ITunes :: Computer Can't Be Authorized/deauthorized

Jun 20, 2012

There was an error storing your authorization information on this computer.

The required file was not found or has a permissions error. Correct this permissions problem and try again, or deauthorize this computer if the permissions cannot be changed. 

I just made the move to iCloud from MobileMe. Following the directions on iCloud for iTunes to push of applications to this computer. iTunes said this computer was not authorized. Tried to authorize and got the above. I repaired the permissions, got the above again. Tried to deauthorize the computer and got the above again. What file has to be rebuilt. Reinstalled iTunes hoping the file would rebuild. I've deactivated all computers, the iPad and other MacBookPro (authorized with no problem) show up in the devices. When I authorized the other MacBookPro it said it was one of three out of five allowed.  

Ive tried everything I know to no avail. Can't get the 17" authorized.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Early 2011, 2.2 GHz i7, 8GB Mem

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ITunes :: Says Computer Is Already Authorized, But It's Not

Jul 6, 2012

I noticed that iTunes wasn't updating my purchases on my MBP so checked and it's not listed as an authorized computer in my iTunes account. But when I click "Authorize Computer" it's telling me it's already authorized. You can see from the screenshots that nnone of the the 3 computers listed are MacBook Pros. It's an old MBP running 10.6.8, don't know if that has any bearing. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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ITunes :: Ipod / Computer Not Authorized

Jul 3, 2012

I have an new imac.Everyhting is working in itunes.all songs play no problem through the computer (including purchased songs)Computer has been authorized.Old imac has been unauthorized already.Latest itunes update done.Everything was working fine until I plugged in my ipod for the first time on the new imac.A pop up came up that reads that the computer is not authorized to put the downloaded songs onto the ipod. I click authorize and enter in my user name and password. Another pop up comes up and reads "this computer is already authorized".I click OK.Immediately a pop up comes up that reads that the computer is not authorized this happens over and over.if I click "don't authorize" the program starts syncing my ipod without my I just unplugged the ipod.The computer will play the downloaded songs no problem the problem comes when I plug in the ipod.

Mac OS X (10.7.4), 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

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ITunes :: Computer Needs To Be Authorized - No Playback For TV Shows

Mar 26, 2012

My computer is for sure authorized to play purchased movies (I've de-authorized and re-authorized). Yet, when I try to play any TV shows that I have purchased, it continually tells me the computer is not authorized and plays just a blank gray screen. I have the newest version of iTunes installed?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Songs Could Not Be Synced Because Computer Not Authorized

Jun 24, 2012

My computer is authorized for my iTunes account. When I was syncing my iPad recently, iTunes kept saying that certain songs (55 of them, for which I paid iTunes long ago), could not be synced because the computer is not authorized for iTunes.I checked via iTunes Store and, indeed, my computer IS authorized.This keeps happening.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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ITunes :: Computer Not Authorized Error When Play Purchased Song?

May 2, 2012

I purchased a song and itunes keeps telling me my computer is not authorized to play it. When I type in the authorization information, it then tells me it's already authorized. Then when I try to play it, it tells me that the computer isn't authorized again?

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ITunes :: Authorized Computer For Playing Songs That Paid For, It Doesn't Play

Mar 27, 2012

I bought a song and was billed for it on iTunes. When I tried to play it, a pop-up said, "This computer is not authorized to play....Would you like to authorize it?" I signed in, clicked the authorize button, and it says, "This computer is already authorized" and the window closed. I still can't play the song. I read online to check with the computer administrator and the file --> song info. It is registered with my email address. All other songs I have bought play with no problems. I heard also I could reinstall iTunes, so I went online and installed iTunes 10.6. It is installed but nothing is changed.

Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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ITunes For Mac :: When Syncing IPod Or IPhone - Computer Is Not Authorized To Play Purchases

Dec 7, 2014

When syncing iPod or iPhone there is a message that the computer is not authorized to play purchases even though I have authorized it many times.  How do I fix this?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), iOS 8.1.1

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ITunes :: Deauthorized Computers Keep Showing Up

May 17, 2012

I used the "Deauthorize All" from my iTunes account to remove computers I not long have access to. I only authorized two computers and I still get an error at times (only sometimes) telling me that I already have 5 computers authorized. I have a household of Apple devices using iTunes but only two computer.

