OS X Mavericks :: Transfer Data Between Partitions In Finder?

Aug 26, 2014

I have 2 versions of OS X running on my mid-2012 MacBook pro. They're on separate partitions. I want to put everything into Mavericks and just use Mavericks exclusively. 

Can I simply open the 'disk' (which contains the partition with the other OS X installed on it) in Finder, locate what data I want to copy and put it straight back in to the Mavericks partition (copy and paste) or do I have to put it on a removable hard drive while booted in to the other partition and do it that way?  

Ideally I want to get rid of the other partition with the other version of OS X on it. Can I safely destroy that and re-allocate that 100GB back in to my Mavericks partition without any issues or will it have an effect e.g. loss of data/settings even though all my data and applications with the exception of anything I created while using the other version of OS X on the other partition... which I understand would be lost if I formatted the disk or deleted the partition without saving a copy of that elsewhere first.  

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

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OS X Mavericks :: Windows 7 To Mac Data Transfer

Dec 7, 2014

I would like to transfer all my data from a Windows 7 PC to a Mac and I’m told this will open a second account on the Mac.

The existing account (on the Mac) is in my name and I don’t want another account of the same name (even with the usual  1 or 2 added).

Is there a way to completely delete the existing Mac account before I begin the transfer?  And will this solve the problem?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: Transfer Raw Time Machine Data Between Drives?

Sep 10, 2014

I have a time machine backup on an old firewire drive.  My new laptop does not have a firewire port so I was wondering if I can just copy the time machine files onto a new thunderbolt drive and use it to migrate data to my new computer. 

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Transfer Mac App Store Game Between Computers While Saving Data

Jun 30, 2014

Is it possible to transfer a Mac App Store game between computers while saving the game data? 

I searched my Finder but the only think that shows is the app itself - but the file size is the same as when it was first downloaded so I was assuming the game data must be somewhere else. 

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OS X Mavericks :: External Hard Drive Won't Transfer Files To Mac HD And Causes Finder To Crash

Dec 6, 2014

My external Hard Drive (Western Digital 2TB hard drive in a ICYBOX 2-bay USB 2.0 HD Dock) won't transfer files to the Mac HD. The transfer box comes up but stays at the 'estimating time' stage and remains like that. No matter how big the file/group of files are (biggest I've tried was only 500-odd MB) it won't transfer and stays at the 'estimating time' stage. When I try and stop the transfer, the transfer box remains at the 'stopping' stage until I restart the iMac. I can access other programs during this 'stopping' stage, as long as it doesn't involve the External HD. 

When I attempt to open files from the External HD in Photoshop CS4, both Photoshop and Finder stop responding and have I have to 'Force Quit'. However, upon force quitting finder, I loose all icons on the desktop until I restart the Mac via holding down the 'Power' button on the back. 

Ive already done a couple things. 

- I excluded the Ext HD on the Spotlight>Privacy tab. 
- I verified the Ext HD via System Utilities. Some errors came up but the Repair was successful and subsequent Verifications have returned as 'OK'. 
- I tried the Mac Diagnostic tool as suggested by Apple, but when I press the 'D' key on start up nothing happens. 

The annoying thing is that this problem came out of the blue, the Ext HD was working fine 3 days ago. 

My system: 
iMac 21.5inch, mid 2010
3.6GHz Intel Core i5
8GB 1333 MHz DDR3
OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) 

The Ext HD: 
Western Digital 2TB
Mac OS Extended (Journalised)
1.91TB available on the HD
Shares a 2 Bay ICYBOX dock with another 2TB WD HD
Connected to the iMac via USB 2.0 to a 4-port USB 2.0 hub 

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)

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OS X :: Will Resizing Partitions Erase Data

Sep 19, 2009

I have a 700 GB external HD with a 349 GB MacOSX Extended (Journaled) partition, and a 349 GB FAT32 Partition.

I need to shrink the FAT32 partition to make room for another smallish HFS+ partition so that I can back up my virtual machine (around 30 GB). My question is whether resizing the FAT32 partition in Disk Utility will harm the data in either of my existing partitions. I understand Leopard to have an on-the-fly partitioning ability, but I wasn't sure whether this applied only to certain file systems.

I am running OSX 10.5.8.

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OS X :: Why Doesn't Finder Show All Partitions Of External Hdd

Mar 14, 2010

I've used Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500 Gb. It has been divided into 2 partitions. one is used for time machine, another is used for keeping my important data. I think that the Finder should show both partitions on the left, but it shows only Time machine .

I regularly run software update. As I can remember, it has ever shown two partitions. I don't know whether this is related to software updating or not. If it is 'yes', how can I solve it?

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MacBook Pro :: Data Transfer As Itunes Music - Some Data Compiled In To Single Folder?

May 27, 2010

i just got a new macbook pro 13" laptop and am trying to transfer my itunes music as well as some data i have compiled into a single folder from my (2005) Powerbook G4 12" laptop. Please help me out with this i have no idea how to do this and the Apple Store said they will do it for $100 and i just poured every penny i own into this computer and cannot sell me old computer to pay bills until i transfer this data.

