Applications :: Unable To Remove Ffmpeg Dependencies / Uninstalling Ffmpeg From Fink?

Jul 16, 2010

I used fink to install ffmpeg so I could convert some flvs I have to MP3s. Wasted at least 2+ hours to compile all the dependencies only to run into some problem where ffmpeg to throw out an error about flv being an unsupported video codec. I know it should have worked as I have done this on *nix systems before. I after fighting with it for an hour or so I broke down and am now using Audacity to rip the audio out (works too).

So I go to uninstall ffmpeg from fink, expecting all the dependencies to go along with it. Except only ffmpeg is removed. dkpg and/or fink will automatically remove/uninstall the dependencies. ATM I am too frustrated to want to waste more time on this, so I come here asking for help. Is there something I am doing wrong for fink and dpkg not to auto-remove the dependencies?

I was able to output all the dependencies to a text file (yay redirect output). IF worse comes to worse, can anyone help me throw together a bash or perl script to go through the text file and "fink purge <dependency>" for me?

Again I normally wouldn't be asking for help without working on the problem myself, but after wasting all that time for the dependencies and ffmpeg to compile, I'm just too angry to think straight.

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OS X :: Apple Script For Converting Audio Files Using FFMPEG

Sep 26, 2010

I have installed ffmpeg using MacPorts and am trying to work out a script that will convert audio files in a specified folder to mp3 files, outputting the converted files as mp3 files in another folder. So far the script looks like this:

code:set convertPath to "Macintosh HD:opt:local:bin:ffmpeg"
set convertCommand to quoted form of POSIX path of convertPath & " -i {infile} -f mp3 -ar 44100 -ab 128 -acodec mp3 - "
tell application "Finder"
set inPath to "Macintosh HD:Users:nick:Desktop:new:"
set outPath to "Macintosh HD:Users:nick:Desktop:new2:"
set myFiles to (files of entire contents of inPath whose name ends with ".m4a") as alias list
repeat with i from 1 to count of myFiles
do shell script convertCommand
end repeat
end tell

With this script I am getting the error : "Can't make every file of "class ects" of "Macintosh HD: Users:nick:Desktop:new:" whose name ends with ".m4a" into type alias list." I am not sure how to define the do shell script command so that it outputs an MP3 file in the output directory.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Install FFMPEG And OpenCV Library On MBP

Jun 21, 2012

I have OS 10.6.8 on my MacBook Pro and I am trying to install ffmpeg and openCV. I have both of them in my computer ... and both works well. The problem is ... I need to connect openCV with ffmpeg to make the videos work in openCV library.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Unable To Install Fink - Sw Directory Not Found

Nov 16, 2010

I am trying to install Fink onto my computer. I know this is a really really stupid question, but it says it is best to save in the /sw directory. i cannot find it. It seems to be a root directory, but do I make a new one or what?

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Software :: Unable To Install Fink On Mac Osx 10.5.7 / Can't Resolve Dependency?

Jul 29, 2009

I am trying to update fink. But the response I always get is: Can't resolve dependency "fink (>= 0.28.0-1)" for package "giflib-4.1.6-2" (no matching packages/versions found. I had trouble with x11 and all unix based applications since I switched to leopard.

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Software :: Unable To Install Fink / Gnu Fortran Compiler G77 Not Found

Nov 16, 2008

I've downloaded the binary installer for fink, and I'm under the Leopard OS. I am trying to get the Gnu Fortran compiler g77, but I can't find it. Is it just not available or do I need to add other repos.

$fink apropos g77
Information about 2521 packages read in 0 seconds.

$fink apropos fortran
Information about 2521 packages read in 0 seconds.
cernlib2005-... 2005-2010 Paw and other basic executables
cernlib2005-... 2005-2010 Basic libraries and include files
cernlib2005-... 2005-2010 GEANT 3.2.1
cernlib2005-... 2005-2010 Monte-carlo libraries and files
cernlib2005-... 2005-2010 Paw++: Motif enhanced paw
f2c 20030428-1 Convert Fortran 77 source to C source
fort77 1.18-17 Perl script to invoke f2c Fortran translator
geant4.8-cer... 4.8.3-61 Simulation of particle-matter interaction
geant4.8-cer... 4.8.3-61 Shared libraries for GEANT4 8.2
geant4.9-cer... 4.9.0-21 Simulation of particle-matter interaction
geant4.9-cer... 4.9.0-21 Shared libraries for GEANT4 8.2

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OS X :: Unable To Install Perl Modules For Aimsniff / Need To Install Dependencies?

Dec 20, 2009

I am trying to install Aim Sniff which runs through terminal. I am slowly figuring out how to use terminal to run .pl files but the readme files says I need to install these dependencies.

