Intel Mac :: Setup Network On 24, Have A Network Drive Installed Already?

Jun 15, 2012

Not sure even where to start. I have the Apple extreme router, WD network drive and 2 express units throughout the house. Looking to access the netwrk drive from MAcbook and TV that has internet connect through BLuRay disk.Router is behaving ok and the network drive is set up.Not sure where to from here. Any manuals available to take one through step by step?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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Intel Mac :: How To Setup Home Network

Mar 16, 2012

I changed my network name and now it won't connect to the internet.How do I put in the new password (that goes with the new name)?

Aluminum MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

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Intel Mac :: How To Setup A Network Between PC-Laptop

Mar 25, 2012

I recently purchased an Apple for the first time after years on PC's.  I'd like all my pictures, music & other files currently on my PC on my Mac as well but I am having trouble getting them to communicate.


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OS X :: Auto-mount A Network Drive After Connecting To A Wireless Network?

Sep 22, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to automatically connect a MacBook to a network drive after connecting to the wireless network that the drive is connected to.

Here is the situation:

I back-up my wife's MacBook via Time Machine to an external hard drive that is connected to my Apple desktop. It works great! I even have her system setup to automatically mount the drive upon log-in. Unfortunately, after leaving our wireless signal and then coming back the time machine drive isn't automatically mounted since she isn't "logging back-in". Is there an automator script that can be built to automatically connect to drive X after connecting to wireless network Z?

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Software :: Installed Disk Utility And Disk Repair - Shows Network Startup But No Hard Drive?

Feb 22, 2010

I ran installer then went to disk utility and pushed disk repair. it ran and indicated in green that no repairs were necessary. i then went to startup disk and only the Diks and network startup showed up but no hard drive. i also open computer to make sure was not wet muddy due to leak in cooling system but all was dry

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Intel Mac :: Using Local Disk As Network-drive?

Jun 5, 2012

For a program I have to access a local disk as network drive. The path has to be the network path and not the local path (with the disk name) how can I do this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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IMac (Intel) :: Password For Network Drive (default)

Sep 8, 2014

When I added a network drive (Ethernet) to my system, my Mac asks for a 'registered user' password.  Since I haven't set up a password how do I get access? I have the option of logging in as a guest but does this limit what I can do?

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OS X :: Can't Setup Pppoe Wireless Network

Aug 26, 2010

I got fiber optic internet installed, and setup a pppoe wired connection using the username and password given to my by my ISP, and it works beautifully. But I can't get the wireless for it setup. When I go to Airport utility (my router is a Time Capsule), I tell it to set up a new connection, give it a name and password, tell it to connect using pppoe and enter in the same username and password as given by my ISP for that, and finish and everything seems to go ok, and it shows that i connect to the network, but pages wont load...

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Hardware :: Setup Network With N And G Speeds?

Mar 8, 2009

I searched but couldn't find anything about this. I'm fairly new setting up networks. I have an AEBS with wireless N (NOT the new one which would solve my problem). I also have a Belkin wireless G router. I would like to set up a network where my new macbook can take advantage of the wireless N speed and not be slowed by my wireless G devices.

Current setup:
iMac (early 2006) wired to AEBS (G speed max if wireless)
iphone 3G wireless (G)
PS3 wireless (G)
Macbook wireless (N capable)

Is there a way to setup my AEBS so only the macbook sees it so it gets full wireless N speeds then use the Belkin G router for the other devices?

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OS X :: Home Network Setup Between Leopard And SL

Oct 24, 2009

My home network setup is pretty weird and I am having problems connecting between my G4 with Leopard and my MBP with SL. Basically I have a static ip with a zyntex or something ADSL modem, then I have a switch and after the switch i got a 10Mbps Brack Firewall router and today I bought an Airport Express to get internet at places. I dont want to lay down cables. So anyway I noticed once I hooked up I can see my G4 but I cant connect to it. If I use a cable tho it work. Btw the airport is connected to the switch so is the G4, all the PCs are connected thru the brack router.

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OS X :: Setup To Login Remotely And Securely To Network?

Jul 26, 2009

Up until Friday, I had a Linux server in my office that among other things, served as a remote login using NXServer. The thing I liked best about NXServer was that all of the data was sent over ssh on port 22. This meant that along with the security of ssh, I also only had to open a single port. The Linux server has been taken offline and everything moved to a MacPro.

The only thing I don't have setup is a way to remotely login to my network. I know I can still log in with ssh but I would like to be able to run a GUI when I log in. What's out there that will allow me to do this? I know about VNC and have used it in the past but it lacks the single secure port option (I believe).

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OS X :: Connecting MacBook Pro To PS3 - Wireless Network Setup

Sep 17, 2009

How do I do this? Wireless network setup, works great with my WM10 PC, but I want to set it up w/my macbook pro.