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OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.4 - Time Machine HD Partitions

Aug 22, 2014

I just upgraded my OS from 10.6.8 Snow Leopard to 10.9.4 Mavericks.  My iMac has a 500 GB HD & I was using LaCie 500 GB XHD as TM backup successfully for many years using FW800. I removed the LaCie XHD & will save it in case I ever need those Snow Leopard backups.   I bought a new, 2 TB G-Drive to use for my Mavericks TM backup.  I am planning to partition the G-drive into a 1.5 TB TM backup volume & a 500 GB volume to use with Carbon Copy Cloner.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), 4 GB RAM, Win XP Pro-Boot Camp

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OS X Mavericks :: 2 Partitions With Time Machine

Jun 25, 2014

Can I create 2 partitions into portable hard disk where the first formatted as HFS+ to use only for Time Machine source, the latter formatted as exFAT/FAT32 to use to swap file from OSX/Windows ?

Time machine will use only the first partition as source, it's possible?

I need to link hard disk both to windows and to OS X systems, can I do it with these 2 partitions? FAT32 or exFAT?

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Merge Two Partitions Into One / All Areas Are Grayed Out

Jun 6, 2014

how do I merge two partitions into one; all areas are greyed out on iMac (late 2013 model i7 3 TB 8 gb RAM).Created a second partition on iMac (Mavericks). After a few days I decided to delete that newly created partition and have been trying to merge it to create only ONE partition as it was in the original setup. However, disc utility shows everything greyed out and there is NO option to change anything. I have erased everything on that partition and thought "that should do it" -

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), i7, 3 TB HD, 8 gb RAM

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OS X Mavericks :: All Mac Partitions Lost Even Recovery Partition?

Jun 17, 2014

All mac os x mavericks partitions lost even recovery partition!! what should i do to reinstall mavericks again?

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OS X Mavericks :: External Drive Partitions Inside Themselves?

Dec 1, 2014

I use a 250GB external HD for most of my working files. It has five equal partitions. In one of the partitions--Cedar Mill (see attached images) --another partition (CM News) shows up in Finder. Inside CM News is another copy of itself ad infinitum... 

I am reluctant to delete them without knowing what I'm doing. How they got this way. 

I haven't noticed any particular problems, except possibly slow search times for opening/finding files... 

iMac (21.5-inch Late 2009), OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Remove One Of Two Partitions From Hard Drive

Dec 7, 2014

I have issues w/ one of the partitions on my hard drive. Can I remove one (of two) w/o erasing the entire disk? 

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), iPad2, iOS 7.0.4,

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Merge Two Partitions Using Disk Utility

Jun 24, 2014

I want to merge two OS X partition into one. In both of them it's installed OS X Mavericks but I don't need anymore the first partition.

Here's a screenshot of the partition table

I need to merge the 123.3 GB partition with the 34.9GB. Using Disk utility, if I erase the partition number 2, then can i merge the empty space (formatted with Mac OS X journaled) into the partition number 1, without loosing any file?

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OS X :: Changing Partitions - Time Machine Will Be Reinstall If I Change My Partitions?

Mar 7, 2010

I have an iMac 2.4ghz with a 320g hd, that I partitioned 50/270 when I installed Leopard. I read somewhere to have the opp system partitioned and I have been kicking myself in the rear ever since. Too many apps and files want to run next to the opp system, so I'm starting over.I used time machine for a backup of the system (both partitions are showing) on my 1 TB iomega external hard drive (minimax). I partitioned the external 500/500, time machine/additional storage.So that is what I'm working with, now for the question:With my backup complete, if I do a clean install to the internal hard drive (320g) in order to remove the 50g opp/sys partition and just have one 320g internal hd; will my time machine be able to restore to a clean 320 without having the 50/270gig partition setup? If so will this be a somewhat simple process?

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OS X Mavericks :: External HD Formatted - Disk Utility Does Not Contain Any Tab Or Command For Creating Partitions

Aug 20, 2014

I have a new iMac using OS 10.9.4. I got an external HD for backup purposes and successfully formatted it. Now I want to create partitions; however, my Disk Utilities app does not contain any tab or command for creating partitions. Where should I be looking? 

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OS X Mavericks :: Finder Beach Balling - Failed Setting Front Application To Finder - Error?

Jun 3, 2014

I upgraded my MacBook Pro quad core 2.5 from Lion to Mavericks. Since then I get a LOT of beachballs when I'm using Finder. I repaired permissions, deleted com.apple.finder.plist (twice) and finally reinstalled Mavericks over the first one. Still painfully slow and lots of beachballs.

03/06/2014 18:10:13.994 launchservicesd[53]: Application App:"Finder" asn:0x0-1c01c pid:277 refs=8 @ 0x7fc8b870d950 tried to be brought forward, but isn't in fPermittedFrontApps ( ( "LSApplication:0x0-0xeb0eb pid=12980 "SecurityAgent"")), so denying. : LASSession.cp #1481 SetFrontApplication() q=LSSession 100005/0x186a5 queue

Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), Quad core 2.5GHz

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OS X :: Transfer Data From Another Mac

Mar 18, 2009

I just started to use about mba 2 months ago I purchased an imac today and i wanna transfer my data on mba to my new imac. how can i do that? I got time capsule.

