OS X :: Reinstalling Leopard - Cannot Find Original CD

Dec 16, 2008

I need to reinstall OS on my iMac but I cant find original CDs, can I use CDs from my new MacBook i got last week?

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OS X Mavericks :: Reinstalling Software Without Original Discs

Jul 1, 2014

I have Sibelius 7 installed on my MacBook Pro.  It is licensed to a friend of mine, he gave me the second license that comes with the software.  I am looking to reset my Mac to Factory Settings, as if it's new, but I would like to reinstall Sibelius once it has been reset.  The problem is, I don't have the original discs, my friend has them.  Am I able to reinstall Sibelius from a back up without the original discs, or should I wait until I can use the discs again?   

I'm running a MacBook Pro with OS X Version 10.9.3 with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 8GB of memory.

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Software :: Reinstalling Preferences To Original / Copied Data From One Hard To Another

Oct 15, 2009

I have just done a target download from my QuickSilver to the Imac of the user folder that i saved before I put in the new HD. Now I need to know how to reinstall the preferences so that the apps that are installed on the new HD will look the same. This includes all my bookmarks for both Firefox and Safari, and my address book for Thunderbird. I copied and transfered everything from one HD to the other and then back. i need to know what and how to pick out of the Users folder and where to put it. Also if i need to delete the existing pref that is in the new folder now.

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Intel Mac :: Re-download Snow Leopard After Reinstalling An Old Version Of Leopard From Disks?

May 5, 2012

how can i redownload snow leopard after reinstalling an old version of leopard from disks?I have a mobileme account and an icloud account?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: How Can I Find My Original First Boot Up Picture?

Aug 26, 2009

I was playing around in Photo Booth and I accidentally changed my original picture and now I cannot find my original first boot up picture!Does anyone know where it is stored so I can choose it as my account picture now?

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Software :: Can't Find Original Icon To Replace?

Nov 26, 2008

I have downloaded a full set of icons and i kno how to change them, my original icons rite now to replace them, i am running Tiger, 10.4.11, i knew where they were

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OS X :: Cannot Find Original MacOS 10.5 Disk To Re-do The Password?

Feb 4, 2010

I have a MacBook with MacOS 10.5.5. I purchased Snow Leopard and want to install it, but I forgot my master password. I know what the password is supposed to be, but it doesn't work when I type it in.

I cannot find my original MacOS 10.5 disk to re-do the password.

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Applications :: Iphoto - How To Find Original Photos

Apr 15, 2009

I'm trying to find my original photos that I think are stored somewhere in Iphoto. Whenever I go to my user in finder, then to pictures, I see the photo library option, but when I hope it, it takes me to the IPhoto application, and I still can't find my unmodified originals.

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Intel Mac :: Formatted Now Cannot Find Original Restoration CD

Apr 30, 2012

I formatted my IMac (24 inch early 2008). But I found out that the Restoration cd I had was of my macbook... Now I can't found the original restoration cd. I was told that Apple can send me a new cd... is it true? What I have to do?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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PowerPC :: Reinstalling Leopard On G5?

Oct 31, 2010

I am trying to re-install leopard on my G5 with no success. I boot the machine up start the installation wizard from my desktop, it says that the wizard will continue after re-starting, and then proceeds to reboot.

However on booting my PM always ejects the CD, does anybody know how I can turn this off, as at the minute it's just restarting and booting back to my desktop each time.

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OS X :: Uninstalling And Reinstalling Mac Leopard - How To Know About It

Jun 2, 2009

1. Am I supposed to run any kind of disk maintenance (repairing permissions for example) prior to reinstalling Leopard?

2. Since all of my apps are going to be downgraded to its previous versions that originally came with Leopard installation DVDs, and my OS is going to be downgraded to 10.5.3 (I am on 10.5.7 at the moment), I am in a dilemma. Is it better to go with step-by-step update of Leopard (first download 10.5.4 and install it, than 10.5.5, etc...) or go directly to 10.5.7 from 10.5.3 (I think combo update is all about that, correct me if I am wrong)

3. About all the apps that go with Leopard (iTunes, iMovie, Quick Time Player)... Do you suggest me to update them as soon as I install 10.5.3 or to update to 10.5.7 first and then install all the application updates?

