IMac :: Using KPs (AHT And Single User Works)?

Sep 8, 2010

So.. in a nutshell, I returned home to find my iMac unresponsive. It wouldn't wake up at all, so I was forced to reboot it by holding the Power button down. Upon restarting, I'm greeted with its very first kernel panic. (It's over two years old now.) Here's its specs, and what I've tried thus far.

(according to AHT)
Model: iMac8,1
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.80 GHz)
SMC: 1.30F1
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512)
Ram: 4gb 2x2gb 800 MHz
OS: 10.6.4 / WinXP (bootcamp)

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OS X :: Single User Mode With A New IMac?

Nov 23, 2010

I just purchased a new 27" iMac last week and can't get the new Bluetooth keyboard (that came with it) to boot in Single-User Mode.

I know if it were older and used a dongle it wouldn't do SUM (since it wouldn't load until later in the startup process), but I was told this new system would do SUM without having to get my cabled keyboard out every time I want to do SUM or a Safe Boot.

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IMac :: I7 Will Not Boot Into Single User Mode?

Nov 14, 2009

I hold down the Cmd & S keys (just like on my older iMac) and after a delay it boots up as usual. I just got this iMac yesterday (brand new).

I experienced the monitor going bland for a second a few times along with some other vertical lines and wanted to run the fsck function as I have on my other macs. No go....

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OS X :: Creating An Adminstrator User In Single User Mode In Tiger?

Apr 15, 2008

I lost the install disk for my computer (Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger), and need to change my password (I forgot it ). I can only access single user mode. Is there any way that I can create an Administrator-Status user in Single User Mode? (NOTE: The "root" user isn't really an option since I enabled it a while ago and it has the same password as my current user, which I forgot...).

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OS X :: Using Single User Dvd For Same Computer?

Aug 14, 2010

Just curious of the proper "legal use" of a OS X single user retail disk. Can install multiple copies of 10.6 on more than 1 hard drive that is intended for the same computer. i know i can but im meaning ethically if i can.

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OS X :: Installing Single User Leopard On More Than 1 Mac ?

Nov 15, 2007

I know you cant install leopard/tiger on more than one machine..

but whats the reason/secret behind that..what kind of security ??

i just want to know so i can answer some noobs who were arguing that yes you can install it on more than 1 as its just a CD ...

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OS X :: Single User Mode USB Support?

Jul 1, 2009

My macbook HD has broken, and Im attempting to recover my files through a USB drive.

I've only been able to boot up in single user mode and I've ran fsck and its getting alot of I/O errors.

I've followed the instructions here: [URL] but I dont seem to be able to my attached USB drive.

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OS X :: Can't Type In Single User Mode?

Jul 2, 2009

My daughter changed the admin password on my g5 and can't remember it. I have been trying to reset through single user mode but am unable to type. I know it is possible because I did it once before can someone please help me. I have no disc and I need the Mac for work

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OS X :: Using Single User Snow Leopard On More Than One Mac?

Aug 30, 2009

I have two macs (a macbook pro and an imac) and am wondering if I can install Snow Leopard (the single user copy I bought) on both... or will they report in to Apple and say that it's been activated already? I have no problem buying another copy if I have to but this would save me some time and money!

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OS X :: Can't Reset Password From Single User?

Nov 25, 2009

Mounted to drive, booted into single user mode, yet trying to reset the admin password with "passwd" gives me a "cannot create session" error. Has anybody seen this before?

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Mac Pro :: Cannot Access Single User Mode On 10.6.x

Feb 2, 2012

I inherited a mid-2010 MacPro at work and am unable to access single user mode. I have booted off of an external HDD and reinstalled the OS. I have also reconfigured the RAM and reset the PRAM with no changes. When I load single user mode, I see the following prompt:


The only way for me to get out of "key:" is to reboot the computer

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Laptops :: Navigating Single User Mode?

Aug 12, 2010

I need some help copying files from the desktop of my old iBook G4 1.33ghz laptop to another USB or Firewire drive. The drive recently gave out and I need to recover files. I've tried safe boot, fsck -fy, diskutil repairPermissions... nothing seems to work I just get I/O errors. DiskWarrior gets pretty far but freezes on overlapping files in step 6. Techtool Pro struggles on the drive related functions as well and freezes. I've also tried the fsck_hfs invalid sibling fix as well. Not sure if this drive is salvageable at all but I can get into single user mode and cd Users/username/Desktop and then ls Desktop and see all the Desktop files 2 screens worth (how do I scroll up in SUM?) and can actually navigate the directory listings fairly well, everything appears to be there... so I was hoping there'd be a way I could just copy all the Desktop files to something else but I am not fluent in unix and need help. The drive name is disk0s3... ideas?

