Applications :: Downgrading - Uninstalling Safari 4 Beta

Feb 28, 2009

I'm having the "messenger: mac typing issue" and decided to go back to Safari 3. I downloaded it from Apple's site but when trying to install it doesn't allow me to select my HD volume because it says there is a newer version. How should I procede?

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OS X :: Unable To Get Mac Mini Intel Boot After Failed Uninstalling Safari 4 Beta

Feb 26, 2009

While uninstalling Safari 4 beta it freezed and after 15 minutes of waiting I made a forced restart. Now Mac mini shows the grey screen and won't boot.

What I've tried:

- Disk Utility from restore DVD
- fsck in Single-User Mode
- resetting PRAM
- resetting PMU

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Applications :: Camino 2.0 Beta 2 Vs Safari 4 Beta?

Mar 4, 2009

I like Safari's U.I. very much, but, everytime I load around 5 pages at the same time it starts to freeze and give me the rainbow circle on the mouse pointer. If I open the same sites with Camino everything works great and even faster than Safari.

I do not want to quite switch to Camino, because its UI is ugly, but its really superior to Safari on speed terms and has the same compatibility as Firefox, because its Gecko engine (?).
I will miss Top Sites and Safari's UI so much

How your Safari works? Is it fast and freeze free?

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Applications :: After Uninstalling Safari 4, Safari 3 Won't Install Into My System?

Jun 9, 2009

I removed the new Safari 4 with AppZapper. I did'nt like the new UI. But now Safari 3 will not reinstall (see pic) How can I solve this?

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Applications :: Ad Blocking For Safari 4 Beta?

Feb 24, 2009

Seems Glimmerblocker isn't working with the beta release of Safari 4. Anyone have any luck blocking ads? Also, I'd love to block flash. The inability to block flash is probably the main reason I could never use Safari full time. The browser looks amazing and is very snappy, but alas.... I need plugin support.

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Applications :: Safari 4 Beta Keeps Crashing

Mar 16, 2009

I'm using Safari 4 beta and it keeps crashing after no longer than one minute of use. I have deleted the plist, reset Safari, uninstalled and reinstalled, used multiple users, and no luck. I've been using it since it first came out with no problems until now. I did a search but all the threads I saw were about Safari 3 and none of them had a solution that worked yet.

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Applications :: Safari Beta 4 Won't Update?

May 19, 2009

I'm running 10.4.11, and each time I run the software updater, go through all the, install, restart etc... I open the software updater again, and the update is there again waiting to be installed!
This update is that recent Safari 4 one. I've repaired permissions and tried again, but had the same result. Any ideas for a perplexed mac user?

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Applications :: Download Safari 4 Beta.. Again?

Jun 8, 2009

I miss the beta, with the tabs on top. where can i download the beta again?

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Applications :: Safari 4 Beta Crashes Instantly?

Feb 24, 2009

I just downloaded Safari 4 beta from the apple site, installed it, restarted etc and everytime I launch it it crashes instantly. So, I uninstalled it (using the uninstaller), restarted, installed it, restarted again and still have the same problem. I've turned Growl off because I've heard this causes issues with some applications.

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Applications :: Adding Top Sites In Safari 4 Beta

Feb 26, 2009

I couldn't figure out any obvious way to manually add Top Sites in Safari 4. I tried drag-and-drop, but it wouldn't work. After some digging, I found a TopSites.plist that lets me add sites manually. [URL]

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Applications :: Finding Safari Beta Top Sites

Apr 6, 2009

how the top sites feature actually works on the new safari. I've been using the new beta for the last week or so and it seems like the websites that appear in the top sites section are almost entirely random ones selected from my history. Some pages that i've visited once for only minutes appear right at the front of the list. I am failing to see any pattern based on popularity.

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Applications :: Safari 4 Public Beta Update

May 14, 2009

This just popped up in software update for me. First to post? This update is recommended for all users of the Safari 4 Public Beta and includes the latest security updates. For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this site:

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Applications :: Installed Firebox 4 Beta 7 Over Beta 6 - Extensions And Plugins Not Working?

Nov 11, 2010

My add-ons are all installed, and enabled, but most are not working. The plugins are all just gone, such as flash. I installed flash again, restarted, and it still doesn't have flash.

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Applications :: Crashes After Installing Safari 4 Beta?

Feb 24, 2009

after having just installed Safari 4 beta, is always crashing when downloading an incoming mail.

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Applications :: Hotmail Doesn't Work With Safari 4 BETA?

Feb 24, 2009

Hotmail doesn't work with Safari 4 BETA?

It is not working at all. I cannot view my mail or anything.

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Applications :: Safari 4 Beta - How To Delete Bookmarks Sidebar?

Feb 26, 2009

Has anyone figured out how get rid of the bookmarks toolbar and make it a sidebar instead?

