does this twice before booting, hanging up for about a minute before giving the error. I am not sure if i should return it under warranty because I am not sure its broken. Like I said, it seems perfectly fine right now with the exception of the boot time. Using the Apple Hardware Check, even the extended check, didn't give any errors. The SMART status for the hard drive is verified. Is this clearly a hard drive issue, or could it be something else? Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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Mac Mini :: The Operation Can’t Be Completed Because An Unexpected Error Occurred (error Code -50)

Apr 21, 2012

I am getting this error  "The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50)." when I try to transfer files from my Mac Mini to my External Harddrive which is connected to my Airport Extreme. "  The error does not appear to happen all the time.  It does seem consistent if I am transfering files and then try to transfer more.   

The files I am transferring are .mp4.  It does not appear to care about the size of the file, it happens with small files and large files, I can transfer some large folders (2.54G). I can connect the hard-drive externally directly to the mac mini and it will transfer any file.

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MacBook Pro :: Disk0s2 Cannot Be Repaired - Is There A Way To Recover Files On Computer

Jun 30, 2014

My computer had a spinning wheel yesterday that would not go away, so I forced a shutdown (had done it before with no problems).  However, now my computer goes straight to the diagnostic tool, and when I try to repair disk0s2, it cannot be repaired.  I didn't have Time Machine automatically running, and my most recent backup is too old and I don't want to lose all of our pictures. is there any other way to recover files off of this disk? 

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Intel Mac :: Boot Partition Error Message - Mid 2010 I7 Will Not Boot Past The Apple Logo

Apr 8, 2012

My mid 2010 iMac i7 will not boot past the apple logo? I'm running 10.7.3. I have tried restoring from TM backup from recovery mode (worked the last time this happened) however upon completion it returns to the recovery screen? I made a disk of Lion when I downloaded the first time (followed same instructions sourced from numerous websites) which does not seem to work when i set to start up from this disk, just gets to the grey screen and flicks between the apple logo, a folder icon with a question mark and the circle with line through? Now I can't eject the disk either, a message appears that system can't eject and to make sure all applications are closed? Not sure how to go about closing these applications without being able to start the system? When I tried booting from the Macintosh HD I got a message that the boot cache partition was faulty? I have ran disk permissions etc all ok.  

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Windows On Mac :: Possibly Fatal Boot Camp Error / Unable To Boot Windows

Jul 14, 2009

In my attempt to install Windows XP via Boot Camp, I accidentally inserted an SP1 disc instead of the SP2 disc that I have. The installation proceeded to the point where it does for most who attempt this: the screen where you are prompted to press ENTER. I could not proceed and therefore restarted the iMac and held down the mouse button upon start-up to remove the CD.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM:I can not boot into OS X because the keyboard shortcuts (those that might allow me to select which partition to boot from and/or reset PRAM) seem to be disabled. Instead, a reboot always ends at a black screen with a blinking DOS-esque cursor, or the prompt: "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key."

I have attempted inserting my SP2 disc at this point, to no avail. My keyboard seems to be disabled, as if the SP1 install proceeded just enough to establish itself as the boot drive without drivers for the keyboard. I've tried using all 3 USB ports, disconnecting other USB devices. Oddly, my bluetooth mouse works to eject the CD on reboot...

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PowerPC :: Getting Error - G4 Won't Boot

Feb 12, 2010

I have a powerbook g4 that won't boot...I initially would get a kernel panic error after the apple loading screen, so i would reset and just kept getting back to the error. I searched through some forums and tried resetting the pram, now after the loading screen the screen just goes black (computer is on, just plain black screen). In looking through forums I read that the kernel panic is usually a hardware error; I have a new macbook that i got right before this powerbook stopped loading (at least got everything copied into the new one ) and my husband had been using the pb for the last few weeks, mostly just watching tv online...nothing strange. he got a few kernel panics the last couple days, but he would turn off and i'd open it just fine in the morning. he mentioned the screen had started flickering a few times...and now on the gray apple loading screen - the only actual image that the computer loads - the little apple also flashes between it's regular gray color and like stripy/blocky blue squares...could it be a monitor problem?? I found a bunch of "powerbook not booting" forums, but none mentioned the flickering screen...It'd be nice to know what's going on and fix it, if possible.

