OS X :: Using Dual Display Monitor - IMac And Macbook Air

Sep 14, 2009

I have a 2008 iMac with intel processors and a Macbook Air for when I travel.

I want to set the Macbook Air up as a second monitor while I am at home using my iMac. How do I do this?

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Mac Mini :: Using Dual Display Turning Off Main Monitor?

Jul 8, 2009

i have 2 LCD's hooked to the new Mini as such:

1 going mini display port to DVI adapter to DVI on 19" Monitor (standard monitor)

1 going mini DVI to DVI adapter to a DVI to HDMI on 52" LCD (Samsung TV)

i just sold me iMac and switched to the Mini not only to be able to hide the Mini which i couldn't do with the iMac but also when i watch a movie full screen on the 52 i was never able to turn off the iMac monitor and would have to cover it with a towel so that it was dark in the room except for the 52 showing the movie.

my thought was that with 2 monitors separately hooked up to the Mini that i could solve the turning off the second monitor problem as they would now both have power buttons. besides making it dark in the room i also like to have the monitor off and so that i can have Plex on the 52 always in full screen mode so my wife can just hit "Watch Plex" on the logitech remote and the TV and Stereo switch to the proper inputs and away she goes to watch whatever without having to touch the computer which when both monitors are on works perfectly.

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Hardware :: Unable To Get 1920x1080 Display / 37" 1080p Dual Monitor

Feb 13, 2009

I recently purchased a miniDVI to VGA adaptor, and set up a dual monitor (37") to my iMac (24"). The problem is, the new monitor is only displaying at 1440 x 900.. i'd like it to be able to show 1920x1080; the actual resolution of the monitor. Any way of doing this? (the maximum resolution in the display preferences is 1440 x 900)

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IMac :: Testing Kensington Dual Monitor Adapter

Jun 3, 2008

Did anyone tested this Kensington Dual Monitor Adapter on iMac. I currently have one monitor connected to my iMac and I wouls love to add another one I am just not sure if this is going to work.

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IMac :: Intel Dual Monitor Compatibility With Older One

Aug 12, 2009

So My name is Lindsey and I have been an avid apple supporter. However in the last two weeks I've come extremely close to selling everything apple I own and going back to windows. I purchased a refurbished Intel Imac through the apple store about 4 months ago. Awesome computer, everything worked great. Well I recently decided to add an additional monitor so of course I started browsing the forums and did my due diligence. I read that there were some compatibility issues with some of the older imacs and the apple 24 in led display so naturally I called my nearest apple store to find out if I could use this display.

The sales associate listened as I explained that I had a 2008 intel Imac and assured my the display would work without an adapter. Of course you guys know this is totally wrong but I was unaware of this fact at the time. SO I drove a 6 hour round trip to Dallas and paid 970 in cash for my new monitory. Get it home and realize that something is obv wrong. I call the store back and the clerk tells me I need an adapter that can be bought at Best Buy. I drive 45 min to best buy. They are sold out. Next day I drive an hour and a half to the next closest Best Buy. They dont have it either..............................

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OS X :: IMac With Dual Display / How To Add A TV To The Set Up?

Mar 28, 2009

Got my iMac today, working great, but need help on how to hook up a TV to my system. Because my iMac is hooked up to the ACD 24" display, so the extra mini dvi port is occupied by the ACD, so then how do I hook up my 37" LCD TV to the iMac, so I essentially have three monitors hooked up to my iMac.

The ACD plugs into the iMac no problems of course, but my TV will be a different story, it's has two HDMI ports, S video and the 3 rca inputs.

Is there a splitter or something I can buy so I can add the TV to the set up. I've seen photo's here on this forum with 3 even 4 monitors hooked up, but I have no idea how to do it, searched here for a while as well.

Does anyone know exactly what adapters I need to buy to get the TV hooked into my dual monitor system?

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IMac :: Displaying Resolution On External Monitor With Dual Link DVI Cable?

May 4, 2010

I'm in the process of replacing my MBP with an early 2k9 iMac as my DAW machine. I'm shopping around for external monitors, and I'm leaning a 27" monitor that natively displays 2048 x 1152. My question is, if I get a dual link dvi cable- will my iMac be able to display this resolution on an external monitor?

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IMac :: Matching Dual Display - ACD Much Identical?

Apr 14, 2009

I should be getting my iMac in the next few days and more than likely going to get the 24" ACD, so I can dual display it. I know there is a difference in height, so going to VESA wall mount the ACD. I know the 24" ACD is LED and a slightly different screen to the iMac, the question I have his will I be able to get the screens to look pretty much identical i.e. brightness, colours or will I have to get something to calibrate the screens?

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PowerPC :: Using IMac G4 As Display / Monitor?

Nov 14, 2010

I have an old iMac G4 and I was wondering if I could just use the screen somehow since I don't need to use it as a computer? Could I use it like a TV to play xbox or something?

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IMac :: Extend The Display To Run Across A Second Monitor?

Apr 19, 2009

Just about to order a 3.06 with the 4850 and can anyone tell me if I can extend the display to run across a second monitor or does it just mirror the main display?

