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OS X :: Possible To Show File Transfer Speed To External HD?

Is there any way to show the current transfer speeds when copying a file to an external HD for example? Or if not possibly any app?

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OS X :: Any Way To Increase File Transfer Speed?
Hey guys is there a way to increase the speeds transferring files? The files are being transferred from a: CD Drive -> HDD(via firewire)

Posted: Feb 11, 2010

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OS X :: Slow Wireless File Transfer Speed In LAN
I have an iMac and MBP. When I transfer files over the network (wireless) from one computer to the other, it is quite slow. I think around 1~1.5mb/sec. Is this normal or expected performance on file transfer via wireless? If so what can I do to increase the performance? Settings on the wireless router?

Posted: Dec 9, 2010

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OS X :: Extremely Slow Transfer Speed From External HD To Macbook
This ended up being pretty long but I tried to include as many details as possible. If any more information is needed please just let me know in this thread. I have been trying to figure this out all day and it has been driving me nuts. First of all I have a Macbook with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of RAM and am running Mac OS X Version 10.5.6. Also this is the last generation of the "white" macbook that came out in February I believe of last year.

My external HD is a 1TB Rock Mobile Disk. For some reason when I try to transfer files to or from the external HD to my Mac I am getting nowhere near the expected 480MB/s. I do use a Swiss Gear 4-port USB splitter. When I use the splitter I am getting a transfer rate of about 120MB/s and without it I am only getting about 300MB/s. This is of course if I am only trying to transfer one 800MB movie. If I attempt to transfer multiple seasons of television shows it will drop to as low as 40-50MB/s. Also, if I were to be transferring a single season of a TV show. The transfer speed is much faster to click and drag every episode from my HD to my Mac than it is to transfer the entire folder at once. The whole folder might take 25 minutes but one at a time it will only take about 5.

Posted: Apr 23, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Transfer Speed Of Internal And External HDD?
When using an iMac with the normal internal HD I get a speed measured in seconds for startup of the computer, opening programs etc.

If I connect an external FW800 to the same iMac and start up from that FW800 HD will it give me the same speed or will it be slower to act because it is external ?

iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2007
Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Posted: Nov 6, 2009

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Applications :: Measure HDD Transfer Speed (internal <-> External)?
which tool will display the transfer rates for copying a file from an internal HDD to an external one?

Posted: Jan 8, 2010

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OS X :: External Hard Drive File Transfer Denied
I have plugged in my External drive to my MacBook Pro, and it's all fine when I open the files in it. But as I try to transfer files to my hard drive, it won't transfer. Instead it keeps denied and the same goes when I try to transfer some files to another persons hard drive.

Posted: Sep 22, 2010

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OS X Tiger :: Internal To External HD File Transfer Fails - How To Fix It
I am trying to move the files on my Tiger OS over to a External Hard drive to do a clean install to SL (copy of user folder and paste to external hard drive).

At random times the file transfer will fail because of individual files not being able to be transferred and then the entire transfer (sometimes already at 14GB) will just stop and I have no way of ignoring those files and continuing. One file that stoped it was a simple PowerPoint file another was an "mach alias" file which I had no idea what it was.

Is there any way around having to stop for individual files that cant be transferred. I have read that Disk Utility might work but don't know how it works for backing up files to an external HD.

Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Posted: Feb 22, 2010

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Power Mac G5 :: Unable To Transfer File To External Drive?
Im trying to transfer some .wav audio files from one of my G5 to an external HD to work on in a different computer and i keep getting "not enough free space errors" And i have tried 3 different drives all with over 100gb free and im trying to transfer 3 gb of files. What the heck its really ticking me off. Its a G5 1.8DP rev b osx 10.5.8

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
G4 MDD 1.25 DP, G5 dual 2.3, Ibook G4 1.25