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Mac Mini :: What Does Error Code -36 Mean

May 10, 2012

I have some files on an external disk, and when trying to copy them from the external disk to the mac mini harddrive I am getting the following error message: 

'The finder can't complete the operation because some data in <file name> can't be read or written (Error code -36)' 

This is strange as I haven't changed anything and have previously been able to copy files?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Ubuntu Live CD - Gives Error When Trying To Boot

Nov 21, 2008

I have bought a book in which an Ubuntu Live CD is included. It is a custom copy, to be able to follow the book's tutorials. The case is that when I try to boot it, it gives me the error "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off". I really need this particular copy of Ubuntu to work. Does somebody know of a fix? Btw, I am a total beginner when it comes to Linux & the console. The machine I am trying to get it working is a MacBook 2.4Gh bought in Aug 2008.

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OS X :: Boot Camp Installation Error?

Aug 22, 2009

Trying to install Windows XP via Boot Camp, I get this error:

I have an external hard drive with enough space to back up my computer, but I don't know what to do after that. Can someone tell me what to back it up with so I can restore it after I format my computer, and how to restore it?

I assume to format the drive I use Disk Utility from my install CD?

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Mac Mini :: Broken Folder Error On It?

May 22, 2012

I recently brought Mini Mac of i5 2.3ghz 8GB 500GB hdd, when i have got the system it's was perfectly alright and today when i have tried to install windows 7 on my mini mac by divided 500 into two partition while installing i did not found Bootcamp Drive on windows installation so by mistakenly i have removed the mac OS Drive and installed Windows 7 after installing i found that it's not showing the Mac OSX on booting option so i tried to make a bootable USB for installing Lion but when ever i am trying to install it's showing BROKEN FOLDER ERROR and switching of the system automatically i have also tried flashing PRAM etc but no use and i don't have a external dvd drive so i need to install any thing by USB only?

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Windows On Mac :: Error When Installing XP Via Boot Camp?

Dec 13, 2009

I have been trying to install Windows XP Pro SP3 on my MacBook, and after the installation finishes, I get an error saying that hal.dll can't be found. Really strange. Windows 7 installs fine, but I'd like to install XP for nostalgia's sake.

The disc is clean and I get no errors during install.

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OS X :: Tried Installing XP With Boot Camp And Got Disk Error?

Jan 9, 2010

I'm a new MAC user and would need to install XP on my MAC. I'm sure there are thousands of threads out there about this but I couldn't find one. I've tried installing with Boot Camp and got Disk Error. Realised I had Service Pack One. The CPU then wouldn't boot properly as it looked for the WIN CD later so I have to hold down the Option key every time I boot up. I now have XP Pro with SP3 and have partitioned the space (20gb). Just don't want to mess it up so I'll wait for a reply here.

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Windows On Mac :: Partitioning Error With Boot Camp?

Jan 15, 2010

I know this question has probably been answered somewhere, but I can't seem to find anything quite like my situation.

I'm resizing the Windows partition on a 2.2GHz 15" Macbook Pro. I deleted the partition using Boot Camp, but when I went back to repartition it, I get the error that states:

"The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved. - Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume ..."

However, according to Disk Utility, there's only one partition on the drive, and it's correctly formatted. I'm not missing any hard drive space or anything. Is there any way to fix this without going through the hassle of reformatting my hard drive?

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OS X :: Boot Camp - Windows 7 - Error 0x80300024

Mar 3, 2010

I have a small problem. My mac pro (2007) was broken about two weeks ago. Now I have it back but I have a new problem (probably caused by updates by apple). I always used dual boot with windows 7 64 bit, but now it just won't install it anymore.

I use my first HD (320GB) for my 2 os (so snow leopard has 200GB and windows has 100GB). Just like I always did, but now I gives 2 errors:

1. After creating a partition with boot camp, the windows installer says that he cannot install on that partition because he needs NTFS (and it's FAT32).

