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OS X :: Make Netflix Streaming Work On PowerPC G5 Mac ??

Is there any workaround to make Netflix Streaming Movies work on a PowerPC G5 Tower Mac ?

It uses Sliverlight Technology from Microsoft .

View 18 Replies (Posted: May 24, 2009)

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MacBook Pro :: Google Instant, FB Chat And Netflix Streaming Doesn't Work
February of 2010 I had an issue where Facebook chat did not work, I would sign into facebook and there wouldn't even been an option for facebook, like it never existed.

Summer of 2010 I upgraded to Snow Leopard and did a complete wipe and install, started from scratch.
This fixed the problem. I later got netflix and enjoyed watching movies on my mac.

Then.. out of nowhere, facebook chat issue comes back, netflix doesn't work and says my computer doesn't meet the requirements (sarfar 3 and up, and 1Gb ram - i have safari 5 and 2g ram). And then google instant was released as well and that doesnt work. All while my girlfriends (summer 10') mac book pro works fine, as well as my cousins Mac Book Pro (Summer 09'), works just fine.

Mac Book Pro 13" (Summer 09)
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
Latest update to everything, safari, flash.. etc.

Posted: Dec 19, 2010

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Mac Safari :: Netflix Streaming And Webkit Memory
Some days back there was an update for Silverlight. I use Netflix streaming to watch movies on Safari. Since that update when the movie starts till I quit Safari, all date collected is kept by Webkit. An example being I play a 2 hour movie and it downloads about 2 gigs of data, all that data is being used as active data from my RAM. So when I started the movie I had 2 gigs of free ram, and at the end of the movie, I have 0 MB of RAM left. When I quite Safari, Webkit releases all that memory back and I have 2 gigs of ram free again.

MacBook 13" 2.0 Core 2 Duo (Late 2008)
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Jun 25, 2010

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Mac Mini :: Netflix Quit Streaming - How To Fix It
I just purchase a new Aluminum Mac Mini last week. I was able to stream Netflix the first night I had it. Two days later, I upgraded the RAM to 8 GB and updated Silverlight, Perian and Divix. Now I get a connection error when trying to stream content from Netflix. My old Mac Mini (2.0 C2D w/3 GB RAM/OSX 10.6.4) can still stream content from Netflix, as can my iPad. So I doubt it is a connection problem... more likely a software issue.

Both mini's are using Safari 5 and I have tried to set the user agent to 4.1 (and others)... but it still won't stream.

Is there a known issue with the newest version of Silverlight and Safari 5? Any other hints as to why I can no longer stream content?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
ACTC 10.5, working towards ACSA

Posted: Dec 14, 2010

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Applications :: Netflix Not Streaming HD With Safari?
Netflix recently announced that they will steam HD content to mac and pc users, but so far it does not work for me. I'll pick a show I know is in HD and play it, but while it shows the HD icon in the lower right, when I mouse over it the icon's pop-up displays the "allow HD button" checked and above that reads "not playing in HD"

I've tried this with several different sources with the same results. Anyone else with this problem? Is there a solution?

BTW, I meet all of Netflix's requirements for streaming to PC in HD:

Silverlight 3 or higher

A screen resolution of at least 800 x 600

A high-speed internet connection at time of playback (typically 5 Mbps or higher)

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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OS X :: Can I Install Netflix Streaming On IMac?
Can I install Netflix Streaming w/ no problems on my new Intel based iMac? I got the new 2009 model of the 24" iMac. Has anyone else installed and used Netflix streaming under similar circumstances with no problems? Did your Safari browser work fine with it?

Posted: Mar 24, 2009

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Hardware :: Best Streaming Box With Netflix?
I'm looking for a Streaming box to go in my living room with only a few parameters

1) It streams Netflix

2) It can be connected to external hard drives for movies (mp4) & music (aac)

I'd like to keep spending to a minimum. Is there anything out there with these features that isn't too expensive? Blu-Ray and everything else would be welcome, but I'm looking to spend no more than $250-300.

Posted: May 9, 2010

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IMac PPC :: Netflix Not Streaming
Netflix is not streaming what should i do?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Feb 12, 2012

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MacBook Air :: How Is Netflix Streaming On 2010?
I stream movies alot so I'm very interested in the new MBA's netflix streaming performance. Please state which model you are using, as I don't know which one I want yet.