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ITunes :: Error - "this Computer Is No Longer Authorized"

Mar 25, 2012

When I tried to sync my iPod the other day, iTunes suddenly decided my computer was no longer authorized to play my purchases.  Then when I authorized it, it said it was already authorized.  After clicking "okay" it took me back to the original message (the "this computer is no longer authorized" one).  It just goes round and round in circles. 

iPod nano, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Applications :: ITune Not Transferring To New Authorized Computer?

May 10, 2010

I am in process of setting up a new computer system. I've purchased a Windows 7 PC and am migrating my music from a PowerPC Mac. Both systems are active authorized iTunes computers. I set them up to share and used the share utility to import my entire library into the new system.

Every single non-iTunes songs transferred without issue - 27,000+ of them but every single iTunes purchased songs, only 400 of them, did not.

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MacBook Air :: Not Authorized To Copy And Paste On Computer?

Jul 1, 2014

I am not able to cut, copy and paste files on my mac air. I have version 10.8.5. This is a new issue and I now keep on receiving the error message, "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items." I have checked permissions on my files and folders and I (the administrator) have read and write access.

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ICloud :: Cannot Download Music Bought On IPhone - Computer Not Authorized

Apr 10, 2012

I am trying to download music I bought on my iPhone through the cloud and it says my computer is not authorized. You must authorize this computer before you can download previous purchases. How do I authorize my computer?

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ITunes :: Tell What Computers Are Authorized?

May 24, 2012

I am trying to enable home sharing and I get an error message you already have 5 computers you need to de-authorize 1. How cna I tell what 5 are authorize. I suspect that some computers I know longer have are on the authorize list.

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Applications :: ITunes Display Is Not Authorized?

Jan 23, 2010

I've recently begun to get an error message saying that "my display is not authorized to play" TV episodes downloaded from iTunes, and that I need to connect a display that is "HDCP-compatible."

I use a new Mac mini, bought in December, and a 24'' HP display that is also fairly new (purchased last summer). Up until now, I've had no problems playing these episodes on my mini, nor on my older computer (where they were first downloaded).

Both computers were hooked up to the same monitor via mini-DVI-DVI / DVI-HDMI cables. I've searched these forums as well as around the internet, and most of what I've found is from people using mini-displayport.

I also haven't found anyone who randomly had this problem start after having viewed content on their machines successfully. It was literally not happening one day, and then started the next.

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ITunes :: Keeps Saying A Song Is Not Authorized To Play?

Jun 13, 2012

I just bought an album on iTunes (same account I always use, the only one computer I have), and for some reason only ONE of the songs is telling me "This song is not authorized to play on your computer." I tried typing in my info to see if that would work, but it didn't, it said this computer is already authorized (which I already knew, because every other song on my iTunes plays, including all the other songs on this particular album). I followed all the tips on the support website for this particular issue and nothing worked. I also went into my account, deauthorized all the computers (my old computers that I don't have anymore were still on there), then reauthorized this one, and still no luck. How do I get this song to play?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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ITunes For Mac :: How To See Which Computers Are Authorized On Account

Jun 2, 2014

How can I see what computers are authorized on my acct?

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ITunes :: Find Out Which Computers Are Authorized On Account

Jun 14, 2012

how do I find out which computers are authorized on my account. I see there are 5 but how do I see which ones they are?

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ITunes :: Find A List Of Authorized Devices?

Jul 2, 2012

Is there some place I can see all my devices that are authorized to download from the app store?

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ITunes For Mac :: New Album Downloaded / And 1 Song Is Not Authorized To Play

Dec 3, 2014

I just purchased an album from iTunes.  All songs play except 1.  When I attempt to play the fourth song, I'm presented a dialog box telling me that I'm not authorized to play the song on the same computer I used to download it.  When I enter my Mac ID and Password to authorize the song, I receive another dialog telling me that the song is already authorized to play on this computer.  I attempt to play the song, and once again informed that I'm not authorized to play the song, going on to state that I've only authorized two out of the five allowed.   

I've gone into my Mac account, and only three devices are authorized (Mac, iPhone, iPad).  I went ahead an removed authorization on this Mac, then re-added my authorization.  Still, the same song out of 20 will not play due to authorization.

