Hardware :: Intermittent Wireless Connectivity Using USB Network Adapter

Dec 12, 2009

I've been using a wireless adapter to connect a PC and a laser printer to my Apple based network. The laser printer is always available but the PC only shows up occasionally. I am not making any changes to cause it to show up when it decides to.

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Intel Mac :: Its Connected To The Wireless Network But Internet Is Intermittent?

May 28, 2012

My wireless network is connected to my iMac but the internet goes down a lot and I have to reset the wifi up in the menu bar.  It doesn't lose bars at all or say its disconnected. My wireless printer always works just fine. None of the other computers in my house have this problem.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1.1

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OS X :: Cannot Access Wireless Network Using Ethernet Adapter

Aug 15, 2009

I am trying to get onto our home wireless network using a G4 a friend has just given me. It doesn't have an airport facility so my friend has also given me a 802.11g wireless ethernet adapter. I have followed the instructions exactly (accessing the adapters internal configuration and setting it to the wireless networks SSID and channel, then going back into the network settings and re-setting it to "obtain IP address using DHCP') When i restart the computer the network status reads as "built in ethernet is active and has a self-assigned ip address. you may not be able to connect to the internet" (the marker next to it is yellow)
needless to say I cannot connect to the internet.

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Hardware :: 360 Wireless Adapter Won't Recognize Airport Network?

Nov 15, 2009

i have my xbox hooked up to the internet through my airport extreme but recently it stopped recognizing my network and i cant figure out why? All of my other wireless devices work on my airport except my 360 and my imac running windows 7 in bootcamp finds my network but only gives me limited access to the network.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To Monitor Via Mini Displayport And A VGA Adapter - Intermittent?

Jul 4, 2012

I have a MacBook Pro 2012 (Lion) and am connecting to my monitor via the mini displayport and a VGA adapter.  This worked fine for a while, but now is intermittent.  It's not the cable or the monitor as I have tried with several and get same results.  The port works fine with an Apple monitor and no adapter.  I've seen several threads on this, but no solutions other than starting up with monitor plugged in which I've done.I updated the OS and it worked fine yesterday, but today not working again.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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PowerPC :: Intermittent Wireless Connection On G4

May 24, 2007

We have had a little powerbook G4 since about a year now. Such a great little stable machine that we have never had any problems with it. As a consequence, we still know little about it (usually I learn about machines/software by running into problems). Now, the wireless starts working intermittently. Sometimes it works fine and at other times it will not even indicate that our home network is present (whereas we have two other laptops (Win XP) that show that the network is active and has excellent strength). So at these times we are unable to re-connect. This started about two weeks ago and starts to get worse (it will more often not find it). Restarting does not work, but sometimes, when trying again the next day or a couple of hours later, it will work again. Should we just go ahead and get a new wireless card for the p-book?

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Software :: Losing Wireless Connection Intermittent

Nov 11, 2010

I have a 2008 MacBook running Mac OSX and it loses wireless internet connectivity on a continuous intermittent basis. I use a Linksys router and none of my wireless PC's are effected by any loss of connectivity when my Mac is, in fact, they do not lose connection to the internet at all. I am connected to my own secure network that is wep password protected.

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Mac Pro :: Mixing Wireless And Wired Connectivity?

Jan 11, 2011

Is there any point in mixing wired and wireless connectivity with a Mac Pro? Would this bump up/down speeds at all?

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PowerPC :: G3 Wireless Connectivity Only When Right Next To Router

Sep 16, 2007

My wife has an iBook G3 500mhz with 320mb of ram. She is having trouble with the airport card that is installed in it. I have a 2.4ghz wireless access point in the upstairs of my house (next to my main machine) which is sending the signal to a 2.4ghz bridge in the downstairs. House is wood frame. She is having problems connecting to the wireless network. When she can actually connect, she has to be right next to a wireless router and even then it doesn't work sometimes to connect. Is the airport card going bad in this? Is it possible that the antenna has gone bad or has a kink in it or something?

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Connectivity In XP Not Above Two Bars

Jul 21, 2009

I get great wireless connectivity under Mac OS X, since the wireless base is in the room right next to the MacBook Pro, but under Windows XP Home Edition with the Mac drivers installed, I never get above two bars, and connection drops every 20 minutes or so. Windows is completely updated, all boot camp drivers are updated, everything.