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OS X :: Reinstalling Snow Leopard On My Mac Pro?

Jun 23, 2010

I am considering reinstalling Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro. At the moment I use one hard drive for the System, Applications and Users.

Is it possible (and easy) to install the system to one disk, and the applications and users to another disk?Or do some applications prefer to be on the same disk as the system?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Erasing And Reinstalling - Would Have To Use CD?

May 29, 2012

I installed Snow Leopard long after installing OS X5.5, now updated to 10.6.8.  If I have to erase the HD and reinstall all software, Would I have to use the install CD's for both 10.5.5 and Snow Leopard?

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OS X :: Resize Without Reinstalling Everything - With Leopard / Boot Camp?

May 27, 2009

When I first got my iMac and set up Boot Camp I made my Windows partition a little overoptimistically small. Now that I've got all my required work software installed it's basically turning out that I really should have made it a lot larger. Is there a way to resize without having to reinstall everything? I remember back in my dual booting Windows and Linux days there was a program called Partition Magic that just sorta really magically, it seemed like, did whatever you wanted with partitions on the fly. Is there any way to do this with Leopard/Boot Camp?

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OS X :: Reinstalling Leopard On MacBook With Broken CD Drive

Jun 22, 2009

So I recently decided to attempt to revive my "broken" macbook. The two major problems with it is 1. There is zero battery life. I mean if I unplug it it dies. 2. The disc drive simply does not work. It will accept discs but will not read them. The other major problem is that vista is the only operating system on the computer, because I used to use it as a ventrilo server, and as a WoW server for about a week. Now, i'm wondering, is there any way to install leopard not from a disc, but from a hard drive? I have a legitimate copy of leopard and am really annoyed right now because I would like to take the computer in for repairs but cannot do so because of vista.

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OS X :: Mac OS X Quit Unexpectedly Error - Reinstalling Leopard?

Aug 20, 2009

I have no clue how long this has been going on but every time I either reboot or turn on my Mac, my mac gets that "Mac OS X Quit Unexpectedly" error.
The weird thing is that I get no kernel panic or crashes or anything.If you recommend reinstalling Leopard, why don't I just rather wait for Snow Leopard

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OS X :: Reinstalling Snow Leopard - Not Prompted For ILife?

Dec 30, 2009

I did a fresh install - and usually it prompts me for the Applications cd towards the end of the installation. For some reason it didn't. I didn't change any of the default options and normally with other OS installs in the past it's prompted me.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Reinstalling MacBook Pro With 10.6.6 Software DVD

Apr 4, 2012

I have to re-install my MacBook Pro with the install DVD, Mac OS version 10.6. Only... I'm on the other side of the world and don't have access to my install DVD. A man traveling with me do have the Install DVD, but with version 10.6.6. Can I use this to reinstall?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)

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Applications :: Reinstalling Leopard - Can Save Office Without Discs

Apr 16, 2009

I want to do a fresh instal of leopard! Since I am a student, i brought my leopard discs, ext. hdd, original powerbook g4 discs (for instal of ilife) back to my apartment at school but i forgot about my office 2008 discs!

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OS X :: Reinstalling Snow Leopard - How To Preserve My Home Folder

Dec 20, 2009

I need to reinstall Snow Leopard over my current Snow Leopard installation because the system has failed. I need to know what will happen if I proceed with an install. Because there are no options for installation, I dont know how to do an archive and install and it is essential that I have my home folder and it's contents intact. Does anyone know if reinstalling snow leopard will automatically archive my home folder or if there is something else I need to do?