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ITunes For Mac :: Can't Update Apps Or Download Content From Store - Not Authorized

Jun 6, 2014

I have a large itunes library and I sync it with 2 ipads and one iphone.

But I can't download content i bought from itunes store or update my iphone/ipad apps.

It says (directly translated from swedish) : Can't download, xxx not authorized. Please check your internet connection. 

I use a MBP with Maverick, iTunes and all other software on computer and phones are up to date.   

iOS 7.1.1

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Applications :: Import Old Computer's ITunes Library To New Computer?

Dec 8, 2009

I have all my music on an external HD that I've used for a few years. I told my old computer (1GHz TiBook G4 with Tiger) to export my iTunes library, which it did, as a .xml file. Then, I opened that file on my new iMac, and only about 1/5 of the songs were found, apparently. This doesn't make sense to me, as the iMac is connected to the HD when I import the old library. If it makes a difference, the TiBook was NOT connected to the HD when I exported the library. I have the two computers networked together via Ethernet right now, though.

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Get Rid Of Old Authorized Devices

Dec 2, 2014

I have two devices I no longer own that are still listed as devices that can be used to authorize iCloud.  How do I deauthorize them and get them off the list?

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.1.1

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ITunes :: Take Account Off A Computer Without Access To That Computer?

Jun 8, 2012

Is there a way to take my iTunes account off a computer, that I dont have access to, so that I can put it on my new macbook pro? I have already had my iTUnes on 5 different computers.

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ITunes :: Deauthorize A Computer That Is No Longer Available Via Another Computer?

Jun 28, 2012

How do i deauthorize a computer that is no longer available via another computer?

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Intel Mac :: How To Access All Music On Authorized Devices

Jun 8, 2012

I am having trouble accessing my music from all of my devices. My account shows that I have 3 devices that have access, but any music I have purchased on my laptop does not show up in my library on my iMac desktop computer.

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OS X :: My System Able To Transfer Applications From Authorized Computers But Cannot Songs?

May 27, 2009

I just got a new macbook 13 inch unibody with the base stats. Anyways, i chose to snag the iPod touch 16 gig since my 8 gig is already full. Is it possible for me to put all the songs from my old iPod 8 gig touch onto my macbook then into my new iPod 16 gig touch? None of the songs were purchased on iTunes, I got them other ways... Also what about the applications I have on my old 8 gig, I have wolfenstein 3d, Bloons, and a few others that I paid for and would like to have on my new iPod without buying again. new to this board if a mod could put it in the right place for me edit: Nevermind, I allowed my new mac to be one of the authorized computers and I'm able to transfer my Applications with the songs now.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Apple Authorized Service Providers

Jul 10, 2009

My late 2008 MBP has been running very hot (with a virtual machine running the other night, it got up to 175F/80C) so I took it in to an Apple Authorized Service Provider today about an hour ago. After reading some of the threads on here about the thermal paste, I figured I'd at least have an AASP look at it first since it's still under warranty. The gentleman there told me it'd be middle of next week before he'd have a diagnosis. Is this a normal timeframe? I guess I assumed that they'd just take a look at it right away or at the latest I'd have to stop back in later today to pick it up, but that's almost a week away just for the diagnosis!

I work in Fort Wayne, IN, so I'm 3 hours from the nearest retail store in Indy, or closer to 4 for Chicago, so this is my only option.

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MacBook Pro :: Online Authorized Reseller With No Sales Tax For NY Resident

Apr 17, 2010

Can anyone confirm any online authorized reseller with no sales tax for NY resident?? I want to buy the MBP 15" i7 I am a graduate student on budget with a baby on the way, so the $175 in sales tax will mean much for me...

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MacBook :: Can't Be Fixed By Factory Authorized Service Center

Apr 13, 2012

It all started with QuickBooks 2012 for Mac. The program hangs and was displaying incorrect dates, etc.. Spoke to QuickBooks and they assured me that it wasn't their software, then spoke to Mac and they said it wasn't their hardware. Took computer into shop, because my bookkeeper's Mac worked fine with my company file. Shop cannot figure out what is wrong. They said that it might have needed to be upgraded to the latest operating system (Lion from Snow Leopard). This did not do the trick. They said that they tested the processor and it didn't show any problems.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7), Was 10.6.7 and was upgraded to Lion

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