Windows On Mac :: Unable To Uninstall Parallels Network / Reappears Under Network

Aug 7, 2010

I've searched everywhere and have one nagging issue. After I uninstalled Parallels I keep getting two Parallels Virtual Network Connections under Network in System Preferences. It happens every time I restart, I have to redeleate them. Has anyone had this problem after uninstalling Parallels?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Uninstall Parallels Network / Reappears On Restart

Sep 29, 2008

I had Parallels installed, but I ended up back with Bootcamp. After I uninstalled it I noticed under iStat Pro Widget there were two parallels network connections. I went to the System Prefs - Networks and deleted them, but every single time I restart my computer they pop back up! I tried locking the settings after I deleted and applied them but I can't figure it out! Please someone help me! I do NOT want to have to format my whole HDD!

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Windows On Mac :: Red Alert 3 Unable To Connect To Internet / Parallels Not Connecting To Network

May 20, 2009

I installed parallels in my macbook and I have the game Red Alert 3 installed in windows in the parallels. I can see that i'm connected to the network in windows and the mac and i can access the internet in both. We have 3 computers in the network, two are PC's and one is the macbook. When the PC creates a game in the same network, the other PC can see the game and join it. But the mac, which is connected to the same network, can't see the game and cannot join. How can I fix this network problem?

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Software :: Unable To Connect To Internet / Network With Parallels 5.0

Dec 25, 2008

I have installed Win XP on my Parallels 5.0.9310 (Mac OS 10.6.2) but am not able to get Windows to connect to Internet. I have tried updated the Devices settings in Parallels as per the instructions in their manual.

Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to get this to work??

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Windows On Mac :: Uninstalling Parallels Network Properly?

Mar 22, 2009

After I uninstalled Parallels I keep getting two Parallels Virtual Network Connections under Network in System Preferences. It happens every time I restart, I have to redelete them. Has anyone had this problem after uninstalling Parallels? Look at sig for the specs I'm running.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Parallels/finding Network Drivers?

Apr 22, 2009

I recently installed Windows vista using going through parallels because my bootcamp failed a while ago. This partition also acts as my bootcamp. Well The internet on parallels works fine because it is using osx network, but when i boot into bootcamp the network drivers seem to be missing. I cant figure it out, but it says the ethernet and network drivers are not there. I cant find the drivers on the internet anywhere and when i use the vista disk i have it still does not want to install them.

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels Network Uninstalled - Back On Restart

Apr 9, 2009

I had Parallels installed, but I ended up back with Bootcamp. After I uninstalled it I noticed under iStat Pro Widget there were two parallels network connections. I went to the System Prefs - Networks and deleted them, but every single time I restart my computer they pop back up! I tried locking the settings after I deleted and applied them but I can't figure it out! I do not want to have to format my whole HDD! Here is a screen shot so you know what I'm talking about:

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Applications :: Unable To View Ubuntu Services / Sharing Parallels With Network

Jan 5, 2009

I'm running Parallels with a Ubuntu VM to test my new NAS computer, but I can't seem to view the Ubuntu services with other computers on my network. Is there a setting or something that I can change that enables Parallels to share services across the network? Right now I'm limited to seeing services from Ubuntu with OS X on my MacBook running the VM.

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Windows On Mac :: Setting Up Parallels On Windows Network?

Sep 4, 2009

I've just ordered a Mac for work, which I'll be adding to a PC-based network all running under Windows Small Business Server. I know I can add the Mac ok, but I just wondered what will happen when I then add Parallels. If the Mac is properly set up and attached to a domain, will the "Virtual Windows" machine by definition be part of the same network and work ok, or is it better to think of the virtual machine as a completely new entity in the network?

Perhaps it'll all become blindingly obvious when I start, but I just wondered if there was anything I need to know so I go into this with my admittedly non-techie eyes open!