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Applications :: Won't Work With Plug Ins In Safari 4 Beta / Cant Find Option

Feb 26, 2009

I was very excited like everyone to install new Safari 4 and the excitement sustained for a while. Ubiquitously, it is visually delightful meeting Apple Standards. However, I lost lot of plugins that I had for earlier Safari version. Plugins like: DivX player, Real player are gone after I installed the new version. It is not recognizing by itself if there are missing plugins and neither I see an option where I can install by myself.

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Safari :: Uninstalling Bad Plug-ins?

Apr 15, 2012

Every 5 mnutes my safari crashed and says its because of a plug in caled gamehouserestaurantrush plug in. I would like to get rid of this. I've been to preferences and gone to extensions but its completely blank. 

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Safari :: Can't See Pdf After Uninstalling Adobe Reader

Apr 25, 2012

After uninstalling pdf reader from adobe, I lost possiblitiy to opend pdf documents in safari. Usually, before installing adobe reader pdf documents opened nicely in Safari, with link to download or print a document. Now, all what opens is a gray page, without any content in it. When trying printing, I get blank page. Has anyone encountered this problem? How can I switch to old Safari behavior - native pdf reading ability, present in OSX?

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Applications :: Downgrading To Regular Leopard?

Jun 15, 2009

Basically I installed Snow Leopard but am not happy with it, buggy etc. I want to downgrade to regular Leopard. Is there any way I can do a Time Machine backup now just to save my "user files" and not my system files. Basically I would like to do a system restore but take my current state of user files in Snow Leopard. Is this possible?

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Applications :: Downgrading Snow Leopard's Preview

Oct 13, 2009

Is there a way to downgrade the Preview application in Snow Leopards. Just because i don't like the Insta Alfa in the new Preview

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OS X :: Applications Keep Uninstalling Automatically On MBP

Jun 16, 2009

Several applications on my mac keep uninstalling themselves, even whilst In use. For example: I was using firefox, then navigation bar seemed to lock up, so I quit Firefox, then it removed itself from the dock bar - I looked in my applications folder and it was no longer there? Had to download and reinstall to get it working again. Was using photoshop CS4, click 'save for web' and a popup told me it was unable to export as file didn't exist? So I saved my file i was working on, quit photoshop, looked in my applications folder and the entire CS4 package was missing?

To restore this, I opened Time Machine, and found that it had been missing for 3 hours, so restored the Adobe suite (7gb) and it now works again. This has happened to about 8 applications now, cyberduck, carbon copy cloner, adium, appzapper, automater, firefox, adobe? I've ran a disk check on my hard drive and all seems fine, no errors found. I'm also experiencing complete freezes every so often where I'm forced to hold the power button down to turn my mac off and then reboot it - all since this error started happening. I have a Macbook Pro, 17" 2.4ghz, 4gm ram running OS X 10.5.7

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OS X :: Safari 4 Beta - Emailing Webpages?

Mar 4, 2009

I do a lot of Mail Contents Of This Page or emailing of webpages to my friends. Mail often crashes now when I try to do this. I sent a bug report to Apple already.

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Applications :: Uninstalling Final Cut Pro Studio 2

Mar 15, 2009

I need to reinstall FCP Studio 2 to repair a messed up Compressor app. How go I go about uninstalling such a large program? There are preference panes and plists and various programs. Should I use an app like app delete or is there another way?

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Applications :: Uninstalling Hotspot Shield?

Mar 18, 2010

I installed Hotspot Shield on my mac but cant find how to fully uninstall it?

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Software :: Finding And Uninstalling Applications On MBP

Dec 24, 2009

Can someone tell how to definitively find and remove software that has been installed on my MBP? I've recently tried connecting to my father-in-law's network, but to no avail. The guy from BT did a remote desktop to my MBP via a Citrix app called BT-GoToAssist, which seemed to install a couple of things just prior to running. Can anyone let me know how to find these and get rid of them? I don't like having things on my laptop that I don't use.

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OS X :: Safari Beta 4.0 - Mail Stopped Working?

Sep 26, 2008

wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem. Downloaded Safari 4.0 to play around with it and Mail has stopped working. From looking at the crash log see the following

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MacBook Air :: Uanble To Install Safari Beta 4

Feb 28, 2009

I've tried installing the beta 4 and once loaded almost immediately crashes. Uninstalled / reinstalled - same thing.

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OS X :: Finding Safari 4 Beta Security Update?

May 12, 2009

safari 4 beta security update available

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Applications :: Uninstalling IWork - License Policy

Jan 31, 2010

The insurance company will give a new macbook to a college at work and he is wondering if he has to uninstall iWork from the old one, to be able to install it on his new macbook. Can he use the same license (iWork came with 3 licenses) or does he loose 1? In other words, if you uninstall iWork con you install it again with the same license.

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