PowerPC :: DVD Player In G4 Tower Set To Wrong Region?

Aug 1, 2005

We have a Dual 867MHz G4 MDD (combo drive) running OSX 10.2.8. We're in the UK, which is Region 2 for DVD's.Somehow (probably by accidentally playing a Region 1 disc) the drive is stuck on region 1, and refuses to be changed to region 2.When I click on "Set region now", I get the attached error message. When I click on OK, the region 2 DVD gets ejected.How can I set the G4 so as it will play region 2 DVD's again?

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Mac Mini :: Region Free (when Using MM As A Dvd Player)?

May 12, 2009

I just inserted a DVD into my mac mini for the very first time. It says I get to change the region five times (or ten, I dont remember), but my question is if it is possible to make the mac mini permanently region free, so it can read any DVD at any given time

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Applications :: Apple DVD Player Region Codes?

Apr 22, 2009

NB: First mac...When I first put a DVD into my mac (DVD and mac both from Australia) I was asked to set my region code - fair enough. Then, I inserted another dvd, from Australia again. I had to reset my region code. I was alarmed to find that I could only set my region code 5 times...I know of alternatives such as VLC that ignore region coding, but none of these offer the tight integration that Apple's DVD player does.A quick google search also revealed the possibilities of installing a region-free drive, and using a utility called RegionX, which resets OSX's region change counter (only with region-free drives...). Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of extra optical drive bays, as with the Mac Pro...

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MacBook Pro :: Play A Dvd Region Code 2 With Apple's DVD Player?

Apr 21, 2012

Can I play a dvd region code 2 with Apple's DVD player?

I want to buy a movie but it only comes in a region 2 code (Europe) format.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

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MacBook :: Disc Region Does Not Match Drive Region - How To Know About It

Mar 28, 2009

I have alum macbook trying to play family guy DVD and get this message.

the disc region does not match the drive region.

the drive region must be changed to play this disc.

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Hardware :: Trying To Watch A Region 2 DVD On Region 1 Macbook?

Jun 4, 2009

I've researched and googled and finally downloaded VLC. I can't get it to work. It will paly the title screen of the movie and then shuts down.

I read another thread here from a person who said they newer macbooks won't let VLC run. I bought mine last SEptember.

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PowerPC :: Using B&W G3 Tower Slave Drive?

Nov 7, 2007

I updated my G3 today to 10.3 finally and everything was working great until I updated software to 10.3.9 now my wireless isn't detecting any signals while it was working before the update. I'm thinking a driver was broken any ideas. It's a linksys wireless adapter I do believe.

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PowerPC :: Way To Part Out A Dual 2.0 G5 Tower

Apr 28, 2008

I've got a powermac G5 dual 2ghz and 3 gigs of RAM that has a dead logic board. I don't really want to pay the $900 to have it replaced, so I'm thinking about just parting out the rest of the machine.

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PowerPC :: G5 Tower Got Really Slow And Laggy

Jul 8, 2008

My computer crashed yesterday, and when I reboot, it took forever to restart, then crashed a couple more times. I tried a disk repair from the install CD disk utilities, but after an hour or so, it said disk couldn't repair (I think it repaired things like the B-tree and directories). Now it takes 10mins+ to boot, and apps that used to launch right away, take a long time. There's a lag as I type this in now. It's a dual 2ghz PowerPC G5, 3gigs of ram, running on tiger 10.4.11.

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PowerPC :: Wireless Card For G5 Tower?

Nov 20, 2008

i have to get a wireless Wifi card or wireless USB stick for my 2.5 Quad G5 Tower. What are the best options for me? Should i get a USB wireless stick from OWC or should i get an internal Wifi Card? Can i use the latest PCI Express Extreme WiFi card on an old G5 Tower?

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PowerPC :: Where To Get Copy Of OS 9.2.2 / So That Tower Can Boot It?

Jul 27, 2010

Where can i get a copy of os 9.2.2 so that my tower can boot it? I keep seeing that OS 9 is available for free download but I can't find it!

