ITunes For Mac :: Deleting Music From IPhone And Stop Auto Playing

Aug 29, 2014

1.  There are albums on my iPhone that don't appear in iTunes after sync.  I want to delete them. 

2.  The album in question has a song that is alphabetically at the top of my All Songs list and plays automatically every time I plug my phone into the USB in my car. 

3.  I want to stop the auto play and delete albums I don't want on my iPhone before I go INSANE!!!! 

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

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Applications :: Stop Itunes Auto Playing Music After Import?

Sep 3, 2010

Is this possible, could not see it in preferences.

So when import music or movies to itunes on OSX is plays the media after import.

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ITunes :: Transferred Music From Old Mac - Songs Stop Playing Mid Way Before End

Apr 4, 2012

I bought a new Mac pro tower. I transferred music from my old Mac pro to the new via an external hard drive. Now the songs stop playing before the end.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Stop ITunes Movies From Playing Menu Music / When Movie Is Paused?

Feb 22, 2012

Anyone know how to stop iTunes movies from playing menu music when the movie has been paused?

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OS X :: Christmasy Music Playing Itself / Cant Stop It

Dec 12, 2009

This is very wierd. I am sitting, writing on my laptop, and suddenly some kind of christmasy music starts playing. I figure it's the website i am visiting, so i just close the window. It doesn't stop. I have no idea of what is playing now. I close everything but Finder, so nothing is running but that. It is still playing. I have no idea of how to stop it, but to turn of the computer. That's isn't a good long term solution though.

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MacBook Pro :: After Updating Music Started Playing And Can't Get It To Stop

Jun 5, 2014

I need to get the music to stop playing on my macbookpro. It started playing after I updated ...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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OS X :: Playing Music From External HD / Music Files Not Showing In Itunes

Aug 21, 2009

I have transferred my itunes music on to my external HD. The music is there and that is fine. I then deleted the old itunes folder from my actual HD. I have now wanted to access the music on the external HD, and have attempted to select the new music file location on the external HD via the itunes/preferences/advanced window,selected the new file path and it will just not show in itunes!

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Safari :: Deleting An Incorrect Auto-complete/auto-fill Entry

Jul 1, 2012

I don't know if this is properly autofill or autocomplete - the two overlap too much anyway so I'm not wasting brain cells trying to come up with a distinction that makes sense to non-engineers. ANYWAY. Here's the point. 

I'm on my bank website. My login is xtnjohnson -- just like here. Only I mistyped it once, so in autofill/autocomplete (whichever it is), I get a little drop-down showing two options: xtnjohnson or xtnjohson.  

I want to delete only the second option. I recall at sometime finding a very simple way that involved highlighting the offending entry and hitting either control-delete, shift-delete, command-delete, or function-delete, only I can't seem to get any of those combinations to work. And of course I can't find the thread anymore. 

The solution did *not* involve dealing with the autofill preferences in *any* way -- I've seen that option and it doesn't help (a) because there's no quick way to find the website where the problem is occurring (my list is long), (b) even when I go through my list, I don't see my bank's url, (c) the place for entering my login appears to be in something like JavaScript, so I'm not sure it'd be tracked in one of those lists, and (d) I don't know that this is properly an "autofill" problem anyway. 

Safari 5, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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ITunes For Mac :: How To Stop ITunes From Auto Launching

Jun 4, 2014

When on my iMac my iTunes app will launch by itself - and after a time will start playing an audio selection, the choice of which depends on what area of iTunes was the last one I was on.  Why does iTunes auto-launch?  How can I stop it from auto-launching? 

BTW, iTunes is the only app that does this.  Not sure if this is an iMac or iTunes configuration issue.

iMac, iOS 7.1.1

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ITunes :: How To Stop Auto Play On Importing Audio/video

May 28, 2012

I've seen it many times around on internet, but it is driving me ABSOLUTELY MAD. After importing audio/video on iTunes (plus copy into iTunesLibrary), the file automatically starts playing. It is annoying me more and more, I can not seem to turn the function off. iTunes seems to be defaulted nowadays to start autoplay after importing music or video into iTunes~?

iTunes, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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ITunes For Mac :: Deleting Songs From IPhone 5s?

