MacBook Pro :: Small Scratch On Screen - Way To Polish Out Screen

Aug 26, 2009

I'm on week 3 of being a mac newbie and the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro 15" (I'm even excited about Snow Leopard arriving tomorrow .... don't remember that from my Windoze daysAlas, all is not rosy ... I've just noticed a small scratch on my screen, no idea how it got there (heads will roll if I find out!). Although it not going to effect me working on it a great deal, it is starting to anyone tried to polish out a scratch using a very fine grade steel wool ... or something similar. I know this can work on scratches on glass

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Small 3mm Hair Line Scratch Removal?

May 12, 2010

i got a screen scratch on my Computer about 4 months ago and it is now bothering me. I want to remove it because well... i have some OCD and i would love to see a clear screen. Its just a small 3mm hair line scratch but i would like it gone. Because on white it makes a Kind of Rainbow effect. Now i've seen 2 methods i think that could work. One is using a Combination of Tooth paste a Petroleum Jelly... while another is using Nail Polish Remover to buff it out. Link: [URL]

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MacBook Pro :: Just Has A Black Screen With A Small Coloured Circle On The Right Of The Screen

Mar 27, 2012

My macbook pro just has a black screen with a small coloured circle on the right of the screen.  It is frozen and wont respond to turning it off or on.  It is plugged into mains power.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook :: Small Scratch Next To Caps Lock Aluminum

May 4, 2009

how can i get rid of it? insurance? a buffer of some sort?

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MacBook Air :: Keyboard Buttons Will Scratch Screen?

Jan 7, 2011

Since I got my new MBA, I am afraid of closing the lid without using the factory keyboard layer fearing the keys may scratch the monitor. Am I being paranoid? I am sure the keyboard has been designed as to not touch the screen when its folded right?

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MacBook Pro :: Scratch Removal On Glossy Screen

Aug 30, 2008

I was cleaning my screen (glossy) on my MPB and noticed a few hairline scratches. Are there any ways to remove the scratches on the screen?

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MacBook Air :: Is The Screen Itself Plastic Or Glass And Does It Scratch Easily

Nov 3, 2010

I was thinking about possibly selling my MacBook Pro and purchasing the 11.6-inch Air because I'm a college student who doesn't need much more than word processing, web browsing, iTunes, and portability. But I hear that the Airs don't have the glass covering of the Pro... Is the screen itself plastic or glass and does it scratch easily?

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MacBook Air :: Small Gap When Screen Closed Down?

Mar 4, 2008

When the screen on my MBA is closed down the rubber edge on the bezel around the screen does fit tightly on the left side, but on the entire right side, there is as small gap between the rubber edge and the base of the MBA. At the rear right the distance between the bezel and the base of the MBA is one milimeter and since the rubber edge takes up less than half of that distance, I'd say the gap is at least half a milimeter. Does your screen fit tightly all the way around or is a small gap normal? I'd think the rubber edge not only avoid metal against metal, but it will also prevent dust or dirt from entering the screen / keyboard / touchpad area when transporting the MBA.

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MacBook Pro :: Resolution Low - Screen Too Small

Oct 8, 2009

I've been planning to get a MBP over Christmas, and today I went to the local Reseller to get a USB-hub, and I played around with the 15" and 17" after since they were out, and I wanted to see if any other local stores had them. I've been planning on a 15" for a while, but when I looked at them right next to each other, it struck me that the resolution on the 15" is tiny compared to the 17". I realize that it's small because the screen is small, but it's so my smaller that the menubar took up so much physical space it became a problem for me. The 13" on the other hand, looked fine. The resolution is small, but the screen is small too so it fits.

Now I've been using a whitebook with 1280x800 for a while now, and the resolution is one of the primary reasons I'm not going to upgrade to a 13" MBP, but there is no way in hell I am getting the 15" with a fisher-price resolution! Is there any chance Apple could use a 1680x1050 panel instead of the 1440xwhatever? Does anyone know why the refurbs on the UK store are all 17"? There is not a single 13" or 15" there, and hasn't been for a while. Are there known problems on the 17" that I'm not aware of?

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MacBook Pro :: 2011 Screen Scratch Resistant Corning Gorilla Glass?

