OS X :: Sub-menu Selection Not Working?

Jan 2, 2009

At first i thought this was simply a firefox issue, then i noticed it was accross all of my programs. I can select the regular menu, but unless I use the arrow keys, I cannot scroll down the menus into sub-menus as I had once done. For example, I used to be able to single click on say the image menu item in PS Cs3 then I would have a highlighted bar follow my mouse down (just like using arrow keys) this would open sub menus as it came across them, allowing me to access them. Now i am running into the issue that I have to hold down the left mouse button or I cannot select the sub-menus, unless using arrow key, which tends to be inconvienient. Has anyone come across this issue and if so how can I fix it? I am running permissions repairs right now and will execute the weekly, daily and monthly scripts as well and see if it helps, but if someone has insight please let me know.

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OS X :: Aplle Menu Not Working/i Use Repair Also Not Working?

Jan 24, 2009

I am using OS X 10.3. The apple menu doesn't work (for the past few months). When I click on it it's highlighted but doesn't pull down. I can not quit applications even if I use keyboard shortcuts (I have to force quit).

I tried starting with "safe boot" and I ran "Verify & repair disk permissions" but it didn't fix it.
Any ideas?

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OS X :: 10.3 Apple Menu Isn't Working?

Jan 25, 2009

The Apple menu, on all users accounts, is not working. The actual pull down menu doesn't pull down when I click on it. Also, if I try quitting applications by using the keyboard, it doesn't work. I have to force quit any application I open.

I tried repair disk permissions, and starting up in safe boot, but it didn't help.

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OS X :: Menu Bar Not Working/no Items?

Jul 10, 2009

I have been dealing with AppleCare and they seem to be a little stumpted, so I am going to try everyone else.

When I boot up, I no longer get the items in the menu bar like date, time, wireless, bluetooth status, etc.

In the Apple Menu, things like "About this Mac", reboot, shut down, etc. Do nothing.

System Preferences gives me a beachball.

I have just recently did a CLEAN install. The install worked fine.
I then changed the time to EST and updated to 10.5.7. I did not do all the other updates...wanted to take it slow.

I am back to the issue again!

There is nothing installed on this computer other than Leopard!

It is a 15" Macbook Pro 4GB memory, Intel processor...etc.

At first Apple thought a 3rd party app may have corrupted some preferences. This can not be the case....

Thoughts? Could it be bad hardware??? The machine is just over 2 years old.

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OS X Yosemite :: Mail Context Menu Not Working?

Nov 30, 2014

Since the installation of Yosemite, Mail context menus no longer work. Control-clicking on a hyperlink in a mail messages opens a context menu containing these items:

Selecting any of the first 3 has no effect. Just clicking on the hyperlink will switch to the browser (Safari) and open the link. Clicking on "Services" does display a list of Services, and "Open URL in Firefox" at least seems to work. However, "Open URLs in Safari Tabs" does not. This seems to indicate a possible disconnect between Mail and Safari in particular.   

Operating EnvironmentMacBook Pro (Late 2011), Mac Pro (Late 2008)Yosemite (OS X 10.10.1)Mail (Version 8.1)Safari (Version 8.0)

MacBookPro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1), Mail 8.1, Safari 8.0

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OS X :I Can't Click On Any Of The Menu Options And Expose Stops Working?

Jul 6, 2009

I'm on an older blackbook (2 years old? ca. summer 2007) running Leopard and I'm getting some weird behavior with Finder. When I right click on anything in the dock, i.e., to close a program, the dock locks up, I can't click on any of the menu options, Expose stops working and the alt+tab interface stops working, as if everything is frozen... This caused me to think that Finder was crashing, but then I discovered that when I went up to the menubar at the top, everything "unfroze." The dock went back to normal and was usable, expose works fine and the alt-tab interface works fine too.

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OS X :: Finder's Context Menu By Control Click Stopped Working?

Oct 3, 2009

Mac PowerBook Pro with OSX 10.5.8

Control click stopped working and does not give me a contextual menu in the finder or any other program (including Stickies or Word) anymore.

I tried resetting Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences to default. I looked for Finder preference, or Finder preference file (it used to be "com.apple.finder.plist" according to an old 2005 forums.Macrumors post) but i could not find one.

I just reinstalled Leopard a couple of weeks ago, and do not want to go thru that again if i can avoid it.

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OS X :: How To Get Multiple Selection

Jul 11, 2009

i want to do the hold shift button and highlight multiple files function ( just like window ) but i don seems to be able to do that. i wonder is it just me or the macosx system.

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MacBook Pro :: Suddenly All Of The Wireless Signals Disappear From AirPort Menu Up On Menu Bar

Dec 27, 2009

I've realized that sometimes I "lose" my wireless signal. I am not using an AirPort router (I'm using Linksys, if that's at all helpful). I've noticed that suddenly all of the wireless signals disappear from the AirPort menu up on the menu bar, except the network that I am connected to (i.e., I only see my router's name there). It also becomes impossible for me to browse the internet, so what I've done to troubleshoot this is disable the AirPort, put the computer to sleep, and disconnect/reconnect my router. When I turn it on, it seems to work. I've also tried simply disabling and then re-enabling AirPort, but it doesn't work after that.

