OS X Technologies :: Restore Multiple Partitions Through Disk Utility With Apple-script?

Apr 13, 2012

I need an AppleScript to restore a bunch of partitions from a master drive to a stack of external target drives. I don't mind partitioning them 1st, if necessary.The master drive has 16 partitions, all equally sized, and I'd like a script to run that will have Disk Utility to just go down the list restoring each partition to the matching 16 partitions on one of the target drives.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Combining Two Partitions Within Disk Utility

May 17, 2009

I have just had a new MBP delivered, its come through a company that provides machines for dyslexic students (myself). Its a replacement for my previous mac that I owned, suffice to say the other got destroyed. The company for some unknown reason put 2 partitions on the hard drive, its really annoying as I need to use the migrate assistant to put my old system on it and the 2 partitions are to small to accommodate it. My question.

1. Is it possible to combine these 2 partitions and if so how would I go about doing this from within the disk utility?
2. Is it also possible to transfer my partition over which held my bootcamp partition from my previous machine?

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OS X :: Cannot Join Partitions On Disk Utility

Jul 23, 2009

I am trying to make a single partition with Mac OS Journaled but Disk Utility won't let me. I currently have 2 partitions: MacHD with 80Gb and partition B with 3,35Gb (Partition where I used to have XP with BootCamp). I finished with XP and erased that partition to become Mac OS Journaled. Now I try to have a single partition but I couldn't. On the Partition tab of Disk Utility, when I select the whole machine (FUJISTSU MHW2120BH) the option Partition is dimmed and won't work.

I also tried iPartition, but it tells me: To make changes to this disk you should either boot from an external drive, use Target Disk Mode with another Mac, or create a bootable CD/DVD. You can create a bootable CD/DVD by running Coriolis CDMaker, which should be available from you distributor. I thought my instalation DVDs would work as bootable, but: I tried with the Tiger instalation DVDs but it makes me chose one of the partitions to format and won't let me do both at once.

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Applications :: Mac And Windows Partitions In Disk Utility

Sep 24, 2010

I've a lot of files in Mac and my time machine back up drive now. Since most of my files are spreadsheet, doc, MP3 files and they can inter use in my Mac and Windows 7 PC. There are 4 Mac partitions and one PC partition in Mac Disk utility I can use. Do you know which partition I can use and Windows 7 PC will see them. In this case, I can just use that partition transfer the files form Mac to PC?

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OS X :: Removing Partitions With Disk Utility Fails

Jun 23, 2010

Seems that I have messed up my Macbook Pro hark disk. Opening disk utility on macosx 10.5.8 shows that my disk in partitioned as this:
1)Macintosh HD
2)Apple_HFS disk0s3
3)Linux Swap

All of them appear to formatted as Mac OS extended (journaled) although the Linux Swap partition appears as Unmounted and cant be mounted nor use first aid on it. the others 2 appear to ok on verify disk test. What I want to do is remove partition 2 and 3. As I mention disk utility fails both under macosx and also when i use it booting from Mac OS X install disk. Should I use something like g-parted to boot from and re arrange my partitions or will this further mess up my disk? will MBR be affected?

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Merge Two Partitions Using Disk Utility

Jun 24, 2014

I want to merge two OS X partition into one. In both of them it's installed OS X Mavericks but I don't need anymore the first partition.

Here's a screenshot of the partition table

I need to merge the 123.3 GB partition with the 34.9GB. Using Disk utility, if I erase the partition number 2, then can i merge the empty space (formatted with Mac OS X journaled) into the partition number 1, without loosing any file?

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MacBook Air :: OS X (10.9.5) Disk Utility - Resize 2 Partitions

Dec 2, 2014

I'm using OS X 10.9.5, with Disk Utility version 13.

One of my internal drives has two partitions of 1 TB each.

Can I use Disk Utility to RESIZE one of the partitions to 1.75 TB?

Looking at the DU interface instructions, it says "To resize a partition on the selected disk, drag its resize control and click Apply."

However, Disk Utility says "To enlarge a partition, you must delete the partition that comes after it on the disk, then move the partition’s end point into the freed space. You can’t enlarge the last partition on a disk." 

So, all I want to do is Reduce the size of the bottom / last partition; then, Increase the size of the top / first partition.

Can I safely do this by first dragging the last partition's "resize control" then dragging the first partition's "resize control"? 

