Software :: Unable To Login To Computer / Asks Password And Returns To Login Screen

Jun 20, 2008

Hi! Im new to the forums but i really need help with something and i was hoping someone here could help me out. So I just installed Tech Tool Deluxe onto my macbook and then shut it down later. I went back to use it again and when i turned it on a login screen appeared asking me to put in my password. I did that and the screen turned blue (looking like it was loading) and then went back to the login screen. Every time i put in my password it just takes me back to the login screen. I have had my mac for a while and i dont want my hardrive to get wiped out so what do i do? Thank you for looking

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OS X :: Unable To Login To Guest Account / Allow Guests To Login Into Computer

Oct 20, 2010

i ve recently activated the default guest account in leopard. However even though when I check in the accounts.prefpane it says that it is on and its 'login only' and when I click on the account it says 'allow guests to login into this computer' and its on.

However when I boot up my machine and click on the guest icon, it wont let me in as it shakes the menu(login failed).

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OS X :: Login Asks For Kerberos Agent Password?

May 23, 2005

When a user logs in, or tries to, it brings up Kerberos Agent and asks for a password. Anything you enter results in taking you back to the login screen? How do I disable this - all macs are running off of a Panther Server for login options.

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OS X :: 10.2 Password Reset - Computer Stuck On Login Screen

Apr 6, 2009

I have a colleague who is still running 10.2 (yea I know, time to upgrade, but they haven't felt the need for it yet I guess). Anyway, someone changed and forgot, or someone did it to be a jerk, either way they are unable to update any software or even log in. Just wondering how to rest the password. The computer is stuck on the log in screen currently and they can't access anything.

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OS X :: How Can I Login To My Computer If I Forgot My Password?

May 17, 2010

how can I login to my computer if I forgot my password?

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OS X :: Unable To Setup Password / Admin Login Password Not Changing

May 23, 2010

I recently purchased a powerbook G4 running version 10.5.8. I am able to login to everything and set my username as the administrator, but I can not set a password for it, if i try to input a password or change the password I get an error message saying I have input an incorrect password. When I purchased the computer everything was blank except for the user name was set as mac user, as I said I was able to change the username but not the password.

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OS X :: Unable To Auto-login To Guest Account / Safari Wants To Use Keychain Login

Jan 6, 2009

I work for a company that has several Macs available for customers' use. These are basically demo-machines that they can play with, and at the end of each day, the machines are wiped and rebooted.

The way we do this is simple: the machines auto-login to the Guest account, which will wipe the account at the end of the day. Well, getting a few new Macs in this week, I simply copied over the entire Guest user account to the new machines to avoid reloading all the demo content, preferences, etc. And truthfully, the machines have been working great.

Except one thing. The computer keeps giving me that annoying message that says "Safari (or Finder, or System Preferences, or anything!) wants to use keychain 'login'". And asks for the login keychain password. Well here's the thing: the Guest accounts don't have passwords!

So I looked up a little bit on this topic, and did things like... Went to "Keychain List" in the Edit menu of Keychain Access, and deleted both the "login" and "system" keychains. No help. I went to Preferences in Keychain Access and said "Reset My Keychain". When doing this, however, it asks for the new password for the login keychain.

The problem with this is that I cannot leave the field blank! The Guest account doesn't have a password, so how am I supposed to not create a password?

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OS X :: Unable To Login To Network / Login Disabled And Connection Failed

Apr 15, 2010

G4 MDD networked with Mini for approx. 3 years now via a LinkSys BEFSR41 wired router. Ethernet cables are CAT6's with gold-plated ends. Did an erase/install (+ updates) of Panther on G4. ISP is Comcast Cable. Just upgraded my Motorola modem from Surfboard 5100 to SB 5101 yesterday. My network settings are ok...file sharing is turned on...I can ping each 'puter from the other (showing my connection is good).