Requires Samba to perform SMB lookup features.

Requires the following perl modules:
NetPacket::Ethernet qw(:strip);
NetPacket::IP qw(:strip);
Unicode::String qw(utf8 latin1 utf16);

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Software :: Installing Fink In Snow Leopard - Unable To Understand Instructions

Oct 9, 2009

Does anyone know how to install Fink in Snow Leopard? I wasn't able to understand the instructions on the website.

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OS X :: Installing UNIX Archive Using Fink - Unable To Install Unix

Apr 12, 2009

Aight, the thing is he got an UNIX-file, he want to install. I found out, that Fink are very useful here. However, we could install Fink, but not the UNIX archive. So here it goes. Simple question: How do you install an UNIX archive using Fink?

Trust me, I tried Google 2049x times, but that didn't help me alot so I'm asking you guys

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OS X :: Unable To Get Mac Mini Intel Boot After Failed Uninstalling Safari 4 Beta

Feb 26, 2009

While uninstalling Safari 4 beta it freezed and after 15 minutes of waiting I made a forced restart. Now Mac mini shows the grey screen and won't boot.

What I've tried:

- Disk Utility from restore DVD
- fsck in Single-User Mode
- resetting PRAM
- resetting PMU

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Applications :: Unable To Remove Windows Media Player From Trash

Jan 17, 2009

Since using vlc player i have found no need for wmp so i dropped it into appcleaner and now i can't empty my trash bin i keep getting errors when i click on empty trash.I keep getting messages (see below) how can i get around this can any one help i have tried using the option key when deleting but it hasn't worked tho.

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OS X :: Applications Keep Uninstalling Automatically On MBP

Jun 16, 2009

Several applications on my mac keep uninstalling themselves, even whilst In use. For example: I was using firefox, then navigation bar seemed to lock up, so I quit Firefox, then it removed itself from the dock bar - I looked in my applications folder and it was no longer there? Had to download and reinstall to get it working again. Was using photoshop CS4, click 'save for web' and a popup told me it was unable to export as file didn't exist? So I saved my file i was working on, quit photoshop, looked in my applications folder and the entire CS4 package was missing?

To restore this, I opened Time Machine, and found that it had been missing for 3 hours, so restored the Adobe suite (7gb) and it now works again. This has happened to about 8 applications now, cyberduck, carbon copy cloner, adium, appzapper, automater, firefox, adobe? I've ran a disk check on my hard drive and all seems fine, no errors found. I'm also experiencing complete freezes every so often where I'm forced to hold the power button down to turn my mac off and then reboot it - all since this error started happening. I have a Macbook Pro, 17" 2.4ghz, 4gm ram running OS X 10.5.7

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Applications :: Uninstalling Final Cut Pro Studio 2

Mar 15, 2009

I need to reinstall FCP Studio 2 to repair a messed up Compressor app. How go I go about uninstalling such a large program? There are preference panes and plists and various programs. Should I use an app like app delete or is there another way?

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Applications :: Uninstalling Hotspot Shield?

Mar 18, 2010

I installed Hotspot Shield on my mac but cant find how to fully uninstall it?

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Software :: Finding And Uninstalling Applications On MBP

Dec 24, 2009

Can someone tell how to definitively find and remove software that has been installed on my MBP? I've recently tried connecting to my father-in-law's network, but to no avail. The guy from BT did a remote desktop to my MBP via a Citrix app called BT-GoToAssist, which seemed to install a couple of things just prior to running. Can anyone let me know how to find these and get rid of them? I don't like having things on my laptop that I don't use.

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Applications :: Downgrading - Uninstalling Safari 4 Beta

Feb 28, 2009

I'm having the "messenger: mac typing issue" and decided to go back to Safari 3. I downloaded it from Apple's site but when trying to install it doesn't allow me to select my HD volume because it says there is a newer version. How should I procede?

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Applications :: Uninstalling IWork - License Policy

Jan 31, 2010

The insurance company will give a new macbook to a college at work and he is wondering if he has to uninstall iWork from the old one, to be able to install it on his new macbook. Can he use the same license (iWork came with 3 licenses) or does he loose 1? In other words, if you uninstall iWork con you install it again with the same license.

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Applications :: Uninstalling Parallels And Related Stuff?

Jul 30, 2010

So I've installed a few applications here and there that haven't really worked like I wanted them to. I recently installed Parallels and I hated it. I deleted everything I could find but when I search "Parallels" in my finder a bunch of other stuff appears. Is that all related to Parallels, is it okay to delete them all, or not? The only reason it bothers me is because my computer used to shut down literally 5 times faster than it has been since I install Parallels. I think maybe that was the problem and if I delete everything I can find related to Parallels it will shutdown faster.

