Software :: Ibook G4 Shows Blue Screen At Startup?

Jun 28, 2008

My g4 ibook gets stuck on the grey start-up screen, with the spinning wheel, and then goes to a blank blue screen.When I try to perform a disk repair in safety mode, it gives me the following feedback

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OS X :: Shows Blue Screen And Static On Startup?

Sep 21, 2010

When starting up my MacBook Pro normally, I get a flashing blue screen followd by static. I can hear the volume clicking as I change it and change the brightness of the keyboard, but nothing else responds. I have tried:resetting PRAM booting from Snow Leopard disc (didn't work)booting into safe mode and repairing permissions, disksending computer into Apple (hard drive was replaced)reinstalling Snow Leopard from safe mode (bricked computer; had to send to Apple)

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MacBook Pro :: In Mbp When Boot Up The System It Shows Blue Screen On Startup?

Nov 9, 2010

just using my new MBP today and twice when turning it on it started to boot up and got as far as the blue screen (just before the desktop pic and stayed there.Is this normal sometimes?

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Intel Mac :: When Turn On Shows A Blue Screen

May 6, 2012

When I turn on my IMAC shows a blue screen


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PowerPC :: Alternating Blue Screen With Grey Apple Screen / IBook Updated To 10.5.6

Dec 26, 2008

just installed 10.5.6 on their last gen. iBook.She left the iBook plugged in to the mains and came back to find that the iBook was alternating between the grey Apple screen and a light blue desktop screen where she could see the cursor. Sometimes it would also switch to a blue screen without a cursor.

I've tried holding shift during startup - no effect.
I've tried rebooting NVRAM - no effect.

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MacBook :: Screen Suddenly Shows Blue And Pink Vertical Lines?

Apr 25, 2012

I am trying to get my MacBook LCD to work right. It happened because one time I was carefully wiping my MacBook screen with a little hand sanitizer and a paper towel. However, later my screen started to show a-lot of weird lines and eventually blue, pink and green tiny vertical lines but it is not completely renderd useless, it is just plain annoying and whenever I have an open window on the screen for a long time and I move it around eventually, it shows an imprint in the background into the screen and even when I restart, shutdown or use Windows in BootCamp it just shows up.  

MacBook (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3), Serial number: IQ0351EYF5W

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Intel Mac :: Getting The Blue Screen On Startup?

Mar 24, 2012

My Imac has the dreaded blue screen on start up. To avoid this, I unplug the machine each night which solves the problem. I have contacted an Apple service rep who says I need to replace the hard drive. Nothing I have read indicates this.  I have not added new hardware, not changed anything. Could it be my hard drive is bad? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Blue Screen On Startup

Apr 3, 2012

After updating the mac os and other applications that displayed in the update software notification, some of my apps wouldn’t open or start up. The icon would bounce in the sidebar like it was trying to open but then a crash report would display. Then last night, I started up the computer to find that it loaded the blue screen of death. I tried to load in safe user mode, but it only loads the different background, but no apps or finder displays. I also tried to load the OS disk that was provided at the time of purchase, but am not sure if i am doing that correctly. I can't seem to get past the blue screen.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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EMac :: Can't Get Rid Of Blue Screen At Startup

Apr 14, 2012

Can't get rid of blue screen at startup

eMac (2005), Mac OS X (10.4.11), Not sure if 2004 or 2005?

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MacBook Pro :: Blue Screen On Startup?

Apr 18, 2012

I have MacBook Pro Late 2011.

I don't know if it's a problem or it's a normal. But i've noticed that when I boot up the macbook, just before the login screen appears, i can see the blue screen for few seconds. Must there be a blue screen? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 15-inch: 2.2 GHz

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MacBook Pro :: Startup With Blue Screen?

May 20, 2012

I have been having issues with my two year old MacBook Pro for a while. I have replaced two hard drives and I am now having time out problems. I have just started the computer and all I get is a blue screen.

Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.53 GHz), Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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PowerPC :: Blue Tint On Ibook Lcd Screen?

Aug 7, 2007

The LCD display on my ibook will get a intermittent blue tint. I have no idea what could be causing it. The LCD seems to be in good shape.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Won't Boot Beyond Blue Screen?

Dec 13, 2007

After installing an app ('Detour') I was asked to (or it was suggested that I should) restart my computer. I did so, and now my 1.33GHz iBook G4 turns on - but it will not go any further than a blank blue screen (after the initial grey screen that appears.) Thankfully, all my data is on an external drive. I keep my music and footage which I have shot on there amongst other things. I also have a backup on my external via Time Machine of all my data which I keep on the iBook drive, so nothing should be lost.

