ITunes For Mac :: Apps Item Not Showing In ITunes Sidebar Under - On My Device

Dec 5, 2014

I was looking to access the file sharing functionality of one of my apps (AV Player HD) in iTunes 12 and wasn't able to find out where or how to do this in the new version. 

After a bit of searching on the internet I gathered I needed to select my device (iPad in this case) from the devices drop down, then on the left hand sidebar under the menu heading 'On My Device' I should see "Apps" listed there along with Music and Movies etc. I have:

MoviesTv Shows

and then some music playlists..That's it. So my questions are:

1. where is 'Apps'?

2. how am I supposed to access file sharing on AV Player HD if I can't see this menu item? 

MACBOOK PRO (RETINA, 15-INCH, LATE 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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ITunes :: Ipad Is Not Showing Up As A Device On It When Connect To Imac?

Jun 28, 2012

I just purchased a new Ipad and am unable to see the Ipad listed as a device on Itunes.

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Applications :: Artist Not Showing Up On Device Sync Page On ITunes

Jul 3, 2010

For some reason one artist, this happens to be The Beach Boys, is in my library, 6 albums 57 songs, but does not show up on the checkable sync page so I can put it onto my iPhone. All other artists are showing up, what is different about this one artist?

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ITunes :: How To Get Back Purchased Apps - Not Showing Up On Backup Either

Mar 15, 2012

How can I get back my purchased apps. That disappeared when updated IPad2, they don't show up on itunes backup either.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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ICloud :: Apps Updated On IPhone Not Showing In ITunes On MacBook?

Mar 17, 2012

Until recently, when I downloaded an app update on my iPhone, it would automatically - without syncing - remove that same app update on iTunes and vice versa. Now it does this only when I download the update to my iTunes and then sync using USB.When I do a wired sync. I can't figure out how to make it do it again automatically.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Item Missing From Sidebar?

Feb 10, 2012

Documents is not showing up on my Finder's sidebar, I went into Preferences and under sidebar the box for Documents was unchecked so I tried to click it to make it appear, it appeared for maybe a millisecond and then unchecked itself.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac Pro :: Item In Finder Sidebar Cannot Be Selected Or Deleted

Apr 9, 2012

After performing a Time Machine restoration, the "Places" list in the Finder sidebar contains a folder icon that can not be selected or deleted. It does not appear on the list of places to show in Finder Preferences, so there is nothing to uncheck. How do I get rid of this erroneous icon?

Mac Pro 2010 Hexacore 12GB SSD, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Logic 9.1.3

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ITunes :: Apps Already On IPhone And Sync Music With A New ITunes Library?

Jun 12, 2012

I have a new-to-me MacBook (running Lion) and I just downloaded all my music into iTunes. I had been sync'd with an old PC laptop previously.  If I choose to sync my iPhone (4S) with iTunes on the MacBook, will it delete my apps and data (as the warning in iTunes leads me to believe)?  I do use iCloud backup on the iPhone, and I've got all kinds of apps installed (and arranged to my liking).  What's the best way to have my music sync with the MacBook without having to reinstall my apps? 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4), iPhone 4S

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ITunes :: Plugin For Mac ITunes OSX Lion Showing Lyrics?

Jun 3, 2012

plugin for mac iTunes OSX lion showing lyrics?

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Won't Work / All ITunes Music, Apps, And Podcasts Are Gone

Nov 10, 2010

I opened iTunes and all my music, apps, and podcasts were not listed. I plugged in my iPhone 4 and still nothing. I logged out and back in still nothing.

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OS X :: How Do I Remove A Shared Device From The Finder Sidebar

Mar 6, 2009

I've googled and search here, and I just can't find the answer to this.

I renamed one of my computers at home. Now both instances of it show up in the Shared section of the finder sidebar and I can't remove the old one. When I do a Get Info, it shows as a PC Server, but I can't actually access anything on it. Is there any way to keep this from showing up?

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ITunes :: Item Cannot Be Downloaded On Network?

Mar 22, 2012

Receiving "This Item Cannot Be Downloaded on This Network".  Same error on ALL my devices (iPhone 4, iPad 2, Mac Book Pro, iMac).

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Can't Download The Item Bought

May 1, 2012

I bought the album 《The Black Parade Is Dead!》(Audio/Video Deluxe Version) just now, but I have problem downloading the audio Disenchanted (Live in Mexico) and The Sharpest Lives(Live in Mexico).

The iTunes download it over and over again but can't complete it. The other audios and videos can be downloaded properly.

I've changed a computer, but it ended the same. It seems to be an error with the iTunes store that the data is corrupted.

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ITunes :: Crashes When Clicking On Devices In Sidebar?

Mar 25, 2012

When I click on devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) in the sidebar of iTunes 10.6, iTunes crashes.  

I therefore can't add playlists to the devices, because once the screen appears with the settings for the device, the program crashes. 

Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPhone 3GS / iPad 2 / iPod 5th Gen

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ITunes :: 1 Item Awaiting Download But Never Downloads

Apr 2, 2012

my iTunes 10.6.1 on OS X 10.7.3 has been telling me 'you have 1 item awaiting download' for the last 3 or four days.but, when i select '1 iTunes download available' in download or 'download now' in iTunes account or Store/Check for Available Downloads, nothing downloads and the message remains.i've tried downloading a free tv episode to clear the count or reset the count. it says 2 downloads availabe and the free episode does indeed download. then the message goes back to 1 available.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iTunes

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ITunes :: Unable To Download Apps, Upgrades Apps Or Sync With Macbook?

Mar 7, 2012

I'm unable to download apps, upgrades apps or sync with my Mac book. I've had no problems up until now.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Applications :: ITunes 10 - How To Add Buttons Back On Top And Color To Sidebar

Sep 4, 2010

How to add buttons back to the top. In Terminal type: Code: defaults write full - window - boolean YES. To change back, use the same code, but trade YES for NO.

