OS X :: Access Network Drives Over The Internet?

Jan 10, 2010

Ive got a DrayTek Vigor2700 router. The DrayTek router is located in the first floor and is hooked up to the phone line. It creates Wireless network (called "default") for the first floor. On the second floor there is an AirPort Extreme Basestation. Its hooked up to the DrayTek by ethernet and creates a network (called "AirPort Extreme". To the AirPort there is a 500 gb USB drive and a USB printer connected.

1 floor: DrayTek hooked up to the phone line creating a network
2 floor: AirPort Extreme hooked up to the DrayTek via ethernet, creating a new network. Got 500gb USB drive and a USB Printer connected to the AirPort.

AIM: I want to be able to access the USB drive and the printer over internet. I dont have a MobileMe acc, and i dont want to create one. I know it would be much easier if the AirPort would be hooked up to the phone line directly, but Its not possible...

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Laptops :: No Internet Access Through WiFi Network

Sep 20, 2009

I have had my MacBook for 6 months and it has worked just great with my WiFi network and any other WiFi I have happened to connect it to. This morning, while I was downloading some files, my internet connection died on me. At 1st I thought it was my provider and I usually fix that by restarting my Router. I did that, but nothing happened. I could detect and connect to my WiFi but I had no internet access! My wife's PC and mobile phone connect perfectly well to my WiFi and so does my iPhone!!! My MacBook now only works with Ethernet. Let me add that I have the 13.3" MacBook unibody running the latest Leopard 10.5.8. software upgrades.

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OS X :: Prevent Internet Access For Computer In Same Network?

Jun 9, 2009

Just wondering if there is anyway to block internet access temporarily.(not on my computer, but I was wondering if I could to some wacky-code stuff and such to prevent access on another computer that is in my network) The reason why I am asking this is because I think there isn't enough bandwidth to go around my house (there are 2 xbox 360s hooked up to live, and 3 computers hooked up). But just wondering if this is possible to do because ever since my step sister came here for the summer, I have been getting dced non-stop.

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FaceTime :: Could Not Sign In - Network Ok With Internet Access

Jun 7, 2012

I can't use my Facetime as I enter my Apple ID it keeps coming up with "Facetime could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again." but my network is ok and can access the net. My apple ID works fine with iTunes and Apple TV and my iPad so I am at a loss.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Connect To Local Network But Limit Access To The Internet?

Jun 28, 2008

i am trying to hook up a mac mini to a local wireless network (airport express) so that i can access a shared iTunes library but i do not want the mac mini to be able to access the internet (other macs on the network need to be able to access the internet). is there a way to change the settings on the mac mini so that this is possible?

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Access Internet / Cannot Find Network

Dec 17, 2010

I'm visiting my mom and trying to access the internet via one of her neighbors. He's has ok'd this and gave me his password. In the past, this has worked. But now, my daughter can access internet on her mac, but I cannot. I have both mac right here side by side. One has access, one does not.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Set Up A Local Wireless Network Without Access To Internet

May 18, 2012

In OSX 10.6, I can use "internet sharing" to set up a wireless network, connecting my wifi enabled music player (or Apple TV) to my MacBook Pro via wifi without actually connect my Macbook Pro to the Internet.  However with OSX 10.7 Lion, "internet sharing" requires actual connection to the Internet.  Is there a way to disable Lion's requirement?  All I need is to stream the music files in my Mac via wifi to my music player (Logitech Squeeze Box 3), and I don't always have access to the Internet.  Of course an Airport Express or any router would solve the problem, but that means one more device. 

Or, is there any other method to set up a local wireless network without actual Internet access?  I tried "Creat Network...." in Airport but that doesn't work with passive music player (or Apple TV).  It seems only work with computer to computer networking.

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Power Mac :: Setup Internet Access Airport Extreme Network?

Apr 16, 2012

Would like to set up old computer to airport extreme wireless network. Purchased a usb adapter.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Force System To Use Second Connection Of Network Connection List For Internet Access?

Jul 5, 2012

I have a MacPro Early 2009, 2 ethernet ports.Ethernet 1 is connected to the LAN and Ethernet 2 is connected directly to a SSL Matrix console (an audio mixer), whom driver needs the used ethernet port to be first of the list in the Network connections list in System Preferences.So when I browse internet I can't use the Matrix's software, and vice versa.I had to create 2 different network positions to browse internet and to work with SSL Matrix, one with Eth 1 first place, another one with Eth 2 first place, and I always have to swap positions.Is there a way to force OSX to use by default the 2nd connection of the list for internet access? 

MacPro 4,1 8-Core 2.26 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 12Gb Ram

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OS X :: Unable To Access Network Window / Network Settings Changed By Another Application

Dec 11, 2009

My neighbor has an IMac with OS 10.4.11 installed. When I open System Preferences and select the Network icon, the Network window comes up but it is overlayed with a message that states: "Your network settings have been changed by another application." When I click OK, this same overlaid window comes back.