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Mac Pro :: Its Constantly Losing Wireless Connectivity?

Mar 13, 2012

I have a PC laptop which also uses the wireless and has never had a problem.My Mac Pro loses access to the net every few minutes or so. I usually follow a sequence of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection, and this works but only for a temporary solution until it drops out a few minutes later.also link to pic here..[URL] It always shows full bars even though in the activity monitor it just flatlines or flutters near 0kB/sec. Like many others, my connection drops although the wireless signal icon remains full. I've noticed that as long as my system doesn't idle (ie - if I'm downloading something, or on a webpage which is always sending or recieving data) the wireless connection seems alright. But if I am on a webpage (for instance, this Apple website which is idle and not sending or recieving data) for a few minutes or am away from the computer for 5 minutes, the connectivity dies and I cant access the net. I then follow a sequence of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection, and this works but only for a temporary solution until it drops out a few minutes later. Also, can I ask that NO ONE suggest that I hook my computer up via the ethernet cable as there is no access points upstairs and I'm not going to pay a tonne of money to get one installed when I paid a tonne of money for my "AirPort Extreme" so I didnt have to (which was just over 2 years ago). 

Its been a constant problem for the last 12 months and the short-fix of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection has driven me to madness (especially when I write a lot of information into a site for example this, and after 15 minutes I click the next button or send and dont realise the net is no longer connected and I LOOSE EVERYTHING I'VE JUST TYPED. It's happened 1000's of times.


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), AirPort Extreme

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MacBook Air :: Wireless Randomly Losing Connectivity

Oct 10, 2009

So every so often after I open my laptop up my wireless will work initially but then all the sudden will stop working. All I have to do is turn off airport and turn it back on and it works again.

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MacBook Pro :: Drops Wireless Connectivity When Moving Around?

Mar 8, 2012

My job requires me to be mobile, and I move from one office to the next frequently, to attend to various meetings etc.  Every time I move from one office to the next, I have to turn WiFi OFF, and then back ON again, in order for it to re-establish connectivity.  This is a major frustration, as quite often I am downloading or uploading work applications, and have to re-start the download / upload again from scratch.  It's impractical to not move until these are complete. 

Mac OS X Lion Version 10.7.3

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Finder Internal Network Connectivity With SMB Shares?

Mar 26, 2010

I've been having some very odd internal network connectivity issues the last few weeks.First, here's what I'm working with:-1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo Mac Mini running Snow Leopard 10.6.2File server running Windows Server 2008 64bit-Two SMB shares I access from the file server for archive storage and backup purposes from the Mini-All networked together into a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT v24-sp1

So here's the deal. I can start up the Mini from a fresh boot and access my SMB file shares with no problems at all. The file server is pingable, and I can RDP into it with Remote Desktop. But put the computer to sleep? One third of it breaks--the SMB shares become inaccessible until after a reboot, BUT I can still ping the file server AND I can still RDP into it without any issues. It's for this reason I think it's a Finder-specific issues. It seems to "forget" my SMB shares after putting the computer to sleep, then can't "find" them again.

FWIW, I thought it might be a name resolution issues, so I tried all this using the straight-up IP address but nothing changed. The SMB shares aren't accessible, but I can still ping and RDP into the file server without issue.It's getting very frustrating rebooting my Mac virtually every time I need to access my file archive. It's also makes a consistent backup plan difficult, if not impossible. Oh, and one more data point. I've got a work laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. When the Mac has issues accessing the SMB shares, I can access the file shares just fine (both by hostname and IP address) on the Windows 7 machine.I'm quite at a loss here. I'm contemplating a fresh install here, but not really confident it would make a difference.

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Software :: Intermittent Spinning Beachball - Using Network Home Directory

Sep 30, 2009

What's happening is a class can be running and without warning all of them (or seemingly all of them) will get the spinning beach ball and won't be able to do any work for the 2 or so minutes before things return.

Here's what I currently know
- OS X version is 10.5 and is on the april (? around there) bug fixes
- Users are authenticating with Active Directory
- Users are using Network Home Directories with the files stored on a Server 2003 share
- I'm assured the network connection is fine but this hasn't been ruled out

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OS X :: Fixing Slow Internet Connectivity With Wireless-N Routers?

Nov 1, 2008

I must admit that this posting is a last resort. However, remarkably, on narrowing the problem it seems it has to do with an unknown default setting on my Mac OS X Leopard on both my MacBook and iMac.

