MacBook Pro :: Win 7 Drivers Download Never Completes Through BootCamp

Jun 13, 2012

I installed the windows 7 64 bit home premium in my mac pro but drivers are not installed. When I am trying to download the drivers through boot camp, it shows "downloading windows software.." and the progress bar never completes. How I can download win7 drivers?

Mac Pro, Windows 7, win 7 drivers

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MacBook Air :: Won't Download Bootcamp Drivers

Nov 17, 2010

I need a nice 13" 2010 MacBook Air owner to do a favor for me. I need the bootcamp drivers for windows 7. They can be downloaded by going to utilities>boot camp>download windows support software. I have already erased the original OS and did not download them. PLEASE if someone could be nice enough to download them and upload them to rapidshare or something.

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MacBook Pro :: Windows 7 Not Loading NVIDIA Drivers / Requires Bootcamp To Load Drivers?

Oct 19, 2009

I recently installed the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system onto my MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have the most basic Macbook Pro 13 inch with nothing fancy added. Whenever I load up the Windows 7 OS on my Macbook, it never utilizes or even realizes that I have the NVIDIA graphics card in my laptop. It instead believes I have some integrated graphics card that cannot even run the most basic of PC games. I know my laptop can run these games because on OSX it runs multiple games with higher requirements than these games I am trying to run on Windows.

Basic question: How do I get bootcamp or whatever else to make Windows 7 realize I have a NVIDIA card and drivers. Sorry if I am coming off as stupid or confusing.

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Windows On Mac :: Download Bootcamp Drivers For Windows 7?

Feb 5, 2010

Is there anyway I can download bootcamp drivers for windows 7, I got this macbook pro 2nd hand without a snow leopard CD but came with snow leopard on it, please help me I can install w7 fine but cant install any drivers or get stuff to work...

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MacBook Pro :: BootCamp Drivers For 32bit XP Home SP2?

Dec 4, 2008

I have an Late 2008 Macbook pro unibody, 4gb, 320gb 7200rpm. I installed the bootcamp drivers off the leopard CD that came with the mac and all was good! I have since taken it to Australia for a holiday and need to reinstall bootcamp but left the Leopard CD back in the UK. Stupidly, the 2.1 bootcamp drivers on Apples site don't support the Unibody mac! Can anyone please direct me to where I can download the Drivers (for 32bit XP home SP2) for the Unibody Macbook pro? The exact ones that are on the Leopard CD that came with the new Macbook Pro?

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MacBook Pro :: Bootcamp Drivers - OS X Install Cd Works?

Aug 6, 2010

I am installing windows 7 on bootcamp right now on my 15 inch i7 macbook pro. Unfortunately, my MBP OSX install CD is unavailable to install the drivers. My question is, I have a 13 inch macbook pro osx install cd. Will that work to install my drivers on windows 7 for my macbook pro 15 inch?

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MacBook Air :: Download Windows XP Drivers?

Oct 31, 2008

My Air came without disks. Can I download the drivers for Windows XP/Bootcamp some where?I tried searching Goole and Apple but no luck sofar.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp And Drivers On Vista -macbook

Oct 13, 2010

im having trouble installing bootcamp and drivers on vista for my macbook. i installed vista without problems but when i put my leopard disc in it doesnt not run the bootcamp installer instead it goes into a macbook air installer and asks for me to connect to a macbook air. what is wrong? i have done it before so i dont know why i cant do it now. should i do everything all over again?

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MacBook :: Installed Vista But No Correct Bootcamp Drivers?

Oct 25, 2008

I left my Leopard Discs at home and will be away for about a month. I installed Vista but do not have the correct Boot Camp drivers. I was wondering if anyone knows where to find the newest drivers. I need the ones from the disc that came with the computer if anyone can put a link or upload them. Tried Boot Camp 2.0 and update from April to 2.1. Does not have the correct display drivers, trackpad, and network drivers.

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MacBook Pro :: Installing Windows (bootcamp) W/o OSX Disk...need Drivers

Jul 10, 2009

So i'm at work installing Vista via bootcamp on my newer Macbook Pro and I don't have my OSX disk. Where else can I get the drivers?

