MacBook Pro :: Airport Not Working In OS X But Fine In Boot Camp?

Aug 11, 2009

basically my airport is not working under leopard, but works fine in boot camp xp.

I tried to delete the network history, keychain info, reboot the system, re-enter the password, no good.
now the airport has a self assigned IP address ... I restart to xp, it's fine, go back on os x, no internet i tho it's supposed to be the other way around.

yesterday it was fine on leopard.

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MacBook Pro :: Boot Camp Is Not Working And Showing Error

Apr 29, 2012

My boot camp do not work "This disc can not be partitioned because it is impossible to move some of its files." What to do? Is there a way to partition mac without boot camp.

MacBook, Windows XP Pro

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MacBook Air :: Headphone Jack Not Working Through Boot Camp?

Jun 24, 2012

My headphone jack stopped working properly on my MacBook Air when running Windows 7 through Boot Camp.  It has worked perfectly for the last month, but this afternoon it randomly stopped working.  When I try to play music, the bass sounds fine, but the words/lyrics are garbled and softer than the rest of the song.  The speakers work fine, its just the headphone jack.  Headphones key to getting any work done around my office

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5)

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OS X :: How Can I Get Boot Camp To Recognize My Airport?

Sep 30, 2009

Question: How can I get Boot Camp to recognize my Airport? Do I need to buy a PC wireless router?

I've also got VMWARE Fusion, and of course that works fine. But I need the extra speed and power that virtualization can't muster.

My apologies if this has already been covered. I searched with a bunch of keywords, and no luck.

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PowerPC :: Ibook Not Working Fine / Unable To Find Boot Volume And Freezes Sometime

May 23, 2009

well where do i begin ?? basicly i purchased a ibook g4 14" 1.33ghz that had its harddrive upgraded by a apple service provider. About two weeks after this upgrade took place the harddrive started playing up and the machine would not see the boot volume on the drive when restarted or every now and then the machine would freeze after some time of use, a few hours maybe. i ran apple hardware test and it came back clean after zapping the pram and disk warrioring the drive it fixed this for a day then it started again oh well.

so i sent it back to the service provider who said yep its the hadrdrive goody !!! oh NO he calls back the next day and says the new harddrive is not reconized and that they tried a new ribbon cable WTF when i sent it in the machine saw the harddrive via target disk mode all the time it just didnt see the boot volume.

NOW his saying its the logicboard **** sake !!! so my question could this machines logicboard be fried when it was fine before i sent it in , i mean the ide controller was fine i checked it and now im faced with a brick !!!what do i do ????

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Windows On Mac :: PC Game On Boot Camp Not Working?

Apr 8, 2009

Recently I bought Europa Universalis III for Windows, to play on my MacBook. I have partitioned my hard drive for Windows XP. My specs are: 2,4 GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA X3100 graphics card.

The problem is that when the intro has started, it is choppy. About halfway in the intro it just crashes out to desktop. I am way above game requirements, so why does the game not start properly?

Or more generally, do the requirements change on the PC version, compared to the Mac version?

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Windows On Mac :: Win 7 X64 Boot Camp Mangers Has Stopped Working?

Dec 14, 2010

I am running Windows 7 X64 on a 2010 MBP 15". Bootcamp would work for awhile but then would crash anytime I installed software or rebooted. Usually just reinstalling it worked but now everytime I start windows I get the error.

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Windows On Mac :: Dual Monitor Not Working In XP (boot Camp)

Sep 14, 2006

By using boot camp, I finally managed to install XP on my Macbook Pro. I can extend the monitor but the problem is that the extended monitor is in Black&WHite and totally jagged/off centered. I tested the adater and the cable with other machine and they work fine, so definitely issue is not the cable and the adapter. I really need to use Dual monitor for some software that I use on XP, so this is really really important to me.... My MacbookPro is 2.16ghz with 2GB of RAM, and the video card is ATI Radeon X1600. Maybe I need to install different driver for the card? If anyone has done the same please please let me know exactly how you did it

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp Set Up Via Winclone Trackpad - Not Working

Apr 16, 2009

I wanted to move my current version of XP set up on an early 2008 MacBook across to a new silver unibody macbook. I used winclone and the new boot camp partion was fully set up and will boot up fine into the windows log in screen. The only problem is that the keyboard and the trackpad will not work. I'm guessing that when I installed on my old MacBook that it only installed the drivers that I needed and not ones for the new MacBook.