Posted: Oct 24, 2010

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MacBook Air :: How Does Your MBA 11 Or 13 Do Streaming Netflix?
How does your MBA 11 or 13 do streaming netflix, and what are your brightness settings and battery times like?

Posted: Nov 14, 2010

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Applications :: Finding Netflix Streaming App?
Is there one for Mac? Sort of like Hulu so that I wouldn't need to use the web browser one?

Posted: Oct 26, 2009

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Applications :: Netflix Streaming Causes Firefox/safari Crashing?
When using either Firefox or Safari, recently, to watch instant movies via Netflix, the browser unexpectedly closes. Sometimes it gets to the buffering stage. I've cleared all my private data (history, caches, cookies...) and redownloaded flash/shockwave. I have the most current Silverlight too.

Any ideas? It worked perfectly since I've had it (about a month or two), up until today.

Posted: Jan 18, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Rectangular Artifacts During Netflix Streaming?
I've recently begun seeing random, darkish rectangles appear and disappear while watching a streamed Netflix movie.  Last night when it began happening, I disconnected my laptop and substituted a friend's, whose is almost identical to mine: hers is early 2011, mine is late 2011. Hers showed no rectangles. 

Several facts:

-- viewing in fullscreen mode

-- using video mirroring to display on TV

-- using WiFi

-- latest OS and Silverlight software being used

-- no other apps open

-- both laptops are MBP 13"  

Can anyone speculate as to what these randomly sized rectangles might be?  Are they artifacts of video compression or streaming?  Could they in any way indicate a failing video card?   

2.4GHz MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Hooking A MBP To HDTV For Netflix Streaming?
I was wondering what type of cable I need if I want to hook my Mac Book Pro (the new one, 15" 2.53GHZ) to my new LG HDTV coming in tomorrow, I've never had a HDTV before and I really want to use Netflix streaming to hook up to the TV or DVD Blu Ray player which is a LG too. I couldn't afford the high dollar wireless TV's that do one, but I found a nice 47" one for $999. I just don't want to buy the wrong cord without double checking first.

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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IMac :: Loud Fan After 1 Hour Of Streaming Netflix Movie?
I just bought my first Apple product, an i-Mac 21.5. I love it except that a loud fan turns on after streaming a movie (netflix) after about an hour. If I simply turn off the computer for 5 minutes the fan turns off and I can resume streaming without the fan. - This has happened repeatedly in the week that I've owned the i-mac. I took it back to my Apple store for a checkup and they told me nothing was wrong. - Is this normal for new i-macs?

Posted: Aug 21, 2010

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Mac Mini :: Can I Use The Mini To Download Netflix Streaming Movies?
I have an older Mac mini, model A1176, 2005. I haven't upgraded to OS 10 yet, but I bought a family pack, and I can do that if I need to. Can I use the mini to download Netflix streaming movies? It has a CD slot; can I use it to play DVDs? My tv is also older, just a plain tv (no HD, no blueray) but it has a red-white-yellow port.

If I can do these things, what do I need to buy, and what do I need to do?

Posted: Oct 19, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Streaming Netflix Via Pro To TV
I would like to stream movies from Netflix on the Macbook Pro to my TV. I bought a Moshi Mini Displayport to HDMI Adapter and plugged into the laptop. I then removed the HDMI cable from my DVD player and plugged it into the adapter. I followed the directions in the set up guide to go to "Sound" in System Preferences to change output to "Built in HDMI Output", but nothing appears and I can't stream on to my tv. Any ideas how to stream or what I might be doing wrong?

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

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PowerPC :: Ibook Streaming Video / Video Streaming Is Choppy
I have an Ibook g3 700mhz 384 MB and having dificulty watching streaming video for ex. or any other. I can watch movies on flash drive and dvds no probs or from harddrive but streaming is very choppy. I know connection is not the issue (I have broadband) and streaming works fine on sony desktop running xp 1ghz with 256 mb ram. What gives?

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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Applications :: Play Netflix In Safari Or Netflix?
anybody using Netflix? I love their service, and I just discovered netflix app for Plex. It makes things even more awesome. I have connection speed at about 15M. I wonder if I should watch video streaming on safari or plex? Will there be any difference in quality? If anybody have tried both, please tell me your thoughts.

Posted: Jul 7, 2010

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PowerPC :: Video Card For A G5 - For Video Editing Watching Hulu And Youtube And Netflix
Well I got rid of the quicksilvers since they died. Power supplys gave out and took the motherboards, So I sold what was left on EBAY.