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OS X :: IMac 24" Kernel Error With New HDD And Can't Boot CD

Mar 18, 2010

Recently my iMac 24" was randomly shutting off, finder unresponsive, applications could not launch, and startup would take upwards of 4 minutes. Thought it was most definitely a harddrive issue because when I would option-boot (had windows 7 on another partition) no bootable drives would appear and upon trying to boot the install CD I would get a Kernel Error. I ended up getting a brand new 1.5 TB this afternoon and installed it in the iMac a few hours ago. Now when booting the computer I get the HDD with a question mark as I should since there is not data on the drive... Problem begins when I try and boot from CD, where I'm getting a Kernel error. Spinning circle for about 3-4 minutes after selecting CD from the option-boot or when booting while holding down C. Here are the logs from my Verbose mode boot, I have nowhere for the logs to save so i had to take hi-res pics, sorry.


System Specs are as follows. Aluminum 24" iMac running OS X and Windows 7 (both with all updates) 2 gigs of ram geforce 8800 i think.... Memory should be fine, i have two 1 gig sticks, and I've tried booting the computer with each of them installed separately. Also have tried resetting nvram, pram, etc... ALL the usual recommended steps so you can skip those suggestions.

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Windows On Mac :: Could Not Locate OS X Boot Volume Error

Jun 27, 2010

Usually when I go to "Restart into Mac OS X" from Boot Camp's system tray icon it works fine, but just recently it has started giving me this error and not working. It seems like usually when this errors hows it's because the Mac volume is bad or missing, but I have a perfectly working HFS+ boot volume that is visible in Windows and boots just fine. I do also have a second HFS+ partition for data, but no problems with them.

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MacBook Pro :: Kernel Error On Start Up - Also Cannot Boot From OS X CD

May 4, 2012

On bootup, my computer shows this:[URL] and won't start. If I try to boot from an OSX startup CD, it flashes between that, the ordinary apple, and circle with a bar through it, but won't move beyond that. So I then power up holding Command + S and I get this:[URL]. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I want my computer back!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)

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Laptops :: Startup Disk Error - Cannot Boot To Mac Partition

Apr 17, 2010

I partitioned windows XP onto my Mac HD a few days ago. It worked beautifully until last night. Whenever I booted to it, it stuck at the welcome screen for 10 minutes, and was really buggy upon startup. This morning, my MacBook Pro (bought in August '09) upon turning on automatically boots to windows XP. No amount of holding "c" or "Alt" will bring up rEFIt or boot camp selection pane. And the kicker is, the windows XP partition is completely corrupted.

Here's what happens now:
1) Turn Macbook Pro on, hold down "c" or "Alt"
2) White background for ~ten minutes, nothing happens
3) After a long time, boots to black screen and says "Startup Disk Error... Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

I'm pretty sure its trying to boot to Windows XP partition, because Ctrl+Alt+Del is not a Mac OS X command... But I can't boot to my Mac OS X partition.

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OS X :: Boot Camp Broken In Leopard - Disk Error?

Nov 5, 2007

On my new MBP, I had Tiger and Boot Camp 1.4 Beta.

When I got my Leopard UTD disc, I simply did an upgrade. Last night, I was fed up with some of the weirdness, and decided to start with a clean slate.

I removed my windows/boot camp partition, popped in my Leopard disc, selected erase and Install, and within 30 minutes it was done (seems way too

Anyway, I go through the Boot Camp steps to install Windows. When I get to the Windows setup where you select a drive to install, it doesn't give me the option to format the Boot Camp C: drive, but instead just installs.

After rebooting, it gives me a DISK ERROR.

A bit of googling shows others have had this problem, too. Is EVERYONE having this problem? Did Apple break Boot Camp with Leopard?

Is there any viable workout other than formatting to Tiger, installing 1.4, then upgrading again?

Is it possible to uninstall the Boot Camp assistant on Leopard and find/download/install Boot Camp 1.4 on Leopard, and go from there?

I need windows for school - and this is driving me nuts!

