OS X V10.7 Lion :: Sharing And Permissions In Finder - No Privileges Info

Jun 14, 2012

I am using a Mac Mini (mid-2011) running Lion Server 10.7.4.I have noticed lately that when I check files the Sharing & Permissions portion using Get Info on my files I find that there are two lines for each user on my computer.The first set of lines says Read & Write which I actually selected. The second set of lines says Custom. When I check I have the list Read & Write, Read, Custom. When I try to change Custom I cam select new option No Privileges Info. For the other users I am able to delete the extra line once I select No Privileges Info.

However even though I have more than one line I cannot delete the extra line for the main user. I will try and delete the extra line for the main user logged in as someone else that has what I have defined as admin privileges (reason I have more than one user).This really concerns me because this issue is causing problems with me adding or removing files as needed in the terminal. When I try I get this funky error:
"Dubious permissions on file (skipping): filename with duplicate entries for a user."
This is happening more and more even though I am not changing the file permissions that I am aware of.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Air :: Accidentally Set Finder Sharing And Permissions For Everyone To No Access

May 4, 2012

I have a relatively new MacBook Air.  In reviewing the sharing and permissions settings for the Macintosh HD and for user known as "everyone", I changed the setting from "ready only" to "no access" thinking that this would block access from other users (like other family members).  Well, it did, but I'm part of "everyone" and now have no access to my Air.   

I have tried rebooting and accessing Safe Mode (Command/Shift/V) and I can see the status information as the machine tries to lauch in Safe Mode, but then the screen turns white leaving me with no interface through which I can launch Finder and correct my stupid mistake. 

MacBook Air, iOS 5.1

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Terminal Command To Give Admin User Privileges In Finder?

Jun 29, 2012

Someone gave me a terminal command that allowed my OS X Admin user permission to make an application alias without having to enter my user password. I've since forgotten the command and wish to use it for a new admin user since my old admin has gremlins on a number of apps but new users are not troubled in same way. I can't beleive Apple would default to requiring a password to make/edit an alias but there you go the distrurbing trend towards their total control of my desktop advances… not to mention User SysPrefs leaking over from another user for keyboard shortcuts and sounds?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 10.7.4 actually Wacom 6x11

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Keep Custom Sharing Permissions Unlocked?

Mar 17, 2012

I'd like to be able to view a folder's info and have the the lockpad remain unlocked. This is so I can change permissions much faster.I am not having the easiest time with the custom access panel, because I have to reopen it multiple times so be able to get the settings correct.For instance, I tried adding a user but it would not show up so I closed the Info window and reopened it. The user finally showed up, but then I had to `unlock` this to make further changes. This is when keeping it unlocked would make things easier for my privileges.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Sharing Permissions - Unable To Attach Hard Drive?

Jul 15, 2012

I just bought a new 27" 3.4GHz i7 iMac to replace my agin iMac running Snow Leopard. Every time I turn the sharing on so that I can access the iMac and the attached hard drives from my other computer all the permissions explode to in infix able stse where I have to flatten the drive and reinstall Lion.  I've spent hours on the phone with Apple, troubleshooting, running bits of code in the terminal all with the same result which is the permission going ****** (including bad .kext files) Any ideas out there or should I just go for a replacement iMac?

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OS X V10.4 :: File Sharing Privileges Are Denied?

Apr 6, 2012

I have 2 macs hooked up on a verizon wireless network. Got a new mac mini with Lion when my "old"  Imac Intel core dou with tiger stopped working. However I had it repaired and now have both sharing the same wireless network.Since old Mac was online previously it is set now as the administrator. Don't know if that is the problem but file sharing privileges a denied and Iv'e tried everything

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can't See Info On Finder Items

Mar 24, 2012

When I select and item and click Show Info ( command + I) nothing appears. What can I do?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Messed Up User Privileges With File Sharing?

Jan 18, 2009

I've got a major problem, i was messing around with File Sharing and the user privileges and now Me and the system dosent have access to the files and i cant boot!!

I have seen a solution for this on this forum but now i cant find it, i think i remember it using the chmod command.

I have tried booting from the Installation disk and running the disk utility and restoring my user privileges but nothing.

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Software :: File Sharing - No Appropriate Access Privileges?

May 22, 2009

I'm having trouble accessing files and moving folders on a shared drive. When I try to open or move a file, it says "The document "X" could not be opened. You do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the item in Finder and choose File > Get Info." and when I try to move a folder, it says "This folder cannot be moved as you do not have access to some or all of the items." The IT (who is not trained to deal with macs) says I have full permissions for our shared drive and that the problem is with my computer. So I followed the instructions in the warning box.

However, in the Get Info for the file, it says under Sharing & Permissions "You can read and write". In my System Preferences, both my user accounts have the administrator access box checked. In the Help section, it gives instructions along the lines of "in the Sharing & Permissions section, click the lock next to your name to change permissions" and also "in the action (gear) section, select the option for permissions that you want". Trouble is, there's no name and no lock in my Sharing & Permissions box. There's also no 'action (gear)' option anywhere. When I click on the triangle next to Sharing & Permissions, it literally just says 'You can read and write'. There's no other option or information.