How to add color back to the icons:
1. Quit iTunes
2. Download the from here.
3. Right-click the iTunes icon and select "show in finder"
4. In Finder, right-click the iTunes icon again and select "Show package details"
5. Open "contents" and locate the "resources" folder.
6. Replace the file "iTunes.rsrc" with the one downloaded

Short version:
Replace /Applications/ with the downloaded file

Both are confirmed to work on an Intel Mac running Snow Leopard

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ITunes :: Cannot See Library - No Sidebar To Open Radio Stations

Jun 29, 2012

This morning I opened iTunes and all I got was a little sound box that let me play a preselected piece from my library, but I can no longer see my library. All my choices under the file drop down menu are grayed out. "Library" is active, but the only choices are "organize," "export" "import." I can't even get the sidebar that lets me open my iTunes radio stations. I just upgraded to version 10 to see if that was the problem, but to no avail.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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ITunes For Mac :: 11 - Sidebar Has Incorrect Number Of Unwatched TV Shows

Sep 7, 2014

My iTunes library sidebar in TV is showing 1 unwatched TV show, when in fact I have no TV shows in the library - I delete them after I view them. 

How do I reset the 1 to zero?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Usb Device Disappear In Sidebar In Finder By Accidentally Deleted?

May 30, 2012

my usb is connected with my Mac air,but i accidentally click =hide from sidebar=.and now it cannot be shown in the sidebar.what can i do to show it back?

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ITunes :: Transfer New Apps From Iphone Without Replacing Apps Don't Want?

May 10, 2012

When you sync your iPhone you sometimes get the following message: 

Itunes has found purchased items on the iphone thats arenot present in your itunes library. 

There are two reasons for this:

1. I have deleted apps in iTunes that I don't want, but not on the iPhone. I don't want to transfer the apps back to iTunes because I want them gone.

2. I have bought apps on the iPhone that I do want to keep. I want these transferred to iTunes. 

So if I have both types 1 and 2 then there is no good answer. Preferably iTunes should offer to sync and choose which apps to transfer and what not to transfer. Is there a way to change this behaviour? By the time I sync I don't know what I've done so I'm usually not sure how to answer the question. Sometimes I like to bulk delete apps in iTunes--it is easier than doing it on the iPhone.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), also iPhone 4

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ITunes :: Connect To WiFi Network For Downloading Item On Computer?

Mar 22, 2012

I am trying to rent some movies in the iTunes store but regardless of what account I use it keeps popping up with the message of: "This item cannot be downloaded on this network, you must connect to a wifi network or download it on your computer". My computer is already online, I am able to access the iTunes store, just not download!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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ITunes For Mac :: How To Quit Without Enforcing / Can't Startup By Lack Of Access To Locked Item

Jun 27, 2014

iTunes won't quit when I ask it to do, and thinks it is syncing my iPad even when it is removed physically also. How can I make iTunes quit without enforcing, because then, after restart attempt, it says that it can't startup by lack of access to a locked item.

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OS X Mavericks :: Status Item Image Not Showing

Jun 27, 2014

I have a status Item app andI am using a custom view. My image in the status item has been showing and working until recently. Is it something I have changed or maybe it was a bug that it was showing and now it fix.

Here is the relevant code: 

AppDelegate.h#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>@class View; @interface AppDelegate : NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate>{    NSStatusItem *statusItem;    View *_View;    NSImage *statusImage;    NSImage *statusHighlightImage;    NSMenu *statusMenu;} - (IBAction)shutdown:(id)sender;- (IBAction)restart:(id)sender;- (IBAction)sleep:(id)sender;- (IBAction)about:(id)sender; @property (assign) IBOutlet NSWindow *aboutWindow;

[Code] ....

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Left Sidebar On  Finder Not Showing?

Jun 27, 2012

I have an iMac - Mac OS X 10.6.8 

Out of the blue the sidebar on the left of the finder just disapeared. 

I searched and foud some fixes like deleting .plist file and clicking the oval button on the top right of finder, and nothing works. 

I know when I click on the oval it's suppos to appear, but it's not. The only thing that happens is that the top part hides and appears. I just want to get my finder the way it was. I actually have folders there for quick access and now it's gone. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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ITunes :: Backup It To Another Device Other Than CDs?

Mar 24, 2012

Is there a way to backup Itunes to another device other than CDs? I back-up my itunes and it takes up about 22 Cds.


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ITunes :: Device Does Not Show Up?

Apr 7, 2012

I have 4 i devices, a first gen ipod touch, an ipad, an iphone 4s and an iphone 3gs. I wanted to be able to use wifi sync on the devices so I upgraded my Mac Mini to 10.6.3. As soon as I upgraded it, itunes is up to date as well, I now cannot get any of my devices to register when I plug them in and the devices will not wifi sync. They say waiting for my Mac Mini to become available. 

I work in both the Mac and PC world. PC's have their problems without a doubt! 

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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Device Not Recognized In ITunes For Mac OS X

Apr 27, 2012

Everything is up to date; I reinstalled iTunes, and reset my iPhone and everything else I have read about so far. What do I do? I am using a Macbook Pro 10.7.3 and my iPhone 4 is 5.1.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Device Not Detected In It?

Apr 29, 2012

Itunes only detected iphone but not ipad in the Device Bar. Both are connect to the WiFi. I would like to sync my Ipad through WiFi mode.

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ITunes :: Device Not Recognized In It For Mac OS X

May 11, 2012

My iphone 4s is not detecting in itunes, my operating system is windows 7. i had faced the similar problm 2 months before that time i hav done system format to solve this issue .but this time it is not possible to do formatting .

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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