IMac :: Pink / White And Green Checked Pattern On Screen

Mar 15, 2010

I own a 17" g5 imac and today I was just browsing on Firefox and all of a sudden the screen became checkered with thin pink and white lines. It is most noticeable on the menu bar and anything that is grey or white in color. It is not checkered on the blue background behind my desktop photo. I have an external monitor plugged in as well and the same thing is happening to that monitor.

I have a powerPC imac G5
OSX 10.5.8
ATI Radeon 9600

Here is a screen shot:
Haven't reformatted it yet. Hope there is a better solution. Purchased it used about a year ago. No warranty.

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MacBook Pro :: Frozen Screen With Pink And Green Pixels

Aug 27, 2014

I have an early 2008 version of the 17" MacBook Pro. During the process of uploading photos to iPhoto, the screen froze and pink and green pixels appeared. I shut down by the off button and upon on turning it back on found the screen as shown below. The apple appears and then the clock spins for a moment then freezes. I cannot get any further. 

I've tried booting in Safe Mode and other options I've read when trying to boot but to no avail. 

Someone said I need to run the AHT but as this was purchased from a friend, I don't have the installation CD's. I've found a DMG file of the AHT but am completely at a loss as to what to do with this. 

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MacBook Pro :: Pink And Green Vertical Pixel Columns On Screen?

Sep 2, 2010

My A1226 is really giving me fits. It will display persistent vertical pink and green pixel column patterns in windows or over the entire screen at start up. I have twice performed the "PRAM Re-set" with Command-Option-P-R depressed with pwer on and that has worked. But tonight it came back and I had to do it a third time. Is this a potential or probable power/battery problem? I hope someone here is familiar with this!

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IMac (Intel) :: When Powered On LED Diagnosis Lights Are All Lit Green / But All Have Is A White Screen

Jun 27, 2014

On my mid 2007 Aluminum 24" Intel Imac shows nothing but a white screen when powered on even though according to the diagnostic LED lights which are all powered on and green the logic board, video card, and everything else are speaking back and forth to each other perfectly fine.  Does this mean the LED screen is bad or (from what I've read) is it a possibility the hard drive is bad? I know the optical drive is bad and will not spit out any discs. The #1 reinstallation disc for the OS is stuck inside right now. Before I order a new screen, inverter, and optical drive I figured I should ask in here to see if it is just bad hard drive or something else. Wouldn't the LED diagnostic lights tell me if the hard drive was bad?

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IMac :: Cyan/Pink/White Vertical Lines Expanding?

Nov 9, 2009

They started real small I thought it was just me then an hour later it expanded, 6 hours passed, it's a least 5 inches wide.. It started on the right, around where the time is shown.

What's happening? I have an early 06 iMac.

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OS X :: Screenshot Turn Out In A Green Pattern?

Apr 9, 2009

no matter what kind of screenshot i take (shift+control+command+3, shift+command+3, shift+control+command+4 or shift+command+4)
it always results in this pattern

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OS X :: Screen Went Green And White Lines Appeared

Apr 1, 2009

I have an IMac and first the screen went green not long after I got the power supply changed and now lines are appearing

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MacBook Pro :: Getting Green Apple Then Just A White Screen When Turned On

Sep 5, 2014

When I turn my macbook pro on I get a green and white lined apple then just a white screen?

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MacBook Pro :: Frozen With Pink And Green Pixels

Aug 25, 2014

I have a late 2008 version of the 17" MacBook Pro. I've been using it today and it's been completely fine. that was up until I was uploading my recent holiday photos to iPhoto. I left it to upload and came to check on it after 5 minutes. I found the program had frozen and pink and green pixels were spotted all over the screen. 

I turned the laptop off by the power button. When I started her up again I found the white screen with the pink and green pixels everywhere and apple logo appear. It starting booting and then just stopped. the screen froze and nothing was working. I've tried booting up in safe mode and again it just freezes. I've included a photo I've taken if the frozen screen. 

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IMac :: Pink Ununiform Tint On Screen.?

Jun 27, 2010

I hate to complain but this just sucks. After dealing with multiple repairs with my 24" iMac, I got a 27" as a replacement. I always keep my iMac just a bit over half brightness. I have the same problem again! why the same issue is occurring and what should I tell apple if they can't fix it!