I have internet access (showing that the router is still good according to Cisco). Now, however, I can't even bring up the window on the G4 asking for my pw....all I get is connection failed, no response from the server. From the Mini, I get Unknown User, incorrect password or login is disabled. I haven't a clue what the problem can be. Everything I do daily depends upon the network connection.

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OS X :: Unable To Use Apple Remote / Wake Up Screen Asks For Password

Jul 10, 2010

I have an apple remote control (the new aluminum ones). As I have log in password set up on my mac, when my mac is asleep, and I want to use my remote control, my mac wakes up with the window asking for my log in password, as it happens when you wake your mac up. Before entering the password, you cant see the "front row" screen.

Is there anyway that I can enter my password remotely using my apple remote? Or do I have to come back to my mac, enter the password by keyboard and then be able to use remote control? If not possible to use apple remote; maybe some good iPhone app instead

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PowerPC :: Unable To Login / Freeze After Login

Jul 28, 2008

I have an iMac G5 1.8Ghz and Today when I logged in, it just froze on the apple OS X background. I waited 2 minutes, and nothing happened. It was weird because it's the first time it happened. Anyway, I turned the iMac off and re-tried. It did the exact same thing. So I turned it off, unplugged everything, waited around a minute, plugged it all back in, and it worked fine.

But yeah, just trying to work out why it would do that... because this is going to my brother and I don't want it to just crash when I give it to him.

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OS X :: Forgot Master Password / Unable To Login To System?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a MacBook with MacOS 10.5.5. I purchased Snow Leopard and want to install it, but I forgot my master password. I know what the password is supposed to be, but it doesn't work when I type it in.I cannot find my original MacOS 10.5 disk to re-do the password.

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App Store :: Unable To Login - Cannot Verify User Or Computer

Jun 16, 2012

Every time I try to update or use an app from the app store, it ask me to fill in my user pass. When I put it it tells me that it can't verify the user or computer.

Mac App Store, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Got To The Blue Screen Before The Password Login And Freezes?

Jan 8, 2010

Today my imac done something wierd. When powering on it got to the blue screen before the password login and it just froze on the blue screen. I done a hard restart and rebooted a few times. Didn't do it any more after that.

Should I be worried? It's only a few months old.

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IMac (Intel) :: After Enter Password Hit Return / Computer Cycles Back To Login Window

Jun 24, 2014

After enter my password hit return the computer cycles back to login window

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MacBook Pro :: Need To Update Software But It Asks For Administrators Login

Sep 8, 2014

I need to update the software on my macbook pro but It asks for administrators login which I do not know. Is there anything I can do to reset it?

MacBook Pro

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Applications :: Safari Unable To Save Login And Password / Requires More Memory For Use

Dec 15, 2009

I cannot get a solid answer on this one. Since the update it seems that safari fails to save my login info. For example I have to re-enter my username and pass for macrumors atleast once everyday. Also it seems that Safari occasionally hogs more memory and resources after extended use. Anyone else?

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IMac :: Changing Admin Password / Unable To Login To Administrative Account

Jul 16, 2010

I've recently started work with a new company and the previous employee has left, but has setup the adminstrative account on the work computer. When asked for a password, I don't know what he used. My boss and I have gone through some various passwords he used but none work. What are my options?

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Software :: Gets Back To Login Screen After Entering Password

Jun 6, 2008

When I type in my password, my computer says that it's logging in but then it takes me to a blue screen and then back to the login screen. I then type in my password again, but the same thing happens. I'm typing in the right password but it doesn't fully log me in.

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Mac Mini :: How To Remove Login Password From G5 Startup Screen

May 31, 2012

I had to reinstall my software on the mini now I put the re install software that it came with and I filled all the forms out including my password which never changes in all my mac's then I went and upgraded by the disc to OSX 10.5 Leopard.All ok I used the time machine from the Power PC G5 which I am writing this on now by the way too put all my programs and itunes on.

