PowerPC :: Video Card For A G5 - For Video Editing Watching Hulu And Youtube And Netflix

May 25, 2010

Well I got rid of the quicksilvers since they died. Power supplys gave out and took the motherboards, So I sold what was left on EBAY.

My G4 Ethernet was sold to a co-worked and he is quite happy.

And I got this off ebay today:

Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5Procs
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117D
Samsung HD160JJ/P 160GB SATA HDD (not apple labeled, not original to this system)
(1) Power Cord
pci106b,9 PCI Ethernet Controller

Well I didnt' read the fine print and BAZINGA! I noticed that it comes without a video card.

So For video editing, watching hulu and youtube and netflix What do you guys recommend.

I do have a PCI GEforce at home with 512 megs for PC and I was wondering if I could flash it and if so, does anyone know of a good walkthrough?

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PowerPC :: Compatible Video Card - Shutters On Youtube Video

May 8, 2009

i have a powermac g4 sawtooth. it stutters on youtube videos and other videos so i was wandering whats a decent video card thats compatible with it?

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MacBook :: UMB 2.4 Gets 80 Celsius When Only Watching HD YouTube Video?

May 17, 2009

All I have open is firefox with one or two tab and the CPU gets into the high 70 Celsius before the fan kicks in. Is it normal for the CPU to get that hot? Or is it even safe? It says I am using up to 70% of CPU at times!!!Is HD flash that taxing?

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MacBook Pro :: Watching Youtube Video In Full Screen?

May 12, 2010

was wondering if when your watching a youtube video or anything that makes the nvidia 330m kick in do you experience a lag when hitting the full screen button? I have the graphics switcher/indicator program installed and whenever I go to full screen it goes from intel to nvidia and there is a good 1-2 second delay from clicking the button to going to full screen. If I force 330m to be on at all times the lag goes away. This seem normal? You would think Apple would have ironed out this kink. It makes my computer go from feeling snappy to slow when my netbook can full screen faster.

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PowerPC :: Mac G5 2.3Ghz Dual-Core/HiDef (Hulu) Video Support?

Sep 17, 2008

I have a Power Mac G5 2.3Ghz dual-core system (M9591LL/A) with 2.5GBs of RAM and an Nvidia 6600 PCIe graphics card with 256MBs of RAM.

I tried playing a full-screen HD episode of "The Office" on Hulu.com and it was extremely choppy (like 0.5fps). The sound was fine. It's still quite choppy (~2fps) in a normal browser window (not full-screen)

Is this normal? Does this video card not support it? What is the most powerful card that can be installed in this machine? I'm not opposed to buying a PC card and flashing the ROM if need-be.

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Mac Pro :: Best Graphics Card For HD Video Editing?

Sep 21, 2009

As you can see in the title. What is the Best Graphics Card for HD Video Editing?

Obviously it should be compatible with the mac.

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Mac Pro :: How To Update Graphics Card To Do Video Editing

Mar 4, 2009

I got my early 2008 2.8 Octo mainly for photoshop and photo editing. I added 8gb ram and a couple of 1TB hd's.

Now I want to do some video editing in Final Cut Pro in the near future. Is my stock 2600 card good enough or should I get a better card?

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PowerPC :: Make Best With IBook For Video Editing?

Jun 14, 2008

I have an iBook G4 with 768mb RAM (a 1 GB chip is in the mail ) it's the 12" 1.2ghz model. I've been having great fun with iMovie for years now, but not with this machine because I just got it. Anyways, when trying to make a project of 243 pictures from a vacation, it took about 2 1/2 hours to export directly to iDVD and then took 5+ hours to burn it! Is this normal?

I do realize I'm running low on RAM (especially being I'm running Leopard, which I forgot to mention above). What are the best ways to increase the speed without losing the quality. I don't need a whole lot more speed because I usually just let it run overnight. I am also running these projects from an external FW 120gb HD.

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MacBook Pro :: MacBook Pro Very Hot When Watching YouTube Video

Dec 27, 2009

in October 2008 I bought my MacBook Pro Unibody (Details in my signature).

Since about 3-4 month is gets REALLY hot really fast, also the fan is very noisy now.
Now I can have my MacBook turned off for the whole day, then turn it on, watch a YouTube video and the fan is going nuts and it gets really hot.

I made sure that the MacBook is on a flat surface, like a desk, but it still gets very hot. I can't even have the laptop on my lap anymore or else I would get burned through my jeans.
Another problem is, that the fan is so loud, when I use my internal microphone with skype, people say they can't hear me cause of the noise!

When I touch the surface of the laptop around the ESC keep, I think I could actually cook an egg!

Here's a screen shot of the tempratures after booting up and watching YouTube for about 2 minutes.

The temprature goes above 80 Degress as well, depending if its on my lap or the desk. And yes I made sure that the back of the laptop is not covered.

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PowerPC :: Moving From G5 To Core Duo - Video Editing Difference?