This week I invested in two new Wireless-N routers - Belkin and D-Link - and both fail to perform. The problem manifests itself as follows:

- When my Apple is wirelessly connected to the router, it takes a very long time to pull up any website. And unless I am imagining things, it seems to first pause when the blue progress indicator reaches just beyond "[URL]" each time. It is slow loading beyond this initial pause as well.

- When I change my security from WPA2 to WEP to None, it makes no difference whatsoever.

- When my Apple is connected to the router via ethernet, it performs very well. Each website appears very quickly and as expected i.e. no wireless connection.

- Very surprisingly, when I am using Windows via Boot Camp on my iMac, it performs very well when *wirelessly* connected. This threw me a little. This is what led me to suspect there's a default configuration with my Mac OS X that is causing the problem.

- In light of the above point, I have not yet checked to see whether wireless frequency or channel affect the download speed.

- For 2.5 years I had been using a Netgear Wireless-G router without any problem.

Might anyone know what the problem is? Or at the very least how better to diagnose it?

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MacBook :: While Using External Monitor With DVI Kills Wireless Connectivity

Dec 30, 2008

Upon receiving the monitor, I immediately plugged it in to my Macbook, using the Mini-DV to VGA adaptor I already had, for use with projectors. The monitor was good, but a bit blurry and not too sharp, due to the analog signal. So I ordered a Mini-DVI to DVI adaptor. When it arrived, the improved picture quality was immediately apparent.

However, as time went on, I noticed my wireless connectivity was getting terrible. Extremely slow Safari page load times, and upon going to Terminal and pinging my router, I would often get response times of 21000 milliseconds, or worse! I did a lot of research, on router firmware, on wireless connectivity, etc., but to no prevail. Then, on a whim, while continually pinging my router, I removed the DVI adaptor from my monitor. The ping instantly dropped from tens of full seconds to just a stable 0.4 milliseconds! Using my VGA connection resulted in no worse wireless connectivity than without it, but upon plugging in DVI and stressing the connection a bit (i.e. downloading a large file), the connection went bonkers. The pings also immediately jump from 0.4 milliseconds to a range of 1-4 milliseconds, regardless of any "stressing".

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IMac :: Wireless Connectivity Lost In Sleep Mode

Mar 26, 2009

I am new to the IMac experience which I have to say so far I love it but I am having 2 problems.

1) Every time my computer goes to sleep I lose wireless connectivity and I have to log back in where as my other computers I dont have to do this it signs back in automatically

2) Some how I lost Spaces from the icon bar at the bottom of the screen and can not figure how to get it back down there.

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Windows On Mac :: No Disk To Install (Network Connectivity) Drivers For XP

Jan 5, 2011

I've successfully installed XP on my Macbook (Late 2009) and now need to install the drivers to get Network connectivity etc. However I don't have my mac disc at hand as I am away travelling at the moment. Can I download the drivers either from my mac or from the internet to USB, then transfer and install them into XP? I have the latest version of OSX and am up-to-date with everything afaik. Running XP Pro SP 3.

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Mac Pro :: Takes About 2 Minutes To Have Network Connectivity After System Startup

Mar 6, 2008

It takes about 2 minutes to have network connectivity after my system starts up. Is this normal for a macpro? I don't have that problem on my macbook pro.

I have the early 2008 release MP. get the network connectivity to start as soon as desktop is displayed like my macbook pro?

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MacBook Pro :: Installed EFI 2.7 Update - No Network Connectivity After Reboot

Feb 29, 2012

I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 13" running Lion. I installed the recommended 2.7 EFI update (which was advised by the system update utility) and after the reboot, I could not access any network resources (couldn't ping the router). The information provided showed that I was connected to the WIFI AP and had a good IP Address (provided via DHCP). I connected an ethernet cable and got a new IP address in both cases, I was unable to ping the gateway IP address.

I tried clearing the PRAM and NVRAM but no success. I booted into the restore console and the wifi access there showed my Time Machine backup (connected to my Airport Extreme). I was confused by this as when fully booted, it wouldn't show anything on the network, but in the restore mode it could.I have begun the process of restoring from the previous backup which will take a few hours.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: How To Access The Airport Card Settings To Get Wireless Connectivity

Mar 4, 2009

I just installed the Airport extreme wireless card on my emac, but I have run into some problems:

1)after installing the card, the mac took a very long time to start up, I tested to make sure it was the card: everytime I started it up without the card, it did the normal thing, but with the card, it took a long time

2)after finally starting up, nowhere can i find where/how to configure the wireless. When I go to configure the network, it has all options, but the airport card option is not usable.