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Windows On Mac :: Apple Drivers Not Working In Leopard / Boot Camp 2.0 On MBP

Nov 2, 2007

I got a Windows XP partition working on my MBP under Tiger and Boot Camp (Beta), but the Apple drivers for Keyboard, trackpad, IR and bluetooth did not work. The built-in keyboard and trackpad worked with default Windows drivers, but no Mac-specific key functionality (like brightness, volume, etc). I was hoping Boot Camp 2.0 in Leopard would have better drivers, but they still didn't work. I don't know if this is a MBP-specific problem or not.

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Windows On Mac :: Spooler Subsystem App Has Stopped Working - Boot Camp

Feb 19, 2009

In Bot Camp I'm running the Windows 7 beta and I have just recently been getting a message popping up so often saying that the Spooler Subsystem App has stopped working. Whats this about? Can I fox this or stop it saying?

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Intel Mac :: With Boot Camp, F1, F2 And F10, F11, F12 Buttons Not Working For Adjusting Brightness?

May 18, 2012

I have a iMac with Boot Camp so im often using windows when im using programs/games that are only made for windows...However, the buttons F1, F2, F10, F11 and F12 are not working (I dont know about the other buttons F3-F9). I cant adjust the brightness and sound anymore by pressing F1 and F2 etc. What could be wrong?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), With Windowns 7 :)

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp 3.2 Update Uninstalls Boot Camp On 2006?

Nov 21, 2010

In retrospect, I should have ignored it when Apple Software Update told me about the Boot Camp 3.2 upgrade for my 2006 Mac Pro running x64 Win 7 ultimate. When I ran it, it overwrote my blue tooth driver and my keyboard stopped working. Thanks for the folks at Mac Rumors forums, I was able to go through the procedure to get it working again, and I also had to update the video driver (again) from ATI for my 3800.

So then I decide to reboot into MacOS and discover that my icon for selecting the boot disk was gone, not to mention any directory or programs in the start menu. This happen to anyone else? Do I have to downgrade to 3.1 or does anyone have a recommendation to get 3.2 working?

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MacBook :: F3 And F8 Not Working Fine / Working As Play And Pause Keys

Oct 17, 2010

F3 and my right shift key have suddenly become play/pause keys in addition to their original functions. My F8 doesn't really do anything anymore and does not even light up in Keyboard View. I've tried to use Sizzling Keys, and reset Keyboard Shortcuts but the problem still persists. It seems to affect most music playing programs (iTunes and Vox. I have a Macbook Model 5,2 and Mac OS X 10.5.8

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MacBook Pro :: Itunes Not Working Fine - IR Sensors Stops Working

Nov 14, 2009

I've noticed that occasionally my IR sensor stops working, and no longer responds to changing the volume, skipping the track in iTunes, etc. It can be resolved by going into Security prefs, disabling and re-enabling the IR sensor. This is annoying, however, and I'm wondering if it's a known issue that might be fixed.

I noticed that when you disable and re-enable the IR sensor, the last few remote button pushes you made while it was broken come through in a burst.

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MacBook Air :: Internet Not Working On Late 09 - Working Fine On All Other Devices

Apr 25, 2012

My Late 09 MacBook Air has been working a treat, not a spot of bother. All of a sudden, about 5 minutes ago, I've gone to go online to download some research papers (I'm *trying* to write an essay) and it won't load anything. Not even my Twitter app. It is connected to the right network, which is working absolutely fine on every other device in the house (windows computers, iphone etc). I've turned it off and on twice, the way that us clueless folk do.. now I don't know what to do.

MacBook Air

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MacBook Pro :: Airport Card Not Installed Or Sometimes Works Fine

Oct 3, 2008

The Airport Card in my 2008 MBP 17" seems to work intermittently, sometimes when waking from sleep or restarting it shows up as "Airport Card not installed". Other times it will switch on fine. I phoned AppleCare (I have 3yr) and they made me reset the PRAM & SMC, which initially worked, but now it back to it's old tricks of not working. Not sure what to do, don't really want to send my MBP off for a week.