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OS X :: Unable To Uninstall Parallels / Certain File Types Still Associated With Parallels

Aug 28, 2009

i'm abit ocd with stuff on my computer, so stuff like this really bothers me. i had parallels one my computer for a little while whilst i needed windows. now i don't i got rid of the partition and uninstalled parallels. but, .exe files and some other files still show the parallels logo, as if it wants to open them in parallels.

is there any way i can change this? i've removed everything i can think of in preferences, application support, startup items, receipts, etc to do with parallels but to no avail.

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OS X :: Unable To Access Network Window / Network Settings Changed By Another Application

Dec 11, 2009

My neighbor has an IMac with OS 10.4.11 installed. When I open System Preferences and select the Network icon, the Network window comes up but it is overlayed with a message that states: "Your network settings have been changed by another application." When I click OK, this same overlaid window comes back.

The only way I can get out of System Preferences at this point is to do a Force Quit. In other words, because this overlaid window appears, I am unable to access the Network window to look at TCP/IP settings, make changes, etc.

Next I went into System/Library/Preference Panes/Network.prefPane(more info) to look at the application that appeared in the "Open with" field. It stated "System Preference." I replaced this with a new "System Preferences from the Applications Folder, but the same thing happened - even after I rebooted the computer.

Please let me know how to solve this problem so I can access the Network System Preferences properly.

Thank you.

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Software :: Unable To Connect To Network - Network Icon Missing In Finder

Dec 5, 2006

I have a home network running 3 PC's(with XP) and 2 Macs (with Tiger OS X 10.4.8). Mysteriously one of my Macs(MacMini) refuses to show a Network icon in the Finder sidebar? I have used the Go > Network menu to try to get a Network icon, but this does work. Yesterday I did a scheduled Mac OS system update, and it seems that since then I have not been able to see/get a Network icon in my Finder.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? PS - I am able to use the old 'GO > Connect to Computer' method, then type in the smb://myOfficePc, and access shared files on other PCs on the network. So networking is configured properly on this MacMini.

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MacBook :: Unable To Share Network Connection / Connected Via Ad-hoc Network?

Dec 31, 2010

I have Alltel Mobile Broadband. Up until the other day, it's been working fine. I'd set up a network on my macbook after connecting to the Alltel network, then I'd enable internet sharing. Then my iPod Touch, iPad, etc would all be able to go online.

The past couple days, however, the connection just won't share.Anyone have any idea what could be doing this and how to fix it?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Connect To Internet / Network Adapter NIC Required?

Oct 8, 2010

I have the new 15 MBP and just installed windows vista 32bit on bootcamp 3.0. I cant get connect with my internet wireless or ethernet. It states that I need a network adapter NIC. Where can I go to download it? also the sound problem as well, no sound in windows. What steps to take???

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OS X :: RDP From Windows Vista Home Premium / Unable To Ping Network

May 30, 2010

OK so I just upgraded my Mac to Office 2011, which includes Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). I know that I cannot connect TO a Windows Vista Home Premium computer from the Mac, but according to the MS help files, I can connect FROM Vista Home Premium to the Mac.

I'm running both computers on the same wireless network, yet the Vista machine cannot connect to the Mac....can't even ping the Mac IP, as a matter of fact. The IPv4 addresses that show are the router IPs (from ipconfig), and they of course begin

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Mac Pro :: Uninstall And Reinstall Network Driver?

Jun 19, 2012

My internet connection is very intermittent on Mac, while solid on PC and other Apple devices.  Connection can only be maintained using ethernet.

Cable support says to try uninstalling then reinstall the wireless network adapter card.

iMac, iOS 5.1

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Windows On Mac :: Uninstall A Partial Install Of Windows Through Parallels?

Mar 2, 2010

I got a copy of Win7 from school and started installing it on my wife's computer (I have my own Win7 copy). I need to uninstall it...don't ask. I just need to know how to get a partially installed copy of Windows uninstalled. Each time I put the disc in and launch Parallels it wants to continue the install, which I can't do (faulty product key). Anyone know how to uninstall at this point?