Posted: Sep 22, 2010

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How To Transfer Video File From An IMac To An External Hard Drive
I recently purchased a new iMac desk top and I'm trying to figure out how to transfer a video file from a folder to an external hard drive. When I try and drag it, when I release it to drive it goes back to original file. I'll learn this thing sooner or later.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: May 3, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive With Fast File Transfer?
I am assuming firewire would be the quickest, what about the firewire 800 or w/e it is in the macbook pros though? Is USB 2.0 significantly slower than the firewire? I want to buy a external HDD that is around 500gb in size and can transfer over files just like my normal HDD is. 100% of the time that the MBP is home it will be attached to this. I want to put almost everything there is on my laptop over onto the external hard drive except for stuff I need (which then I'd just pull it onto the desktop) when I leave the house. I'm assuming the western digital 500gb passport essential is the best buy, but I don't know much about it at all. It's only USB 2.0, which sounds like the slowest option when you throw firewire in the search.

Posted: Mar 1, 2010

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OS X :: File Transfer Rate Between MBP (late2009) And External Is Extremely Slow?
I am wondering why my MBP takes about 7-8 mins to copy 700 mb files from the external (Seagate FreeAgent pro 500 Gb) and of course, it takes about 1 hour to copy 7 Gb files.

However, this problem has occurred only copying file from external to my MBP, the transfer rate is fine when copying files from MBP to external

Note : I've already repair the disk by using disk utilities, but it doesn't help me at all.

Posted: Jul 13, 2010

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Copied Some File From One External Drive To Another And The Folders Doesn't Show An Arrow?
I copied some file from one external drive to another and the folders doesn't show an arrow which I could click to show the contents of the folder. When I do get info it doesn't show the size of the folder but the hard drive that I copied from does. How do you make it show the arrow and size?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

Posted: Mar 5, 2012

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OS X :: Difference Between Speed Test & File Downloads Speed?
i have a 1.5 Mbps AT&T DSL connection, and multiple speed tests show a download speed of 1.2 Mbps (and 200 Kbps upload). when i download files, such as software updates from Apple, various podcasts, and even Silverlight from Microshaft, the speed is always between 140 - 160 Kbps. i contacted AT&T, and the rep said it was because of buffering by the servers i was receiving the files from. is this a reasonable explanation? is this an accurate use of the term "buffering"?

Posted: Apr 12, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Transfer Files To External HD -- Transfer Starts But Doesn't Complete
I have a 2011 Macbook Pro and an older (5 year old) Western Digital external hard drive. I have always used this hard drive for both mac and windows. Recently, however, whenever I go to transfer a file from the mac to the WD hard drive, the little transfer window pops up and it appears to initiate the transfer. However, it never fully starts it. It appears to "get stuck" in that initiating stage, showing zero of 3.16 gb transferred and shows an unknown transfer time. This happens no matter how long I leave it open. Again, I have used this external hard drive with my macs for the past 5 years without any problems until now. I haven't moved or modified the WD hard drive

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Feb 29, 2012

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OS X :: Show Network Speed When Copying Files In Finder?
Wondering if there's a way to make the "Copy" window that pops up show KB/sec or MB/sec transfer rate when transferring files from computer to computer or via wireless to a computer on my network.

I feel like I've seen screen shots of people copying files over a network with that information displayed.

Posted: May 21, 2009

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Hardware :: USB Stick Transfer Speed?
I have a 4GB Kingston usb stick and I have it formatted to MS-DOS (FAT32) so I can swap files between my Mac at home and PC at work. All works fine except when I put the files onto it from my Mac it takes soooo much longer than to do the same from my PC (similar specs with regard to CPU and Memory, if that makes a difference?). Why is it so slow copying files to it from my mac than from my PC? Is it because of the formating of the stick

Posted: Jan 22, 2009

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ITunes :: Using Itunes To Play Music From External Drive / Playlists Show No Music File I don't have the same functionality with iTunes. Basically, I can't use iTunes at all anymore as the interface for my music and videos. Once the external drive is mounted, I can navigate through it and play individual songs, but I can't use iTunes to do that. All my previous Playlists show up down the left side of iTunes, but there isn't any music in them.