The only way I can get out of System Preferences at this point is to do a Force Quit. In other words, because this overlaid window appears, I am unable to access the Network window to look at TCP/IP settings, make changes, etc.

Next I went into System/Library/Preference Panes/Network.prefPane(more info) to look at the application that appeared in the "Open with" field. It stated "System Preference." I replaced this with a new "System Preferences from the Applications Folder, but the same thing happened - even after I rebooted the computer.

Please let me know how to solve this problem so I can access the Network System Preferences properly.

Thank you.

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Windows On Mac :: No Internet Access Through Boot Camp - How To Access Again

Aug 6, 2010

I just recently installed Windows 7 on my macbook pro. Everything seemed to work well, especially after I installed boot camp for windows and its drivers.

However I can't seem to connect to the internet. My router is detected but when I select to connect to it I get no internet access.

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Mac Pro :: Password Protect Internet Access To Avoid Others To Connect To Internet?

May 29, 2012

currently I connect to the internet by doing this: Go to System Preferences / Network. Then I select my internet provider name on the left pane and finally click on the Connect button. That's all. This internet profile has a PPoE service name, an account name and a password. My internet connection uses a cable DLink router (it's not wireless). 


1) Does the password I mentioned above mean that my neighbors can't access my internet, or are they able to do that and, in this case, I need to set another password somewhere else? 

2) If I need another password, how and where do I set it,

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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OS X :: External Drives Not Allow Write Access

Oct 4, 2009

Why is this? I can't changed it mac won't let me. What do I do?

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OS X :: Looking For Searchable Network Drives?

Oct 5, 2010

So, I searched [ here and the web ] and tried the terminal sudo force method [ didn't work ] ...

Is there not a way to search your networked drives? Those connected to say, an Airport Extreme via USB?

I really don't get it -- I don't understand why this is not possible.

I tried the "add to privacy in Spotlight" and remove several times, no luck

and the

sudo terminal method... no luck?

I can't believe this is still impossible.... am I missing something or should I just stop looking and deal with it?

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OS X :: Spotlight Able To Index Network Drives In 10.5?

Apr 19, 2008

method of telling Spotlight to index network volumes. I can't locate it now, but noticed that the last posts about it were 1.5 years old.

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OS X :: After 10.6.3 / Cannot Write To SMB Network Drives Anymore?

Mar 31, 2010

Since the update to 10.6.3, I'm not able to write to mounted SMB drivers anymore. Reading and copying, as well as changing filesnames does work properly, but I cannot save any new files to the drives.

Following error appears:
The operation can�t be completed because you don�t have permission to access some of the items.

I've checked the NAS (Thecus N5200 Pro), but all permissions are correct. Same thing from a second Mac with 10.6.3 to the sames SMB mounted drivers.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Search Network Drives

Feb 23, 2012

I have set up my mac at work to connect to the smb network, yet I cannot search the shared folders via the finder. I will pre-empt the apologists here, thanks, I don't want to hear you point of view about how I don't need this fuction. I don't want to hear how os x uses and index and apple are wise to disable it in network drives (yet they are not wise enough to implement any other way to search said drives...). I want to put my point across that they better fix it soon.  I also want to hear other people who 've run into this problem and if they 've found any work arounds. There's a free app called easyfind but I am not that happy with it, and there's also some convoluted terminal work around that has to be repeated every time os x starts from what I 've been reading. 

I will also be submitting feedback to apple. Ios looking fancy artifacts are all good and well (I dislike them, but I am not that much bothered) but what about some real functionality in core os services such as the finder? Does any one at the os x team really think it's acceptable in 2012 that your mac connects to a network drive in an office and can't search it? I am using a folder in the network to store my work and I can't search that folder to quickly find something to show to a colleague? What do you expect me to do copy it over to my local drive, use a third party app to sync it to the network, and search my local drive instead?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Trying To Access Root Drives On Profile Space At Work

Sep 14, 2010

I am running my Macbook Pro at work through the LAN. My work has a windows 2003 server. Everything has been fine (well just about) until today, when I couldn't get onto any internet sites. It would let me access all of the local work intranet site, but it wouldn't even let me on google. It worked fine yesterday, and all the Win PCs around me were all still up and running. I tried using a different port but to no avail. Also, I am still trying to access my root drives that are on my profile space at work. e.g R:\Venusgroupswbl etc etc. I want to connect to these through my mac.

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Mac Pro :: Internal Drives Not Showing Up On Desktop / Can Access Them In Finder

Nov 2, 2009

So I just received my Nehalem Mac Pro today, and I successfully installed three new hard drives in it, and I can access all four of my drives in Finder, but NONE of them (including the Boot Drive that came with the computer) are showing up on the desktop! I can't figure out why so I thought I'd ask here.

Oddly enough, my Firewire 800 Drive shows up on the desktop. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen? And how to fix it?