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OS X :: Unable To Set Network Preferences / Network Preferences Changed By Another Application

Aug 14, 2009

I am running OS X 10.4.11 on a "pod" iMAC. When I open system preferences and click on network, I get a pop up window that states my network preferences have been changed by another application. When I click on the green "OK" box the pop up goes away and comes right back. This is driving me crazy because when it gets into this cycle it's almost impossible to get out of the preferences panel or even check the settings! It's like it gets into a closed loop and won't let you do anything.

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OS X :: Unable To Connect Leopard To Windows Vista Computer For Peer To Peer Network?

Dec 3, 2007

Why can't I see Windows machines on a wireless router with Leopard? I just want to know.

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OS X :: Auto-mount A Network Drive After Connecting To A Wireless Network?

Sep 22, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to automatically connect a MacBook to a network drive after connecting to the wireless network that the drive is connected to.

Here is the situation:

I back-up my wife's MacBook via Time Machine to an external hard drive that is connected to my Apple desktop. It works great! I even have her system setup to automatically mount the drive upon log-in. Unfortunately, after leaving our wireless signal and then coming back the time machine drive isn't automatically mounted since she isn't "logging back-in". Is there an automator script that can be built to automatically connect to drive X after connecting to wireless network Z?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Network - Can't Login To Network Macs As Registered User

Feb 20, 2012

Have recently done a clean install of Lion onto a Mac Pro that was running Snow Leopard. Upgradede to 10.7.3  The Lion Mac sits on an office network of several macs running Snow Leopard and a Network Shared HDD.  In order to gain quick full access to the other computers we have been using "connect as" then inputting the macs registerred user administrator details, we were able us access to the full Mac and it's currently mounted hard drives. Since installing Lion I can see and fully access the network share which only uses guest access, see the Other macs in finder, add to their drop boxes but not connect as a registerred user to access one of the snow Leopard machines.  I get a pop up. Spinning wheel, and eventually a timeout. Can't even cancel this action as it comes up greyed out. Oddly the other macs can still log into the Lion machine. No joy so far toggling network preferrences and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a setting I have missed, So far have had not joy looking online or playing in seeing why it would now not be able to connect as before. 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Slow Network - Airport Express To Extend The Network

Apr 21, 2010

I have a slow network issue. I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

1 MacBook Pro
1 Airport Extreme
1 Airport Express to Extend the Network

The network to my living room was slow, so I added the Express to extend the network. When connected through the Express, with a Time Machine backup, I'm getting about 500K/sec transfer speeds. When I move the laptop away from the Express and close to the Extreme, the network works much faster, about 5MB/sec. I don't understand why the network is so much slower when using the Airport Express as a network extender. Is the speed difference normally that much? If it's not supposed to be, is there anything I can do?

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Intel Mac :: Setup Network On 24, Have A Network Drive Installed Already?

Jun 15, 2012

Not sure even where to start. I have the Apple extreme router, WD network drive and 2 express units throughout the house. Looking to access the netwrk drive from MAcbook and TV that has internet connect through BLuRay disk.Router is behaving ok and the network drive is set up.Not sure where to from here. Any manuals available to take one through step by step?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X Mavericks :: Deleting Unused Network Name From Network List?

Jun 5, 2014

how created an unused network that is showing up on the list of networks in the building.   i need to delete it. I went to System Preferences, then Network, then Advanced but the next screen befuddled me as there was no "Wi-Fi". 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install Windows From .exe / Parallels Asks For A CD Or CD Image?

May 13, 2009

I have parallels 4 installed and I want to install windows XP. My school gives us legal copies of windows 98 and a windows xp upgrade. However, neither of these comes in the form of a CD image. They are both .exe files. Parellels asks for a CD or CD image. Is there a way to install windows 98 from an .exe in parallels?

