Safari :: 10.7.3 - Still No Screen Sleep Fix On HTML5 Video?

Feb 1, 2012

Yesterdday 10.7.3 was released with new Safari and there is still NO fix for the Full Screen Sleep issue with HTML5 Video, whats wrong with you Apple, this bug is since Lion released with Safari,5.1 now 3 Versions later this small bug is still not fixed, but already known, i dont want to use Caffeine or such stuff, while Apple suggests the Web to use HTML5 why is the support for basic Features so bad?

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Software :: Google Reaffirms Intent To Derail HTML5 H.264 Video With Web Browser Plugins

Jan 15, 2011

After igniting a hailstorm of controversy over its intent to drop HTML5's H.264 support from its Chrome browser, Google has reaffirmed its intent to push its own open WebM video codec via Flash-like plugins for Internet Explorer and Safari users. The reason: Google wants to ship free platforms without incurring external licensing fees. Google's Mike Jazayeri detailed the company's new push behind WebM by writing in a detailed blog posting that the groups involved in developing the HTML5 video distribution standard "are at an impasse. There is no agreement on which video codec should be the baseline standard

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Applications :: Youtube's HTML5 In Safari 4

Feb 22, 2010

i've been testing youtube's html5 beta on my aluminum macbook, 2,4ghz, 2gb ram, nvidia 6400m, OSX 10.5.8 after reading everywhere that it was less resource intensive than flash video, in fact, most of the things i've read said it was a huge performance boost. Nevertheless, after checking activity monitor I get Youtube with html5, around 95.0 CPU usage Youtube with flash video, around 65.0 CPU usage. So, whats the problem with my mac?? why do i get this results when lots of people are saying they get around 15% cpu usage with youtube html5 an safari 4?

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Safari :: HTML5 Not Playing On Youtube

Apr 23, 2012

I'm having some YouTube trouble. When I play a video on YT, Little Snitch prompts me for "url..." at least twice before playing the video. But the video plays choppy until the entire video is buffered, and after playing about 25% it drifts out of sync anywhere from a half second to two or three seconds. It's really bad. Embedded videos on message boards etc play flawlessly.

Last night I got the 'No HTML5' message that others have been getting (as seen here) which kind of narrowed it down for me as an HTML5 issue. I am part of the HTML5 test group on YT but what made Safari suddenly stop dealing with YT's HTML5 is a proper manner?

I was one of the guys hit with the Flashback, could that have been a factor? I only noticed the problem after the two Safari updates from two weeks ago.

Info:Safari, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Can HTML5 Play Full Screen

Apr 17, 2010

The full screen option for HTML5 videos on Vimeo only fill the screen to the extent of the browser window.

I'm wondering if HTML5 is limited to the browser window or if it can be implemented in the future.

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Software :: Safari 5 With Extensions - Expanded HTML5 Support

Jun 7, 2010

Apple on Monday released Safari 5, the latest version of its desktop Web browser, with a 30 percent performance increase, the addition of Bing search and secure sandboxed extensions, as well as support for more than a dozen new HTML5 technologies. The update is available for download from Apple's website or via Software Update on Mac OS X. Safari 5 is a 39.1MB update. "Safari continues to lead the pack in performance, innovation and standards support," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Safari now runs on over 200 million devices worldwide and its open source WebKit engine runs on over 500 million devices." Available for both Mac and Windows, Safari 5 includes improved developer tools and supports a number of new HTML5 technologies that allow developers to create rich, dynamic websites. The latest version of Apple's Web browser also includes Safari Reader, which makes it easy to read single and multi-page articles on the web by presenting them in a new, scrollable view without any additional content or clutter. When Safari 5 detects an article, users can click on the Reader icon in the Smart Address Field to display the entire article for clear, uninterrupted reading with options to enlarge, print or send via email. Powered by the Nitro JavaScript engine, Apple said Safari 5 on the Mac runs JavaScript 30 percent faster than Safari 4, three percent faster than Chrome 5.0, and over twice as fast as Firefox 3.6. Safari 5 loads new pages faster using Domain Name System (DNS) prefetching, and improves the caching of previously viewed pages to return to them more quickly.