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OS X :: Cannot Read Or Mount Network NTFS Drives

Nov 8, 2010

I am running Snow Leopard. I have a few drives on my PC that I have shared, three are NTFS and one is FAT32. I can read and write to the FAT32 on just fine, everything works as it should with it. I can view the NTFS shared drives, though when I try to access them I get this error. The operation can't be completed because the original item for "Drive Name" can't be found. I can read NTFS USB drives fine, and with NTFS Mounter running I can write to them all the same. However this is not the case whatsoever with networked NTFS drives. I am sharing them from a Windows 7 x64 PC, my Mac is a 1st gen Intel Core Duo 1.66.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Search Network Drives With It?

Jun 25, 2012

I cannot find a way to search available network drives using either Spotlight or the Find command.This is a simple action in Windows.  How do I do it in Snow Leopard (10.6.8)?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Usb As Network Attached Drives / Backup Data Via Time Machine?

Apr 12, 2009

I have a linksys wrt610n wireless router that isn't set up yet. You can attach USB drives to the router to use as a nas. I can't find if time machine will use it or let me use a drive attached to the router for my backups.

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MacBook Air :: Setting External Hard Drives As Primary Over A Wifi Network?

Apr 12, 2012

I have a macbook air, I'm trying to use my airport extreme with a 1 tb hard drive plugged in over my network to store my iTunes etc i change the preferences but it always seems to forget it when the laptop is turned of..

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), using 3rd gen airport extreme

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OS X :: Mac Is Visible On Windows Network But I Cannot Access It?

Mar 16, 2009

The title pretty much sums it up, both computers are in the same workgroup (HOME) and I can see both computers in each network overview (when you click network in my computer on both the mac and pc).

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Software :: Mac Can't Access Any Share In Network?

Feb 1, 2010

My iMac (running Snowleopard) can't acces any share in my network. It consists of a NAS (DS209) and a mediatank (popcorn hour C-200). I have defined shares on the NAS and a share on the mediatank.

In Finder I see both the mediatank and the NAS. Both are connected according to Finder (resp. user=admin and user=nmt). However when I try to access a share on the NAS or the mediatank via Finder, I get an error-message:

"The operation can�t be completed because the original item for �XXXX� can�t be found."

Also I can't Time Machine get working using a specific share on the NAS. Time Machine recognizes the share, but when I select the share I get an error message OSerror 13.

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MacBook Pro :: OS X (10.7.3) Access Mac Files From PC Over Network

Dec 1, 2014

I have a MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite and I want to share some files with a PC which is connected to the same WiFi network.  

In the Finder on my MacBook, I can see the name of my PC in the 'Shared' section of the sidebar, but I can't access it because it is a work computer and therefore belongs to a domain so I can't access the PC from my Mac. However there must surely be a similar way to access my Mac from the PC? 

I just want to be able to transfer files relatively easily between the two machines without using a USB stick or similar. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Can't Access An Internet Website

Jun 29, 2009

I think this is the place for this question,(I just joined.) I am a moderator on a betta fish website for about 2 or 3 months now, but the past 2 weeks I haven't been able to access the website.

[URL] I can get on the site at my friends house, I have tried using my dad's, and my brothers computer but I still can't get on it. I have Restarted Safari, and emptied the Cache. But still won't work.

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OS X :: No Access For Network Connection For Guest Account

Mar 1, 2010

After creating a guest account I noticed that anyone uses that account can use my (remembered) secured network connection. Normally, in my network settings, remembering used networks option is checked. When I look into the keychain, I see two entries for my network name. One is in my logins section and the other is in the system section. I suppose, the guest uses the entry which is in the system section. If I delete the entry which is in system section, it is been created again on next connection.

If I do not want any guest to use my network connection, I am having to cancel the remembering used network option and select disconnect on logging out option in airport advanced settings. But; if do this, I am having to select my network and type its password every time I login. I simply want if a guest uses the Guest Account, he wouldn't able to use my network connection without entering the correct password. Is it possible?

SL 10.6.2

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OS X :: Any Way To Allow Temporary WiFi Access (Guest Network)

Sep 6, 2010

I have an Airport Extreme base station and am curious if there is anyway to allow temporary access to my wifi signal its configured with a WPA passcode. I have neighbors that come over and use my wifi but then continue to use it when they return to their homes, is there anyway for me to allow them temporary access or create some kind of guest network that I could turn off when they leave? I HATE having to change the administrative password when they leave because I have to re-enter it on all of my devices.

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OS X :: How To Access My Windows Laptop's Hd Through Wireless Network

Apr 12, 2009

i do not want the windows laptop to gain access to my mac but i wanna access and transfer files from the windows laptop to my mac.

im basically using my xp laptop as a downloading device.

is it something easy to set up?

what will the speed be like?

by the way i also have a firewire cable. i did connect the firewire cable to my xp laptop but the mac cant see it. something on xp came up saying it should install a software but couldnt find it when looking up on the net..

i would prefer wireless connection but if firewire is easier and much faster then yeah firewire is ok.

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