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OS X :: Easy To Reclaim Partitions Setup Via Disk Utility

Apr 27, 2010

I am thinking of doing a triple boot (SL, Debian and Win7). However because I am really doing this because I can (or at least attempt), it strikes me at some point I might decide I want to go back to all Snow Leopard. Now here's the thing; is it easy to increase the space of the SL install again if I decide to trash Win7. I'll build the space for Debian at the end as I am positive I won't be trashing that partition.

So something like:
Snow Leopard - 250GB
Windows 7 - 125GB
Shared Partition (probably NTFS) - 50GB
Debian - 75GB

The most likely partition to go is the Win7 one and I would like to either add it to Snow Leopard or the Shared Partiition. That is, I would like to increase the size of one of them.

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OS X :: Multiple Partitions On My Mac - Moving Disk Space

Jan 19, 2010

I purchased my mac from a friend of a friend a while back. It runs great and there are just a few custom things the previous owner did that have not caught up to me: the available disk space in Leopard is almost completely used up. There are two other drives (or partitions I believe they are called), each of which has roughly 25GB available. Does anyone know how I can get this free space in the other partitions transferred to my main leopard os?

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OS X Technologies :: Get Disk Utility's Disk Description From Shell Script?

May 11, 2012

I want to erase a bunch of ancient floppy disks before dumping them and the drive, and I'd like to script an automated solution that will ensure that the media I'm erasing is in my floppy drive, and I'm not blasting one of my Hard Drives by mistake. I'm hoping that my script will be able to trace from the drive to the floppy to ensure that I've got the right target, else quit before doing any damage. The names of the floppy disks themselves are varied, but the name of the drive itself is stable and known. Disk Utility shows the name of the drive (Y-E DATA USB-FDU Media) and the name of the particular disk volume in the drive at the moment. I can find the floppies in the /dev/disk# special file, but I haven't found the drive itself.  

I think Disk Utility automatically appends "Media" and maybe "USB-FDU" to a string that it pulls from somewhere, but I can't find that source. how/where Disk Utility digs up the info on the drive itself?

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Resize Volumes Partitions With Disk Utility Under Snow Leopard 10.6 10A432?

Sep 4, 2009

I recently replaced Leopard 10.5 with a clean installation (not an upgrade) of Snow Leopard 10A432 (SL) on my Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook (aluminum, 2GB RAM). Under Leopard 10.5 I was able to use Disk Utility (DU) to dynamically re-size existing volumes on USB hard drives. But under SL I am unable to do so. While I am able to replace all existing partitions on a USB drive with a new set of partitions and resize them prior to their creation by dragging the slider bars, once created, DU will not let me dynamically resize the new partitions. Doing so was easy with DU under 10.5. For example, after I re-partitioned a USB drive with DU under SL and created 2 partitions, I was able to make the top partition smaller by dragging the bottom edge upward from the lower right corner, but there seems to be no way (and no slider bars) to adjust the size of the lower partition to use the space freed by having made the upper partition smaller. In fact, although the upper partition reports a smaller size, when clicked on, the border around the upper partition still includes the range defined by its initial, larger size. There also seems to be now way (no slider bars) at the top edge of partitions that would allow them to be expanded/contracted from the top down. Has anyone else encountered these issues? Any thoughts/suggestions as to how to resolve them? Are these known issues? I have searched but not come across it as yet.

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OS X Mavericks :: External HD Formatted - Disk Utility Does Not Contain Any Tab Or Command For Creating Partitions

Aug 20, 2014

I have a new iMac using OS 10.9.4. I got an external HD for backup purposes and successfully formatted it. Now I want to create partitions; however, my Disk Utilities app does not contain any tab or command for creating partitions. Where should I be looking? 

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Applications :: Disk Utility Won't Restore?

Jan 4, 2011

I have a sparse disk image that is 10+gb, however the files on it amount to no more than 4.4gb.

When I try to restore to another sparse image that is 4.5gb or even 4.8gb, it says to me that there is not enough free space.

The files are only 4.4gb! How the hell do I set Disk Utility straight? Or is there another app that could accomplish the same thing?

Why god WHY has Disk Utility been broken since Leopard and let to remain broken??!!

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OS X :: Can Disk Utility Restore The New IMac?

Aug 16, 2010

I am now using a mid 2009 imac (i5 27") and will be getting the updated mid 2010 imac (15 27").