Safari 5 adds more than a dozen powerful HTML5 features that allow web developers to create media-rich experiences, including full screen playback and closed captions for HTML5 video. Other new HTML5 features in Safari 5 include HTML5 Geolocation, HTML5 sectioning elements, HTML5 draggable attribute, HTML5 forms validation, HTML5 Ruby, HTML5 AJAX History, EventSource and WebSocket. The new, free Safari Developer Program allows developers to customize and enhance Safari 5 with extensions based on standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The Extension Builder, new in Safari 5, simplifies the development, installation and packaging of extensions. For enhanced security and stability, Safari Extensions are sandboxed, signed with a digital certificate from Apple and run solely in the browser. The details match a support document published over the weekend that suggested the release of Safari 5 for Mac and Windows was imminent.[ View this article at ]

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Safari :: Doesn't Load Pages Containing Html5 Canvas On IMac

May 2, 2012

Suddenly Safari either is very slow to load or doesn't load some pages at all. I have tracked it down to be pages containing html5 canvas element.

This happens only on iMac and Macbook Air. It doesn't happen on iPad nor on Safari on a Pc. It will happen on the Mac computer both when the pages are out on the internet and when the pages ar locally stored. It's driving me absolutely mad!

I've tried emptying cache both through Safari menu and by removing Safari's Cache.db, I've reset Safari preferences, restarted, and changed DNS to Open DNS (though it seems strange it should be an issue since the problem also occurs when I run the site on localhost).  

If I open the page directly entering the url in the adressbar it works fine, it is when I try to access it from a link on another page on the site it doesn't load. If I press reload it will load fine. The link from other pages can be either an html <a href="url"> tag or javascript window.location or window.location.href neither works. The weird thing is it worked fine until just yesterday. And it works fine on every other machine except the Macintoshes.

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Safari :: Activate HTML5 To Watch Youtube Videos Without Using Flash?

May 31, 2012

How do I activate HTML5 to watch Youtube video's WITHOUT using Flash ? I have tried to find an answer but am unable to. I would prefer NOT to need to download and/or use Flash as I have read and heard that this can create security concerns on my mac. I am ABLE to play the same videos on my iPad though ( I know the iPad does not have Flash ) When I try to play the videos on my mac I get a message stating: But on my iPad, I AM able to play the SAME video.

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Safari :: Finding A Video In The Activity Screen?

Mar 16, 2012

I played a video at [URL]using Safari. When I opened the activity screen I could see the advertisement part of the file loading. When the main video began to play I could not find it and therefore could not download it.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1), iLife '09

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Software :: Using HTML5 Authoring?

May 8, 2010

I currently have a Flash website, but keen to start thinking ahead. I predominantly built it in Flash because I understood the authoring tool, and found HTML/Dreamweaver too confusing and technical. My background is video/effects, so the Flash timeline came naturally.

My question is - what if any authoring tools are available or coming for HTML5? Seems like a good opportunity for Apple to come up with a great visual, professional but easy to use application to promote their vision of the web's future....?

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Software :: Using HTML5 And YouTube?

Jun 23, 2010

How do you download videos from the HTML5 video player in YouTube? In the flash version it was sufficient to type alt-cmd-a to bring forth the activity window, then locate the .flv file in progress and double click it to start downloading to the local hard drive.

Now Safari (v5.0) does not seem able to do the same with the HTML5 videos. I imagine that there is maybe dedicated software for this, but I would like to know if there is a workaround with the Safari built-in functions.

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Applications :: Will Firefox Ever Get HTML5 H.264

Jan 22, 2010

Now that both You Tube and vimeo is dishing flash I want H.264 for FF which I now use. Currently Chrome and Safari supports this but could someone in theory make a plugin for Firefox ? Maybe a paid plugin to pay for the license fee for H.264?