And if so will I be able to use the windows xp upgrade once i have windows 98 installed? I haven't yet tried creating a CD image with the exe file on it. I don't know if this would work because it's all in one file and not a typical windows install disk.

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OS X :: Preventing Network Joining - Settings Of Network

Sep 20, 2010

I'm trying to prevent my Mac from connecting to any other Network than my own. However, it always grabs the neighbors. How can I specify that I do not want to be on any other one than my own. It does not seem that there is this option in the Network Settings.

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OS X :: Ad Hoc Network Wiped Out Regular Network Connection?

Jan 7, 2011

I've searched and don't see anybody else with this problem. I tried to set up an ad hoc network on my MBP so I could use TouchAble with my new iPad. But now I can't get my MBP (or iPad) to see my home wifi network.

(TouchAble is a music performance app on the iPad that controls Ableton Live on the MBP. It works on an ad hoc network so the combo will work on gigs without depending on local wifi.)

I set up a new network ok, with a password. The iPad saw it, but before I tested it further I wanted to make sure I could reinstate my regular network. So I tried switching back to the regular wifi. No dice! The MBP sees the network, but I can't log in. It acts like the password is wrong. Same on the iPad.

Yes, the network works. I didn't make changes to the settings in my router, and my iPhone still sees it with the same password.

I tried a tip I found online and deleted the network preferences file ( and rebooting. No dice. (The system didn't write a new one, as I had expected; I had to reinstate it from the Trash). I rebooted a few times, both MBP and iPad. Nope.

What's going on here? 1) How can I get my MBP to see my network, so I can switch back and forth from the ad hoc to the local network. 2) Ditto for the iPad.

MBP is new. All systems and versions are up to date. No other funny stuff with the network--it's been stable for two years. Everything is stand-alone; this is in my home office. I'm the admin. (But I'm not a techie, so if you start talking about IP addresses and subnet masks, please be clear what I should try.)

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OS X :: Extend A Wireless Network/Participate In A WDS Network?

Jun 25, 2009

I'm extending my Airport Extreme router with an Airport Express. In the Airport Utility I am given these options:

"Extend a wireless network"
"Participate in a WDS network"

Which one should I choose and why?

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Hardware :: Using G Network As Well As Airport Extreme N Network?

Jul 8, 2009

Here is my situation. I am a network newbie. I bought a Airport Extreme (2008 model without dual band & guest networking) and have it setup with my ADSL broadband modem. I bought it so I could use the high speed N to connect to my Apple TV. It replaced a Linksys WRT54G.

My concern is this. We have another laptop in the house which only has Wireless G. It is connected most of the time to our network, so I presume that it will be slowing the speed of my Extreme to G levels.

Can I connect my old Linksys G router somehow to my network to create a seperate Wireless G network to access the internet. The older laptop can be at G speeds and my Extreme network remaining at N speeds ?

Maybe an easier option is to buy a N USB adaptor for my laptop but I don't want to buy something if I can use my current equipment.

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Applications :: Unable To Delete Subscribed Calendars / Reappears After Sometime

Nov 1, 2010

I upgraded to the MobileMe BETA. Not sure if this is a "beta" problem or something that would have happened even I were not on the BETA when I went to delete subscribe calendars. I have been subscribed to calendars for some time. Then I went to delete some calendars I've subscribed to (my wife's). For some reason I am unable to delete the calendars I'm subscribed to. They do temporarily act as if they are deleted, but when I start up ical again, they reappear.

It seems that it's not truly removing them from the CALDAV server (or wherever they may be saved on MobileMe). I've attempted to delete them, then delete Plist files, etc. etc. I have deleted all of my calendars and reset them up, hoping this would trigger hope. Any ideas? Any way to access the server that seems to be bringing these back each time I restart? The only reason I think they are on a "server" is because I deleted all of my calendars and they did delete, then added my MobileMe account back into iCal and they reappeared again.

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