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OS X :: Missing Services Menu From Finder / Service Says Its Building Menu

Sep 18, 2010

my "services" menu has disappeared as an option in finder. When I try to access it by right-clicking a finder item (folder or file), it's just plain missing. However if I look for it under the finder menu bar, the arrow beside service says 'building'. But I've been waiting for hours and it doesn't look like anything's happening.

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OS X :: Can't Figure Out How To Print Selection Only

Dec 19, 2009

New to forum (today)
New to Mac (2 weeks)
MacBook Pro 15"/ Ptr ' HP DeskJet 952C

Can't figure out how to print selection only. Seem only to be able to print full document.

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Aperture :: Selection Keeps Getting Lost

Jun 3, 2014

I just started using Aperture and I am befuddled.  I'm working in a library that was originally created by iPhoto but was exported by Aperture, in case that's relevant.  What I'm seeing is that every time I try to do a "pick" in a stack, the selection gets reset.  It doesn't matter whether I use the keyboard shortcut or the menu.  The browser scrolls back to the beginning of my library and suddenly the first four images are selected.  Always. 

The same weird thing happens if I have a search filter applied.  I hit clear on the search filter and suddenly the selection is reset. 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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OS X :: Touching IChat Menu Bar Icon Resets Menu Bar?

Oct 16, 2009

Just today it began that when I try and open iChat from the Menu Bar icon, the whole right side of the menu bar reboots. Anyone else experienced this or have an idea of steps I can take to fix it?

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OS X :: Menu Navigation - Access Menu From Keyboard By Using Ctrl + F2 Key

Dec 16, 2010

I recently bought myself a Macbook Pro 13-inch model and I've been loving it so far. One thing that really bugs me is how bad the menu navigation is in OS X. I just read this on Macrumors and the only way to access menu from keyboard is by using ctrl+F2 key for which I have to press ctrl+fn+f2 key since F2 is a secondary function. Also, there is no way of going directly to the middle of the menu by keyboard shortcuts, right? If that is true, Mac OS X is still not polished enough for laptops. is there are a better way to control the menu items?

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OS X :: Can't Install Picture Selection Service

Jan 25, 2010

I downloaded Picture Selection Service and I cannot install it. I'm using Snow Leopard verison 10.6.2 on an iMac intel. I can't seen to mount the .dmg. It will not go into Applications.

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Applications :: No Selection In Left Side Bar?

Nov 27, 2010

For a while I've been running a Beta version of iTunes, the one that worked with the iOS 4.2 Beta. So with the final release of iOS 4.2.1, I decided to uninstall and install the final version of iTunes. All went well with the uninstall/install, except that I noticed that in the left side bar, there is no selection for my Apps. Is this normal?

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Applications :: Unable To Use Scene Selection

Jan 14, 2009

I have tried burning DVDs using iDVD program. I have had no problem creating the DVDs, as well as the scene selection. However, when I actually burn the DVD and place it into my home DVD player, I am unable to select the specific chapter markers.

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OS X :: Key Strokes To Highlight File Selection?

May 28, 2009

I've been a PC user all my life until last week when I got an IMac and I am still learning how to use it. How do you highlight files you want to select just like how you do in windows when you hit shift key and the arrow key? It does but it highlights it one by one and I have to keep on hitting the arrow key.

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Hardware :: How To Print Just A Selection From A Webpage

Aug 26, 2009

I have just switched from PC to Mac, and I am at a loss as to how to print just a high-lighted selection from a web page.

I found in the print menu a way to delete headers and footers, but what if I just want to print a section from the whole page? I'm used to being able to do this with my mac, and I'm sure Mac must do it, but I can't find it in the help index anywhere.

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OS X :: Windows Boot Up Selection Screen?

Mar 3, 2010

Ok, so at my university, now, all of the Macs have Snow Leopard installed. One thing I noticed that wasn't there before was a selection screen on after booting up. They use Boot Camp, but for me, I've always had to hold Option after boot up to choose my Windows partition. My school has it real nice, after starting up it lets you click on a picture of either Mac OS X or Windows. Does anyone know if that's something native with Snow Leopard? I haven't gotten around to installing my upgrade, so I'm not sure, but I would really love that startup screen instead of having to hold down Option.

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MacBook Air :: How To Print A Selection In Safari

Jun 28, 2012

I want to be able to print only a certain selection of text on a website.  Let's say the second paragraph or the address of a place.  I can highlight it, but don't know how to print just that selection. I can do this on a pc by selecting "selected" when the pc print options come up.  Is there a similar way in mac or do I need to copy and paste to Pages and print from there?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: No Printers Are Available - Cannot Add Printer / No Selection

Aug 24, 2014

System Preferences / Printers: Says No printers are available.

Clicked on + to add printer: Add screen is devoid of any printers; says "no selection" in both Name and Location fields 

Printer involved:

Epson Work Force WF-3540 - have had it for about a year and it has been working with no problems

Had a printer jam I couldn't find; rebooted a few times, etc. Eventually found the jam and then the above problem started. (I'm embarrassed to say that I found a toothpick inside the printer. It was once sitting on top and must have rolled under and in.)