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Hardware :: Using Time Capsule/iPod Touch Wireless Connectivity?

Jul 30, 2009

On a 1st generation Time Capsule will an iPod Touch automatically connect to my wireless network via TC or do I have to manually toggle the 2.4GHz/5.0GHz options in preferences?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Wireless Network Connects To The Wrong Wireless Network?

Jun 4, 2012

When I arrive at my office and turn on my MB Air, it does not always connect to my wireless network, it sometimes connects to an un-secured wireless network locaterd somewhere else in the building. Is there a way to force Lion to always connect to a specfic network and ignore others?

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Intel Mac :: Iphone Lost Internet Connectivity Via Linksys Wireless Router?

Mar 18, 2012

Imac and iphone lost internet connectivity via Linksys wireless router.  Ehternet works fine.  Keep getting note about "self-assigned" ip.  Ideas? I have tried everything I have found and read.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: USB Wireless Adapter Or Installing An Actual Wireless Card?

Oct 8, 2008

Which would be better, a USB wireless adapter or installing an actual wireless card? The computer is a PowerMac G5 1.6GHz and I want to add wireless capability to it. Which card is the best and which USB adapter is the best. We'll be using a Linksys router.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Join Wireless Network/Will All Traffic Go Mac Wireless Router

Jan 5, 2011

I have just got my 1Tb time capsule and there are a lot of confusing descriptions of how to connect it.

At the moment I have just selected "join existing wireless network" which is a ADSL 2.4ghz G Router that came with my internet package (Thompson TG585 v7).

Does this mean that all traffic goes via the ADSL Router and that I will not be using the 5ghz band when I back up so that all the data will follow a path like this and have slow data rates? :

MAC --2.4ghz--> ADSL Router --2.4ghz--> TC

or will I be communicating directly with the TC at 5ghz for backups and data transfer and 2.4ghz with the ADSL router for internet like this? :

MAC --5ghz--> TC
ADSL Router --2.4ghz--> MAC

If this is not a good setup, what setup would allow me to get the full speed to the time capsule and be connected to the internet.

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Hardware :: Extended Wireless Network - Multiple Airport Express Wireless Setup

May 14, 2009

I'm working in a home/home-office environment right now which was setup by someone else and I've noticed some odd network behavior when moving about the property. Looking at the setup, the relevant portion is: Cable modem - Airport Extreme - 10 port wired switch - 3x Airport Express in different areas of the house. The configuration of each device has the Extreme and all three Express devices set to "create a wireless network" with the network name the same for all four of them. I am not a networking expert but I would have thought that the Extreme should be set to be the "master" in a WDS network and the Express should each be set to participate in that WDS network. If they're all hosting their own wireless network with the same name and the coverage overlaps, how does a PC know which one it's using? Or maybe this doesn't matter. I just know that when we move from one room to another we frequently have to re-select the wireless network to establish connectivity.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Possible To Use Mac's Ethernet Port To Extend Wireless Network To A Non-wireless Device?

May 3, 2012

OK, I asked this question previously, but not quite succinct enough, I think. I have a Pioneer home theater receiver that is network capable, but not wireless capable. I want to get this thing on my home network without having to purchase another device as my Mini resides no more than 36" away from it.So far, I have been able to get the receiver to connect to the internet through Internet Sharing on the Mini, but it remains blind to, and invisible to my wireless network. I simply want to connect the receiver to my Mini via ethernet cable and have it see and be seen on my wireless network. url...

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.7 GHz i7, 256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM

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OS X :: Auto-mount A Network Drive After Connecting To A Wireless Network?

Sep 22, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to automatically connect a MacBook to a network drive after connecting to the wireless network that the drive is connected to.

Here is the situation:

I back-up my wife's MacBook via Time Machine to an external hard drive that is connected to my Apple desktop. It works great! I even have her system setup to automatically mount the drive upon log-in. Unfortunately, after leaving our wireless signal and then coming back the time machine drive isn't automatically mounted since she isn't "logging back-in". Is there an automator script that can be built to automatically connect to drive X after connecting to wireless network Z?

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