Laptops :: Won't Turn On / Showing Black Screen

Dec 24, 2009

My MacBook Pro won't turn on. When I turn it on, I can hear the motor whirring, but the screen stays black. I've tried leaving it off for an extended period, I've tried unplugging the charger, leaving it to charge for 24+ hours, taking the battery out, checked that the screen brightness wasn't accidentally turned down, everything!! It started about 2 weeks ago, since then it's turned on a couple of times, but when I stop using it and it goes into sleep mode, or I turn it off, it won't come back on again. Not sure what's wrong with it, but there's some urgent files I need on that computer! I also have an iMac, which I was hoping to transfer the files to, so I can send the laptop to be looked at. So, I have 2 questions...

1. What is most likely wrong with the laptop, and is it something I can fix so it will turn on again?
2. Is there a way to transfer the files from the laptop to an external HDD or my iMac even though the laptop has a black screen.

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Laptops :: Ibook G4 - Fan Runs And Black Screen

Jan 7, 2010

My ibook G4 turned itself off and when I tried to power it up the fan turns vigorously while the screen stays black. Thats it.

Prior to this I was doing some pretty heavy music importing and during that time the fan was going nuts (I then stopped importing)...also while it was charging it the past few nights the light on the connector would go out and it stopped charging while it was still plugged in. This was the first time it happened and it happened 2-3 times.

Like for most people my entire life is on that computer along with a very important document that I need to access ASAP. What could be the issue...not the logic board!

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Laptops :: Mac G4 IBook Not Boot Up Black Screen

Jun 25, 2010

I just had a quick power interruption for about a second while I was using my laptop. The laptop shut down and will not boot up. The screen is black. Any ideas on what is the problem?

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Laptops :: IBook G4 Black Screen Fan Spins At Start Up

Nov 23, 2009

Does not boot, I hear chimes, fan spins black screen.

Tried to reboot with OSX disc holding c. I'm lucky I got my disk out?

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Laptops :: IBook G4 Black Screen Except For When In Target Mode

Sep 11, 2010

1st time posting to this forum. My iBook G4's (1.2 Ghz) screen flashes grey/white for a brief second upon startup and then remains black. No ghosting at all... simply black screen though computer is running fine. Later, I decided to connect it to my desktop Mac and restart it in Target mode, and was surprised to see the standard blue screen with moving Firewire logo screensaver on my iBook's screen - no different than anytime before when I've booted in Target Mode.

I ran Diskwarrior on my iBook's HD from my Mac desktop and all was clean so not a HD problem. Btw, I used SuperDuper to copy my iBook's HD to Disk Image for backup.

With some semi-calculated guessing on my part, I had come to the conclusion - prior to seeing the Target Mode screensaver on my laptop's screen - that the LCD screen had gone bad. As a result of what may have been flawed reasoning on my part, I purchased a used replacement screen off eBay from a reputable seller. I will be getting that replacement screen in a few days (including working inverter board).

My question here is can the LCD screen actually be bad and need replacing IF the Target Mode screensaver works beautifully on it? And the follow-up question is if it's not a bad LCD screen, what might the more likely problem be? It doesn't seem like it would be a backlight problem because moving yellow/orange Firewire logo of the screensaver looks fine.

A couple of things probably worth noting here:

Earlier before first experiencing my black screen issue, the power cord was accidentally jerked by a passing foot when laptop was on floor. It was enough of a jerking motion to move the laptop's position on the carpet but I didn't think it was that bad at the time... now wondering if something may have been pulled loose inside.

As those familiar with the iBook will know, the power connector light is orange when computer is turned off and it's also orange when laptop is in Target Mode (with the screen seeming to work correctly). However, when not in Target Mode and turned on with screen black, the power connector light is green as it normally would be. Is it possible the screen is powered via Firewire port when in Target Mode and therefore bypassing some screen power situation via the power connector? Obviously the power connector must be working if i'm able to power up the iBook without the battery installed.

Now for the other bit of info which seems important to me and I'm embarrassed to even admit to here.. Just prior to experiencing my black screen problem, i was plugging my power connector into an electrical outlet near where I was going to use my iBook... In the past, I have always done that PRIOR to plugging the power cord into my iBook. Regrettably, that time I already had the power connector plugged into my iBook. While attempting to plug the connector into the electrical outlet, the prongs did not easily slide into the outlet and I heard some popping sounds which didn't seem too bad at the time. But it was immediately after that when my iBook's screen failed to start up.