I downloaded 2 songs yesterday, made a Playlist out of them, and because the path in the Advanced tab of the iTunes Preferences is correct, it automatically added the songs to the external hard drive. I synced my iPod and it was completely erased except for the 2 new songs. Is there a way to use iTunes to navigate my music like I used to when I stored the information on the internal hard drive but keep the information on the external drive? I have a Mac running Snow Leopard and the latest version of iTunes.

Posted: Aug 6, 2010

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Mac Pro :: USB 2.0 Transfer Speed Slow?
I am trying to transfer 12.6 gigs to a flash drive via USB 2.0. it says it will take a little more than an hour.

I tried all the ports. Front and back.

Same issue.

I tried a different flash thumb drive ands I got an estimate of 14 hours. LOL.

But consistently I am getting about an hour.

Isn't that long for 12.6 gigs via USB 2.0?

Apple support says it is not.

Mac Pro Early 2009, 8-Core 2.93
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
12 gigs RAM, Velociraptor boot drive and 6TB hard drive space, 30 inch monitor

Posted: Aug 11, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Free App To Show CPU Temp And Fan Speed?
Could someone recommend a good, lightweight, free app that shows CPU temperatures and fan speed?

Posted: Apr 26, 2010

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Final Cut Pro :: P2 Transfer Speed Connecting Via Firewire?
I just started working with our P2-based camera and am wondering what kind of transfer speeds I should be seeing when using Log & Transfer. For a 10 minute clip that's shot in 480i, 30fps, it takes about 8 minutes. Seems slower than I thought it would be. Connecting via firewire. Is that a normal transfer rate?

Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, MacBook Pro 2.33GHz
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Feb 24, 2010

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IMac :: Files Transfer From Flash Drive At USB1 Speed
I have a 24" intel imac from 2 years ago and it has USB2 ports on the back right, well if I plug in a flash drive and take files from the drive to the computers they transfer at USB2 speeds. But when I go the other day and copy from the mac to the USB drive it's slow as hell. Like USB1 or worse speeds. It's not like that on my PC at work which has similar specs to the IMac.

Posted: Dec 4, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Any App To Show CPU Speed (mhz) In Real Time, For I5/i7 Macs?
I guess coolbook could do it, but it still doesn't support ix Macs.I would like to see how much turbo frequency scales the cores to 2.9 Ghz.

Posted: May 5, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: 2010 13" Slow FW800 Transfer Speed
I purchased a FW800 enclosure for my Seagate 500GB 5400rpm HD. I just got a 2010 13" MBP. I was previously using a 2006 MBP with an ExpressCard slot, and had this hard drive connected over eSATA. According to TomsHardware the max sustained write speed of this drive is around 65MB/s, which is what I was getting over eSATA. So I got the FW800 enclosure now that I can't use eSATA with the thought that I'd be getting the same 65MB/s that this drive is capable of. FW800 should be able to handle up to 100MB/s. But I'm only getting around 40MB/s, closer to what I should be getting if I was using FW400.

Posted: Nov 9, 2010

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Hardware :: Data Transfer Slow Speed Rate To Time Capsule
I did some experimenting this evening to assess data transfer rates to various storage items in my home network which uses a new Time Capsule as the router/hub.