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Applications :: HTML5 Vs Flash 10.2 Battery Life?

Jan 1, 2011

Just wondering if anyone out there has done a test to compare the battery life of their laptop running videos under HTML5 vs the same video with the flash 10.2 beta?

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OS X :: Youtube Html5 Beta Enabled But Still Uses Flash

Feb 12, 2010

So I enabled html5 on youtube but it's still playing everything on flash. not just the ads but all videos.

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Applications :: MBP To Sleep, Continue To Encode Video?

Jan 28, 2009

Quick question. My MBP is currently encoding a video (iDVD). If I put it to sleep will it be able to pick up where it stopped when I turn it back on?

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MacBook Air :: Flash Alternatives For Youtube - HTML5 Extensions

Oct 31, 2010

Since the new Air ships without Flash, this is a good time to mention these alternatives for Youtube videos. These extensions use HTML5 to play all Youtube videos, without gobbling up your battery like a buffet. Safari users [URL:...] Chrome users [URL:...]

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Software :: HTML5 Assault On Adobe Flash Heats Up With ClickToFlash

Oct 6, 2009

As Adobe works to port its full Flash Player to mobile platforms and highlights its upcoming support in CS5 for building iPhone apps using Flash tools, an open source group is leading a drive to kill Flash on the desktop using a WebKit plugin named ClickToFlash. El asalto de HTML5 a Adobe Flash se calienta con ClickToFlash ClickToFlash allows Safari users to isolate Flash content on the web so that it only plays when they choose to allow it. Flash content is replaced with a bounding box that enables the user to ignore the item (such as with ads) or to click the placeholder to activate Flash playback as desired. Additionally, the plugin can convert requests for YouTube Flash videos into requests for higher quality H.264 videos, allowing desktop users to bypass Flash the same way the iPhone does, and simply play any YouTube videos using the browser's own built-in HTML5 support for direct H.264 playback.

The examples below compare the same HD clip served by YouTube, first rendered using Flash with the standard grey YouTube playback controls, and then presented in H.264 using ClickToFlash to request the non-Flash version from Google. The native HTML5 version results in Safari using its own native QuickTime X playback controls rather than those created by Google using Flash......

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Hardware :: Hulu Has No Plans To Support IPad Browser With HTML5?

May 13, 2010

Video streaming service Hulu posted and quickly retracted an item on its official blog Thursday, in which the company stated that it doesn't see HTML5 in its immediate future.Eugene Wei, vice president of product with Hulu, said that his company's contractual requirements make the transition to HTML5 too difficult. The current player on the website, built with Adobe Flash, does a great deal more than stream video."We continue to monitor developments on HTML5, but as of now it doesn?t yet meet all of our customers' needs," Wei wrote. "Our player doesn?t just simply stream video, it must also secure the content, handle reporting for our advertisers, render the video using a high performance codec to ensure premium visual quality, communicate back with the server to determine how long to buffer and what bitrate to stream, and dozens of other things that aren't necessarily visible to the end user."

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ITunes For Mac :: Half Screen Is Black When Watching Video In Full Screen

Sep 10, 2014

As the headline says the right half of the screen turns black when watching video content in iTunes on full screen. I can see the whole picture when moving the mouse a little but as soon as the navigation bar disappears the right half of the picture disappears too. It does not matter what source it is. Both podcasts and movies work (or do not work) the same. 

The problem doesn't occur for other player (VLC, XBMC etc.). 

I have the latest OS (10.9.4) and iTunes (11.4). The computer is MBP 13-inch retina, late 2012 if it matters. 

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook :: Screen Dims While Watching Full Screen Video?

Jan 14, 2009

I recently had to erase and install Leopard. I then restored everything from my time-machine backup. The weird thing is, before, when watching streaming videos from the internet, the screen stayed at the same brightness, regardless of whether there was any mouse movement, or touching the keyboard, or anything. Now, if I don't do anything, the computer dims the screen, as if i wasn't watching a video.