My G4 Ethernet was sold to a co-worked and he is quite happy.

And I got this off ebay today:

Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5Procs
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117D
Samsung HD160JJ/P 160GB SATA HDD (not apple labeled, not original to this system)
(1) Power Cord
pci106b,9 PCI Ethernet Controller

Well I didnt' read the fine print and BAZINGA! I noticed that it comes without a video card.

So For video editing, watching hulu and youtube and netflix What do you guys recommend.

I do have a PCI GEforce at home with 512 megs for PC and I was wondering if I could flash it and if so, does anyone know of a good walkthrough?

Posted: May 25, 2010

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PowerPC :: Ibook Streaming Video?
my first time posting a question maybe I can get some help. I have an Ibook g3 700mhz 384 MB and having dificulty watching streaming video for ex. [URL] or any other. I can watch movies on flash drive and dvds no probs or from harddrive but streaming is very choppy.

I know connection is not the issue (I have broadband) and streaming works fine on sony desktop running xp 1ghz with 256 mb ram.

Posted: Mar 30, 2008

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PowerPC :: Streaming Video/audio - EMac To TV
I've got an old eMac in my den and I'd like to stream videos to the TV ( Toshiba 20" CRT ) in my living room.

I purchased the Apple video adapter, 24 feet of s-video cable and 20 feet of rca ( left & right ) cable with an adapter on one end to fit into the headphone jack on the computer. I hooked it up and there's no picture or sound on the tv when I stream a video.

Also, the icons on my desktop get larger once I plug the video adapter into the eMac.

I'm turning the TV to a Video section.

Posted: Dec 5, 2008

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PowerPC :: 700mhz Usable For Streaming Itunes?
basically I am looking to use an original eMac 700mhz with 768MB RAM in my living room to stream itunes from our other computers. Only reason i am even considering it is because eMacs are way cheap on eBay, less than an airport express for use with airtunes, plus i could check email etc on it.

Posted: Jun 2, 2010

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PowerPC :: Web Pages Loading And Streaming Video Slow
I'm wondering how much life is left in my 900 MHz G3 iBook (v2.3 with 256 MB). I only use it for web browsing, word processing, and minor media storage, but it's definitely showing its age. Web pages take a while to load and streaming video's too slow to be usable. Would a RAM upgrade solve this, or is it even worth the investment?

Posted: Mar 17, 2008

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Applications :: Download Streaming Flash Video Files / Videobox Doesnt Work Quite Well
I was wondering if somebody knows which is the best way to download streaming flash videos, I have been using Skysoft itube, but ask for a serial, Videobox doesnt work quite well for me...and keep it it is not working these days..

Posted: Dec 14, 2010

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Hardware :: Won't Work Wih AEBS / Bootcamp And AirDisk Streaming
1. The Bootcamp installation of Windows XP sees my wlan network but fails to connect. Only the guest network works with xp.

2. On the OS X side: connected to the dualband network via N, when I try to play a movie which is stored on my airdisk, every few minutes it skips a few seconds... very annoying.

My AEBS wireless setting is set to automatic

I tried some different settings with really strange results. With the networkutility I checked the connectionspeed:

Restarted the AEBS with the setting "automatic = a/n - b/g/n" -> 300Mbit/s
Disconnected my MBP and reconnected it -> 130Mbit/s

Restarted the AEBS with the setting "N Only 5GHz - b/g " -> 300Mbit/s
Disconnected my MBP and reconnected it -> 54Mbit/s

Posted: Mar 8, 2009

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Snow Leopard :: Can Not Make Internet Sharing Work / Get It To Work?
This is my first post.

I have set-up Internet sharing from Ethernet to Airport and it worked fine. However, I then connected to a WiFi network (I was away from home). I then get back home, switch on Internet sharing, but it does not work. Everything is set like before (at least I think), I have no clue what to do. The Ad-hoc wifi network is create, but when my iPhone connects to it, the WiFi network seems to have no Internet access, and it only shows me my IP address and Subnet mask, but the rooter and DNS fields are blank.

PC Windows XP, MacBook Pro 13", iBook Clamshell (orange), iPhone 3G
Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Software To Make Second Screen Work?
I have purchased a mini display port to dvi cable to connect an extra display monitor to my macpro and it just won't work, The monitor is on but it just doesn't start up like the other one does.