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Windows On Mac :: Error Message 4 For Boot Camp Partition

Dec 8, 2008

When i boot into Vista at the boot ing Windows Vista black screen, i get an error message that says... Warning: unrecognized partition table for drive 80. please rebuild it using a Microsoft-compatible FDISK tool(err=4) System tyhpe is NTFS, partition type 0x7 then it goes, and lists that a couple more times, then it boots into Vista. I just had an internal drive crash, so I purchased a 1TB and installed it into my 2ghz iMac. Everything went great, and now I am in the midst of reinstalling all my apps. I then partitioned the drive for 53 gigs with Boot Camp and installed Vista 32bit with sp1. And when I boot into the Boot Camp partition, that is the error I get, but then it finally after listing that about 4 or so times boots fine into Vista. I have installed many things now on that partition under Windows and everything seems perfect with it, it is just I get that error.

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OS X :: Partition Using Boot Camp - Getting An Error About Files Not Being Able To Be Moved?

Jan 17, 2010

am not sure if I am posting this in the right category. I am new on here so forgive me if it is not in the right place. I am having trouble with my partition using boot camp. I am getting an error about the files not being able to be moved. I have repaired permissions... did not work. Defragmented.... did not work. When I look at the defrag log I see that there is an error -43 on a jpg, which I can not find. All the other errors are items running that pertain to actually the computer working (quit all files that were opened just to make sure).

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OS X :: IMac 27" Won't Boot Into Install Disk - Error

Jun 18, 2010

i have read various threads about this but can't find a cure, here is what's happening:

1) Was running disk utility and said i have a corrupted disk
2) OSX runs fine but i can't reboot into startup disk in order to repair disk
3) Can only boot into OSX now by holding down Option key and selecting OSX
4) Can't use this method to boot into install disk or external drive.

Remedies, I have done the following:

1) Repaired permissions
2) SMC reset
3) PRAM reset
4) Wont allow me to safe boot
5) Won't allow me to boot from install disk
6) Won't install SL disk to try and repair install

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MacBook Pro :: Boot Camp Is Not Working And Showing Error

Apr 29, 2012

My boot camp do not work "This disc can not be partitioned because it is impossible to move some of its files." What to do? Is there a way to partition mac without boot camp.

MacBook, Windows XP Pro

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OS X Yosemite :: Boot Freeze - No Safe Mode And I/O Error

Dec 12, 2014

Yesterday everything was fine but today my macbook freeze/stuck during the boot.

I've done this:

- check + repair permission (nothing changed)
- check + repair disk (nothing changed)
- tried safemode (doesn't boot)
- resetting pram with cmd+opt+p+r (nothing changed)
- boot in verbose mode, shift+cmd+v and after "waiting for DSMOS" appear disk0s2: I/O error. (now 6 times, but it will continue I think ) 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.0.x)

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Mac Mini :: Remote Disk Error - Operation Failed

Feb 2, 2012

I have a 2011 Mac Mini. I try to connect to another Mac via Remote Disk. The other computer shows up and the disk appears in the window. However, when I select the disk, I get a message telling me that the operation failed because the original could not be found. Apple Troubleshooting tells me that it has something to do with the firewall. So I turned off the firewall, but I still get the same message. Both computers are running 10.7.3.

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Mac Mini :: Error Received While Inserting External Storage

Mar 30, 2012

i just got a mac mini with lion, and try to hooked it to LG LED a few minutes, it works normally, but a message displayed "saving mode" on the screen when i inserted an external storage thru USB goes sleep and no response to reawaked.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)

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App Store :: Mac Mini Won't Let To Update Apps - Get An Error 13 Message

Jun 22, 2012

The app store on my Mac Mini (2.7GHZ I7 running 10.7.4) tells me I have 3 apps that need to be updated. Whenever I try to update them, I get an error message that reads " We could not complete your request. There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (13). I've gone online and saw that some people were fixing the problem by erasing some kind of hidden cookie. It seems to be somwhere in /library/Cookies file but I don't have a file in my library labeled "cookies". I also saw another post where they tried to delete it in terminal, but that had no effect for me.

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