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Mac Mini :: Can't Access Single User Mode?

Oct 2, 2010

New to the forum and already I need some help. Here's my tale of woe-I purchased a mac mini on eBay and it came with no disks and I don't have the user name or password and apparently now can't get them from the seller. I did a google search and have tried getting into the single user mode (Command + s) and I end up on a page with a black background that runs through prompts and ends with a message that says 'initalization complete.' I have tried typing in the commands suggested in my google search (sh/etc/rc) and it comes back with a 'file unknown' prompt.

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OS X :: Using Single User Mode/screen Go Black?

Dec 4, 2010

I just installed SwitchRsX which is an app which allows you to create a custom resolution for your display (so instead of 1680x1050, you could do 1680x960).

As a last resort, if you can't even start SwitchResX itself, you'll have to delete the monitor profile that was modified when you created a new custom resolution. This file is located in /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/ and is the last modified file, that you can find if you sort by date. You should remove this file, if you can access the file system, either by
1) accessing the file system from an other Mac on the network, from ssh or by mounting a shared folders.
2) OR starting up in single user mode (or safe mode)
3) OR at last resort: reinstalling the OS above the existing install, which will keep your existing profiles, but remove the system modified files.

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Oct 27, 2007

i use two mac (both intel - a macbook & an imac), and want to upgrade them both to leopard, but am unsure on which version to buy.

can people please tell if a) i would be correct in saying that the only difference is the licence agreement, therfore the only diff in buying for me is how compelled i am to user-licence properlyorb) there is proper security features like phoning home etc. so i need to get family pack

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OS X :: Single User Mode/unable To Input?

Feb 22, 2009

I'm attempting to run the fsck command in single-user mode as part of my random maintenance (cause I'm too lazy to find my Leopard disk), but ran into a slight problem.

When I plug in my USB keyboard for this (otherwise I use BT) the keyboard works fine. As far as I can tell every key works when the system is running, and there is no problem getting into single-user mode at startup. However, the keyboard no longer works once in single-user mode. I can't type anything in or use the stop process command (something like ctrl or alt and Z or X or C, I couldn't remember so I tried them all).

I thought maybe the computer was frozen in single-user mode, but here's the strange thing, it's 'working'. If I unplug my external BT card, some error will report on the screen about the connection, and the same if I plug it in if it wasn't to begin with.

So basically, I can boot into SU mode, the machine does not crash, but I can't type anything in.

I don't have another USB keyboard atm, as the one I have is the backup to the BT,

I do have a USB 2.0 PCI card which I tried with the keyboard plugged into it, as well as directly into the original USB ports,

I tried unplugging all my peripherals except the PCI card (and keyboard).

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OS X :: Single User Mode Command List

Oct 17, 2009

I've stupidly moved (not deleted) a couple of shortcut links to items in the 'private' folder, from their correct place resulting in my Macbook Pro (10.5) refusing to boot.The files were resident in the top level of the Macintosh HD after enabling the viewing of hidden files using console. I created a new folder at the same level and moved the files into it.

Problem is I cant remember the specific file names that i moved - though it was only a couple )I have started up in single user mode and know the commands for moving files around, but need to be able to view the folder/file structure of the disk.Is there a command usable from Single User interface that would list the files/folder structure?

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OS X :: How To Use Wifi (and/or Dvorak) In Single User Mode

Feb 15, 2010

My Macbook (10.6) is messed up right now. It won't boot. I suspect it's RAM-related, but I don't have the time/tools available to fix it at the moment.

It can, however, boot into Single User Mode. I was just curious if there's a way to access wifi while in Single User Mode, so I can at least use elinks.

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OS X :: Copying Files In Single User Mode

Feb 27, 2010

My mac will not boot normally or in safe mode. I can boot to single user mode. I was trying to copy some files from the mac to a USB disk and it did not work. Now when i enter single user mode it spams USBF: 63.570 AppleUSBEHC2{0x3fc38001] found a transaction past the completion deadline on bus 0xfd, timing out! The number changes but keeps going. Im just trying to transfer my paper from my mac to the usb stick in single user mode.

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Software :: Freezing In Single User Mode?