My question is; can I use a disk image of the 2009 imac and put it on the 2010 model to minimise the switching effort? I know some programmes will have to be reinstalled and I will need to unregister some things like Quark and iTunes.

Is it true that you have to make the disk image while the system has started up with the OS X DVD?

CCC warns that the image it makes will not be bootable. Can Disk utility restore the new iMac from it?

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OS X :: Disk Utility Restore .dmg Backup File

Mar 4, 2010

I'm trying to use Disk Utility to restore a .dmg backup file stored on an external usb hard drive. The image is a read-only dmg and is 75gb. When I try to restore the 75gb image to a 128gb SSD formatted in OS Extended (Journaled), Disk Utility says that there is not enough space on disk to restore.

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OS X :: Disk Utility Restore Feature In Jaguar?

Apr 15, 2010

just got a cheap ass emac off ebay and it came with 10.2.4. I am trying to restore a DMG file to a partition. In Leopard it can be done using the Disk Utility by using the restore tab and selecting the image. This option is not available in the Jaguar disk utility but I think the feature is still in the OS only command line, is this true? and if so where would I be able to get some help on this matter.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can't Restore Partitioning Using Disk Utility

Apr 8, 2012

I'm trying to restore the partitioning of my late 2011 Air drive, after messing it up while trying to dual boot OS X and Linux. The goal is to get rid of the superfluous partitions and resize the OS X one so I can use the whole drive again. Data loss is not an issue. According to Disk Utility the partitioning looks like this: 

Macintosh HD
Recovery HD


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: How To Merge The Disk On The Apple Support Section Under Troubleshooting Articles For Disk Utility

Oct 7, 2010

After I erase the hard disk it shows 74.5gb free, almost. It says there is 42.3mb of space being used by 2 files which I understand are used for read write or partitioning or whatever.

When I then leave disk utility and go to the actual installer, the destination disk (untitled - 74.5gb) shows only 73.9gb free space. What is taking up an additional 500mb of space on the hard drive?

Apple support told me that somehow the disk has been altered and I lost space on the disk or I am now using a seperate partition that isn't showing up. Disk utility shows only one partition with 74.5gb free space. He told me I can find information about how to 'merge' the disk on the apple support section under troubleshooting articles for disk utility. I have been unable to locate this information.

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OS X :: Third Party Disk Cloning Software Vs Apple's Disk Utility

Apr 27, 2010

If I want to make a bootable clone of my boot drive onto an external FW hard drive which I can restore from if my internal boot drive becomes corrupted, do I need 3rd party software like Carbon Copy Cloner, or can I just create an image of the boot disk in Apple's Disk Utility and save that to the external FW hard drive?

Apart from incremental updating, what is the difference between these two methods in terms of being able to restore my computer to a previous state with all my applications installed? (I keep my data stored on a 2nd internal hard drive and am happy with manually backing this up to another external HD). So my reason for wanting to make a clone of my boot drive is so that I don't need to waste time re-installing all of my applications from DVD...

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MacBook :: Disk Utility Can't Repair 2011 - Saying "disk And Restore Your Backed-up Files"?

Apr 2, 2012

My Macbook crashed so I tried everything to restart it.  what finally worked is opening it from the install disk.  I performed a "repair disk", and after saying "invalid node structure" and "invalid record count", it says it cannot repair the disk.  I don't know what step to take next.  How do I see if time machine has backed my files up?  Do I need to erase the HD and reinstall?


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OS X Mavericks :: Disk Utility - Restore Failure / Not Enough Space

Sep 3, 2014

I just used Disk Utility to make a backup of a MBA (65GB) onto a 500GB external drive (Restore from internal HDD to external HDD). I then reformatted the internal hard disk and proceeded to restore my backup (external HDD to internal HDD). I soon received an error message stating "Restore Failure - not enough space". I guess that means Disk Utility backups are a one-way operation, since you can't restore from a larger drive to a smaller one? Is there something I am overlooking? I ended up using Carbon Copy Cloner to do the job, but I'm wondering how (if?) restoring from a larger backup drive is possible using Disk Utility?

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OS X :: ISO 9660 Restore Functionality In Disk Utility Broken In 10.6.5 - Error 254

Nov 17, 2010

Steps to reproduceOpen Disk Utility Drag an ISO image into the left sidebar Insert an USB Stick with enough space to contain the image Go to any restore tab in Disk Utility Drag the ISO file to the source Drag the Volume from the USB drive to the destination Check erase destination Hit restore

Results for me are (in any number of varieties to do this) either "Invalid argument" or in the log "Could not validate source - error 254".