Thanking anyone in advance who may be able to offer up some expertise regarding my situation. Also I should say that I am running OS 10.5.8 on my iBook. I realize the easiest thing for me to do to get this matter resolved would be to simply take the unit into a local service center for repair... but the value of the iBook at this point wouldn't be worth spending a large sum of money for repairs I likely can do on my on. Over the years, I've learned how to follow direction pretty well when it comes to replacing defective items inside my desktop computers, so I'm not terrified of doing same with my iBook.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Won't Turn On - Computer Starts But Black Screen

Jun 27, 2014

Computer starts (keyboard lit, music plays, caps lock light on), but no screen. I need to open and close 2 - 30 times before the screen will turn on. Once on, the computer works perfectly. I've tried PRAM and safemode reset.

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Intel Mac :: Why Does Screen Turn Black

Apr 9, 2012

Why does imac screen turn black?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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Intel Mac :: Black Spot Showing Up On Top Right Of Screen?

May 16, 2012

There is a black spot on top right of the screen on my imac 21 inch.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: Screen Went Black And Now The Screen Won't Turn On?

Jun 13, 2012

I hear the initial "turning on" sound, buy after that there is nothing.What is wrong and how can I fix it?

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Windows On Mac :: No Screen Turn Black And Never Starts?

Nov 13, 2009

After installing windows 7 on my new iMac the system wants to reboot, so i let it. When it does, i press down the option key and choose it to start in Widows, but now the screen turns black, and windows never starts. i dont know what to do.

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MacBook :: Why Does Screen Turn Black Randomly

Feb 9, 2012

It started almost 3 days ago. My 2008 macbook screen would suddenly turn black. When watching a YouTube video, the sound still plays but the screen is black. I tried adjusting the brightness, didnt work. I tried pressing the power button but nothing changed. Then when i closed my screen and opened it, the display would return with the (turnoff, sleep etc) question meaning my button computed something.

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Intel Mac :: Why Does Screen Turn Black Randomly

Mar 20, 2012

My Imac---which is less than a year old--randomly goes black but continues to function otherwise.  This is happening on a more and more frequent basis. 


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MacBook Air :: When Turn It On Nothing Appears And The Screen Is All Black

Dec 4, 2014

I have a  disfunction on my screen as soon as i turn it on  nothing appears and the screen is all black, I tried to restart it several times but it is still the same , nothing  happens.

MacBook Air

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Turns Black When Turn On

Jun 29, 2014

My screen is black but my laptop is not off.. and its not that only the screen is black, my mac on sleep (i think)...When I turn my mac on, it does turn on.. The starting screen comes out.. but the moment the desktop opens, the screen goes black. And if I try to wake my mac up by pressing any key, the mouse shows for like three seconds(on the black screen, not my desktop). So that means that my mac is not totally off, it's just that the screen is black. But once in a while, when I press any button, my desktop shows for five seconds and the screen turns black again. I had yesterday was that the finder was keep restarting. I was still able to go on all the apps except that I could not open any files on my desktop.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Went Black And Also Not Showing Up In Target Mode

Sep 9, 2014

My screen went black after sleep and now I can't do anything anymore. I restarted a few times, tried to start from backup (USB) and also to mount in target mode via another computer, but nothing is working. I first thought the graphics card had gone, but that doesn't seem to be the case now as it's not showing via firewire. The computer is on as I can hear the drive spinning. it woul 

Nothing particular happened beforehand. It worked fine, although a bit sluggish earlier. I do maintenance quite regularly and it has been fine, except that the battery needs replacing. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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MacBook Pro :: Does Not Turn On Properly - Only Showing Blue Screen

Jun 6, 2012

MacBook Pro laptop with a model number of 10.5.8 doesn't turn on properly. When it turns on there is only a blue screen with a folder and a question mark on it. How to troubleshoot my laptop.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Only Half Of Screen Showing And Colors Off When Turn It On

Aug 22, 2014

When I turned on my computer this morning the display was off center and could only see one half on the screen and the other half was black and all the colors were off lIke all the things that are normally blue were a weird reddish orangey color.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook :: Showing Black Screen / Got Noise Coming Out Of Speakers

Sep 16, 2010

Today, my mac freaked out on me twice. I was watching something via Quicktime and all of the sudden the screen went black and green and started going crazy like it was twitching or something. And I got this loud noise coming out of my speakers. My MacBook is about 3-4 years old.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Goes Black For No Reason / Need To Force Restart To Turn On Mac

Dec 3, 2014

I just having problem with starting my Macboook. First, at start screen (gray background with the apple logo) appears pink/red horizontal lines over all the screen. Then, when i'm using my computer, screen goes black for no reason and i need to force restart to turn on the Mac.I can't believe this is happening to a "HIGH QUALITY" expensive computer. This seems happening to 2011 Macbook Pros...  