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OS X :: Transfer Data PC To PC

May 11, 2009

He needs to transfer the data from the old desktop to the new laptop. Does Windows have something like the beloved Migration Assistant of Leopard? What is the easiest way to transfer between the two?

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OS X :: Data Transfer Old To New Mac

Aug 26, 2009

This Friday I am going to treat myself to a new MBP with the arrival of Snow Leopard. Are there any tips or pitfalls to be aware of when transferring data from old MB to new MBP? I plan on using Migration Assistant with firewire. SEEMS pretty straight forward. Need to transfer all applications and data. I still haven't entirely shaken my Windows past, so I am a bit nervous. Also, after the transfer is complete, what is the best/most secure way to wipe out the MB HD, reinstall OSX 10.5, and prepare for an ebay sale?

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OS X :: Transfer Data From Old HDD?

Dec 5, 2009

Like many, very recently I took the plunge: 27" iMac / Quad Core / i7 / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM and I couldn't be happier! What is the best solution for transferring data from an old hard drive (formally inside a PowerMac G5) to the brand new iMac? My first attempt was with the 'Akasa Integral HDD External Enclosure' however this doesn't appear compatible with the file structure of Tiger, let alone Snow Leopard. The PowerMac G5 tower itself has a failed power supply, so connecting from Mac to Mac isn't an option either.

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OS X :: How Do You Transfer The Data Between Hdd?

Apr 25, 2010

I have a unibody macbook model 5,1. I currently have it dual booted with windows-xp so I can play games(upgrading to 7 soon), and I want more harddrive space. I am debating between buying a new internal and simply upgrading or just getting external. Does anyone know if running games off of an external decreases performance? I was also wondering how hard it is to install a new harddrive and transfer all the data from the old one, also how do you transfer the data between harddrives?

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Mac Pro :: Transfer Data From Old HD To New One?

Aug 2, 2010

I just bought a new HD for my mac pro. I installed it in a blank slot and rebooted from the disk and am in the disk utility and don't what to do. I want to take everything from my old HD and put it on my new HD. How do I do this? Also, after I do this and remove my old HD, do I need to move my new HD into slot #1?

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OS X :: Data Transfer Between Laptops?

Jun 26, 2006

We have two Mac laptops: a PowerBook (running OS 10.5 Tiger) and an iBook (running OS 10.4). In a very unfortunate accident the screen literally broke off of the iBook. (A little kid flattened the screen out, and just broke it off). The computer itself seems to be OK, but nothing shows on the screen of course (cables twisted out, torn, etc.)

My main questions are: I had a few very important documents, that I need to get from that laptop as soon as possible. Is there any way to connect the two laptops and access the broken computer's hard-disk that way? If yes, how would I do that? The broken computer starts up, seems to be working fine otherwise. I do have a firewire cable, could I use that one? How do I make the connection, meaning software-setup?

Secondly, the iBook was just over a year old. Is it worth getting it fixed? The screen itself is not broken as far as I can tell, but it literally broke off of the main body, and some cables seem torn. Otherwise this laptop was in perfect shape before, rarely used.

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MacBook Air :: Transfer Data From MBP To New?

Nov 10, 2010

Does anyone have a preferred method of transferring from 'old' to new?

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OS X :: How To Transfer Data From G4 (10.4) To IMac (10.5)

Feb 12, 2009

When I restart the g4/800mhz quicksilver while holding "t" it issues the sound of happiness and hums for a bit then clicks off. There is no regular error message on the imac but I did get "there is no osx disc on your old computer, etc". Is there any way to do this without having to be smart enough to put every file in the right place on the imac? These machines are supposed to be smarter than I am right? BTW every drive on the g4 has os 10.4 installed on it. I'm looking for that clean transition from one computer to the next. Also, is there some reason I wouldn't be able to install os 10.5 that came with the imac on a macbook/2.0?

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MacBook Pro :: Transfer Data To New SSD

Dec 3, 2009

I want to transfer the existing data on my HD to a new SSD. I don't have an external enclosure. What would be my best option? Also, any "must do's" when/after installing an Intel SSD G2?

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OS X :: How To Transfer All The Data From The Imac Onto The MBP

May 5, 2010

Whats the fastest and easiest way to transfer all the data from the imac onto the MBP?

The MBP will have a clean install of snow leopard & some other applications installed such as parallels and office..

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MacBook Pro :: Transfer Data On New HD

May 13, 2010

I have a 13" MBP and just got a new 500gb HD to pop in replacing my 160gb one. I have about 200gb free on an NTFS external I was planning on using time machine to back up my system for seamless HD swap but as we know, macs don't play nice with NTFS. If possible, I would like to not have to re-install all my applications and such. I found other software (SuperDuper) that should do the same thing but none will play with my NTFS external. I guess my question is this: I have a SATA to USB adapter, can I: Plug in new HD via USB, Format to OSX Journaled, then do a time-machine backup to the new drive, pop in the new HD and be good to go?

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