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OS X :: Can Clean Install Snow Leopard Without Reinstalling Tons Of Software

Jun 14, 2010

I am a graphic designer and therefore have a LOT of software (Adobe, Quark, the usual suspects). I want to upgrade to Snow Leopard on my G5 with 16G of RAM. I have made a copy of my 500GB startup drive with Carbon Copy Cloner and I am ready to wipe the original disc and make it happen. But before I start, can I drag and drop my applications and library folders so I don't have to reinstall everything?

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OS X :: Need Original Leopard To Install SL?

Oct 21, 2009

At the moment, I am using the Unibody MacBook Pro with Leopard (OSX 10.5), but I would like to install Snow Leopard. How does it actually work? Do I have to install Snow Leopard over my existing Leopard? And if I want to reinstall Snow Leopard while using it, will I have to install Leopard again in order to be able to install Snow Leopard? The problem is that I heard that Snow Leopard checks whether you have original Leopard installed on your mac in order to progress with the installation. So will I always have to install it over Leopard so that I will need both dvds (Leopard and Snow Leopard) in the future?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Move Original Files To External Drive, Not Just Copy And Delete Original

Dec 31, 2009

I've looked at some other posts that have gone over how to move files to an external drive, and they all say to use command while moving. I understand this copies the file and deletes the original, but when you make a copy and delete the original, you lose some of the original data, such as creation date, etc... This makes storage and organization more complicated than it has to be.

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OS X :: Reinstall Original Leopard Disc

Oct 16, 2009

I have got my first mac (imac) so sorry if this is a really simple question. I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard but I am having bits of trouble with printing. As I have not yet got much data on my Mac I am thinking of going back to my original installation that came with the imac. I have backed up my data I want keep photos, music etc; onto DVD. When I put the installation disc in what is the best option to pick ? I do appreciate that I will have to re-install photoshop and other apps; I have installed. Will I have to re-configure my internet again? Basically I want to re-install the operating system I am also thinking of buying Superdupper any thoughts on this product.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Upgrading Original Mac Mini?

Mar 24, 2012

I have one of the first Mac mini's.  I upgraded the memory to 80 GB's, the processor is a 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4.  I'm getting a new Mac Mini that will work in the iCloud. The software is version 10.5.8, the newest the processor can support.  It works well, albeit a little slow at times. I want to give the old mini to my 12 year old grandson, and would like to upgrade the keyboard and mouse to the mac magic mouse and wireless keyboard. 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPhone GS

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: How To Restore Original Fonts For Mac

Mar 26, 2012

how do i restore original fonts for mac osx

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OS X :: Restoring The Leopard Dock To The Original Images

Mar 12, 2009

So there I was with my dock on the right-hand side in 2D mode, and having now switched it to the bottom I realise I switched in some new dock image files back when Leopard came out, and now I've got a funky multicoloured spectrum dock.

All well and good, but I don't think I have any of the original dock image files anywhere. Short of reinstalling Leopard from scratch, is there any way (or utility) to get my dock back to the default Leopard version?

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OS X :: Restore Leopard To Original Factory Settings?

Apr 5, 2010

I'd like to restore a Mac to its original settings as if it was store-bought where the person who buys it gets to enter their own info (name, address, etc), gets greeted with the welcome video, etc.? I tried Mroogle, but only suggestions I found was to drag stuff to Trash, which doesn't sound like what I'm trying to accomplish.

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OS X :: Finding Snow Leopard On Core Duo Original 2 Ghz?

Apr 6, 2010

Is anyone runninf SL on those original macbooks (I have the 2 ghz CD, it runs tiger well, but was going to upgrade). Is it too slow on that machine.

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Even Boot OSX Snow Leopard From Original DVD

Jun 4, 2012

I couldn't find my problem between discussed Issues in the forum.

when i insert my DVD into my ROM, i doesn't boot from it, and it ejects automatically, i can boot other OS, Like WIndows or Linux, if i take to service somewhere it costs alot, the boot page (White page, by holding "Alt Option Key") doesn't recognize the DVD, and it does other OS DVDs.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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