ITunes :: Device Does Not Show Up?

Apr 7, 2012

I have 4 i devices, a first gen ipod touch, an ipad, an iphone 4s and an iphone 3gs. I wanted to be able to use wifi sync on the devices so I upgraded my Mac Mini to 10.6.3. As soon as I upgraded it, itunes is up to date as well, I now cannot get any of my devices to register when I plug them in and the devices will not wifi sync. They say waiting for my Mac Mini to become available. 

I work in both the Mac and PC world. PC's have their problems without a doubt! 

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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ITunes :: IPhone Cannot Show Up As A Device

Mar 25, 2012

My iPhone will not show up as a device to ne able to sync it.

Info:iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.6)

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ICloud :: It Won't Show My Laptop As A Device

Feb 25, 2012

My laptop and ipad was stolen. I have an icloud account, i can see my 2 iphones and the laptop but can't see my mac laptop which is the devise I used to set up the account and now I can't locate where it could be?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Show Device In Finder

Mar 6, 2012

Can't get mp3 player to show on desktop or in Finder when plugged into USB port

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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MacBook Pro :: Sound Settings Show No Output Device Running 10.9.3

Jun 26, 2014

Macbook Pro Sound has suddenly stopped working 

The Sound Settings show no output device. When trying to adjust the sound a circle with a line through it appears. Cannot run the volume adjusted up or down either. Also the sound does not work with a headset either.  Have tried PRAM and SMC rest as well as plugging and unplugging headset.  Running 10.9.3.  Was running fine yesterday - feels like it may be hardware problem?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Get USB Device To Show Up On 13 Inch Retina Display Late 2013 Model

Dec 7, 2014

how to get a usb device to show up on macbook pro 13inch retina display late 2013 model? os mavericks

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Bluetooth Device Bose Wireless Sound-link Will Not Play Either But Does Show Connection

Jun 7, 2012

10.7.4 frequently freezes with the translucent dialog to power down then power up.  This is not isolated to any particular application. Started with the upgrade to 10.7.4. Bluetooth device Bose Wireless Sound-link will not play either but does show connection.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Applications :: How Do I Add A .AVI TV Show To My ITunes TV Show Library?

Feb 7, 2009

I just downloaded seasons 1-4 of The Office, and they're in .AVI files. How do I import them into my iTunes TV Show Library? MUST I convert them ALL first?

Note, I want to view them on my iPod also.

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ITunes For Mac :: Apps Item Not Showing In ITunes Sidebar Under - On My Device

Dec 5, 2014

I was looking to access the file sharing functionality of one of my apps (AV Player HD) in iTunes 12 and wasn't able to find out where or how to do this in the new version. 

After a bit of searching on the internet I gathered I needed to select my device (iPad in this case) from the devices drop down, then on the left hand sidebar under the menu heading 'On My Device' I should see "Apps" listed there along with Music and Movies etc. I have:

MoviesTv Shows

and then some music playlists..That's it. So my questions are:

1. where is 'Apps'?

2. how am I supposed to access file sharing on AV Player HD if I can't see this menu item? 

MACBOOK PRO (RETINA, 15-INCH, LATE 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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ITunes :: Backup It To Another Device Other Than CDs?

Mar 24, 2012

Is there a way to backup Itunes to another device other than CDs? I back-up my itunes and it takes up about 22 Cds.


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Device Not Recognized In ITunes For Mac OS X

Apr 27, 2012

Everything is up to date; I reinstalled iTunes, and reset my iPhone and everything else I have read about so far. What do I do? I am using a Macbook Pro 10.7.3 and my iPhone 4 is 5.1.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Device Not Detected In It?

Apr 29, 2012

Itunes only detected iphone but not ipad in the Device Bar. Both are connect to the WiFi. I would like to sync my Ipad through WiFi mode.

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ITunes :: Device Not Recognized In It For Mac OS X

May 11, 2012

My iphone 4s is not detecting in itunes, my operating system is windows 7. i had faced the similar problm 2 months before that time i hav done system format to solve this issue .but this time it is not possible to do formatting .

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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ITunes :: Device Not Listed?

Jun 14, 2012

iPod Touch connected via USB and does not appear in the iTunes list.  In fact 'Device' is not listed at all.  I know the USB port works so it isn't this or the cable. I would like to synch my daughters iPod with her music (which we have done many, many times in the past without issue) but the device does not appear and I cannot find a way for it to be 'found'.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4), iPod Touch with iOS5.1.1

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ITunes :: Can It Tell What Device Tried To Make A Purchase

Mar 26, 2012

we lost an Ipod touch and someone tried to purchase from itunes. question is can apple see which device the attemped purchase came from. and from what IP address. to try to find the device were not running cloud so that isnt an option. trying to figue out if it went through my wifi which would narrow down the location

Mac OS X (10.1.x)

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ITunes :: Make IPad Come Up As A Device?

Apr 3, 2012

I have the iPad but it will not come up as a device on the far left scroll bar. There are several movies I would like to download onto here.  

iPad, iOS 5.0.1

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ITunes :: Share An Account With More Than One Device?

May 11, 2012

can i share an itunes account with more than one device?

iPhone 4S

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ITunes :: Unable To Restore Device Via It

May 25, 2012

Connect and run restore. Gives me error. Unable to restore. Device isnt elligable for requested build. Ive tried everything it wont restore.

Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, Macbook Pro (late 2008) OS 5.1

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ITunes For Mac :: No Icon To Recognize Device

Dec 11, 2014

I just got an iMac that had iTunes on it.  When I plugged my iphone in it would just ask if I trust this computer.  I said yes and there was no icon that recognized the device.  Now, I just have a iTunes icon in the dock that will just bounce once when it is clicked.  I have a 10.8.6 version.  Do I need to find a new iTunes donload?  Do I send the iTunes to the trash?  Also, this did not come with the disk.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), refurbished

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ITunes For Mac :: 11.3.1 Freezes When Try To Connect To IOS Device?

Sep 5, 2014

I use a mac book pro 17" and osx10.9.4 ... After i updated to itunes 11.3.1 itunes always freezes if try to connect to ios device such as Iphone or Ipad.

A soon i turn of completely the ios Devices, Itunes reacts normally without sync.  of course. as soon i Turn on the iphone or ipad, and it does not matter its connected with cable or Wlan, it immediately freezes again....

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ITunes For Mac :: Any Way To Know Which Device Was Used To Make Purchase

Jun 17, 2014

Is there a way to determine which device was used to make an i tunes purchase? We have 5 iPhones plus iPads.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 7

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ITunes For Mac :: Freezes When Connect Any Device

Jun 2, 2014

Macbook Pro Details:
Ver 10.9.3
13-inch, Late 2011
Procesador 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
Memoria 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 
iTunes Ver 11.2.2 (3) 
iPhone 5 64 MB ver 7.1.1
iPAD 2 64 MB ver 7.1.1 

My problem is that suddenly since last week my Itunes freezes every time I try to connect my IPAD or my IPHONE it was working great but now I have this problem. I already completely remove Itunes and I already re-installed ver 11.2 and 11.2.1 but the problem is the same. I already tried to connect my devices to other computer (I have an IMac) and both devices were recognized without problems. I also restored my IPHONE to default settings but after that the problem is the same one. I would like to say that my devices are being recongnized without problems by my Macbook Pro, it also opens automatically Iphoto and I can get the pictures from my two devices so I know that it is not a problem with my Macbook or the USB ports.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.1

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ITunes :: Gift Purchases Show In ITunes Purchase History?

May 2, 2012

I just went through the process of buying an app as a gift to be delivered via email. Typed my personal message to the recipient, confirmed the delivery address. Got the review screen. Then when I clocked to purchase the app, I got a security screen asking me to select 3 security questions and an alternate email address. Got immediate emails from Apple noting the changes to my account. But I never got an email confirming the gift purchase. How do I tell if it went through? The item is not listed in my purchases, but maybe that's by design?   Did the security question dialog hijack the purchase process? 

(Also checked my credit card website, and it doesn't look like there's a pending charge yet. But I'd hate to purchase this app twice.)

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Find And /or Print To Wireless Device Even See Device Listed

Jun 5, 2014

My Macbook Pro has been running into constant problems actually printing to any wireless device.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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Applications :: Copying Music From ITunes To USB Device?

Jan 11, 2010

My new Jeep came with a stereo with a built in hard drive and USB port. Unfortunately music cannot be played directly from the USB port and music be copied directly to the hard drive.

As such I am wondering if it's possible to copy of selection of music from iTunes to an attached USB device/drive on a Mac. I'm thinking that I am going to have to go through Finder and copy it that way but I'm not sure.

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ITunes :: Can One Device Be Associated With Multiple Same User Libraries

Mar 21, 2012

I currently run my iphoto and itunes from a external drive.I would like to set up a seperate itunes library on my laptop to manage a few select playlists on mutiple devices...2 iphones,2 itouch, and 1nano.I set up the library but am unsure of how to get the playlists from my devices to the new library.Can one device be associated with multiple same user libraries?

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ITunes :: How To Delete Music Off A Device Using MacBook?

Apr 1, 2012

How can I remove music from my iPod and iPhone using a MacBook and iTunes. When I highlight the songs on the device listed on iTunes on my MacBook and then delete them, they don't go away.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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ITunes :: Wireless IPad 3 Not Found As Device

Apr 22, 2012

I have an iPad 2, iPad 3, and a iPhone 4S that I sync with my Mac iTunes. All have the latest software. In the past, a couple of days ago, and for months before, all three devices showed up under Devices in iTunes even though none of them were physically connected to my Mac and were often other places in the house. Then, when I downloaded updated apps I could manually sync each of my devices via iTunes. That was great. Now, all of a sudden (although I did try iCloud backup and then stopped it and reverted to NO iCloud backup), my iPad 3 ONLY shows up in Devices when it is physically connected to my Mac. And when I unhook the cable, it disappears from Devices. I've restarted iTunes and the iPad without any change in behavior. All of the General preferences and Settings are the same for all three devices (the iPad 3 was built by restoring from the iPad 2 backup). It seems I need a "refresh" button somewhere to force iTunes to find my wireless iPad 3. how to force iTunes to recognize a non-cable-connected device (like it did before)? 

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ITunes :: It Won't Sync With Ipad, It Won't Even Find It As A Device

May 16, 2012

my itunes wont sync my ipad. it wont even find it as a device. its never been connected to another mac or pc.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, 27' imac

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ITunes :: Save Multiple Backups For One Device?

Jun 12, 2012

I manage multiple iPads here at my school and had a question about iTunes backup. We want to have multiple backups from the past for each device so that we can restore the device from an old backup if something goes wrong. We have over 180 iPads so I need something quick and automated. We are also using a Mac Server if that helps any.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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