OS X :: Using A Single Firewire SSD To Boot Both An Imac And Mbp?

May 11, 2010

If I have a SSD enclosed in an firewire case can I use the same hard drive to boot both the MBP and the iMac?

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IMac :: I7 Will Not Boot Into Single User Mode?

Nov 14, 2009

I hold down the Cmd & S keys (just like on my older iMac) and after a delay it boots up as usual. I just got this iMac yesterday (brand new).

I experienced the monitor going bland for a second a few times along with some other vertical lines and wanted to run the fsck function as I have on my other macs. No go....

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IMac :: Boot From Old Ipod Via Firewire On An Intel Or MBP?

Aug 30, 2010

can I boot from my HP iPod via firewire on a 2007 imac or an i7 MBP? in other words, do early iPods play nice w/ intel macs via firewire? the reason I ask is because I'm tempted by OWC's 40GB SSD sale and want to try SSD's without the risk that comes w/ surgery (save for the old iPod).

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Software :: Installing Leopard On IMac G4 With Dodgy Cd Drive - Create A Boot Firewire Disk?

Sep 6, 2008

I have a 1Ghz PowerPC G4 iMac and want to delete everything and start again with Leopard. (it seems to be within the system reqs.) Problem is the DVD drive isn't functioning properly. It sees the OSX DVD but won't boot from it. Question - What's the best alternative method? Create a boot firewire disk?

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IMac :: Connect Via Firewire To Sony TRV - 22 Camcoder - Need Which Firewire Cable

Oct 12, 2009

I just got a Mac Mini (March 2009 model) and want to connect it via Firewire to my Sony TRV-22 camcoder. The camcorder has a Mini DV Firewire jack on it (I think this is called a 4-pin connector sometimes too). But on the Mac Mini, I can't tell if I need a 6-pin or a 9-pin. Can someone point me to a good cable so I can dump some MiniDV tapes into iMovie?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Apple Macbook Boot It From Usb Or Firewire External HDD Or Usb Stick, Which Of 3 Better Must Boot

Mar 25, 2012

MacBook Pro 15" (15-inch Core 2 Duo) late 2006 this apple macbook boot lion from usb or firewire ext hdd or usb stick which of 3 better must boot Lion on ext device? or none at all?

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MacBook Pro :: Boot From External Firewire DVD / Optibay-Boot Camp?

Oct 13, 2010

Is it possible to boot from an external Firewire DVD Drive? It certainly isnt from an external USB DVD. Real answers only please, not "I think so" ones based on HDDs or rumours you may have heard!...

I've got an MCE Optibay in my Mid-2010 i7 MBP. When installing Bootcamp it refuses to install from the external USB DVD drive. In the end I pulled the 2nd HDD out and reconnected the internal DVD. It then worked fine without a hitch. Then I reinstalled the 2nd HDD and all was fine for a few days.

Now I want to resize my Win7 partition (bigger, as MS Visual Studio's bigger than I thought, and I might stick some games on). I can shrink the OSX partition fine with Disk Utility, but windows won't grow the Win7 one because the empty space is before the Win7 partition, not after it. Apparently this can be done with GParted. Guess what? I can't boot the Linux based GParted CDROM from the external USB DVD drive! So, will a Firewire one work where USB fails, and solve my alternative OS booting issues? If I buy one I can then either use GParted, or delete the Win7 partition and start again without having to pull the laptop to bits all over again, only to put it back once I'm done, and possibly have the same issues in the future. Obviously I don't want to blow extra money getting a Firewire DVD drive though if it's a waste of money...

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Mac Pro :: SSD Boot Drive - 2x60 In RAID 0 Or Single 120?

Sep 22, 2010

I'll be going with the OWC SSD(s) ExtremePro for the boot drive................ either a 2x60 OSX SW RAID 0 or single 120. I'd rather err on the side of safety but always looking for more umph If going RAID 0 would it be advised to go with a dedicated controller?My data drive will be 2x1T RAID 0.

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Mac Pro :: Boot To Single Drive Or RAID Array?

Dec 31, 2008

Compatible to PCI-e 2.0

Boot to Mac OS X with Mac Pro (2006-2008) Models

Boot to Single Drive or RAID Array

Well,finaly it's bootable and raid bootable.Does anybody know is ti bootcampable?I just come back from windows,I find I lost so much,I can't even use foobar2000 and my 9800gt.

I hope it will be a positive answer

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MacBook Pro :: Scary Single Beep On Boot?

Aug 10, 2009

My macbook pro (2.4 summer '07) booted this morning with a highly alarming single BEEEEP, before booting normally.

Is it preparing its deathbed and reciting its last words or is there a specific little problem that has occurred? I'm frantically backing everything up (time capsule died last week which was also fun), preparing for the worst.

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MacBook Air :: Boot In Single User Mode With SSD

May 11, 2012

I have a MacBook Air with a Solid State Drive. I am trying to boot in Single User Mode to run fsck -fy, but don't seem to be able to. I'm sure that this has to do with the SSD but don't know exactly why. Also, if there is a way to boot in single user mode

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Finding Boot Into Desktop From Single User Mode

Aug 8, 2010

Is there a way to boot directly into the desktop from single user mode (without having to re-authenticate as root).