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IMac :: Use Display As Monitor For Mac Mini?

May 13, 2009

I have an iMac G5 1.8 GHZ And a Mac mini intel core duo is it possible to use the imac display as a monitor for the Mac mini I am aware of software such as screen recycler that uses a firewire cable but id like to connect directly via VGA/DVI so it dont lag

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MacBook :: Can't Make Monitor On Mini Display Port Primary Monitor?

Aug 18, 2010

I have a fresh install of Windows XP, service pack 2 on a boot camp partition on my macbook (13" first gen aluminum case) and a Apple LED Cinema Display attached to the mini display port.

I can't seem to make the Cinema Display the primary display (the "Use this device as the primary monitor" checkbox is always greyed out in the Display Property Settings tab). I also can't shut the macbook lid and continue to use it closed (with kb, mouse and monitor attached) like I would when booting OSX.

Is there some other way to make the Cinema Display the primary monitor, so I can leave the macbook closed when booting into Windows?

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IMac PPC :: Display On Monitor Pixelated And Pink?

Apr 13, 2012

The display on My IMac G5 running 10.5.8 is pink and the images are ghostlike! My screen saver is neon green! Is my Mac dying? It has done this before and after I was doing my work for a few hours, it come back to normal and shocked my eyes! This time it has been going on for about 4 days now!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Detects An External Monitor But No Display On The Monitor?

Aug 5, 2009

As said, my current set up is an HDMI - DVI cable (HDMI to monitor and DVI to adapter) and my DVI - mini DisplayPort adapter, everything is connected fine but when I turn on the monitor, it says cable not found... and nothing is displayed on the screen but on the Macbook side of things, it sees the monitor is connected (I can extend the screen and leave the screen) but other than that, it appears I cannot get an image on the monitor, pressing every button on the monitor does not work either.

Any other information that may seem necessary, let me know. I tried clearing my PRAM and clearing the power and such but nothing seems to work.

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Desktops :: IMAC G5 Monitor Has A Vertical Band In Display?

Aug 15, 2009

My 17inch iMac G5 has a vertical shaded band in the display that I cannot remove. Does anyone know how to fix this or it this now a permanent problem? The picture underneath is not corrupted, however it is a lighter shade. The vertical band is about 2 inches wide.

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IMac :: Using 27" As Display Monitor For Video Camera?

May 11, 2010

I'm not talking about while editing, I mean on set while shooting with a video camera. Is there a way to use the iMac as a field monitor?

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Hardware :: Unable To Get Display / Dell Monitor Connected To Macbook Pro MINI Display

May 21, 2010

I hooked up my macbook pro to a mini display port to a dvi -> hdmi to my tv no problem. However, when I hooked up the mini display -> dell monitor, I get nothing. The screen is black. The weird thing is that my macbook pro recognizes that a second monitor is plugged in... it just won't display anything

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MacBook Pro :: Closed With Dual Monitor?

Dec 3, 2010

i would like to know is it possible to have my MBP lid closed and use two additional monitors as my main?

will there be any heat issue on the MBP ( keep in mind i will be using it for many hours design/code )

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MacBook Pro :: How To Use A Dual Monitor Setup With An HPw22

Apr 13, 2010

Just ordered a 17" MBP and am looking to use a dual monitor setup with an HPw22. I've tried to do some research on my own but am still unsure about what adapter I should go with as this is my first time attempting to run a dual monitor setup. Below are the specs of the monitor for the interfaces with a link to the entire specs.

Interfaces 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) , 1 x DVI-D - 24 pin digital DVI


I was just wondering what someone who is a bit more knowledgeable about this would recommend getting adapter wise. Can I go with either the Mini DisplayPort to VGA or Mini DisplayPort to DVI since my monitor has both? Is their an advantage to one over the other?

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MacBook Pro :: Mid 2014 Dual DVI Monitor Crashing?

Aug 26, 2014

I've got a brand new macbook pro 13inch and recently purchased two of the mini display port adapters to dvi. 

Figured I would setup both my external monitors 1920x1080 and have 2 + 1 monitors for working.  

Only once was I able to plug both of the monitors in and have them work. Every other time (100s) the laptop crashes.  

I'm able to run one external monitor at a time, but not both. 

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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IMac (Intel) :: Change Display Settings Such As Color Temperature And Backlight Brightness On Monitor?

Nov 30, 2014

My wife has an iMac (I don't know any other way to identify it e.g. model number), and she has this 3rd party calibration software that I'm trying to use. I am not used to a Mac, and I cannot find the display settings for the monitor. There are no buttons on the monitor, and when I go to preferences, I can only find the brightness control. I've googled this and cannot find a clear, simple answer. I have used every version of Windows (currently on 8.1 on my PC) and it's easy for me on that platform. I suppose it's just that I don't really know how to navigate Mac OS.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Dual Monitor / Can't Make It Main

Sep 1, 2009

I connected a external monitor onto my macbook pro and I want to know how do I make that monitor my main one? like move everything (dock, folders, and bar on top) to my external monitor?