Apr 27, 2008

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on moving from an iMac G5 (2GHz) to an Intel Mac Mini (a Duo or Core 2 Duo, not the Solo) for Final Cut Studio editing? I don't do a ton of editing (it's a hobby), but I wouldn't want too much less than what I'm getting from my G5 right now.

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Applications :: Won't View Posted Video / Can Watch Video On Youtube

Jan 16, 2010

It must be some ad blocker or something, but I can't view videos. I can't seem to find what's causing it. I can go to YouTube and watch a video, but when someone posts a link, I am unable to make it play. I'll get a site with a black rectangle where the video is supposed to be. Happens on links from tweets too. Safari and Firefox both. I tried the Flash uninstall/reinstall/disc permission/restart routine twice.

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MacBook Pro :: Froze When Wathcing Video On Hulu?

Jun 5, 2012

While watching video on hulu last night, my macbook pro running latest OS, froze. Tried to force quit, but no response, so I shut it down via the power button. On first reboot attempt, I got a folder icon with a question mark flashing where the apple usually is, on second attempt, just white screen, on third attempt, white screen until I hot the spacebar, then it booted up very slowly and now running extremely slow, as in it would take about 5 minutes to open an app.

Pro, iOS 5.1.1

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PowerPC :: Ibook Freeze Frame Youtube Video?

Jul 31, 2008

I have a 2001 Ibook m6497 that my daughter is to take to school. When logging into youtube, sprint aircard broadband, the video plays the audio but the video is like a slideshow!

I have logged into apple to download updates, varified the hard drive and permissions. Any idea, is the processor too old,not powerful enough ?

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PowerPC :: G4 Video Card In G5?

Sep 13, 2008

I have a dual 2.0 PowerMac G5 without a video card. I also have an old GeForce4mx 64 MB video card lying around from a MDD. I was wondering if I could use that card in the G5, just to test for functionality of the computer. I'm wanting to avoid putting any unnecessary money into it just incase it doesn't work.

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PowerPC :: Install 512 Mb Video Card In G5?

Sep 1, 2010

Does anyone know if its possible to install a video card with more than 256mb of RAM in a 2.7 dual G5? (8xAGP and PCI-e) Iv'e read lots about flashing ROM on cards but they all seem to be 256 - is there some limitation on flashing bigger/newer cards?

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PowerPC :: Upgrade Of G5's Video Card?

Jan 7, 2009

I really want a new MBP to replace my aging G5 but I can't quite afford it yet. Maybe by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I was thinking about doing some upgrades to try and get me through the rest of the year. RAM is pretty cheap, but what about a new video card?

I have a G5 single 1.8GHz (2.25 GB of memory) with a GeForce FX 5200 AGP card. I'm mostly concerned with CS3 and video playback.

Here's my options:
ATI Radeon 9600 from Other World Computing?
A card from eBay? (I've heard good things about applemacanix)
A PC card and flash it? (Though I'd have to find a PC friend to do it, as I don't have another computer.)

Or do nothing and limp along until I get that MBP?

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PowerPC :: Adding Second Video Card To G5

Oct 4, 2009

I've got a G5 quad with the pci-e slots. I've got an Nvidia GeForce 7800GT already in the machine, and just picked up an ATI Radeon x1900 Mac edition to run a couple more monitors. The problem I'm running into is how do I supply power to the second card since the only 6 pin pcie connector I can find on the mainboard is going to the 1st video card? Does a splitter exist, or if I spliced two cables together would enough amperage be supplied? Both cards run off of a mini 6 pin pcie to standard 6 pin pcie cable. This may be a crazy alternative, but I've got a pc I always run right alongside the mac that has a couple extra pcie power connections available. Could I run a power cable out of the pc and connect it to the Radeon card in the G5? I saw an older thread where about midway down someone mentions successfully adding a radeon 1900 as a second card in the G5, but it never mentions the power connections. [URL]

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PowerPC :: Old G5 Video Card On Newer Mac Pro?

Jan 4, 2010

A friend of mine scored a quad 2.66 with a 20" ACD for $900! what a deal. He has 4 monitors he wants to connect. I have an old 64mb video card from a G5 I want to give him if it will work. Will it work in the mac pro?

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PowerPC :: Need New Video Card On Dual 1Ghz G4

Nov 10, 2010

my video card went out on one of my G4 towers. [URL] The card that was in it was an Nvidia GeForce 2 MX and it ran Leopard 10.5.8 pretty nicely. I figured I might as well get a better card and see if it runs smoother. Can I put an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX in, or do I even want to? I want a good video card, preferably with an ADC connector as I still use my original monitor.

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PowerPC :: Need Specific Video Card For Blu-Ray Playback On G4?

Mar 11, 2008

Would it be possible to play back Blu-Ray discs on my Powermac G4 or do I need a special video card and / or specs?

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MacBook Pro :: Video Card Is Unable To Render The Video And Controls?

May 13, 2010

trying to watch show on cwtv.com got this message. What the heck?

Your computer's video card is unable to render the video and controls.

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Desktops :: Need A Video Card/Replace A Video Card?