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Windows On Mac :: Install Win7 On Mini - Single Boot - No Osx Partition?

Nov 22, 2009

I've got a mac mini running SL and W7, but I only ever use W7 on it. Is it possible to have a single partition on it running only Windows 7? Is it even possible to boot from a Windows & install disk *without* going near boot camp? I ask because it's only a 320gb hdd and I'd like to maximise the disk space on it - this isn't a yawnsome debate of W7 v SL

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Applications :: Single Windows 7 Installation For Boot Camp And Parallels?

Jan 26, 2010

I just recently purchased a 13" MBP Unibody and I'm thinking about installing Windows 7 (64-Bit) on it. If I install Windows with Boot Camp, and then install Parallels, do I need to make another Windows partition, or will it use the partition created in Boot Camp? Should I install Windows using Boot Camp first and then Parallels, or the other way around?

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OS X :: How To Boot An .iso On An External Firewire Drive

Mar 8, 2008

Can I boot to an .iso on a firewire drive? I've been having trouble with my disc drive lately, so this is how I'm trying to work around it

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OS X :: No Boot Up When FireWire Device Connected

Mar 8, 2009

I recently had to take my mac mini to pieces to upgrade its RAM to 2GB. I initially had problems with booting up - it would get to the white screen with the apple logo and think for about 2 minutes then restart and repeat the process indefinitely. I managed to fix this by removing the clock battery for a while. I also zapped the PRAM after installing. But now, the strange problem is that OS X wont boot up (it will get to the white screen, think, then restart) if my firewire devices are connected. In case this helps, I have two HDDs and a DVD burner connected in daisychain to the firewire port. It definitely boots up fine with any other peripherals/connections. Once OS X has booted successfully, I can then connect my Firewire devices which seem to work fine.

I have tested my new RAM with memtest and rember and everything seems fine. After upgrading my RAM, I would also get two alerts on start up - "Do you want the application "configd" to accept incoming network connections" and "Do you want the application "mdnsresponder" to accept incoming network connections ". I have fixed this problem with the help of this post: [URL]. Aside from the horrible idea that I have damaged some hardware, does anyone have any clues as to how I can mend this? A wise colleague of mine said that if it was a windows machine, he would look at the BIOS settings as he thinks my computer is trying to boot from one of the HDDs, and that I should try to find a list of boot drives and remove the firewire HDDs if they're on it. I know macs don't run BIOS, but is there anything similar I could check?

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Windows On Mac :: Boot From Firewire Disk

Oct 31, 2009

I have a cramped windows partition on my hard drive which is now full, I'd love to reclaim the space by moving it to my Firewire hard drive which has much more available to dedicate to Windows. I used the "Restore" feature of Disk Utility creating an identical copy but when I restarted my computer to boot from it there was no choice of a firewire drive. I checked in the Startup Disk pref pane it wasn't to be seen, and that didn't even show the current Windows partition that was an option when I restarted. When I get info on the volumes in disk utility it says EXACTLY the same thing about each. So needless to say, I'm slightly annoyed but somehow I think I'm trying to get it to work in a way that it can't.

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MacBook :: Boot It Up Via Firewire Cable?

Jul 2, 2012

I need to start up my macbook via a firewire cable from my imac. is this possible and what cable do I need exactly.

Info:Mac OS X (10.7.3), itouch

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PowerPC :: IBook Won't Boot From Firewire Harddrive?

Feb 17, 2009

I have a 2004 iBook G4. My internal HD broke yesterday, but I have a backup on an external firewire HD enclosure, made using CCC. I've tried to boot from it using the startup disk tool on the install DVD: it comes up as a useable startup disk, but when it restarts I get the blinking folder icon for a few seconds, and then it boots from the internal HD (or tries to.)

Disk utility says it is bootable, I can mount it and edit files using single user mode from the internal HD, etcetc, but it just won't boot from it.

I've even tried to go into Open Firmware and boot yaboot from the external drive, but it doesn't seem to see the drive at all until after OS X is booted.

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PowerPC :: Power Mac G5 - Cannot Boot From Firewire Portable Hd?

Aug 18, 2009

I have a MBP intel that I made a clone off via superduper on my portable firewire hd. I'm trying to get my power mac g5 to boot off of the clone via the portable hd.I've tried checking Startup Disk within the sys pref area but it does not list the portable hd there, although, I am able to see the hd on the desktop (add, del, move files etc)so the portable hd is working fine.I've also tried booting up holding down the Option key but it doesn't work, I think it is because I am using a wireless logitech pc keyboard (no i dont have any other keyboard to use unfortunately).I did a search and apple said to make sure that I update my firmware? Not sure where to find that specific firmware to make this work.

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Hardware :: How Do I Boot From My External HD - It Uses USB Not Firewire Cords?

Oct 15, 2008

when i restart and hold down 'T'...a firewire symbol shows on the screen.. my external HD only uses this USB cord/connection

i'm using a new MacBook Pro.