Mar 6, 2009

I have been trying to read Personal ancestry Files, and had downloaded an application to help me do this. I decided I didn't want the application and so I deleted it, and before I emptied the trach, my computer froze. I powered down, then rebooted, the desktop loaded then while my computer was asking my me if I was sure I wanted to delete the files, it forze again. SInce the, it has been stuck on the blue screen countless times, spinning on the Apple screen. I found out how to check my disk, as I do not have my OSX CD, with fsck -fy, and after a few tries, the systme says the Hardrive appears to be ok, (this is after it said it was modified, I ran it a few more times to be sure). NOw I was trying to back up my computer one last time from single user mode, so I could start using the Ulantu disk, as I don't really have any other options. NOw my computer freezes as sson as I type anything after the fsck come up ok.

I thought I had a good plan. I have no idea what to do here, other than what I have been able to google...I ought I could simply use the unix lines that I found to help me and backup but I cannot even do that now. Maybe I am out of memory?

My machine is an iBook G4, running OS 10.5.4 I believe. I installed the latest updates recently.

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Intel Mac :: Restart It In Single User Mode?

Feb 18, 2012

It doesn't appear to recognize that I'm holding down command-S when it boots.  I'm thinking maybe it's because the keyboard isn't wired to the computer.  This is a 6-month-old iMac running 10.7.3. 

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MacBook Air :: Boot In Single User Mode With SSD

May 11, 2012

I have a MacBook Air with a Solid State Drive. I am trying to boot in Single User Mode to run fsck -fy, but don't seem to be able to. I'm sure that this has to do with the SSD but don't know exactly why. Also, if there is a way to boot in single user mode

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Single User Mode Is Not Responding?

May 22, 2012

I got into single user mode to use Applejack, which was recommended for repairing disk permissions to clean up my hard drive. The 'exit' command didn't work, so I tried 'logout' - and now it's frozen. how I can get things working again? 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook :: Usb Drive Not Recognized In Single User Mode

Sep 14, 2009

The title pretty much says it all: When booted in single user mode, I can't get my machine to recognize the USB drive. Here's what I did:

1. inserted usb stick (memorex 4GB traveldrive, msdos filesystem)
2. booted in single user mode (cmd+s after powering on)
3. mount -uw /
3. looked for usb device in /dev
4.'s not there! The USB drive shows up as /dev/disk1s1 after an ordinary boot, but in single user mode it's nowhere to be found. It's not just a name issue either: the list of devices that appear in /dev in single user mode is the same whether or not the USB stick is plugged in.

Even more confusingly, out of the 10(?) times I tried this it worked twice: /dev/disk1s1 actually appeared. mkdir /mydirectory; mount -w -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /mydirectory worked fine, and I was able to read/write from the stick as usual. I have no idea what I did differently those two times. Does anybody know what's going on? I've got a MacBook2,1 running vanilla Leopard.

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MacBook :: Install Snow Leopard Using Single User Dvd?

Oct 17, 2009

what would happen if i try a single user dvd snow leopard already used on another macbook?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Single-user On Multiple Systems?

Apr 17, 2010

I have bought myself a copy of Snow Leopard, single user upgrade version ($29). I have not yet installed it, but I'm curious:

Lets say I install it on my MacBook Pro and that in a few months I buy a SSD to replace my current HDD. I would probably opt to go for a clean install (I am pondering whether or not to do it now) and copy over some important files. Would this work? Or would the install disk see my new SSD as another computer?

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OS X :: Finding Boot Into Desktop From Single User Mode

Aug 8, 2010

Is there a way to boot directly into the desktop from single user mode (without having to re-authenticate as root).

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Software :: Snow Leopard Single User - Install On More Than One Mac?

Sep 7, 2009

Is it possible to use a Snow Leopard Single User disc to install Mac OS X 10.6 on MORE than just one mac?

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Software :: External Monitor For Single User Mode?

Oct 18, 2010

I have some ibooks with cracked screens they will work with an external monitor but only when the os loads. I tried starting in single user mode and the boot option menu using the external monitor but it does'nt kick in only when loaded to the os. Anyone know a way to use single user mode or the boot option menu to display on my external monitor? Is that possible?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: After Going On 'single-user Mode' It Won't Turn On

Mar 6, 2012

I got a Macbook with OS X. I was too impatient to get the administrator name and password from the previous owner (BIG MISTAKE).I thought I'd follow the instructions from "How To Create A New Administrator Account" (url..) as they seemed easy and straight forward.

I followed the first step of the process and got into single-user mode (black screen white text).I saw that black screen with white text and thought, "Woah man, I'm out my my depth. My brother typed 'help' in order to find out how to exit single-user mode, he said that's how it's done on windows? (I also have limited knowledge about Windows). I typed in various things such as 'reboot' in an attempt to exit. Eventually the battery died. I turned the Macbook back on and the grey screen with the apple logo with the spinning wheel appeared. The spinning wheel span and span but the computer will not start up.


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