Sep 4, 2009

Ok so I have a old Mac Performa 640CD/Dos that I am trying to to get up and running again. I had a monitor for it but it fell off the couch and broke. So I thought maybe I can use an adapter with it in order to use PC VGA monitor. Well after getting the first adapter and trying it, no luck, then I tried one that had dip switches on it. Tried 640 x 480, 800 x 600, almost all the dip switch combination with no luck on getting anything on the screen. Could it be that I might have a bad video card and it needs replaced? Or is this particular model not compatible with PC VGA monitors?

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PowerPC :: Video Card Upgrade On G4 PowerMac 400Mhz?

Apr 16, 2007

I have a G4 PowerMac 400Mhz running OS 10.4.8. The graphics seem a bit slow at times and I was wondering if upgrading the video card from the current ATI 16MB to a GeForce2 32MB would help? I have 1GB of memory so I know I am good there.

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PowerPC :: Video Card Upgrade G4 733ghz Quicksilver?

May 12, 2007

pls be patient with my English, i'll try to do my best.
Finally i decided last week to upgrade an old Powerpc G4 733 Quicksilver (model before 2002 vers.)

I changed combo with a good Pioneer dvr-112d.
Now i'm asking u an indication: find a video card better than nvidia mx 32 installed with two important targets
1) Should support wide screen 1680x1850
2) should support core image tech in order to work better with last Tiger.
reading around i'm sure fx5200 satisfy nr2 but doesn't support wide, ati like 9600 had big problems of compatibility with my G4 model.
Pls could u point me to the right way ?
wich is the best video card compatible with a 733 ghz quicksilver ?

About Hard disk, one more question , i have 128 gb limitation.
I'm not gonna change the controller, is there any chance to mount a 7200rpm 16mb 250gb for my system ?

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PowerPC :: Ibook G4 16bit Video Card Upgrade?

May 28, 2008

If anyone out there has ever seen "Tailspin" you know what i am talking about when i call my ibook, The Seaduck. it is already as souped up as I can afford to with 1.2gb of ram.in my system requirements I see it says Displays:Color LCDepth: 32-bit Color Is this the same thing as a video card?

I am trying to run CS3, and some things are extreemely jumpy. i am wondering if this is because of resolution or if I need a video card(CS3 requires a 16 bit video card), or maybe hard drive? (i have 30gb-9gb free).

i know the Seaduck can take a bigger hard drive, but i am not sure about video card.Also, i have the 12" model ibook, and htis makes me feel like I am trying to write my nome on a grain of rice when I work in flash so i am wondering if I can hook my computer up to a better monitor, if you have any recomendations, and what the implications of that would be.

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PowerPC :: RAM - Video Card - Tiger Installed In G5 - Upgrade?

Apr 22, 2009

1)How much ram do I need? 2)What kind of video card? 3)The G5 has Tiger installed now. Do I need to upgrade? 4) Any other suggestions?

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PowerPC :: Screen Distorting - Possible Dead Video Card - Dual 2.7 G5?

Oct 25, 2009

I've had my Dual 2.7 G5 since early 2005. It has been a great computer for me over the years. Noisy as hell, but great. A month ago my screen started to distort every now and then (see pics below). The computer would freeze when the screen distorted. Then when I would reboot, the distortion and artifacting would occur even at the grey boot up screen and lock up. With enough reboots it would finally get back to the desktop and be fine for a few days. This no longer works anymore. I haven't successfully booted the computer in over 2 weeks. After the distorted grey boot screen it will go black and all you see is the artifacts, never getting to the desktop. Is this a dead video card? I'm running the stock AGP Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT. If this is a dead video card, do you have any suggestions for the best AGP replacement. I'm looking for something powerful. All I'm finding are very pricey 256mb cards. I'm willing to pay for a powerful card.

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PowerPC :: How To Find Fastest Video Card For Quad G5 DC DP Pcie PM

Jul 13, 2010

ive searched around a lot and only found topics talking about the AGP PM (which the x800xt sounds like its the best card) but iam looking for the best card for the Quad 2.5 DC DP.

Ive got an older NV silencer also hanging around from an old gpu fan swap, so thats available for the upgrade aswell.

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Applications :: Stream A Video On Netflix Or Safari - Crashes?

Dec 27, 2010

Every time I attempt to stream a video on netflix, either on safari or firefox, it crashes.

Does anyone experience this? I was just watching them fine the other day, but now I can't.

I'm about to cancel my membership, because I can't watch anything.

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MacBook Air :: Computer Choppy On Watching Hulu Videos?

Jun 26, 2009

I purchased a refurbished, original MBA 1.8 GHz and it is great.The only issue is that when I watch videos on hulu, youtube, etc, the computer struggles and gets choppy. This happens most but not all of the time. I think this also occurs more often when I have my external monitor hooked up as well.

I want to make sure that there isn't something wrong with the machine. It was purchased as a secondary computer and understand that it is not supposed to be a workhorse - but I would still like to watch videos uninterrupted.

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