Connected to the Time Capsule are the following:
- Mac Pro (GigE)
- Vista Machine (GigE)
- MBA (Wifi)
- Raptor Drive (USB 2)
- Time Capsule Drive (Internal)

Transferring a 650MB file between devices yielded the following results:
MP > Vista (GigE) = 288 Mbps
MP > MBA (5GHz) = 52 Mbps
MP > MBA (2.4GHz) = 43 Mbps
MP > Raptor (TC USB) = 38 Mbps
MP > TC Drive (Internal) = 38 Mbps
MBA (5GHz) > TC Drive (Internal) = 22 Mbps

It seems that transferring files to a USB drive or the internal drive on the Time Capsule is painfully slow. It took 2:20 to transfer the 650MB file to the Time Capsule over GigE vs. 0:20 seconds to another machine. What's worse, is that the data transfer speeds to the TC are a function of link speed, the slower your connection, the slower your transfer rates. It's not simply limited by some bottle-neck in the TC. It took 3:45 to transfer the same file to the TC from the MacBook Air over the 5GHz WiFi connection. When I complained about this the other day at the Apple store, the "Genius" said that it's due to QOS built into the router to ensure it doesn't kill my web browsing.

Posted: Apr 25, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Will Setting Up A Dual Network Speed Up Transfer Rates
I have 3 macbookpros connected to a mini mac server via ethernet. I have the cables and hub to set up a firewire network. I'm wondering if having two networks will increase my connection speed?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Server

Posted: May 6, 2012

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OS X :: Can Transfer File From The System To Allow Them To Be Deleted Like A Normal File
While copying files from my digital camera xD card onto my mini, the Card reader un-mounted itself and remounted its self several times, I have no idea why...Now I have a load of 0Kb files in the folder where I was copying to. I can delete these, but they come up with a "file in use" error message so I need to click for each file to be deleted... ~350 left I did try a restart thinking that may clear up any "pending" file transfers from the system to allow them to be deleted like a normal file

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Can Transfer Tv Show To System
if this has been asked before if so if you could show me where that would be great. any way i have a tv season on my imac and i would like to transfer it to my macbook pro with the rest of my movies and tv shows i have a firewire cord, is there anyway to transfer only that one tv series without migrating everything from my imac over to my macbook pro?

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

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ITunes Mac :: How To Transfer TV Show To Iphone
I just rented a tv show from itunes. It has downloaded into itunes 10. I wish to watch it on my iphone 4. I cannot figure out how to transfer it to iphone

imac 21.5
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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Mac Pro :: USB Flash Drive Transfer Speed Extremely Slow?
I have a 32GB Verbatim USB Flash Drive. The speed is 480Mb/sec. My mac is a MacPro running 10.5.8.

For some reason the transfer speeds from the computer to the flash drive is really slow. 2gb file takes 3 hours to transfer. I tested the flash drive on another MacPro and the transfer speeds were normal.

I have reformatted the flash drive (as FAT32) but it doesn't seem to help that much.

Anyone have this problem before and know whats up? This thing is basically unusable right now...

Mac Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Sep 29, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Add ESATA Expresscard - Get Extra Speed For Data Transfer?
I have a 15" MacBook Pro from a couple of years ago (2.0 GHz) and I am about to upgrade my harddrive from 75 GB to 500 GB (and from 5400 to 7200 rpm). I think I am going to simply clone my harddrive, so I bought an enclosure for my new drive to use when transferring all my data. The enclosure I purchased works with usb 2.0 or eSATA.

My question is, should I take advantage of the eSATA speeds? Do you think it's worth it? For another 50 bucks I could by an expresscard and a cable that will allow me to do the transfer via eSATA. Should I bother or should I just stick with USB 2.0? I hear USB 3.0 is coming out early next year, so I was thinking I shouldn't bother with eSATA (though 50 bucks isn't much of an investment). But I'm not about to wait for USB 3.0 to come out. Do you think it would be worth spending the money to get the extra speed for this transfer? My 75 GB drive is almost full.

Posted: Jul 28, 2009

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OS X :: Unable To Show 10.6 Install On External Monitor / Grey Box On External Display With Black Bar
I have a Macbook Pro 2.16 Core Duo, and I'm wanting to install 10.6, but about a year ago, I cracked my screen to the point that I cannot make anything out on it, and haven't replaced it. Instead, I have just been using it in clamshell mode, which has worked out fine so far. My problem is that I cannot get the 10.6 install to show up on my external monitor.

