Windows On Mac :: Vista Taking Control Of Super Drive While Parallel?

Apr 16, 2009

I recently installed 64-bit Vista in a Boot Camp partition. Then Parallels and everything is perfect except...

When I insert a DVD now, Windows automatically takes control of the drive. The only way for me to view the contents of that drive is to shut down Vista in Parallels and then reinsert the disk. Then OS X sees it and fires it up.

Now Ive plugged in other devices like my external drive, and I get a little pop up which asks which system I want to use the device with. Is there a way to get that for DVDs as well?

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Windows On Mac :: Super Slow 4MB/s FW800 Transfer With Vista Ultimate

Nov 9, 2010

I have a 2010 13" MacBook Pro. I bought a FW800 enclosure for my 500GB Seagate 5400rpm HD. In OSX using Path Finder to test transfer speeds I get around 40MB/s. Pretty good. Not as fast as it should be given the drive and FW800's possible speeds, but acceptable. When I switch over to my boot camp partition with Vista Ultimate installed I get 4MB/s. I can't figure out why I'm getting such slower speeds with Vista. I did the tests using the exact same files. So what am I missing? How can I get the transfer speeds I should be getting in Vista?

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MacBook Air :: Install VMWARE Vista Without Super Drive?

Feb 26, 2008

I have VMWARE and Vista ultimate full edition and do NOT have a super drive. Any ideas on how to go about getting Vista to work in VMWARE because it is not recognizing the disc via "Remote Disc" feature

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Mouse Jumping And Hard To Control In Parallal?

Jun 9, 2009

I'm running Windows vista ultimate on my Imac and lately the mouse started acting weird on Vista, it's jumping around and moving unpredictable,and also i use windows in spaces, and i can't switch to spaces anymore until i click control + command, please let me know what the problem is, ohh i'm running a USB G9 Logitech mouse.

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Windows On Mac :: Vista 32 In Boot Camp Taking Long To Start

Feb 2, 2009

I've had a Vista 32 PC and it booted pretty fast. I now have a fully loaded iMac (newest one available) and Vista takes abnormally long to start. OS X boots very fast, and once Vista is loaded, it runs normal, no problems. I'm just wondering if there is a way to reduce the boot time, and why it would take longer to boot on this more powerful computer than my last generic PC, or if that's just a drawback of boot camp.

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Windows On Mac :: Does SmcFanControl Will Able To Control Fan Rpm In Vista Via Bootcamp

Feb 15, 2008

Does smcFanControl would able to control the fan at same rpm before boot up into vista? When I changed the rpm of fan to higher (3,000 rpm) under Mac OS X then boot up into Vista then it would be same rpm (3,000 rpm) what I was set or force back to default (back to 1,200 rpm)?

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IMac :: Vista Or XP - Which One Runs Better On Parallel

Apr 13, 2009

i just bought the following:

Custom configuration
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Now i am wondering which one runs better on Parallel Win XP or Vista? Can i run both of them without any problems?

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Windows On Mac :: Install Bootcamp Without Using The Super Drive

Sep 12, 2010

So this is what i need help eith i did it all apart from this bit, i am so close any help would be amazing i am using VMware fusion 2, might i have to have version 1? link to thread [HTML] [URL] Code: I opened up the settings for the newly created virtual machine, and changed the disc to point to my Windows 7 ISO file.

Code: 'm working on installing Windows 7 without a DVD (broken SuperDrive here) using VMWare Fusion and the instructions provided by melchior....................

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Install Without Using The Super Drive?

Nov 16, 2008

I have an iso from my university and a new Macbook with a broken superdrive.

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MacBook Air :: VMware Fusion With Windows XP Without Super Drive?

May 13, 2008

I do NOT have the superdrive and would like to install windows XP pro on my MBA with VMware Fusion. I've tried making .dmg, .iso, & .cdr images of the windows XP disc but i'm having NO luck with Fusion recognizing the disc image. When I create the new Virtual Machine I select "use disc image" and point to the appropriate disc image file. I keep getting a "no bootable device" error from fusion.

Can somebody who has successfully installed windows on an MBA without using a superdrive give me the step by step instructions you used...I'm getting pretty annoyed at this point.

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Mac Pro :: Vista Loses Super Drives In 2008?