All software up to date, except for a Pages update. 

History of where I looked and actions taken (not necessarily in order):

Library/Printers was (and still is) empty, not the least because of multiple printing system resets.

-Have attempted to restore Printers directory from TimeMachine, with no luck. Epson printer drivers were restored, but System Preferences/Printers still blank.
-Have attempted to install original printer software from disk, but it hangs in the middle, saying that no printer connection can be found, despite printing being online.
-Have attempted to run Software Update to get latest printer drivers, but Software Update says that it is up to date and won't let me rerun.
-Have run disk utility to verify: disk = okay
-Have run verify disk permissions. Had loads of permission errors related to the printer library
-Have run repair disk permissions
-Have done the last two steps many times, but disk permissions don't get fixed and original problem has not changed.

Unplugged everything, took a break, factory reset printer, started all over. Nothing worked.

Also did the RESET THE PRINTING SYSTEM. Doesn't work. OS X Mavericks: Reset the printing system

Also tried to download the drivers from Epson, but they just tell you to use Software Update and I already mentioned that doesn't work.

The only thing in the disk permissions list that looked suspicious was this message:

Group differs on "Library/Printers"; should be 80; group is 0 (repeated for various sub-directories (Icons and PPDs))

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

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OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.3 - New Folder With Selection (x Items)

Jun 26, 2014

I am running on 10.9.3. I was working on my remote server and I selected files I wanted to create a new folder. By Right-clicking on the selected files and choose “New Folder with Selection (x items). The process was new to me and in the middle of it, I cancelled it. Now the original files are missing and there is not a new folder with the selected files. Did they get deleted or are they located somewhere else on the server?

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Applications :: ITunes 10 - Keyboard Album Selection

Sep 13, 2010

My iTunes window is set to Cover Flow, and my songs are sorted alphabetically by Album title. Before iTunes 10, I could skip to albums by pressing the letter on the keyboard which corresponded to the first letter of the album's title. So pressing D took me to "Deadwing", for example. Now in iTunes 10, if I press D in the same way, I get to "Best of Bowie" ('cos it's by David Bowie). Now it seems that suddenly the letter keys now correspond to the artist name, not the album name. Does anyone know how to change this back? I've searched and been through the preference settings etc to no avail.

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Applications :: How To Use Microsoft Excel With Selection Color

Mar 18, 2009

On Microsoft Excel i want to change/darken the color of the cell that i have currently selected, i can hardly see the cell that I am about to import information into.

Does anyone know of a preference that can change this?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can Make A Smart Mailbox From A Selection

Jul 2, 2012

I love Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail. I have been getting emails from a subscribed content provider and now I realize that I'd like to have a Smart Mailbox with all of the past and future mailings from them. Is there any way to select just one (or all) of the emails I have received and create a Smart Mailbox with a single menu selection? I have tried selecting one of them, then 'New Smart Mailbox...' bt it doesn't recognize I have a selection...or doesn't put the sender of the email nto the recipient field (which is the default criteria in a new Smart Mailbox'). If it doesn't now do this, hey, Apple, future feature?

Apple Mail, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Final Cut Pro X :: Delete All Filters From A Selection Of Clips?

Jun 17, 2014

Is there an easy way to simple delete all filters from a selection of clips? 

If I select multiple clips and then delete the filter, it only deletes it from the one single clip where the playhead is, the others are untouched. 

If I make a cog standard clip, and then copy those attributes and paste it to the other clips as suggested it doesn't 'reset' those it merely dumps more filters on top or leaves the current ones untouched? 

Do I really have to go in and select and delete one single filter off every single clip?  There's a bunch of about 65 still frames I need to do this from and I can't bear the though of that. 

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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Safari :: Menu Bar Is Missing - The Menu Bar For Desktop?

May 10, 2012

My safari menu bar is missing.  The menu bar for desktop, HD, and apps appears, but when I click on Safari, it disappears, so I can no longer see my buttons for History, etc.  I think my husband (pc user) clicked it away when borrowing my computer. 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Applications :: ITunes Random Order Selection Algorithm

Feb 5, 2006

I fired up iTunes tonight with Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. I almost always play my library with 'Random' so I thought it was cool when the second song was Audioslave's What You Are. Imagine my surprise when the third song of the evening was Take The Power Back by Rage Against The Machine. My library is not loaded with any of those bands. Does iTunes have a method to its random selection algorithm?

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PowerPC :: IBook Wifi Access Point Selection?

Jan 21, 2007

Recently my dad inherited an iBook G4. The Airport works, but it seems to accept the signal broadcast from only one of the two wireless access points in the house. The two routers are being used to extend the coverage, i.e. iStumbler and Airport Radar show two entries, both with the same ID.

My Macbook is fine; I can move from one end of the house to the other and signal remains high. The iBook's signal gets weaker as it moves from the router on that side of the house. Is this a hardware issue (specifcally, the iBook's Airport), or is there a way to specify which access point to use?

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