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MacBook Pro :: Can Update Beta Bootcamp Drivers To 3.0 On MPB SR 2007, XP 32

Jan 20, 2010

now that everythings is working again, I'm planning on upgrading my HD and buying Snow Leopard as well as Windows 7, but I'm holding off untill the release of the offical bootcamp drivers.Untill then I wonder if I can upgrade my current bootcamp drivers. I'm still running Tiger OS and the beta bootcamp on wich I installed XP, SP3. I can imagine that my drivers are hopelessly outdated, with the exception of Nvidia drivers. My Question: Can I just upgrade my currect XP drivers to bootcamp 3.0? If so, what is the correct procedure for it? I can't find any conclusive information on that through forums and google.

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MacBook Pro :: Updating AMD Radeon HD 6750m Drivers Without Using Bootcamp?

May 17, 2012

Is there anyway of updating my drivers without using bootcamp. This is just from what ive heard from other people.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad In Bootcamp - Drivers / Software To Improve Behavior

Aug 24, 2010

My Macbook Pro, along with what seems like all multitouch trackpads on Windows, has problems scrolling. In OS X, scrolling is smooth, predictable, and natural. In Windows, the page jerks around as if it's having a spaz attack. Does anyone know if there are any drivers or software that would improve the behavior of the multitouch trackpad in Windows?

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MacBook Air :: Blue Screen On Reboot / Installing Drivers In Bootcamp

Feb 12, 2008

Well I finally got the drivers off of the MBA install DVD (URL). Just dumped them on to a USB stick. I installed XP Pro again using bootcamp assistant without a hitch. Rebooted into XP, put the USB stick in and ran the setup.exe off of it. XP blue screened when installing Broadcam drivers it appears.

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Intel Mac :: Cannot Update MacBook Pro After Migrating, Also Cannot Download Printer Drivers

Apr 23, 2012

I recently migrated from MacBook pro to iMac. Now neither will update nor print. They see the printers on network but say I need to download software to print! When I try to download it gives me Network Diagnostics problem although it is connected! The same error appears when trying to update either computer!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: On Start Up After Loading Completes It Shuts Down

Sep 9, 2014

When i start up my macbook pro it shows a loading icon n after the loading completes it shuts down! What do i do???

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Turns Off When Trying To Update - Progress Bar Only Completes Like 25%

Dec 7, 2014

Today something strange happened to my macbook pro. I turned it on, and when I went to check for updates the new update was available, so I clicked it.

Once it completed at the app store, it restarted and a whire screen with the Apple logo appeared and a bar.

Literally the bar only completes like 25% of its shading and then it shuts off.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)

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MacBook Pro :: Computer Starts Bar Completes Half Way And System Shuts Down?

Sep 3, 2014

Starting abnormally, Like when I start my MacBook pro which is almost new. A bar runs on the white screen and then when it reached half way system shut down. Any way to reset my computer. 

Also, when I am going to option, the system doesn't allow me by saying hard disk is locked.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Get Bootcamp Drivers

Aug 26, 2010

I have a 2010 MBP andi lost the Mac OSX install disk and don't have the drivers anymore could somebody please upload them so I can get them.

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Mac Pro :: 3870 XP Bootcamp Drivers?

Aug 13, 2008

Anybody running the 3870 under Bootcamp with XP? Which drivers are you using? Windows is complaining the drivers don't exist for the card even though I installed them from the CD.

Nevermind, I finally got it worked out. It took a couple of reinstalls of the software. I don't know why. I am clueless on Windows.

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OS X :: New Bootcamp Drivers In 10A432?

Aug 15, 2009

I haven't seen any post about that, but seems that the last Snow Leopard build, 10A432 comes with a new version of its Bootcamp drivers and it is now compatible with Windows 7. Have anyone tried that ?

PD: I found the drivers in a forum, I don't know if it is ok to post the link, but here it goes:(URL)

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OS X :: Bootcamp Drivers Are Not Working

Dec 2, 2009

I recently erased my HD and installed everything from scratch. I made a partition with Bootcamp (I had already successfully done this before) but this time the only difference was that I did a 64 GB partition instead of a 32GB (So the partition is formatted as a NTFS instead of FAT32). Everything installed without any problems (Windows XP) But when I inserted my Snow Leopard disk to install the Drivers (as it is mentioned in the instructions of Bootcamp) the XP OS won't recognise my disk and won't install anything. I also tried to download the drivers from the Apple website and install manually but without success (the installers simply won't open). So... my question is: Is there a problem with having a bigger disk partition (which means other than FAT32) in Snow Leopard?