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OS X :: Using Wireless Printer - How To Setup Its Network Settings

Sep 19, 2009

I have a Desktop PC running XP and a Black macbook 2007 which runs off wireless router.

I am trying to find info on printer wirelessly but having a hard time figuring it out.

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Hardware :: How Can I Able To Setup NAS That Will Be Accessable Outside Of Our Home Network

Nov 18, 2009

I use the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station Dual Band as my main router. I use a new Apple Airport Express to extend the range of my AEBS and allow connectivity via Ethernet only. Problem: We want to be able to setup a NAS that will be accessable outside of our home network via the internet. We are looking at using a free software such as Free NAS. We are not able to figure out how to forward a port on the Airport Extreme to allow an FTP. Is this being complicated by the additional airport express? do we also have to change settings inside that router to allow this. We have scoured the internet for specific instructions on how to do this, but cannot get it resolved.

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Hardware :: Finding Home Network Setup

Mar 4, 2010

I want to set up a home network but I'm utterly clueless in networking so I turn to you guys for help I believe I should have almost all the components to set one up but I need some pointers.

I'm the only person in the house who uses a Mac, also have two Windows 7 desktops (one connected via wifi and the other ethernet). I also have a printer and a 500GB hard drive (the 3.5" IDE ones) that I want to hook up to the network.

I guess my end goal is to have all three machines in a "LAN" and play nicely together (file sharing and stuff), print documents through the network and have a "central backup".

Currently I have a Linksys wireless router with SpeedBooster (model WRT54GS), it doesn't have any USB i/o so I guess I will need a router with USB? If I don't get a router with USB then will I be able to print from my MacBook if the printer is plugged to another desktop? Perhaps a TimeCapsule?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Setup Network Canon Ip4300 On It?

Apr 18, 2012

I have a Macbook Air running Lion.  I have been struggling to set up a network printer that has worked for years on Windows and Linux clients (I think it worked with Snow Leopard as well).  The set up is a Silex print server C-6200U+ v 2.3.1 with a Canon ip4300 connected to it's USB port.  The driver is version and CUPS is version1.5.1.  All the latest revs.  Currently other clients on the network print using LPR to queue 'lp' on a TCP/IP port.  In Windows 7 this is all configurable though the gui with a mouse so I'm not doing anything clever.  I have tried a number of iterations of set up on the Mac using CUPS Admin interface and also the System Preferences route.  The closest to success has been to set it up as LPD protocol on a fixed ip address with queue 'lp', from this configuration I can successfully print a test page from CUPS or 'Print and Scan'.  However when it comes to a 'real' print job from Preview or Word or Adobe, nothing much happens.  The print queue says it is 'copying the Print Data' or similar but it just hangs indefinitely. 

MacBook Air (11-inch Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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Applications :: Network Setup Would Suddenly Stop Working?

Feb 15, 2009

I have had my iPhoto library on a USB drive attached to Time Capsule for some time with no problems. I recently upgraded to iPhoto '09, and still had no problems, so not sure that's related. The library updated ok, and I played with Places and indexed some Faces over more than one session, no problems. Upgraded iPhoto on all the macs and tested their access to the library ok.

Suddenly now, none of the network macs can open the library. iPhoto launches with no pictures visible and has a spinning beechball. I have to Force Quit iPhoto. Same on all macs.

I then copied the library from the networked drive locally to a mac, and iPhoto could then open it perfectly ok. So I guess the library is not corrupt either.

Any ideas why this network setup would suddenly stop working?

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Setup To Find Network?

Mar 18, 2009

We just got new internet today. Our old internet was the built-in airport connecting to our slow hughesnet internet. Now I have an AT&T aircard that's fast, but has a 5 GB per month bandwidth limit. I just plug that into my USB, open the "sierra wireless watcher" application, and click connect. quit, and I'm good. Since it's not an airport network, how can I set up time capsule to find the network? I tried plugging the aircard into the USB of the time capsule, but I'm not sure if that works, or where to go in the airport utility once I do that. Will backing up my computer use up the bandwidth?

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Windows On Mac :: Setup To Accept All Data Through Network Card

Mar 25, 2009

I've got a Satallite dish system and two routers. I have router B plugged into Router A. Router b Everything is disabled, DNS, Gateway, **** like that, including DHCP. Router A has DHCP enabled, MAC Address Filtering, and DNS and Gateways for the dish system entered. I'm running this setup for my little out post in Iraq. The dish is plugged into the "uplink" port in back of the router, Both Linksys, btw. So I've got 30 people or so on this router, and some one, i fear is passing alot of crap and hogging all the network bandwidth. I suspect SpyWare/Adware of Virus problem on one or two machines. Is there anyway to setup my Mac or a Windows Machine to accept all the data through a network card, and then pass that data up to the satallite dish? I just need to see who's sending all this data and the Linksys logs are crap.