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Why When Full Screen A Video On Mac Pro / Second Screen Goes All Grey Linen

Mar 11, 2012

THis only happens with HTML 5 videos. When fill sceen youtube the mouse on the second screen dissappears.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Why Can't Use And Full Screen Video On Other Screen

Aug 27, 2014

I'm trying to watch a video streamed on google chrome on my second display, which is a Samsung TV connected by HDMI to my macbook pro. 

However, I can't use my laptop when doing this, if I press full screen on the video no a separate window on the TV then click back onto my macbook screen the video exits full screen. 

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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IMac :: 21.5 Tries To Close Safari During Sleep?

Dec 28, 2009

Nine times out of ten, when I wake my Imac from sleep, I get a notification that Safari stopped my shut-down (?) and then a second one asking if I'm sure I want to close the open Safari windows. Also, if Itunes was open when I put the machine to sleep, it's almost always closed when I wake it up.

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OS X :: Put The Screen To Sleep Only?

Jan 2, 2006

I'm using a 20 inch iMac (iSight) and at night, I leave it to encode my DVD's.

I was wondering, is there someway to put the screen only to sleep and not the full machine? It is possible via the Energy Saving preferences but I don't want the screen to sleep all the time, just at night when I want it to.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or something similar that could to this?

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Safari :: Crashing Suddenly Or After Waking From Sleep

Jun 27, 2012

I have tried different approaches to no avail. Report follows.

Process:Safari [233]
Version:5.0.5 (6533.21.1)
Build Info: WebBrowser-75345702~2
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
[Crash Report] .....

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Mac Pro :: Screen Shut Off Without Sleep?

Jul 27, 2006

my friend owns a MacBook Pro and he has been having troubles with his new computer. He loves it all in all, but finds it frustrating that he can't turn the screen off without putting the computer to sleep. He says it's cause he wants his Adium away message to stay up for his friends, but can't find a way to do so, everyone I've asked has no clue.

Has Apple made a way to do this? Or is it this, as of now, cannot be done?

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Mac Pro :: Screen Sleep For One Second While Using Computer

Dec 7, 2014

Screen sleep one second while i'm using. 5-15 times per a day.

It happened when i worked Mac Pro with External Harddisk WD&adapter transfer from thunderbolt(Mac Pro) to firewire800(External Harddisk WD) or when i just search info in internet.

It could happened all. I just bought Mac Pro and Mac Screen not over 4months.

Today i think this problem cause of my Mac Screen so i sent it to Apple Agent for checking and they give their screen to me for working instead my screen.

But when i open and work with their screen just one hour, i have to shocked because screen sleep one second again. So i think this problem is not about Mac Screen.

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Safari :: 15inch Macbook Pro Will Freeze While It Goes Into Sleep Mode?

Jul 5, 2012

my issue is that recently my Macbook pro will freeze after it goes into change to screen saver

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OS X :: Display Sleep Vs Screen Saver

Aug 25, 2010

So I've bee tinkering with my energy preferences in order to get the best battery life I can, I've turned down the brightness to 1, my keyboard back light, to 1 (when I'm watching a movie in a dark room) and I've set it as the 'better battery' option. But now i'm a bit confused. What's the point in the screensaver if you can set your display to sleep (which i'm sure would save more energy). Is it just to look pretty?
How does everyone have their notebooks set-up to get the most out of their battery? Lastly, the 'better battery' option in energy preferences, does this do anything apart from adjust the display/computer sleep? I read that it reduces processor power hence the 'better performance' option.

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MacBook :: Screen Not Turning On After Sleep

Nov 29, 2010

I'm having a regular problem with my MacBook screen. Every time I put it to sleep, when it starts back up again the screen stays blank / black. The way to remedy this issue is to close the lid and open it again immediately. Then the screen comes on and no further problems.
Serial: W8905MCX1AQ
It's a 2008 aluminum 13" MacBook with snow leopard 10.6.4
2Ghz Intel core 2 duo with 4gb of ddr3 RAM.

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