Am I missing something-do I need software to make second screen work?

MACpro 2009
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: May 6, 2010

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Intel Mac :: How To Play Netflix On G5
How to play Netflix on my Imac G5, it has Safari and Firefox 3, and over 1gb Ram and Mac OS X 10.4.11

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.2 GB Ram

Posted: May 11, 2012

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Mac Mini :: Can Watch Netflix Hd On It
I have purchased a new entry level mac mini with 8 gigs of memory. Can the intel 3000 hd handle netflix hd? Also, I am planning on running the mini mac under windows 7 ultimate unless someone has a suggestion for equal to windows media player. I have a usb dvr (with cable card) that allows me to record channels while out on work or out and about during the weekend?

Mac mini, Windows7

Posted: Jun 1, 2012

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Software :: How Can I Make Windows Based Games Work In Mac
I'm going to buy macbook next week; I hear that windows based games do not work in mac, is that true? and if is true than what should i do to instal and play these games? last i do not want to instal windows in my mac book;

Posted: Nov 16, 2007

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Mac QuickTime :: Cannot Open AVI File - Have To Restart To Make It Work.
Often time when I want to open .AVI file I cannot do it. This message will come up. The movie "***.avi" can't be opened. But if I restart the machine, it will works.

MacBook Pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Posted: Feb 19, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Make Work The Mini Display Port In The It And The HDMI?
Does anyone know how to make work the mini display port in the iMac and the HDMI port with AT&T U-verse cable box?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Feb 13, 2012

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Intel Mac :: How To Get Flash Player To Make Things On The Internet Work
think it says it all above i tried to access something and it said about the flash player do i need to s=download it or click on something to turn it on?

Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Intel Mac :: Can't Watch Netflix Trailers
I can't watch netflix trailers...Netflix wants me to install silverlight plug-in.I am a PC user using Mac for the first time.


Posted: Mar 17, 2012

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can't Make The Address Book Work Within Mac Mail
Anyone can help? I bought a Macbook pro last weekend,but when I try to use the mac mail,I cannot find any way to input an email address.  

1、update my gmail contacts to the macbook addressbook

2、Synchronize the local addressbook to icloud

3、Open the mac mail,and  then create a new mail

then comes my problem,no matter what I type , the address has never show. As I know , the correct result should be:1、Just need to type a few main words in the "sent to" column ,os will search the local addressbook and show the corresponding address for user to choose.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Feb 11, 2012

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Mac Safari :: Pop Up Ads Blocker Not Working For Netflix
Safari 4.0.5 on SL 10.6.3. I have been getting Netflix pop-up ads for as long as I can remember. The pop-up blocker is not able to stop them. You can check them out at [URL]. How are the Netflix pop-ups (and a few others) able to get by?

MacBook Pro 17" - 3,1
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
MacPro Dual Xeon 2GHz / iPhone 3G 8GB

Posted: Apr 13, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Netflix Watch Instantly Crashes All Browsers
About a month ago Netflix started giving me problems while watching instantly. Audio wasn't syncing with video and it would skip and freeze. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight, but that didn't work. After corresponding via email with micrsoft silverlight support and a complete uninstall and reinstall of silverlight and testing it on other websites, we determined that silverlight is not the issue. I then tried Netflix support, which was terrible and of no help at all. Now Netflix crashes all browser (Safari, Firefox, & Chrome) upon loading. Netflix streaming works fine on all other computers in the house. I have all of the most recent updates of all browsers, I've tried repairing disk permissions and I'm running OS X 10.6.8 with all current software updates. I'm not sure what else to do.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Posted: May 6, 2012

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Import The Files Into A Computer And Make Them Work On A Mac
I just recently found discs in my house that I would like to use but they only work on Windows. how to import the files into a computer and make them work on a Mac?

Mac OS X (10.6.2)
Macbook Pro Apple TV iPod Classic

Posted: Mar 7, 2010

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PowerPC :: Boot Up Disk Does Not Work With Mac
Today I accidentally turned off my iMac by mistake (pressed off button twice while in sleep mode). And when I try to boot it when it comes to the little mac logo it says "this boot up disk does not work with this mac please restart I press restart and it says the same thing, also when it turned off with an os 9 in it and when I booted it I definatly did not press down c. I think it maybe the hd or is it possible to change boot priority?

Posted: Jan 23, 2008

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