May 1, 2012

i just had the unfortunate incident of someone touching my screen with an object. i dont think it scratched but it led me to researching if the glass is scratch resistant and trying to learn more about the glass itself. ive read that it is gorilla glass which i think is very scratch resistant but that i believe is not confirmed.   

can anyone shed light on the LCD glass they use and if it is able to withstand minor bumps/nicks/taps/ from objects like pen-caps, or a paper clip hitting it etc etc??im looking for specific info like its actual properties, makeup and scratch threshold.  

iPad 2, iOS 5, 16GB Wi-Fi

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MacBook Pro :: Everything On Screen Looks Small In Full 1680x1050?

Apr 7, 2012

I have a new MBP with a high resolution anti-glare display.  It is beautiful, but at full resolution everything looks smaller.  Is there any way to set preferences so that windows open with a full-size appearance without setting the display to a lower resolution?

macbook pro

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MacBook Pro :: Getting Horizontal Small Dashes Across Whole Screen

Jun 3, 2014

I am running maverick os 10.9.3 on my macbook pro 

I had been getting horizontal small dashes across my whole screen. 

Talk to an apple tech and he took me thru diagnostics and couldn't find anything wrong. 

So he had me reinstall the OS and that was about two weeks ago and everything has been fine UNTIL today it started again..  

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MacBook :: Find Finger Nail Sized Scratch At Screen - Can Stick Fingernail Partally

May 25, 2009

i was on skype and noticed a fingernail sized scratch in my screen. I ran my finger over it and i can stick my fingernail partally in it. This has brought me to wander, what could have done this. I dont remember having anything near my macbook that could have caused this, also what is the macbooks screen coated in. Ita a 2007 santa rosa white

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MacBook Pro :: Small White Square In Middle Of Screen?

Dec 3, 2014

I have a small white square that appears on my screen, it's not just on my background it's on whatever I open. What is causing this and how do I get rid of it? I have a brand new laptop, less than two months old.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)

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OS X :: Two Small Black Dots Near Bottom Left Of Macbook Pro Screen

Sep 13, 2009

I just bought my macbook pro 13 inch about a 40 days ago and I have just noticed two small black dots on the on the bottom of the screen near the left side of my dock. I have done some research and they seem to be "dead pixels" They're really small but for the price I payed i didnt expect any problems. What are some suggestions to get rid of them or if i should contact tech support? Here are two pictures of the dots: They kinda change colour when i move my head around.. Not sure if theyre dead pixels or not.

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MacBook :: Small Broken Area On Screen On Lower Right Portion

Mar 2, 2010

how much would the repair of this damage will cost? geesh i forgot to remove my iphone wire/connector that was resting in the keyboard of my mac, then suddenly i accidentally closed the screen of the laptop. then afterwards, i heard a cracking sound. plain carelessness. what should i do? will the replacement of this damaged glass costly? i do hope MacCenters in Manila can fix this. i'm heading tomorrow to the nearby MacCenter.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Open A Small Window On Screen That Allow To Type In Word

Sep 6, 2014

How do I open a small window on my screen that allows me to type in a word, and that word is then highlighted every time it appears in the text on the page I'm in? I've seen it done before. It makes searching an internet wall much easier when your looking for something particular.

MacBook Pro (17-inch 2.4 GHz), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Small Thin Horizontal Lines On Screen Display

Sep 10, 2014

After 1 month there are small thin horizontal lines appear on my macbook pro screen. i never drop or bang or what so ever.

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Screen Size Too Small For Video AND Image Editing?

Apr 28, 2010

screen resolution of the MBP 13" is too small to do video/image editing with tools like the iLife suite, Final Cut Express, Photoshop..? And for using developers' tools like XCode? I would use it in my freetime and not for work.. It would be my first MBP and I'm using a 15" laptop with 1680x1050 resolution, so I would loose a lot of pixels, but I don't want to spend so much on a 15"/17" MBP since I do not think they've yet entered the next level Steve Jobs was talking about.. So I would buy a 13" just because I'd really like to jump in the Mac world , and maybe I'll sell it next year when (I hope) there will be much more innovation (maybe new design

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MacBook :: Brand New White - Small Nick On The Top Left Corner Of The Casing Of The Screen

Feb 26, 2009

I just bought a brand new Nvidia Macbook White from Amazon. Love it so far. One problem,and I will post a pic, there is a small nick on the top left corner of the casing of the screen. Its noticeable but otherwise the computer is great,no keyboard flex that I can see or any other cosmetic issues. Would it be worth it to go through the whole Amazon exchange for just this issue with no guarantee that the replacement would be any better?