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Intel Mac :: Can't Boot From External FireWire Drive

Apr 30, 2012

Have late 2006 iMac 24'' and I can't boot from external FireWire drive. If I connect the same external drive via usb2 I can boot from it but it is slower than FireWire800 would be. The external drive is in i-tec 3.5 External Case. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iMac 24'' late 2006 intel DualCore2

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PowerPC :: Boot IBook G4 From External Firewire Harddrive?

Oct 26, 2008

Broken harddrive, dont wanna get a new internal one, I need to boot from external firewire.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Can't Boot By Firewire Target Disk Mode Etc

May 5, 2012

I have a bit of a problem: I cant access my Mac because I lost the password. I recently changed my passwords on several macs, including an old PPC PowerMac G5 from ca 2005. I run 10.5.8 on this and it works flawlessly. I need to use this machine for important work.   

So this is what I have tried so far: 

1) Tested with all known passwords I have used in the past.

2) Tried to boot from a 10.6 install DVD

3) Tried to boot from just C and later Command C

4) Tried a different install DVD 10.4  (I dont have the original 10.5 DVD)

5) Tried to use T and Target Disk Mode from an iMac with Lion. (disconnected all other FW disks etc.)

6) Tried different Firewire cables

7) Tried different Firewire connections. 

It starts obediently and show every sign of Mac-Happiness. But I simply can't get the darn thing to boot. I think it normally should have booted using 10.6?  

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Cannot Boot From External Firewire Disk

Jun 16, 2012

I just purchased a LaCie triple interface (500GB disk to use as a bootable external drive to support our family's family of mac's, all running 10.6.8 including a 2006 Core Duo iMac, a 2007 Core2Duo iMac, a Core2Duo Mini, and a 2010 MacBook Pro. 

The firewire drive does not appear as a bootable option on any of the computers, attached to either of the iMacs via the Firewire 400 port (through a 400 to 800 adaptor), or attached via the Firewire 800 port on the MBP. This is the profile of the LaCie via System Profiler on the iMac?

FireWire Bus:  
Maximum Speed:          Up to 400 Mb/sec  
Rugged FW USB3:  
Manufacturer:          LaCie


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IMac :: IMac Ram Core Duo - Can Use A Single 2GB Chip?

Dec 17, 2010

I have one of the original intel imacs, core duo 1.83.I see it supports 2GB of ram, does anyone know if I can use a single 2GB chip to get there?

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MacBook Pro :: FireWire Target Disk - Computer Won't Boot - Data Specialist?

Dec 13, 2010

I have a friend who's oldish-Unibody MacBook Pro started giving him the folder with question mark-flashing symbol on boot-up. I guess it could be PRAM, but in any case, he wants to get his data off the hard drive. The computer wouldn't boot up from the install disk (holding 'c' on boot), all I have managed is to put it into Target Disk Mode, with my own MPB. The funny thing is, that it works, but all that mounts on my computer is the Install Disc (in his disk drive) and his hard drive shows up in my disk utility (see below), but it will not mount, and if I try to repair it, it gives me an error and DUPLICATES the original 'root' drive. Does this mean the hard drive itself is damaged and we need to go to a 'data specialist' to get everything off or is there anything else I could try?

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IMac :: Using KPs (AHT And Single User Works)?

Sep 8, 2010

So.. in a nutshell, I returned home to find my iMac unresponsive. It wouldn't wake up at all, so I was forced to reboot it by holding the Power button down. Upon restarting, I'm greeted with its very first kernel panic. (It's over two years old now.) Here's its specs, and what I've tried thus far.

(according to AHT)
Model: iMac8,1
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.80 GHz)
SMC: 1.30F1
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512)
Ram: 4gb 2x2gb 800 MHz
OS: 10.6.4 / WinXP (bootcamp)

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OS X :: Single User Mode With A New IMac?

Nov 23, 2010

I just purchased a new 27" iMac last week and can't get the new Bluetooth keyboard (that came with it) to boot in Single-User Mode.

I know if it were older and used a dongle it wouldn't do SUM (since it wouldn't load until later in the startup process), but I was told this new system would do SUM without having to get my cabled keyboard out every time I want to do SUM or a Safe Boot.

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IMac :: Adding Single 4GB Module To Existing Two 2GB Modules?

Apr 16, 2009

I've got a refurb 21.5" iMac 3.06GHz/4GB RAM/500GB HDD arriving soon.I believe it has two 2GB modules installed in two of the four memory slots, with two other slots unused. I have a few questions before I order more RAM for my machine.

Is it advisable to have ALL the RAM modules be of identical brand and size?Can other brands of RAM be added to the two empty slots as long as they are of the same specifications? Do RAM modules need to be added in pairs or is single ok?Can the added RAM modules be of any size (1GB, 2GB, or 4GB) and still work fine with the factory installed 2GB modules?

For example, would there be any performance problem by adding a single 4GB module to the existing two 2GB modules? Or would it be better to add two 2GB modules rather than a single 4GB module?

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