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MacBook :: Managing Dual Monitor With Multiple Desktops

May 29, 2012

After updating to Lion, I set my macbook up with a few different desktops so I could easily swipe between them instead of searching for the windows I needed.I just set up a second monitor to my mac and noticed that anytime I swipe to a different desktop, both monitors change. Is there a way to "freeze" one while the other moves? Or better yet, can I set up my second monitor to only have one desktop while my mac still has 2 or more?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4), dual monitor system

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Dual Monitors / Usb Monitor Adapters Or DVI Connections

Sep 7, 2009

I have a new 2010 MBP and I'd like to hook up two external monitors to it, more specifically, two ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitors. Either via HDMI or DVI connections. I've found various usb monitor adapters, but i've read that many can't quite 'keep up' and I really can't seem to find a solid solution out there.
So does anyone have a dual monitor setup they currently use, if so, what are you using to connect the mini display port to both external monitors.

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OS X :: Dual Display - Power Down And Disconnect The External Display

Oct 26, 2008

I have a question about using dual displays with my new macbook. The basic issue is this:

1: plug in second display and setup dual monitor support to use the external hi-res display and the macbook's display (no problem here).

2: drag windows to the external display and resize to use (no problems here either).

3. Power down and disconnect the external display.

4. Start up the macbook without the external display and try and open up a program that I was using previously on the external display. The problem is that it is resized and positioned for the external display and is now off the screen of my macbook display and I can't directly get to the title bar to move it or the resize corner to resize it.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Dual Display Setup

Oct 13, 2010

I have been running my macbook pro open, with a single monitor running beside it. I have come to the conclusion that I would benefit from two large monitors while working at home.

I know I need to buy the dualhead2go DP edition, but what Im not sure about is the cables I need to hook up to my monitors. I haven't yet decided what two monitors I am going to hook up to it, although they will be exactly the same and have HDMI connections.

What I am planning on doing is Getting the Dual Head 2 go, along with 2 DisplayPort to HDMI converters, and 2 HDMI cables, Correct me if Im wrong, but this should work?

Also, If anyone is currently using a dual head to go, how is the performance? I wont be doing any gaming, so that is not an issue, but for day to day tasks I assume everything will run fine? Im running the 330 in my 15' MBP.

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MacBook :: Finding Dual Display Adapters

Feb 25, 2009

I'm thinking of hooking up a second monitor along with my Macbook for home use, probably just an older CRT. What kind of adapters do I need to do this?

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MacBook Pro :: Configuring Dual Display In Advance

May 1, 2012

When I give presentations, I like to bring my own MacBook Pro so I can get right on it with all my preconfiguration. However I am staggered by the hassle of getting the dual display setting right. Usually when I plug the MacBook Pro into the projector it will give me an unpredictable display setting, and I will usually have to spend some five minutes to configure it correctly before I can launch into the presentation.

In situations when I am only allotted something like ten minutes this eats up my precious time in a big way. A valid solution is to rehearse with the projector and refrain from plugging anything into the computer between then and the presentation, but often times I have no control over what projector I will be using until the last minute.

My question is, then, is there any way I can preconfigure the display setting (two independent displays, with the desktop set to my monitor's native resolution, the VGA to 1024*768, with the laptop monitor being the primary display) that I can plug in the projector and begin immediately?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Late 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Bootcamp Win 7 Dual Display (on Thunderbolt To VGA)

Jul 4, 2012

I've been having a nightmare getting WIndows 7 to work properly with the second display on my MBP 15" (Early 2011) i7. 

I'm currently running Lion 10.7.4 which works fine on both the internal laptop panel and the external AOC monitor through a Thunderbolt -> VGA Apple Adapter. 

Bootcamp installed Windows 7-x64 with no issues, but when it came to trying to get the second monitor fired up it wouldnt. 

I noticed when I installed WIndows and when I boot into it, that the screens mirror one another, I take it this is the Intel GPU running. I'll explain why in a bit. 

1) I updated all the bootcamp files through Apple Update, no change

2) WHen I extend the displays, Windows sees the display, make and model without any issues, but it gets no signal

3) I then manually removed the ATI Radeon HD6xxx drivers manually, rebooted and both displays mirrored again throught a 'standard VGA adapter', this is why I assume this is the Intel kicking in.

4) I downloaded the latest ATI Drivers... ATI Mac Drivers -> Bootcamp -> Macbook Pro

5) Rebooted, and still stuck at step one now... 

Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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IMac :: Unable To Use TV As Secondary Monitor / Switch Between Primary And Secondary Display?

Feb 2, 2009

we are trying to hook up our TV as a secondary monitor (for hulu, netflix, etc) but it defaults as the primary monitor. We would like to keep the imac as the primary monitor, and have the TV as a secondary, but cannot figure out how to do it! The only way we can get the imac back to primary status is if we use mirror mode. Once we take it off mirror mode, the TV becomes the primary monitor again, and there appears to be no way of switching it in OSX display preferences.

I've done similar hookups with my laptop, and the TV defaults as the secondary monitor. Why isn't this happening with our iMac? Any ideas?

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