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Applications :: Uninstalling Programs - Not Found On Hard Drive?

Nov 23, 2009

How in the world do I uninstall programs. I downloaded a program called DIVX and it was working for what I downloaded it for but it is nowhere to be found on my harddrive to uninstall it and it is not in my applications list. Does anyone know where it might be on my hard drive? But aside from that alot of programs that are in my applications list do not even have an option to uninstall. I use firefox but if I ever wanted to uninstall it there is no uninstall option, same goes for programs like AIM or Yahoo Messenger.

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Software :: How Is The Working Of Leopard And Fink?

Jan 22, 2008

Well, title says it. Can anyone explain how well at this point plays Fink with Leopard? Is Apple's X11 compatible with Fink? There were apparently some problems, but it is not clear to me if this concerns the Apple implementation of X11 and at which point are we now.

I noticed also that there is another similar project, Macports. Anyone with experience with this?

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OS X :: Unable To Remove Applications From "open With" Tab

May 3, 2009

How do you remove applications in the "open with" tab?

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Applications :: After Uninstalling Safari 4, Safari 3 Won't Install Into My System?

Jun 9, 2009

I removed the new Safari 4 with AppZapper. I did'nt like the new UI. But now Safari 3 will not reinstall (see pic) How can I solve this?

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MacBook Air :: Unable To Remove The Password?

Apr 1, 2012

I try to remove my password, so I went into the preferences, I enter my old password and didn't enter anything in the 2 other lines. Now, it still demand me a password, i my old one is not working. I cannot use my computer anymore.

MacBook Air

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OS X :: Unable To Remove / Delete Icons From Dock

Feb 23, 2010

I am unable to remove / delete icons from the dock - any idea why? Once apon a time I could just drag and drop onto the desktop in a cloud of smoke, or drag to Trash. Not any more. I have tried the following; repairing disk permissions; 'killall dock' command using terminal; checked parental control is OFF; deleting the [URL] files from Macintosh HD,Users,Library,Preferences.

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OS X :: Unable To Remove / Delete Bookmarks From The Top Ten Category?

Apr 22, 2010

I am unable to remove/delete bookmarks from the Top Ten category in my bookmark manager.

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Software :: Unable To Burn A Cd - Remove The Disk?

Feb 7, 2009

I have a cd that I am trying to burn and it doesnt seem to work.I have an imac with only one cd/dvd burner.I put the disk in and goto file and click burn disk then it tells me to remove the disk and put a blank disk in but when I do the original is now removed and there is nothing to burn.I made a duplicate then burned that but it doesnt work on my cd player only the computer.I went to disk utility and created a disk image but it came up blank.I never made a disk image before maybe I did it wrong.

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Remove Icons From Desktop

Mar 27, 2012

I am unable to remove the following icons from my desktop; Keys, iChat, Console, Activity Monitor. Looking for an explanation as to why this can not be done by dragging and dropping on the desktop.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Unable To Remove Login Items

May 26, 2012

Unable to remove login items (Revert after reboot) iOX10.5 iMac

I am having issues and permanent encounter in having my removed login items reappearing after reboot. I have very MANY of the same programs in 'open at Login accounts' eg: Messenger,Safari,Skype,Evernote,Dropbox,antivirus, but they are listed dozens of times. in this 'open at login' area.

Here's the steps I have taken:

1) Open Applications, Account Preferences, cluck my administrator acc, select program to delete, click on - and wait.

2) Remove some login items (with or without unlocking the lock, doesn't seem make a difference, tried both)

3) Login items are now fewer

4) Reboot

5) voila, the removed login items are still loaded and displayed in login item tab.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.4 GHz Intel 2 Duo Pen

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OS X :: Unable To Remove IFlicks / Some Traces Remain In ITunes

Jan 26, 2010

System information:
MacBook Pro 2.226
iTunes 10.0.1 (22)

I recently downloaded iFlicks to try a different form of meta tagging.However I did not care for it too much.I only ran it from the mounted disk image (dmg) instead of actually installing it. I didnt actually encode/tag or use it render any of my files just messed around in the GUI.

So now whenever I open iTunes on this specific account regardless of what library I open (my internal/local machd>username>music>itunes) or my external libraries the script icon for that plug-in is still there and I have no idea how to get it off my system, not jsut remove the icon but get the **** application completely off my system.

i've ran disk permissions repair under the master/admin account as my current user account is standard.

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Safari :: Remove Pop-up Windows When I Am Unable To Open Its Preferences?

Mar 24, 2012

How do I remove an existing pop- up window when I am unable to open Safari- Preferences as it is greyed out due to the open pop up window?

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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