Jun 29, 2014

I open itunes on my computer and plug in my iPhone. i then go into on this phone and see all my music. it won't let me delete music off my from from iTunes.

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Applications :: ITunes Deleting Music?

Mar 21, 2009

i've noticed lately that itunes has been deleting music from the hard drive.I have a pretty big music collection(about 80gb)This has been happening for the past few days now.My itunes library is on an airport disk but for some reason itunes deletes them from the hard drive.I have no idea why, i've tried looking through preferences but nothing.

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ITunes :: Set The Iphone To Auto-sync With The Mac Book Pro

May 11, 2012

how do i set the iphone to auto sync with the mac book pro?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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ITunes :: Playing Itunes Movie And Music In Non-apple Portable Player?

Feb 14, 2008

I bought some video and audio from itunes and would like to put them to my portable player,but I am failure, whether they have protection or format require?---- how can I convert or transfer those files?

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ITunes For Mac :: Not Playing Music?

Jun 22, 2014

I have the latest version, and my MAC

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ITunes :: Deleting Photo Album Off IPhone 4s

Mar 25, 2012

Is there a way to delete a photo album from my iphone 4s using my new MacBookPro?

You see the pictures where put on my iphone using my old PC. Since then I had to get rid of my PC and by a new mac computer.So the picture album on my iphone DOESNT EXIST  on my new computer

iPhone 4S, iOS 5

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ITunes For Mac :: Deleting Songs From IPhone Keeps On Syncing Again?

Dec 10, 2014

I bought 4 songs from iTunes from my iMac, when I sync all my devices, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini 2 even though I have checked off where it says manage manually

the songs keep on syncing again. How do I delete them permanently from my devices???

This has never happened it just started happening today after the last update.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.0.1

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Applications :: Deleting Music Videos In ITunes

Jan 10, 2007

Okay I must be missing something, but how do you delete Music Videos in iTunes? The delete key seems to have no purpose and there's no delete option in any menu. If this is a stupid question then I apologize, but man, I feel like it should be easier.

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Applications :: ITunes Deleting Music That's In A Playlist?

Jan 24, 2009

I have a fair bit of music in iTunes, and it has bugged me somewhat that often when I want to delete many files something it's easier to go into a playlist to find them. But when I delete them from there it only removes them from that playlist, not the computer. I guess this makes sense, and I suppose nowadays space isn't often a problem.

In case this isn't clear, what I want to do is go into a playlist, then select songs, then delete those songs from my hard drive.

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ITunes :: Deleting Music That Was Deleted But Not Sent To The Trash

Feb 15, 2012

I have been clearing up my itunes music and have sometimes not clicked on the move files to trash to completely delete them. They are now removed form the itunes library but how do I find all the files no longer in itunes, but still held in the itunes directory? Also, I read that there could also be many duplicates, is there a way I can find them as well? I dont want to have to buy a third party program. 

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4)

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ITunes :: Stop Playing, Even Though The Song's Title And Counter Were Still Showing

Mar 23, 2012

Ok, a few months ago, I posted a problem concerning songs from my ipod that, when played in my car through the car's integrated cable, would suddenly stop playing, even though the song's title and counter were still showing on the dashboard screen. This happened with a 3 year old ipod. After taking the car into the dealer, they found no problem. Subsequently, when driving a loaner or rental, the same thing would happen when the ipod was hooked up with a Belkin cable. So, I bought a new ipod. Guess what? It still happened, AND in other cars. So then I bought a new car (not for this reason; it was just time!), and it still happened, it's doing it when I have my iphone bluetoothed!! The songs playing are coming from my iphone, which is connected to the car through bluetooth. So, my thoughts are leaning toward something wrong with my songs, in itunes. This happens inconsistently, and not necessarily with the same songs. 

I've already spoken to 2 different people at Apple, spending hours on the phone.