I searched around, and could only find one other similar thread that just ended with the author putting it in clamshell and having it work fine. When I boot to the install and close the screen, I just get a grey box on my external display with a black bar on either side of it. I can't seem to find any other resources, so I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: Feb 27, 2009

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Hardware :: What Program Can Show Me My Transfer Rate By Ethernet And Wireless
How can I find out what my transfer rate is for ethernet and wireless. I switched over to Time Capsule and all N network?

Also, how can you tell if you have the gigabyte cable or the regular cat 5 cable?

Posted: Dec 16, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: Transfer The Software On To An External And Then Load From The External?
I have some double layer DVDs which wont play on my G5 (Got it around 2004) will these work on the new MacBook pro? and if they do would i be able to transfer the software on to an external and then load it on to my G5 from the external or does it have to be loaded from the disk?

Mac OS X (10.4)

Posted: Feb 13, 2009

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ITunes Mac :: How To Transfer A TV Show Episode To Apple TV 1st Gen
I've rented an HD pilot episode of "Lie To Me" show on my PowerBook in iTunes 10. Unfortunately, the video is very choppy (it's only a 1.5 GHz G4) and I'd like to transfer the episode to my Apple TV.

I've read about how to do it, went into the device Apple TV menu in iTunes 10, but I do not see the rented episode anywhere under any tab. Drag'n'drop obviously doesn't work either. Is it even possible to transfer a rented show from iTunes to ATV? I've done it with rented movies in the past, but never with TV shows.

I had to rent, because this show is not available for rent on ATV, only for purchase. Which I'm not interested in.

PowerBook 17" G4 1.5 GHz, 1.5 GB
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
Airport, Soundsticks, 2TB FW800 RAID

Posted: Dec 6, 2010

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IChat AV 3 :: IChat GTalk File Transfer - Unable To Transfer
I've noticed that my file transfers keep failing via GTalk. If I drag a picture into the chat window, it looks as though it's going to start sending... but it never does, not network activity at all.

Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

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IDVD (iLife 09/11) :: Save An Idvd File As A Avi File To Transfer To Beta Sp?
I need to save a imovie to idvd as a .mov or .avi file in order to transfer to a beta sp tape. Is this possible to do on idvd?

macbook pro

Posted: Mar 5, 2010

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Mac Bluetooth :: Large Bluetooth File Transfer Aborted- Where Is The File?
I recently tried to send a very large file via bluetooth from one mac to another. While the computer was "preparing the transfer" I got a warning message on the computer I was sending the file from, saying that I was almost out of disk space. I'm assuming that this is because bluetooth was creating a copy of the file I wanted to send, and I ran out of disc space bc the file is so large (?). I aborted the file transfer. Now, on the computer I was trying to send the file from, I only show as having 10mb of disc space available. Tried restarting, tried searching for copies of the file I was trying to send (couldn't find it).

Is there a place/file name/anything that bluetooth creates copies of the file it is trying to send in? Is this why my computer when from having 3Gb free to only having 10Mb free?

Posted: Dec 26, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: File Does Not Show Up On Spotlight
I've moved all files and folders from the last several years onto one external hard drive. Now I'm searching it (called HD Master) for a file I know exists that has the word 'Best' in it. It doesn't show up on spotlight. Other files with the word 'Best' do, but not that one. I've gone into the hard drive and found the file, so I know it's there. There are other files I know are there and it's not finding them as well. What's up do you think.

macbook pro
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

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OS X :: Recorded File Does Not Show Up In IMovie
I have recorded a video on an SDHD card with my video camera in MOV format. As far as I know, this should play or be detected in IMovie. However, when I try to put it into IMovie, it says no files. It plays on my camera, a JVC GY-HM100U. I do not want to connect the camera using the USB port.

Posted: Nov 5, 2010

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