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Software :: Unable To Find Hard Drive / Showing Black Screen

Aug 31, 2010

Last week I put an extra hard drive into a powermac G4 - i didnt know if the hardrive was working or not, and I was asked to put both Harddrives in the one machine to find out if it was working. I did this and nothing happened. I changed the jumpers and still nothing happened.

the existing hardrive was being read but not the new one that I had put in, so I went to start up disk and changed the disk that I was starting up from to the other hardrive. It wouldnt boot, i took the hardrive out and tried to put the computer back to its original state and nothing happened. just a blank screen. I have tried pressing OPT and the hardrive appears but after this screen nothing happens. if I were to use the install disc, would this wipe the hard-drive at all?

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Intel Mac :: When Turn On 27" Can Hear The Hardware Moving And The Starting Chime But The Screen Stays Black.

Jun 15, 2012

additional information: 27" Intel based 64 bit 8GB ram dual boot with windows 7 I tried resetting my pram

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 4.3.1

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Laptops :: Wipe And Turn Into Windows Machine?

Jan 13, 2010

So I can get a decent deal on a new Mac Pro laptop, I've been looking to upgrade my old Gateway laptop to something with a little more power. But I HATE MACS and everything apple. Never had good luck with them, think their over priced ect. Is there a way for me to wipe the entire laptop and turn it into a windows machine? The only reason I'd consider the Mac Pro is for the processor(up to 2.5ghz from my 1.6)

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Laptops :: Ibook Wont Turn On And Cannot Switch?

Dec 8, 2010

my ibook wont turn on ?Sometimes it does, often not.Is it the switch on the top panel as when it does start-up it works fine

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Intel Mac :: Desktop Restart Shows Flickering Black/white Screen, Then Black

Feb 3, 2012

Desktop restart shows flickering black/white screen, then black. Could not restart.

iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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MacBook Pro :: When Turn It On, It Just Goes To A White Screen With A Flahing Grey Folder With A Question Mark And Will Not Turn On?

May 12, 2012

I've tried turning it ff and on via the power button several times, but it always goes back to the white screen.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010)

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: IMac Screen Went Black - Starts Up With Black Display

May 24, 2012

I came back from work to wake up my iMac. It made the noise but the screen stayed black. I tried restarting by holding the power button- I can hear it start and the chime but still have a black screen. I tried resetting the pram, and unplugging the cord but I still get a black screen. I can hear the chime though; I'm not sure if that means anything. I just had the hard drive replaced in February so I hope it's not that. just wanted to clarify that when I restart, I get the chime but the screen stays black- I don't get to the grey screen. So I'm assuming right now that my display may be shot?

iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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IMac :: 24" Won't Turn On After Black Out?

Aug 26, 2010

There was a black out in my area yesterday. My iMac was left on overnight, so when i went to check on my Mac it was off. Pressing the power button, you can hear the initial harddrive spin, but then silence! Nothing shows up on screen! I tried unplugging it frm th wall for a while and pluggin it back in and pressin the power button to the same results.

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Intel Mac :: Movies Are Showing Up Black On My Computer

Mar 24, 2012

I was watching movies fine last month, and now when i put a dvd in it shows up black. at first, i thought it was because of the type of dvd, but then i realized something was wrong when i put in the movie that i just watched and it showed up blank. it does not have any scrathes on it and i have iDVD what do i do!!

Info:Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Its Showing Black And White Lines When Booting Up?

May 3, 2012

My Mac Pro crashed yesterday after it was reading an empty DVD, and now if boot the Mac it shows this screen:I have tryed rebooting it in safe mode, does not work, I get the same screen. Tryed to use a other monitor, same problem. Now, If I press the Eject button, the disc tray will eject and if I press the volume button it can be heard. 

Mac Pro

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OS X :: Apple Showing Black Dock In IMac Leopard Pic?

Apr 15, 2008

I don't know if apple may be tweaking the look of forthcoming Leopard point releases, but this pic on the Apple Mac page has me wondering. It is definitely NOT the stock dock color and even contrasts with another pic on the same page.

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