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PowerPC :: Change On DVD Region Code Settings

Apr 26, 2008

I'm down to one last change on the DVD region code setting. It boggles me why Apple would do this. I've tried using VLC and it does not work. Not sure if I'm doing it right, there is a brief window that pops up and then closes immediately. There is time indicated and it looks as though the movie would play, however the the window closes right afterwards. I also have DVD Player still opened because if I were to click cancel, the DVD just pops out. Are there any other alternatives I can try or am I doomed to this one setting? I don't have the time, nor want to go through the hassle of completely wiping out the hard drive and OS again.

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PowerPC :: Reset Button On G5 Tower Motherboard?

Jun 18, 2007

Anyone know? And if there is one where it is? Also: can the motherboard be reset using software?

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PowerPC :: Why G5 Tower Won't Connect To Wireless Network?

Apr 18, 2010

I need some help/suggestions as to why my G5 tower won't connect to a wireless network. I recently moved into a guest house with free wireless internet. My landlord gave me the password to tap in, and it works great on my netbook, which is what I am using to post this entry. It also works with my iPod Touch. However, my G5 times out every time I try. It recognizes the network and when I type in the password, it tries to join it and after a few moments it says "connection timed out"

Why is this happening? I'm up to date on software/hardware updates. I've even tried shutting down my netbook to see if that was the reason it wasn't connecting, but nope. Still doesn't connect.I like my netbook and internet browsing is speedy on it but I need my desktop for most of my work and internet productivity.

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PowerPC :: G4 Tower Power Supply Dead?

May 19, 2010

Have a Power Mac G4 MDD - Apple genius bar looked at it and told me probably need a new power supply (shutting down at will and having trouble powering up but before that the computer was running well) and I'm not sure if I should get a used or new one on ebay or if you have a better idea. Can't afford a whole new system so want to resurrect this one.

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Software :: VLC Software - Region Free DVD Player

Jan 22, 2008

I'm looking for a DVD software player that plays DVD's from any region on my iMac, which is running Leopard OSX. From everything I've read, the VLC software should enable me to do this - but I've downloaded it and it doesn't! I've disabled the DVD Player that comes with the iMac and changed the settings so that the VLC software is what launches when a DVD loaded and although it'll see and run Region 1 DVD's fine, it won't pick up on, say, a Region 2 DVD. Does anyone know why this is? Or what I'm missing? I'm from England. now living in the States, so have a lot of R2 DVD's that I really need to be able to play on my iMac.

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PowerPC :: Possible To Swap Hard Drives - G5 To G5 Power Tower

Oct 17, 2008

Is possible to just swap the 500g hard drive into the G5 Power Tower instead of cloning the hard drive - Both PPC ?

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PowerPC :: Replace Tower G5 Single Core Chip To Dual One?

Jun 23, 2009

Someone I know wants to buy a used Mac pro G5. It has a speed of 1,8 Ghz. I think he's going to use it for music. (logic pro, adium). But he said he was going to use FCS as well. His question was if he could replace the G5 singlecore chip, with a G5 dualcore chip. And if that's possible, could somebody give me extra info about compatibility and such. For example, will it just boot without problems when you replaced it, or do you need to do extra things (drivers, reinstalling the os and such). The G5 will be used in the near future for HD video editing. Also, I know the new intel mac pro have graphic cards from nvidia and ati. But what graphic cards do the G5 towers have? are they good?

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PowerPC :: How To Use Dvd Drive Macbook As External Drive For G4733 Tower

May 27, 2008

I bought leopard family pack to update the operating system on my intel macbook and g4 733 tower, the problem being that my tower does not have a dvd drive. Is there anyway to use the macbook as an external dvd drive to install leopard which is currently running 10.3.9?

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PowerPC :: 17" Display - Contacts Going Wrong

Jul 9, 2009

My old trusty 17" powerbook display is giving problems. Usually it works just fine, but some days it looks like this: Probably problem with contact or something. Would that be something that I could try to fix myself? Local Apple service is pretty expensive.

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PowerPC :: Wrong Memory In Your Computer Completely Ruin It?

Dec 14, 2008

My ibook was running really slow, so i decided to get some more memory. i'm no computer expert but i used to work in the IT dept and have replaced memory before (in pc's).