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MacBook Pro :: Small Scratch On Macbook Lid?

Jun 21, 2010

so i was carrying my macbook previous to getting a case and happen to brush the lid against a railing, it caused a TINY and i mean TINY mark.. maybe 3cm max but its noticeable to me.

i was wondering if i got one of those calligraphy markers.. if i could somehow blend the mark back into the finish? anyone ever try it?


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OS X :: Small Black Line On Corner Of Screen

May 18, 2009

So today I noticed a small black bar on the corner of my screen. I tried to get a screen shot of it, but i couldn't, like it was off the screen. However, my mouse dissapears under it when i move it there.It is a little hard to distinguish because it is the 2.4 ghz macbook aluminum, glossy screen so it has the black surrounding it, but it is definably there. This all along the right hand edge of the screen.

Although there is a chance it may have always been there, I am not so sure. I think there are lines along the top and left hand sides, but they are much smaller. again it is hard to tell. I am fairly sure that there is none on the bottom of screen. Is this normal, or what? I have applecare, and I didn't do anything to my macbook. Although it is getting me a little OCDish, and is slightly annoying, and I know these things on the screen tend to expand.

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Applications :: Keynote Presentation Shown On Left In Small Screen

Jan 26, 2010

I attempted to show a keynote presentation yesterday and when it went through the LCD projector, it showed the presentation on the left in a small screen and elapsed time on the right. Also, when the projector showed my laptop screen, it did not show the real desktop, it showed way off to the side. How to get it back to normal?

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MacBook Air :: Best Small Printer To Go With An Air Book / Thunderbolt Screen And Be A Great Printer?

Feb 16, 2012

What is the best small printer to go with an air book and thunderbolt screen and be a great printer?

MacBook Air, iOS 5.0.1

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Mac Mini :: Mini To Projector: Small Black Line On The Screen

Oct 4, 2008

Soo...I just picked up a mini to run plex and use as a media center. Hooking it up to my projector via VGA cable. When I set the display settings to the native resolution on the projector there is a small black line or bar down the left hand side of the screen. Not on the right but only on the left. why this would be happening?

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Applications :: Remotely Screen Share Tiger Screen To My Leopard Screen ?

Dec 11, 2007

I want to see the screen of a Tiger machine on my Leopard machine - the Tiger machine is not on a local network but is on the internet. I have Apple remote Desktop 3.2, maybe leopards ichat will do it?

Can someone run me through it step by step??

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MacBook Pro :: Removing Scratches - Finding Polish

Oct 5, 2009

I slid my laptop under my bed last night just before I fell asleep. I've pulled it out this morning and there is a huge scratch all the way across the lid. Does anyone know of anything I can use to perhaps buff it out or something?

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MacBook :: Get Nail Polish Remover Burn Off It?

Apr 24, 2012

I have a macbook that is about 2/3 years old - works fine and does the job. However i was babysitting a few weeks ago and took my laptop and nail varnish/remover with me all in a bag. (yes i regret it now, but they only live next door, i was intending to take it out when i got there but they are crazy little kids) I took my laptop out the next morning to find that i had a massive purple stain on the front of my laptop. The nail varnish remover had leaked onto my macbook but fortunately it wasnt alot, (the bag wasnt wet or anything). It's purpley colour like the remover and you can tell it has burnt it as you can feel the dented outline when you rub your fingers over it. Its not done any damage to the laptop itself which i am EXTREMMMELY happy about. I just have a very large purple blob on my mac thats all. I was wondering if anyone could help me??  

I've tried magic eraser a little but i didnt want to use that too much on the shiny part as it says so on tutorials not too ect. I tried general cleaner. I dont know what to do?! Dont know how much it would be to get it replaced or whatnot.

MacBook, iOS 5.0.1

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MacBook Pro :: Hinge Making Squeaking Noise / Open Screen From Center Top Of Screen

May 31, 2008

My Macbook Pro is fairly new, and the hinge on both side is already making squeaking noise when I open my screen. It gets a bit annoying, I open it from the center top of the screen, not by the side. Is this a problem that I should be taking to the Apple Store? Or this can be fixed easily?

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MacBook Air :: LED Display Screen Goes To Completely Dark / Bottom Side Of Screen Is Brighter

Jun 16, 2008

I tried to use some software to test the display. I found when the screen goes to completely dark with the backlight on, the bottom side of my screen is brighter than other parts.... have u guys met any problem like that, or is this some problem with my MBA?

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