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ITunes For Mac :: How To Stop Playing Album Tracks In Wrong Order

Jun 28, 2014

how or why this has started, but iTunes now insists on playing the tracks from every album in totally the wrong order; how to make it play them in the order they are on the album? I tried to see if some kind of 'shuffle' option is switched on but I can't see anything. But every time I click to play an album, when I look in 'up next', it shows me the tracks coming up to play all jumbled up in the wrong order.

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Applications :: ITunes 9 Auto Refresh Music Selection

Dec 21, 2009

How do you get iTunes to refresh the music selection it puts in the iPod?

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Mac Pro :: Music Started Playing With ITunes Off?

Feb 16, 2009

I am on a 2008 Mac Pro. My computer was on and after being in another room for about 5 minutes, I start hearing my music playing on the Mac. My iTunes wasn't even on, how is this possible??? No one here but me, so it's not like the keyboard was pressed or anything the music just started playing. It was a random song too, in the middle of one of my albums. First: has anyone ever heard of such a weird thing? Second: is this of concern security wise? Is someone hacked into my machine?

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ITunes :: Add Music To IPod Touch Without Deleting Apps?

Jun 15, 2012

My son's iPod Touch is associated with iTunes on a computer other than mine which isn't with us at the moment.  He has no music on it at the moment - just apps.  Is it possible for me to add some songs to it from my iTunes without erasing the apps that he currenly has on it?  Or will adding the songs wipe the content of the device off. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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ITunes For Mac :: Opens When IPhone Is Connected Even If Auto Sync Is Disabled?

Jun 19, 2014

I use my iMac (10.9.3) at home to Sync with my iPhone (7.1.1) to keep a full backup copy. I have the setting "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" active, and up to recently this worked nicely. However, I think since the update to iTunes 11.2.x there seems to be a problem:

- when I am not at home, I use my MBP (also 10.9.3 and iTune 11.2.2) to charge the iPhone.

- in contrast to earlier versions of iTunes, connecting the iPhone to the MBP causes iTunes to open. It is NOT possible to sync because the iPhone is connected to the iTunes library on the iMac.

- when I disable the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" on the MBP, the next time I connect the iPhone to the iMac iTunes does not open. And when I open it manually and "mount" the iPhone, the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" is disabled. It seems that the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" is now stored on the iPhone?

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OS X :: Audio Playing In ITunes On MBP But Not On IPhone After Sync?

Jun 22, 2010

I never had any replies to my initial post and I'm still having the same issues with my Macbook Pro, iTunes and my iPhone. After sync, I'm seeing on some albums the album artwork and full track listings but the audio won't play on my iPhone. However, the same tracks play fine using iTunes on the MBP. Anyone come across this before and/or have any ideas how to solve the problem?

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Applications :: ITunes 10 Playing My Mp4 Music In Window?

Sep 2, 2010

iTunes 10 is playing my .mp4 music, of whcih I rip from FLAC to .mp4 using Media Monkey, and now play in a window, blacking out my screen as if it were a movie. This didn't occur in any iTunes version before this (the songs played fine in iTunes as if it were an mp3 or aac files) and has been my setup for YEARS.

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OS X :: ITunes 10 Randomly Playing Music Tracks?

Oct 26, 2010

So basically I'm sat here pretty chuffed with my self after putting together a nice Spotify playlist, and iTunes keep randomly playing music? I've shut it down and stuff, but it literally opens and plays random music tracks.

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Applications :: ITunes Not Playing Music Imported From CD

Jan 21, 2009

I imported several cd's and tracks into iTunes last night and there were no problems while importing. I was able to listen to my music in the iTunes library up until this evening. When I click on a song, a box pops up saying "Connection Failed: The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time. Check the server name of IP addres and your network connections and try again." So I press "OK" and another box pops up saying "The song "(name)-(artist)" could not be used because the original file could not be found.

Would you like to locate it?" I click on "Yes" and see all my songs listed under iTunes/music but all of the songs I have listed in the library are gray and I cannot click on them. I have checked that I am connected to my home network/internet because I am able to share/listen to my iTunes library located on my Windows desktop as well as browse the internet. The only other thing I could think of doing was downloading the new iTunes 8 which I did, and nothing has changed.

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