Anyway, i went to my local computer store, told the guy there what kind of computer i had. (ibook G4, 14-inch with a built-in memory and an empty slot). He looked it up on the system, figured out what i needed and i bought it. It was a Corsair 1GB DDR2 667mhz. He said it was exactly what i needed. I didn't question him.

Tonight, i go to install it, and it doesn't go in easily. I got it in though, and turned on my computer, and it wouldn't start. i took it out, and it started fine.

I went to some online forums about installing memory on my specific model and people were saying you really need to force it in there, more than you think would even be safe, but it takes a lot of force to get it in, so i thought maybe it didn't work the first time because it wasn't in all the way. i kept trying, and i got it in further, thinking i did it. i went to turn on the computer, dead.

So, i took out the memory, and now my computer still won't start. NOTHING.

I went back to the store, told them what happened, and i spoke to a different salesman than yesterday, and when this guy looked at what i bought, he said it was definitely not the correct one.

He said DDR2 is definitely not compatible with the older iBook. He also said that he looked on his system to find out what type i really need, but the system wouldn't show my model (because its a few years old). Pretty much, he said that the other employee messed up because the computer wouldn't even show him what i would need.

But what i would like to know is what's wrong with my computer exactly? did the mother board fry? did i lose everything? do i need to send it into mac for repair? how screwed am i? and also, is the store responsible for this at all?

The sad part to this story is that in early august of this year, this laptop's battery stopped working, and it was a problem with the power supply. I sent it off to mac and they fixed it, but when it was returned, it wasn't turning on. i sent it back again and they said the motherboard had to be replaced. luckily that happened a month before my extended warranty expired, but this time, i don't have a warranty anymore.

Any insight on my problem? Please someone, cheer me up. Tell me there is something i can do to save my computer and that my motherboard isnt fried again.

Can putting the wrong memory in your computer completely ruin it?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 Can't Connect To WiFi - Says Password Is Wrong?

Jan 26, 2009

I have an old PowerBook G4 which I don't use anymore, due to this problem.I used to run Leopard on it, until it crashed, and I downgraded it to 10.3 (i think.)
Now, I cannot connect to my wifi connection. It reads it, but when I type in the password, (which I assure you is correct) it says that the password is wrong.And when I put in the Leopard install CD (for my macbook) it can't install Leopard, which is obvious, but I can connect to my wifi. How do i fix this wifi problem?

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PowerPC :: Ibook 14 Shuts Down At 50% Battery - Wrong Time At Startup

Jul 26, 2008

Purchased this notebook used, but very nicely cared for, excellent condition. I ran the Apple Hardware Test and everything passed including the logic board.

The battery has 500+cycles. The problem is laptop shuts down at 50% or less of battery. Clock is wrong at startup but is correct a few seconds later.

Runs forever and very nicely on ac power.

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PowerPC :: Won't Use IBook As DVD Player In Car

Mar 29, 2007

Going on a trip, and looking into a car adapter for my iBook (other thread). I'm thinking of using my iBook to play DVD's for the kids in the back. I have bucket seats in front, and a center console, so was thinking of strapping it down between the 2 front seets so the kids in the back could watch movies.

How was the skipping from bumps? I'm thinking volume might be limiting, but not sure. I'm just trying to avoid buying a seperate portable dvd player.

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PowerPC :: IBook Won't Recognize DVD Player / But Playing CDs

Jun 6, 2008

Part of my iBook says there is an initialization error when I open up the DVD program, and the other part of it says I have have no drive at all. But I have tried everything that I was told to do. Basically I have a problem with my white iBook Laptop, a G3-4 800 mhz, which runs on OSX-10.14.11, and has 384 sd-ram

It has a DVD application program, but opening it just gives an initialization error. The date on the App is something from earlier this year, so it's not that old. It has the corporate "DVD" player logo. (but it won't open) If I drop down the Apple menu at the top corner, "About this Mac" I see the list, and if I select Burners, it says No Burner Found. If I look for CD or Audio devices, there is nothing like that on the list but i can find the cd drive under ATA drives (it has the HD listed, and then a CD drive). When I open Disk Utility to find out about 'repairing disk permissions' all I see on the left side of the screen are 2 drives: the hard drive and a CD drive (LG Model 8245B), and I cannot select 'repair permissions' or 'verify' because they are in light grey (un-selectable). If I click on 'First Aid" bacically nothing happens. It's sort of like "nothing's broken, nothing to fix."