All seamed ok but it said on the start up screen Power Pc G5. And when I went to put in my password it went and done the side too side wobble no I know my password and it never changes and I tried caps lock on and off but no go I never use caps lock anyway but I thought perhaps that was the problem.So I cannot get in to the computer now. Is there a way to reset the password.

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IMac PPC :: Computer Frozen At Login Screen?

Feb 18, 2012

I am stuck on my login screen and my wireless keyboard is not working. We've tried everything and even replaced the keyboard. Still the keyboard is not working. Can't get into the programs to troubleshoot because I'm stuck in the log in screen. Wireless mouse works.

iMac, iOS 5.0.1

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MacBook Pro :: After Login Screen Computer Is Stuck On Default Screen?

Jul 5, 2012

I tried uploading pictures with my s.card and then I plugged in my back up storage disk to transfer pictures and then my computer stopped working as if it was overloaded or something.... I tried forcing quit but that didn't help any. So I just shut it down in hopes that when it restarted it would work but now when it restarts the login screen comes up and after I type my password it just stays on snow leopard default screen(purple sky) and stays there.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010)

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Software :: Stuck In Login Screen - Username And Password Not Working

Nov 25, 2010

Running whatever the latest is, but stuck in the login screen. It doesn't show my username, only "other". Repaired disk permissions and nothing!!! Still stuck in "other"... No usernames or passwords work.

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MacBook Air :: Get To Login Page Then Blank Screen After Password Entered

Apr 30, 2012

When I try to start my Macbook Air I get the login page but after I key in my password I get a blank screen.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6)

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MacBook Pro :: It Recusing Password On Login Screen After System Crash

Jun 3, 2012

Macbook pro recusing my password on the login screen after a system crash. I use filevault2 and efi with password too. None of the passwords are being accepted and the recovery key text field don't let me put numbers.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Login With Password And Screen Zooms To Maximum Size

Mar 9, 2012

This just started happening. Startup my Quad Core 2.66, with 10.6.8 (all SW updates), login, and screen zooms to maximum zoom with giant cursor in the middle. The only easy way get it back down to normal res is to do command+esc to get to Front Row, and then hit esc.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: MBP Stuck On Login Screen / Password Loop After Latest Update

Apr 3, 2012

I just literally updated my macbook pro to the latest version of Lion, today 4/3/12 and now it's just stuck on the main log in page for lion. As in, I type in my password, it thinks for two seconds, goes black, and has the log in page again. It just loops. No end in site.I've rebooted in safe mode, run disk utitily, and repaired the disk... but no dice, still. It repairs the disk, fine right? When I reboot in regular mode, it just goes back to the password/login screen loop.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Turn On Computer Gets To Login Then Stuck On White Screen

Apr 22, 2012

Turn on computer gets to login in screen. Put in password. Stuck on white screen. Upon logging in. It says we need to delete files. We can't delete files because stuck on white screen.

MacBook Pro

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Intel Mac :: When Startup The Computer It Goes Right To One Of The Desktops And Bypasses The Login Screen

Jul 6, 2012

We have 3 users set up on the computer (iMac, Snow Leopard).  This just started recently.  I can't think of any changes I made to make this happen.

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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Laptops :: Taking Long Time To Accept Login Password From Screen Saver

Mar 5, 2010

Using my network mobile account, when I type in my password to login from the screensaver it takes a very long time and then goes back to the screensaver. Actually it takes a long time to accept my password always. Is it possible that it is timing out at the screensaver. If I type in the name and password for the admin account for the local login it works right away. The machine is a macbook pro 2.53 ghz mid 2009 model. it's running 10.5.8.

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MacBook Pro :: At Startup Screen Very Dark So Unable To Login As Cannot See Arrow?

May 9, 2012

At start up the screen is very dark, so I can't log in to my account, because I can't see the arrow. I tried to make the screen more bright with fn F2, but that doesn't work. How can I have a bright screen at start up, so that I can see what I'm doing?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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