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Disk Utility Restore Put Recovery Hd Over Mac Hd After First Properly Copying Mac Hd?

Apr 4, 2012

I am trying to make a redundant backup image of my harddrive using something OTHER than Time Machine.  I booted to recovery because you image from a disk you are booted from.  The restore took 2 hours, and indicated the entire time in disk utility that it was restoring "Mac HD" to a similarly sized partition on my external hard drive.  When it was done, the external had a copy of my recovery drive on it.  That's crazy talk.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iMac 24" used at work

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Backup Via Disk Utility - Restore With Or Without Deleting Partition?

Jun 23, 2009

I would like to "Back-up", "Clone" or create an "Image" or whatever else people call it of my bootcamp installation. I know I can create an "Image" of bootcamp via disk utility but how would I restore it?

Would I first delete the bootcamp partition and then re-create a bootcamp partition and then restore? Or would I just restore? Will the end result be what I am expecting, i.e., my Win 7 install right back to the perfect state of when I created the image?

Right now, let's say my Windows 7 install got smoked one day for whatever reason (it is windows...) and I needed to re-install. Me personally, I would just go into Bootcamp Assistant, delete the Windows partition then create a new one and then get installing. Unfortunately installing and updating takes hours and that is what I am trying to avoid.

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ITunes For Mac :: Restore From Cloud Backup - Still Asking For Multiple Old Apple IDs

Aug 31, 2014

If I don't want to restore content from my backup with old Apple IDs (wife's old deactivated account, brother's account, etc), how do I remove that content from a backup?  I skip in the restore process, but that doesn't seem to remove anything.  I'm assuming the content/media from the other accounts isn't loaded.  

I guess I'm looking to create a fresh backup with only the iTunes items associated with my account.  I can't find a way to identify what media is from these other accounts in iTunes, so I keep getting this issue when I restore from a backup.

iPhone, iOS 7.1.2

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OS X :: Clone All HDD Partitions - Finding Utility

Aug 23, 2010

I am contemplating an upgrade from my 5400 RPM 500GB HDD to a 7200RPM 500GB Seagate Momentus XT.

The problem is I have a 400GB Mac OS X partition along with a 100GB Windows 7 partition.

SuperDuper and CCC seem to only support AFS+ partitions so I can move over Mac OS X easily, but neither can copy both partitions.

Is there some kind of boot utility that will clone the hard drive pretty much exactly? I'd prefer to not have to reinstall W7 on the new drive as I have an upgrade copy and it is a pain to get a clean install activated.

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OS X :: Disk Utility "Restore" Is Better?

Jan 6, 2008

I have always copied my hard disks with the Disk Utility "Restore" function. Is this the best way to copy discs?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Create Multiple Partitions

Apr 21, 2010

got a 13" mbp and will be installing bootcamp soon but i want to leave out another partition so i can put in music/video/whatever files where both mac and windows will be able to access? u guys know any free partition utility?

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OS X :: Is It Possible To Install Single OS X On Multiple Partitions

Aug 13, 2010

I don't mean dual-booting two OS'es, but rather a single Snow Leopard on 2 partitions (i.e. Applications, System, and Library on one partition and Users on the other)

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MacBook Pro :: Hdd Upgrade With Multiple Partitions

Jun 13, 2012

I currently have a 250gb hdd with lion and a bootcamp partition of windows 7.

I would like to upgrade my hdd because I am running out of room.  

I understand that I could most likely back up the entire drive to an external, then install the new hdd and reinstall the backed up data. That should put both partitions the way they were onto the new hdd. At least that is what I think. 

But I would like to have a bigger partition for windows and I am unsure how I would do this correctly. I don't know if reinstalling the backed up data to the new drive, deleting the bootcamp partition, then creating a new partition and reinstalling my same windows would work. Would I even be able to install windows a second time on the same computer without having to buy another key? 

Final thoughts:

1. Will backing up the entire drive to an external, then install the new hdd and reinstall the backed up data put both partitions the way they were onto the new hdd?

a. Will the OSX partition get all the new space? 

2. How do I get a bigger windows partition on the new hdd, while keeping all of my existing windows content?  

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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