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IMac :: Windows Aero Not Working In Boot Camp-2009 IMac GT120

Mar 28, 2009

I think it worked at one point, but sometime around the point when I set up Fusion with the partition, Windows Aero turned off and is no longer an option in the display settings. I installed this driver with the modded INF to see if it would do anything, but Aero is still not an option. I also have issues playing some games in Fusion, while they work fine in Boot Camp.

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MacBook Pro :: Boot From External Firewire DVD / Optibay-Boot Camp?

Oct 13, 2010

Is it possible to boot from an external Firewire DVD Drive? It certainly isnt from an external USB DVD. Real answers only please, not "I think so" ones based on HDDs or rumours you may have heard!...

I've got an MCE Optibay in my Mid-2010 i7 MBP. When installing Bootcamp it refuses to install from the external USB DVD drive. In the end I pulled the 2nd HDD out and reconnected the internal DVD. It then worked fine without a hitch. Then I reinstalled the 2nd HDD and all was fine for a few days.

Now I want to resize my Win7 partition (bigger, as MS Visual Studio's bigger than I thought, and I might stick some games on). I can shrink the OSX partition fine with Disk Utility, but windows won't grow the Win7 one because the empty space is before the Win7 partition, not after it. Apparently this can be done with GParted. Guess what? I can't boot the Linux based GParted CDROM from the external USB DVD drive! So, will a Firewire one work where USB fails, and solve my alternative OS booting issues? If I buy one I can then either use GParted, or delete the Win7 partition and start again without having to pull the laptop to bits all over again, only to put it back once I'm done, and possibly have the same issues in the future. Obviously I don't want to blow extra money getting a Firewire DVD drive though if it's a waste of money...

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MacBook Pro :: USB Not Working In 1st Slot But Fine On 2nd?

Sep 17, 2010

I just got my macbook pro on monday and today when plugging in my keyboard and mouse into the 1st USB I notice it's not working. I plug them into the 2nd and it works fine.

Is this going to be a hardware issue? I'm sort of gutted, I thought I had a perfect one and now I find something isn't working as it should be.

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MacBook Pro :: No Boot When HDD Inside Machine, Just Fine In External Enclosure?

Mar 22, 2012

I have a mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro that's having a strange problem. It crashed hard last night while I was typing something- just froze solid, couldn't force quit, then the mouse pointer stopped. Shut it down with the power button, started it again, got the "not permitted" symbol (circle with a line through it). Restarted with my Tiger emergency USB boot drive and the hard drive didn't show up in Disk Utility. Whoa! Restarted with a Cmd - Opt - P - R, no change. 

I pulled the hard drive and put it in an external enclosure that I have. It mounted just fine on my iMac so I backed up all of my data, then plugged the drive in to the MacBook to see what would happen-and behold the MacBook booted just fine with the drive attached in the external enclosure! It worked perfectly! At this point, I had no drive installed in the MacBook, the MacBook's hard drive was attached via an external USB enclosure, and I booted the machine via the Lion USB rescue utility. I ran Disk Utility thinking that it would have all sorts of errors to report, but the partition showed no problems. I repaired permissions for good measures, then put the drive back in to the MacBook. Again, I got the "not permitted" symbol. 

I tried booting from the USB rescue drive- when I went to Disk Utility the drive showed up but the system hanged when I selected it. I restarted with the Snow Leopard DVD inserted but it froze before loading the setup process (I assume when it was trying to mount a file system from the HD). 

I run Windows 7 in a Boot Camp config on this machine as well, so just for fun I tried to start from the Windows partition. To my surprise, it booted just fine from Windows. On top of that, once in Windows I had no trouble accessing the Mac partition. 

I decided at that point that maybe something had gone awry that I couldn't see and that I should repartition the drive. I put it back in the external enclosure, booted the MacBook from the Snow Leopard DVD, used Disk Utility to repartition the drive, put it BACK in the MacBook and tried to boot from the Snow Leopard disc again- and it crashed in the same place. I rebooted from the Lion rescue drive and tried to use Disk Utility to check the drive- DU crashed when I selected the hard drive. 