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PowerPC :: Strange Pink Artifacts Over IMac G5 Screen

May 11, 2009

I have an iMac G5 (rev. B with ambient light sensor) which has suddenly started having a problem where the entire screen is covered with pink artifacts. The iMac had been left on overnight and when waking up in the morning I found the screen looking like this and now it continues to stay like this no matter what I do. I have attached a screenshot and was wondering if anyone might have a clue what has caused this to happen

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PowerPC :: IMac G4 Screen - Violent Pink Tint On It?

Aug 6, 2009

I have a 15'' iMac G4 with 800 MHZ processor and 768 mb ram. I woke it from sleep one day when suddenly everything had a violent pink tint to it. I had no idea what to do. I've replugged-in the video cable, messed with Colorsync, blew dust from the internal monitor port. I don't know what to do!!

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IMac :: White Screen At Restart / White Screen With 3 Loud Beeps

Jun 1, 2009

So my 20" 2.4 Imac crashed on me twice tonight. A box popped up telling me to hold down the restart button for several seconds to restat. The second time I did this it just sits with a white screen and give three loud beeps over and over. Is there a fix for this? Is it my ram? I'm at a loss.

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IMac :: White Screen With A Folder On It / Start Up Screen Just Stays White

Feb 15, 2010

My step mom has an iMac. The first gen intel one and the other day out of nowhere there was a white screen with a folder on it and now when you go to start up the iMac the screen just stays white.. What would be the cause of this and what should I do to fix it .. thank you

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IMac (Intel) :: Screen Flashes Pink With Yellow Apple Just After Start Up

Jun 1, 2014

My screen will flash pink with a yellow apple icon just after the spinning gears has stopped when I start up.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Pink Vertical Lines On Anything White

Jun 1, 2014

Any fix for the vertical pink lines and distortion that makes my mid 2010 macbook pro 17" un-usable?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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IMac :: There Are Green Dots All Over The Screen?

Jun 6, 2009

The other week I got on my iMac and saw that there were green and purple dots all over my screen.

I have no idea what they are from or how to get rid of them.

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Software :: All Over Plaid Pattern On Screen When Restarted?

Nov 25, 2008

After a power outage my computer was not quite right. When i restarted it there was a plaid like pattern in all shades of gray , black and white. When i put the pointer on it, the desktop came beck at each part I touched. i sort of was painting it back. I shut it down.

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IMac (Intel) :: Had Green Colors During Two Boots Now Screen Won't Power On?

Jun 24, 2014

Suddenly yesterday when I powered mi iMac I had some horizontal green bars on the startup screen then it powered normally. But it happened two times, now every time I power on my iMac the screen stay black, and i can use my computer, everything else is working normally (i still can use Alfred to turn off my computer). 

I already tried resetting the Command+Option+P+R, it didn't work. Also the Safe mode. 

I have a mid-2011 27' iMac. EMC 2429.

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MacBook Pro :: Strange Purple Lines In Pattern On Screen

May 3, 2010

i have had a Macbook Pro which I got in mid 2008 and it just yesterday began doing something strange. After working in Mac OS X for a while I saw that many of the white areas on my screen were filled with purple lines. Most of my pics in my background are outlined with varying colors and I cannot figure out what is going on.

I began to suspect the graphics chip at first, so to test this theory I plugged it into an external display and the problem did not exist there so I concluded that it was not due to the graphics chip. I have a friend who performed some tests and believes that it is a problem in the connection between the monitor and the graphics chip and that certain bits of data just aren't making it through. I thought that this was a feasible problem, but to get a second opinion I took it to the local apple store on my university campus and they looked at it and also concluded that it was not a graphics chip problem, but that I may have to replace the whole display assembly. This was fairly expensive and I cannot afford to do that since time got away from me and I forgot to purchase applecare. (How stupid of me. Aargh!) Anyway, so I was wondering what is believed by the macrumors community to be the best option. I discovered that this problem seemed to happen on a lot of this particular model of macbook pro and that apple offered to replace the graphics chip for free because of it, but since they do not think it is a graphics chip issue, it appears that I am stuck.

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MacBook Pro :: Pattern Showing On Mate Screen Randomly

May 31, 2010

I have a Macbook Pro 17" 2.16 dual core with a mate screen and now all of the sudden I get this weird pattern. Sometimes it goes and comes back and sometimes it disappears for a month. Is my screen up for a change or is it just something loose.