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OS X :: Unable Setup Airport Network Without Base Station

Jul 13, 2009

I saw the excellent sticky on sharing files with a PC - I need some help even more basic - I have an Imac running 10.5.7 and my daughter has a new Win Laptop - I have tried setting up a network and sharing my internet connection and it looks like all of the correct things have been done but the laptop can not connect to the Mac - it can see it fine but can't hookup -

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OS X :: Configuring Time Capsule For Wireless Network Setup?

May 17, 2010

I have Time Warner cable and they told me that their high speed internet cable service comes with 2 IP addresses. Well, I have 4 computers. Now it was my understanding that only the router needed an IP address and the computers on the network access the internet via the router, i.e. 2 IP addresses should be more than enough. I have been trying to configure my time capsule to work with all of my computers with no success. Only 2 can access the internet. I Have a mac mini, 2 mac book pros and a pc.

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OS X Technologies :: AppleScript To Setup And Start Private Network

Apr 27, 2012

I'm just wondering if an applescript could be able to create setup and start a private network.

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Installed EFI 2.7 Update - No Network Connectivity After Reboot

Feb 29, 2012

I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 13" running Lion. I installed the recommended 2.7 EFI update (which was advised by the system update utility) and after the reboot, I could not access any network resources (couldn't ping the router). The information provided showed that I was connected to the WIFI AP and had a good IP Address (provided via DHCP). I connected an ethernet cable and got a new IP address in both cases, I was unable to ping the gateway IP address.

I tried clearing the PRAM and NVRAM but no success. I booted into the restore console and the wifi access there showed my Time Machine backup (connected to my Airport Extreme). I was confused by this as when fully booted, it wouldn't show anything on the network, but in the restore mode it could.I have begun the process of restoring from the previous backup which will take a few hours.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Hardware :: Network Setup - Time Capsule Or Airport Extreme

Mar 5, 2009

To date I've used an airport express as a wireless router for my macbook and macbook pro. Both have been manually backed up routinely on external hard drives. I use the macbook as my main media center/media storage and the hard drive is starting is nearly full. I'd like to set up a system where I move my media to an external hard drive and also automate the backup of the mb, mbp, and external hard drive. Would time capsule be the best approach for this and will it backup an external hard drive tied to its usb port. Alternatively, could I tie 2 external hard drives through a usb hub into airport extreme, using one for backing up the laptops and the other external drive?

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Hardware :: Setup Wireless Network In Room With Airport Express

Aug 17, 2009

im off to college in 2 weeks and would like to set up a wireless network in my residence room with my airport express. Its a small room, but i would still like to be able to move from my desk to bed or whatever without wires, and also i would like to be able to hide my printer somewhere. Heres the catch. My residence doesn't allow wireless networks for some reason. I know i can make my network hidden. But will that be enough to keep them from finding out? I imagine every now and then they might just scan for networks to see whats out there. But if mines hidden, i shouldnt have a problem, correct? Just want to make sure. Not sure what the consequences are, but im sure they would just ask to shut it down.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can Setup A Home Network Between Mac And A Windows Based Laptop

Mar 17, 2012

Can I set up a home network between my mac and a windows based laptop?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Power Mac :: Setup Internet Access Airport Extreme Network?

Apr 16, 2012

Would like to set up old computer to airport extreme wireless network. Purchased a usb adapter.

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PowerPC :: AirPort Card Installed - Trusted Network Cannot Be Found

Aug 9, 2007

I have an Airport card installed in my Cube. Whenever I turn it on it says "none of your trusted networks can be found. would you like to join the network named default?" default being the name of the network in our house. none of my other computers do this, they all join automatically. how can I fix this?

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Hardware :: Fujitsu Printer Installed Through IP Address - Network Busy

Oct 12, 2009

I tried installing my fujistu printer through IP address, which was successful. I tied printing the first time through textedit and it worked perfectly. Now when I try printing again through either textedt or another program all I get is this message: "Network host 'XXX.XXX.X.XXX' is busy; will retry in 5 seconds". The amount of time keeps increasing.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Setup And Security (Network Share Option)

Nov 5, 2009

I'm sort of new to the Time Capsule and still trying to wrap my head around all the different services. Currently I've setup my Time Capsule via ethernet and have setup mobile me on it. I've been trying to setup 'back to my mac' with no luck, the time capsule never shows up in the mobile me account. I'm able to connect to the Time Capsule via AFP protocol, but I couldn't find any documentation detailing the level of security of this connection. So far all that I've found is that my documents are being sent as clear text, not even the slightest hope of SSL. I would hope that enforce SSL and deny clear text connection would be an option but I couldn't find it in the control panel.

My last question is regarding the Time Capsule network share option. Obviously the share works well, as it can be access by any computer, but how would one setup the Time Machine to back it up too? As of right now it seems that the general belief of having your network share on the device that backs up your mac, means that the network share itself is being backed up. This is obviously not true, unless it's setup. I may have been caught in the middle of apple commercial propaganda and therefore believe that the peripheral can do more than it physically can.

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