So I went on to reset the PRAM, as this was the last suggestion
someone gave me.

Some interesting things: The thing plays CD's. It detects a CD drive, like I said. There is no CD/Audio player Application, anywhere (i was looking to see if it was read/write). There is also, buried somewhere, an older Apple DVD application, for an Apple DVD player. It wants to run on OS-9. So I open OS-9, and after OS9 has opened, it tells me that OS-9 doesn't support it.

The DVD application I mentioned earlier (it's about 28 MB) is newer, and runs on OS-X 10.14. (So.. yes, this was an OS-9 computer which got upgraded to OS 10.4.11)

Lastly, it came from a brother in law who is a filmmaker, and I know that he used it for DVD's. I was told i could also burn with it.(it doesn't burn cd's right now) He re-set some names and passwords when he gave it to me; from what I can see, all the 'permissions' are ok, and set to my name. I have his passwords in case I need them.

If the computer has forgotten that it has a DVD drive, then I can't run OS 10 (which is a dvd), if it were to crash. This worries me, since I had to do this with my old Pismo only 2 months after buying it (at least it had a dvd drive!) I lifted the keyboard to see if there was a label on the cd-dvd player.
Nothing. I can't pull it out (like I could in my old Pismo) to examine the underside. How does it come out? (it's a tray-loader)

Before I start trying to remove the drive, just to see what it says...

Is there any program on the iBook which will actually detect, and tell me what hardware I have? I think that the computer still thinks it has the old cd drive in it, even though it was obviously upgraded to a dvd drive. If I could find out the brand I could maybe download some software driver
for it..?

(i am sort of afraid to go poking around the system files if I know that I cannot use the OS- 10 startup disk when it crashes (since it is a dvd)...

So is it beginning to sound like there WAS a dvd drive in there first, which burned out, and was replaced by a cheaper LG (that's Dell) CD-R drive

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PowerPC :: Will Charging MP3 Player Damage IBook's Battery?

Mar 27, 2007

I have an iBook G4 and an iAudio F1 mp3 player. The mp3 player is charged by hooking it up to the computer's usb port. Then the mp3 player charges from the computer. Before I had my iBook, i charged it using the desktop. Now I charge it with my iBook. I was just wondering if this was bad for the iBook's battery? I usually have the power cord plugged into the iBook and wall when I'm charging my mp3 player.

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PowerPC :: Running DVD Player On Titanium Powerbook In Vertical Position?

May 26, 2008

I'm going on a day long driving trip with my kids later this week and I kludged together a good solution of bungee cords to hold my titanium PB to the back of a seat so I can play movies for them. I got a Sony car inverter that seems to output an appropriate amount of power for the PB. On a test drive around the block with the DVD running, the PB seemed to get pretty hot, but otherwise worked fine. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go ahead with this setup? Anything I'm likely to wreck?

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PowerPC :: Won't Get Windows Media Player To Open And Work On IBook G3

Jun 15, 2009

I have been given an iBook G3 l2 in. laptop.It has mac OS X 10.4.11 operating system.I went to the site for downloading windows media player and was told to use the flip4 mac . It keeps telling me mac error-50 and will not open.I have downloaded it 4 times and each time I get the same results.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Wipe IBook Hard Drive / CD Player No Longer Working

Aug 3, 2006

Hello. I am looking to sell my old iBook (for parts) but first want to wipe it clean. Unfortunately, part of the reason I want to get rid of it is because the cd player doesn't work anymore. Therefore, I am unable to 'c' boot from the original OS X disk and erase the hard drive. Is there another way to wipe all personal info from my computer, leaving only the operating system?

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OS X :: Moving Outside Region 1?

Jun 16, 2009

I have a macbook pro which was purchased in america, however I am moving overseas and was wondering if it was possible to change the region of my computer.

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