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OS X :: BootCamp And Windows 7 - Drivers?

Dec 7, 2009

Not sure if this is the right section to post it, but anyway.I know that officially, Win 7 isn't yet supported by BC, but can easily be installed. Is it safe? Are some things broken? Are there drivers?I kinda need to install Windows in a hurry. If something is wrong with Win 7 under BC then I'll have to install XP

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Mac :: How To Update NVidia Drivers In Bootcamp

Oct 13, 2010

downloaded from which give you error when you try to install it. So here I compiled a short guide in how to update your drivers. 1. Driver Nvidia 259.47 ( found better performance with this one) for Windows Vista/7 64 BIT ONLy!!! Same driver but for windows Vista/ 7 32 BIt Download here2. After you have downloaded drivers you will noticed that they are packed with 7Zip archive (self extracting), unpack it (just remember the location).

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers In XP

Dec 2, 2010

realised that my previous post was in the wrong section, (sorry!) so i decided to re-post it in the correct place.

Ok, so i setup bootcamp and installed windows xp. installed the bootcamp drivers, and things worked fine for a couple of days.... than the bootcamp appeared to get corrupted. fn keys cant work, xp cant detect mac partition (cant access any files in there, though the reverse works), no bootcamp icon in system try. someone mentioned to search for the KbdMgr.exe or bootcamp and start the program, but i cant find both items.

re-installation of bootcamp with the cd doesnt seem to work for me. either the system restarts before installation is completed, or xp crashes during the installation process. EDIT: now all i get is xp crashing before installation is complete

downloaded the bootcamp 2.1 but absolutely nothing happens when i click on the exe file!

there are a bunch of apple drivers shown in the add/remove programs, but they dont seem to be working (tried to remove them all and re-install, but xp crashed halfway and i had to use the cd to repair it). seems to me all that the drivers are 'there' already, but not working.

short of completely starting over from scratch and re-installing the entire windows, is there anything else i can try?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Drivers Won't Install With XP?

Dec 11, 2010

1. New 11" macbook air. Set up partition for Windows XP SP2 using bootcamp. Prior to the Windows install I made the bootcamp driver install DVD per the instructions.

2. Windows installed fine. In Windows, went to install the bootcamp drivers from DVD I made and get this message: "bootcamp requires that your computer is running windows 7" And then I can't install the drivers.

Is there a limitation to running Windows 7 only?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Firewire Drivers Under XP?

Dec 27, 2007

I've read that Windows XP Service Pack 2 included support for both firewire 400 and 800 interfaces (up from just fw400 before), but the included update reduces the speeds on these to around 100mbps (well under their capabilities, and slower than USB!). That's with default XP drivers though, supposedly. My question is, does Bootcamp come with the drivers to make fw800 full speed? I want to run a couple high-stress games from my external drive to my MBP (Battlefield 2 and 2142), so I was wondering if anyone experienced problems with firewire speeds under XP.

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Mac Pro :: 8800 GT: BootCamp Or Drivers?

Feb 29, 2008

Is there consesus on wether its better to use the outdated BootCamp drivers (im using Vista 32bit) or the latest from / others?

In case, is there any specific procedure for installing BootCamp drivers or i just donwload and launch the Nvidia ones?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers On XP SP3

Jun 30, 2009

I just got everything brand new again: a Macbook and Windows XP SP3 integrated CD.

I installed Windows and I am now struggling to install the bootcamp drivers.

I run the 2.1 installer and nothing happens at all. nada, no error messages etc.

I presume that this is some problem with SP3, but I have SP3 integrated so I can't install SP2 , install bootcamp and then install SP3, unfortunately..

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Drivers Won't Install

Aug 23, 2009

I've installed XP SP3 for school use on my new uMBP but for some reason I cant the bootcamp drivers to install, I click setup.exe and it opens and says "The installer encountered errors before Bootcamp could be configured"

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