Jun 13, 2009

I wonder if this problem has affected anyone in the past but I, for the life of me can not figure it out.

I have re-intstlled Vista Business 64 bit already and have had sucess with the computer recognizing them and I can access them but now I cant access them in the explorer windows or eject them at all.

I have tried to re-install boot camp, tried re-installing the disk drive drivers in control panel but nothing works.

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OS X Mavericks :: Can PDF File Burned On MAC Super Drive Be Read On Windows PC

Jun 3, 2014

I have several .pdf files that are two big to email to a PC user.  I burned them in two folders to a disk on the Super Drive.  Will she be able to open them on her PC using WIndows?

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Windows On Mac :: Creating A NTFS Bootcamp Drive For Vista?

Jan 23, 2009

I have recently attempted to create a partition to install Microsoft Vista Home Premium 32Bit. The partitioning part is not a problem. I decided to use a 32 GB partition, viola it was created. So I inserted the disk and got everything to work. The installation started up. However, when it came time to selecting which drive to install Vista in I ran into some problems.

I selected the 32 GB partition that was also labeled as BOOTCAMP. However, when I selected it. It wouldn't let me go any farther. It said that it required an NTFS drive. However, when I created the partition I never had the option of selecting which type of drive I wanted. I tried creating a 35 GB partition to see if it would make any difference. But under my Get Info it still is labelling the drive as a FAT32.

How do I make it so it partitions as a NTFS?

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Windows On Mac :: External Hard Drive Not Visible In BootCamp Vista

Mar 23, 2009

I have a new imac (love it!) and have installed vista on a 32Gb partition using Boot Camp. I was planning on saving files I create in vista on the external Hard drive. But I can't see it when I'm in Vista so can not save files to it. It is a terrabyte disk and is used by Time machine. Is there anyway I can save to it or should I add another external HD just for windows, I can see it when I go to system hard ware (it says seagate HD etc but there is no info on files sizes etc-there is a button which says populate but I dare not press it as I'm scared it will screw up my back ups) Another irritation is that when I reboot back to mac it throws out the internet and I have to reset the modem and router so it works again.

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Applications :: Any Way To Remotely Control Vista PC Via MacBook?

Feb 24, 2009

I was wondering if there is any built in or simple way to control my desktop pc (which is running vista 32bit) via my macbook running on OSX 10.5.6? I have heard of LogMeIn but I feel like there should be an easier built in way, I know on Windows you have a program to connect to other computers remotely.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Hard Drive Access With Windows Vista?

May 22, 2010

I had a macbook pro with time capsule and was using the TC as a hard drive. Macbook pro logic board has gone so until I can get a new mac, i have a windows vista laptop. I have connected to the TC, wireless working, mapped the TC in the Z:drive. When I go into the TC drive, i can only see the backed up bundled data rather than all the other crap i have saved in there. I think I'm missing a stage somewhere, perhaps need to mount the drive through windows but don't know how. In order to access all the songs etc on the TC via my macbook, I had to 'Enter Time Machine'. Seems like I have to do this through windows but have no clue where to start.

Is there a way for a windows vista machine to access TC hard drive data?

Will I have to perform a reset and configure the TC to the windows machine?

Will a reset erase the hard drive?

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Software :: Macbook Pro Won't Boot / Will A PRAM Zap Kill My Windows Vista Hard Drive

Jan 21, 2009

Hi everyone, I have a big problem. Today, I noticed that my Macbook Pro was running a bit strangely, with some video being slow and stuff, so I restarted it while it was in Windows Vista through BootCamp. I came back about ten minutes later to see a black screen, and the computer still on. I don't know if it restarted or not. I tried hard resetting it countless times, and messing with the battery like letting it run dry and stuff, but whenever I keep turning it on, I hear the "dong" boot sound, but the screen doesn't turn on, ever.

No I'm wondering if a PRAM zap will help fix the problem, but I really don't want to lose the hard drive and the stuff I have on it. I have a TON of school and work files on there that I simply cannot afford to lose. Will a PRAM zap kill my Windows Vista hard drive or should I even go ahead with it? I really hope that I can fix this problem myself, because the nearest Apple Store (and Geek Squad place that supports Macs) is over 40 miles away, and I really need the stuff for school on Tuesday.