As a last-ditch effort, I swapped out the RAM and tried again. No go. At this point, I'm really hoping it's a problem with the hard drive, but seeing as though it works great from an external enclosure, I don't know what to think. I don't have any other 2.5" SATA drives to test in the machine so I have to assume that other than a failed SATA controller, firmware, or other logic board problem, it must be the drive, right? 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 4 GB RAM, 160 GB Hitachi HD

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MacBook Pro :: Magsafe Not Working - Brick Is Fine - Magnetic Connector Bad

Dec 14, 2009

Macbook Pro 2.2. Is there a way to replace just the magnetic area. One of the electric pins inside is not springing out. The connector ends up getting warm and now it will not even charge. I am using girfriend's macbook magsafe. I dont want to have to buy a new magsafe when I could possibly just replace the connector.

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MacBook Pro :: Monitor Not Working Fine - Colors Get Inverted When Touched

Dec 31, 2009

So a couple days of ago, I noticed my MacBook Pro's monitor would cut in and out rapidly for a couple seconds when I adjusted it.Today, my hand grazed the top of the monitor, and it the colors became inverted momentarily. So I decided to touch the top of the monitor again, and my screen became inverted permanently until I tapped it again.

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MacBook Pro :: Superdrive Stopped Working - Fine Before Installing Lion

Mar 31, 2012

I have a 2 year old MacBook Pro and the superdrive has stopped working, it won't take discs in as if there is one already inside but iTunes or the dvd player doesn't recognise that there is a disc inside and if there is it can't be ejected, I have tried shutting down and restarting while holding down the trackpad, as recommended on some forums but that has done nothing. It might be a huge coincidence but the drive was working fine before I installed lion?

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MacBook Pro :: Speakers Not Working - Audio Fine From Headphone Jack

Apr 24, 2012

This morning, the speakers on my MacBook Pro (Early '09) stopped working, but the machine transmits through the headphone jack just fine. I've done a PRAM reset, and that hasn't fixed it.

MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: IMessage Won't Allow To Login - Internet Connection Working Fine

Aug 21, 2014

My iMessage on the macbook pro won't let me login. I've check my internet contention and everything is working fine. So I don't know what to do next.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook :: Can't Run Boot Camp Assistant - Boot Camp Assistant Can Not Be Used

Apr 24, 2009

I want to install XP using Boot Camp but when I run the Boot Camp Assistant I get the following message

Boot Camp Assistant can not be used

You must update your computer's Boot ROM firmware before using this setup assistant.

Now I have tried all firmware updates available on apple site but they say they are not needed, I'm on 10.5.6 and a friend of mine with same firmware runs his boot camp comfortably.

My Boot ROM Version:MB21.00A5.B07

SMC Version:1.17f0

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MacBook Pro :: No Startup Chime On Late 2008/OS Sound Is Working Fine?

Jul 3, 2009

Here's a bit of a strange one, noticed over the last couple of days that the start up chime was getting quieter, then today no sound what so ever when turning it on.

Now from my understanding of it, the chime is a bit like a POST beep on a PC? Hear it once and every thing's fine? Otherwise the MBP is booting up fine, dual booting it and have sound in OS X and Win 7?!

Suspect I may have a HDD issue, as had to run chkdsk /f /r the other day and had to stop it after 12 hours as it was still on stage 4 of 5 @ 18%, and it seems to be running slower, also the HDD is becoming more vocal.

I'm going to run a full AHT on the unit, was just wondering if anyone else has come across something like this before?

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Shot Not Working Fine / Pre-dominantly Purple Color Appears

Sep 14, 2010

I am taking screen shots using both Apple+Shift+3, Apple+Shift+4, and SnapNDrag, and the same results turn up each time.


The pre-dominantly purple color is the same purple as my wallpaper. The rest of the stuff (the white lines, the gray on the left)-- I have no idea.

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MacBook Pro :: Magsafe Adaptor Not Working Fine / Smells Pretty Warm Like Burning

Jan 6, 2011

My Magsafe adaptor is so hot right now that it almost burns me to hold it. It also smells pretty warm, like a heater. This can't be normal can it?

Should I be alarmed? My 13.3" UMBP is only 3 months old...

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