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IMac (Intel) :: Multiple Daily Lockup / Green Squares On Screen

Jun 20, 2014

New iMac at first of year has always locked up with green squares (1/4") randomly on the open window.  I have to do a hard boot to unlock the screen.  This may happen 5 or 6 times a day but I'm finding no pattern.  It happens in any software, mail, internet browser, extra programs and only using what I need at the moment, including mail and internet, hasn't worked.  I've run disk utility - repair disk and repair permissions multiple times to no avail.  I've reinstalled the OS Mavericks and Adobe Creative Suite programs (Photoshop & Premiere Pro), no improvement.   

I purchased a high-end iMac specifically to handle high-demand video editing needs.  But this happens when checking email or browsing the internet too.  Here's a listing of the system from a "Panic (system crashes) log" from the "Activity Report." 

System Profile:
Model: iMac14,2, BootROM IM142.0118.B00, 4 processors, Intel Core i7, 3.5 GHz, 32 GB, SMC 2.15f2
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, PCIe, 4096 MB
Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz,

[Code] .....

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OS X Mountain Lion :: A Gray Snowflake Pattern On Display Screen?

Dec 7, 2014

Am getting a gray snowflake pattern on display screen (using older Mac pro). Did something fail in computer or is this a hacking job? Right now I'm using another MAC to send this.

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OS X Mavericks :: Screen Of IMac Flashes Green During Boot Sequence Then Returns To Normal

Jun 4, 2014

During the boot-sequence the screen of my Imac 27" flashes green (once), then returns to normal. This does not happen when I boot my Windows (Bootcamp) partition, so I assume this is some kind of OSX driver error. This started to happen only after I installed the latest patch (10.9.3). How to get rid of it ?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Goes Pink By Itself?

Mar 19, 2012

My late 2009 Macbook Pro started to have screen issues a couple weeks ago. Basically, the screen just goes pink as in the picture below. The laptop came with a dual GPU (GeForce 9400M & GeForce 9600M GT) and switching between them does not resolve the problem. I also tried re-calibrating the screen display, but to no avail. I tried googling the issue but nothing useful came out of that. I've also tried running the apple hardware test but it said everything is fine. 

This issue has come out of nowhere (I haven't spilled anything on my laptop, nor have I dropped it...). At first, it appeared to go pink randomly, and go back to normal randomly. But now, it remains pink all the time. I would have taken it to an Apple Store if I could, unfortunately there's no such thing as an Apple Store in my country.So now I'm stuck with this annoying pink screen

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Intel Mac :: Pink Line On Screen?

Jun 22, 2012

A pink vertical line has suddenly appeared on my iMac screen?

How do I get rid of it? It is still there having restarted the computer.


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IMac :: Getting White Screen After Every Restart

Nov 11, 2010

This is perplexing me: I've only had my iMac 21.5" for a week. I posted here about the white screen issue after the 1st s/w update. Now, on every restart I get the same *but only when* my USB ext HDD is plugged in; unplug it & it starts fine, plug HDD in and it mounts, checked external HDD with disk utility - AOK. Never had this problem with my old 20" iMac! It's still in DoA period so is it best to get it swapped out?

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OS X :: Imac Stuck On White Screen

Sep 6, 2006

I ran software update and got (iPhoto, itunes, Security patch) so I ran it and downloaded everything except the Intel Security Patch. So I restarted and decided to try again. Restart didn't work as it got stuck and I had to reach around and restart by holding down the power button. When it came back up, I got the white screen with the grey apple logo and the spinning clock like icon..... spinning and that is where I am stuck, left it off all night and tried it in the morning, same thing.

I did try:

-resetting pram (nothing happened)
-restart in safe mode, holding down shift key (nothing, stuck on screen)

I would try to start up from the OSX disk except I have a DVD in the machine. I am thinking it was that security update that didn't download fully that is doing this but how do I get the imac, "unstuck"? or how do I manually eject that DVD to put in a OSX start up disk?

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IMac :: 24" Screen Keeps Going White?

Jun 18, 2010

Three times in the last week or so my iMac's screen has just turned white (once with almost a ribbed pattern with thin grey vertical stripes evenly interspersed) and become completely unresponsive, with the only option being a hard reset. It's happened under a variety of conditions: while surfing in Safari, while working in Aperture, and once without doing anything (I was on the phone sitting by my computer). Each time I've restarted it everything seems to work fine for a couple days, but then it happens again. I've never seen anything like this and I figured after the third time it's time to ask for help. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Can't Get Beyond A White Screen Starting Imac

May 17, 2012

This happened many months ago but my imac evetnually started. Today I have tried several times to start my imac and can't get beyond the white screen.I get the mac sound at when it is trying to start up but then freezes at the white screen.

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