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Applications :: Bootcamp Windows XP Or Parallel Windows XP?

Apr 29, 2010

am new to the Mac world and just bought the Macbook Pro 13" 2.4GHz. I desperately need to run some Windows applications on the new Mac. Apart from knowing that Bootcamp can only run Windows or Mac at a time and Parallel allows switch between Windows and Mac, can anyone help me to decide which option I should go for please? In particular

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Windows On Mac :: Deleting Parallel Set Up

Apr 27, 2009

I just recently got parallels, and someone else set it up for me. The guy only put 8gb on it, and i really need more. I don't wanna deal with expanding and stuff because its too much trouble for something that I have nothing on anyway. Im wondering how to delete the image file, and then create a new partition. And also, if creating a new partition needs the windows cd again, because i don't have it anymore

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Windows On Mac :: Parallel Desktop 5 - X86 Or X64?

Jun 18, 2010

I wanna install Windows 7 Ultimate with Parallel Desktop 5, but I have some problems. I don't know if I should install it as x86 or x64 or 32-bit or 64-bit? And also, how many GB ram should I be using for Parallels? I have the basic MBP 13" early 2010.

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Windows On Mac :: Really Slow Parallel - Fix Slowliness

May 31, 2009

I'm having some problems with my parallel every time I run windows virtual machine all my mac goes really slow I would like to know how to fix this slowliness haha, I don't know if my mac is the one that don't have the power to run both side by side at a descent speed, or maybe some configurations of the virtual machine i could change to make it run faster?? Here are the specs of my macbook.

Model Name:MacBook
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.2 GHz
Number Of Processors:1
Total Number Of Cores:2
L2 Cache:4 MB
Memory:1 GB
Bus Speed:800 MHz

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Windows On Mac :: 7 In Parallel 5 Boots In 2 Seconds

Dec 4, 2009

This really isn't a bad thing, on my iMac i5 with a the stock configuration configured with 2 cores and 3GB of RAM on Windows 7 Profession 32-bit, my VM boots in 2 seconds; the boot is so fast that it displays the Vista-like scroll instead of the 7 splash screen during boot. Basically I'm curious what's going on here? I'd like to do the same on Mac Pro which takes about a full minute for Windows to load up. The drives on my a Mac Pro about 5x faster than the iMac and I have a 4 processors and 4GB of RAM allocated to Windows... Both are running Parallels 5 for VM and both uses 64GB for the virtual disk.

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Applications :: Parallel's - Using 2 Versions Of Windows?

Jan 10, 2010

I have windows 7 now installed, but I also have a my old Windows XP Pro as well. I'm curious if I can look it as well? I'd like to see if i can and to compare running cod5 on it.

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Windows On Mac :: VM Fusion Versus Parallel 5.0

Mar 9, 2010

Anyone have pro's or cons of vm fusion verses parallel 5.0? What are you running? 27" iMac i7 and MBP 15" 3.06. I will be running windows 7..

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OS X :: Transfer Data From Parallel Run Windows Too

Jul 19, 2010

your mac? It's on the same machine, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

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Windows On Mac :: Can Use Bootcamp Or Parallel On More Than One Computer

Jul 27, 2010

like how mac OS allows for up to a few for the family?

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Windows On Mac :: Accessing 7 Bootcamp Via Parallel?

Aug 4, 2010

Can a virtual machine be able to access the partition with windows on it? So you can either boot up from the partitioned windows via bootcamp OR access that same partitioned windows through parallels for quick access while on OSX?

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OS X Mountain Lion :: How To Use Parallel And Add Windows 8

Jun 29, 2014

how to use parallel and add windows 8

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Laptops :: Adding Windows 7 And Parallel Software?

May 28, 2010

I just bought a MacBook Pro and while I love somethings about it, I miss being able to use some windows functions. What are the problems with adding Windows to it? I have time to return it and go back to a PC but I think if it had the other operating system as well I would love it..seems like a lot of money though to keep it if I am running windows on it..

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Windows On Mac :: Need AntiVirus Software On XP Running In Parallel?

Aug 28, 2010

Do I need anti virus software on windows that i am running in Parallel on Mac? Could I get a virus on windows xp that I am running on the application 'Parallels' on my Mac?

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