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OS X :: Finder Keeps Telling About Privileges

Dec 14, 2008

Finder keeps telling me I don't have privileges when trying to move, delete or change a file on my desktop. everything else on my computer works fine and I can change files or folders in my docs or my other folders.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Force Quit Finder - Repairing Permissions Taking Long Time

Apr 23, 2012

I am concerned about my MacBook Pro that I am running Lion on... recently I had to force quit the finder. Everything seemed to check out using TechTool Pro 6. Repairing permissions takes a very long time.

iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Finder Window Shows Sharing With Unknown Computers?

May 15, 2012

My finder windows seem to show that I'm "sharing" with other computers. I have file sharing turned off in System Preferences. On the left side of the finder window it shows "Favorites" and under that "Shared" pops up with what I assume are other computers nearby. These are not names of other computers in my house. These computer names pop up and come and go. They are the same two names. Underneath the "shared" names, my external drives show up under "Devices". My cable modem is connected to an Apple Airport Extreme router. Any ideas on why this "sharing" is showing up?Is my data secure? 

Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Snow Leopard - Cannot Do Multiple Get Info Permissions At Once?

Nov 7, 2009

OK in Leopard I could always select a bunch of files, right click and get info, then change the permissions to Read and Write for Everyone and Leopard would apply it to all files selected. Now, when I try the same thing in Snow Leopard it actually opens the get info window for every individual file selected and I have to manually apply it to each one. Does anyone know how to go back to the old way?

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MacBook Pro :: Sharing Updated Info Between Two Machines

Sep 3, 2009

I own a 24" iMac, as well as my newly purchased MacBook Pro. How can I keep my contacts, files, music, pictures, etc. up to date and the same between the two?

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OS X :: Setting Up Sharing Permissions For Folders Other Than Public?

Jan 9, 2011

So i wanted to set my freinds up with sharing accounts so they can access my public folder..... this is all done and working. But i wanted to also give them read only access to another folder on another drive. So ive set the permissions for the drive, folder and enclosing folder, but it still doesnt appear when they mount my share.

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Intel Mac :: Sharing Permissions On External Drive?

Mar 21, 2012

I'm having trouble setting the sharing priveleges on an external drive connected to my mac with snow leopard.My Drive is an external NTFS formatted drive.  I can share the drive across the wifi network just fine if I have the guest account turned on, but I want to restrict access to certain folders using "sharing only" user accounts.I want to use SMB sharing.What I have is a folder called Movies that I want to share across the wifi with my housemates via a user account called "house" only I have another folder called "iPhone shite" (no kidding) that I want to share via a user account called "devacct" only I have set permissions for Sys Admin(Read and Write). Admin(Write Only Dropbox), and Everyone(No Access)When a user logs into the mac over the wifi, what happens is that even though I have enabled sharing for both users, and turned off the guest account, regardless of what permissions are set for each of these users, "devacct" can see the Movies folder and "house" can see the iPhone shite folder.  This is not what I want. What also happens is that when I set the permissions, they do not save even though I click the lock.  The extra user permissions disappear and the basic permissions reset to default.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Won't Find Screen Sharing Info / Between Two Computers

Nov 25, 2009

I'm going to be using iChat for the first time and want to use the screen sharing feature between two computers running 10.6. iChat's documentation (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.h.../en/17157.html) says:

"While every screen sharing connection uses encryption, the highest level of security requires both participants to have MobileMe subscriptions with encryption enabled. If this is the case, you will see a lock icon in the screen sharing window."

I'm wondering:

1. What is the difference between the encryption that "every screen sharing connection uses" and the enhanced security allowed with MobileMe accounts? How does this compare with, say, doing VNC over an SSH connection?

2. I understand that one can get a free MobileMe account which only has iChat capabilities. Does this free MobileMe account enable iChat encryption, or do I have to pay $99/year to get that?

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OS X :: Permissions For Editing Files From File Sharing Between Two Macs

Feb 10, 2010

I currently have a Mac Mini operating as a Home Theatre with my TV, i transfer media files between my MacBook and the Mini via the Wi-Fi network.

The files transfer fine, no problems. However when it comes to modifying or editing the files i have a labourious task of going into the info pane of the file & adding the Mac Mini as a user and then giving it the read/write permissions.

Is there any way that files transferred from my MacBook via this method already give the read/write permissions automatically to my Mac Mini? Instead of going into every file and adding the permissions manually?

Probably is a simple answer to this, but its the first time i've used file sharing between two macs.

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MacBook Pro :: Removed Access To Hard Drive In Sharing And Permissions

Jun 3, 2014

I accidentally removed my access to my hard drive in the "get info" page. On the bottom where it says 'you have custom access' under sharing and permissions I removed myself (clicked the little minus sign). Now I can't open anything and the desktop is complete empty. How do I turn my access back on?

OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), Sharing and permissions

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OS X :: What Is Difference Between Inspector And Get Info In Finder

Oct 23, 2008

what the difference is between selecting a file in finder and pressing command-I ("get info") vs option-command-I ("inspector")? At first glance, there appears to be absolutely no difference except for the fact that the Inspector "close window" button is much, much smaller, while the "get info" window controls are more conventionally-sized (same size as Safari or Finder window buttons).

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OS X :: How To View And Work With ID3 Tag Info In The Finder

May 20, 2010

in Windows a folder can use ID3 tag information from music files for display in a column view just like you would see music displayed in iTunes. (Title, Artist, Album, etc.) I have an extensive library of music (600+ GB) and sometimes I'm working with multiple external drives. I'm also constantly adding to the collection as I get new music. Being able to see all of this data in the OS window makes managing the music on multiple drives much easier. We're talking about folders with 1000's of songs in them. I don't want to have to set up mutiple iTunes libraries for each external drive and deal with the headache of switching back and forth between them.

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OS X :: How To Add File Permissions Column To Finder

May 12, 2010

Have googled and MRoogled, sans success. I want to see Unix file permissions and user / group owner in the Finder ,for work reasons. How do I do this?

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OS X :: Files Disappear When Using "Get Info" - Permissions Can't Be Changed?

Jun 9, 2010

I have several files in my trash that cannot be permanently deleted due to permissions errors, but when I click 'Get Info', the file disappears, only to reappear when I close and reopen the trash. It's very frustrating! My main goal is to just get these files off my external drive and be done with them! Super Empty Trash does nothing.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Set Privileges To Document

May 28, 2012

I try to open a document but it says "The file “start_server.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges." I went into "Get info' went down to "Sharing and Permissions" it said "Read and Write" under my name so I tryed to open the doc but it still did not work.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: SL: Finder And IStat Showing Conflicting Info?

Aug 28, 2009

According to Finder, my hard drive has 83.69GB available.According to iStat, my hard drive has 77.94GB available.With the 7GB freed up from installing Snow Leopard, iStat seems like the one that should be correct, seeing as how I had ~68GB or free with Leopard.Which one should I trust, and why is there a discrepancy?

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Software :: Get Info In Finder Causes Hang / Freeze

Sep 29, 2005

I recentlyposted a question describing a problem I was having when viewing files in column view in the finder: when I click on a file, which would usually cause a pane to the right to open showing a preview of the item and information on the file, the finder hangs and I see an spinning disc. Just now I tried using the finder's Get

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Software :: Finder Quits After Repairing Permissions?

Jun 10, 2008

I recently ran Disk Utility on my MacBook (OS 10.4.11), and it said the node structure was invalid. The next day, I repaired the disk with DiskWarrior (I didn't have an OS X disk around, so I couldn't use Disk Utility).

However! Before I tried using DiskWarrior, I repaired permissions in Disk Utility, figuring that it was good routine maintenance. Disk Utility changed some permissions, and ever since, the Finder immediately quits and restarts when I navigate to certain folders. The "bad folders" seem to vary with no apparent cause: for a while it only cared about a certain folder inside my home folder, but now it's started to quit whenever I navigate to my home folder (which means I can't use Command-N, though I can make new windows by clicking on the hard drive's desktop icon). Occasionally it lets me go to my home folder for no apparent reason, and sometimes I can get to otherwise "bad" folders by clicking on my shortcuts on the leftmost panel of the finder window (though not always). In short, it's not very consistent, and changes over time. It's still doing this even after repairing the disk, zapping PRAM, and trying fsck (which said the disk was OK). Both Disk Utility and DiskWarrior think my permissions are fine.

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Software :: Setting Execute Permissions With Finder

Mar 25, 2010

I need to set execute permissions on certain files with Finder. Is this possible or do I need to use chmod?

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OS X :: Finder Preview Image Loading (Info On IDisk)

May 8, 2010

A couple OS's ago I remember if you opened a finder window on your desktop and if the column view was open it would attempt to create a preview, making your system completely useless until that preview was generated. It seems that this has been mostly addressed in Leopard, but still exists somewhat. But I've now discovered sadly another place where it exists and it has just cost me an hour of uploading time. getting info on idisk. I was uploading a large photoshop file on my idisk, 2GB, and I had 2 minutes left.

I accidentally did command I on a file on my idisk directory thinking it was my local directory. The file I got info on was 1.4GB.. it's now stuck trying to generate a preview image for that damn photoshop file and my poor 2GB upload that was 2 minutes away has apparently decided it was less important to finish uploading and to generate this damn preview! Which probably entails downloading the whole thing first.

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Applications :: Finder Running Very Slowly - How To Repair Permissions

Mar 14, 2009

I am using an Intel based imac 2.8GHz, has 4GB memory, OS 10.5.6. It has 16GB Hard disk free.

After finder has been up for 20 seconds or so the response time between clicks gets really slow (1 or 2 minutes). The problem repeats every time Finder is restarted. When I look at the Activity monitor the Finder shows that it is taking up 840MB of RAM and most of the CPU.

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