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PowerPC :: IBook Blue Start Up Screen?

Oct 3, 2008

I just started my iBook g4 up and after the initial grey screen with the spinning thing and apple logo, it just stays at the blue screen straight after that. I have left it for ages and it is still there and I have tried several times now. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I could fix it?

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Software :: Ibook G4 14' Freezes At Blue Screen

May 1, 2008

I've been reading the other post and searching for ways to fix this. My ibook froze a couple of days ago, so I pressed the power button to do a hard turn off and then restarted it. It hasn't made through the blue screen since. It seems to load all way and then stops at the end, but stays on the blue screen. The mouse is not frozen though, I noticed that was a problem for some people. So I've already tried a lot of the suggestions I could find. I've tried resetting the PMU,Start your computer holding the ⌘ and S key on your keyboard. When the black screen turns up and the "writing" stops, you will see something like

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Software :: Ibook G4 Freezes At The Blue Screen?

May 9, 2008

I have an ibook g4. It freezes at the blue screen with the apply on it. The little circle goes around and around but nothing happens. I took it to an apple technician yesterday who told me the hard drive is toast so I should just throw it away. (Actually, he offered to take the keyboard.) When you do the fsck -fy it says that the hard drive was repaired sucessfully. Is it possible to have a hard drive that is bad and a message which says it has been repaired successfully? I don't mind having the hard drive replaced if that is what is wrong. I do not have any of the install discs any longer.

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OS X :: Spinning Wheel And Blue Screen After Startup

Dec 12, 2009

When I turn my MacBook on it does the white screen with the spinning wheel and then goes to the blue screen but it gets stuck on that screen for about a minute or two and goes to my login in screen any idea whats going on with it i have not changed anything but the other day I was turning it on and there was a bug on the keyboard and I went to kill it causing my to press some random buttons during the start up and its been doing this ever since.

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Windows On Mac :: Getting Blue Screen Of Death On Startup?

Dec 31, 2009

I just picked up a Mini display port to DVI adapter for my Macbook Pro so that I could hook it up to my 32 inch 1080p tv that I use as my main desktop monitor. It works just great in OSX (though for some odd reason I have to put the laptop to sleep then plug it in for it to work correctly. Can't be on or off otherwise I don't get the full picture not sure why) but in bootcamp it instantly causes a blue screen. If I plug it in then reboot to windows I get a blue screen even before its loaded windows all the way. I assume this is a driver issue but I'm using the latest boot camp drivers.

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Software :: Blue Screen Repeats During Startup

Sep 1, 2009

I have an iMac Intel Dual Core 2GHz/20"/667MHz, and it will not properly startup. Blue screen problems.It looks normal at first (gray splash screen, then blue, then Apple info/nameplate box with progress bar), but when the desktop is about to finally appear, it blanks back to a blue screen for a few seconds, then back to the desktop trying to mount-- repeats over and over.It appears to make some progress each time (top menu bar items start to show up after the first few blue blank-outs, font management app is launched, etc.) but it repeatedly goes back to the blue screen and never finishes.

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Software :: IMac Blue Screen At Startup

Jan 20, 2010

At start-up I see a blue screen for some 4-6 minutes delaying the start-up of my new (Nov-2009) iMac; I have installed the latest OS version.

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MacBook :: On Startup It Is Giving A Blue Screen?

Apr 7, 2012

I have a macbook: model - A1342 its a 2009 machine.  On start up it is giving a blue screen and I am unable to do anything on the machine. I know my hard drive is pretty full and I'm trying to use an external to pull stuff off to clear up some space. Its been blue screen on me for at least fifteen minutes. I don't know the OS I'm using since I can't boot up the machine to find out.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.6)

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Intel Mac :: Blue Maintenance Screen On Startup?

Jun 4, 2012

Any one seen this before? When booting, the iMac goes to a blue screen that simply says "maintenance".

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MacBook :: Slow Startup At Blue Screen

Jul 5, 2012

macbook recently took a trip to the dashbord of the car while getting re-ended in the passenger seat.

It still runs!! But sometimes boots slowly at the blue screen where the progress bar is displayed. Never freezes up but very slow.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - 2GB Ram

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OS X Mavericks :: (10.10.1) MacBook Pro Gives Blue Screen On Startup

Sep 6, 2014

Starting my MacBook Pro running Mavericks gives me a 'Blue Screen'.  

Starting using Cmd-R does not give me the option to use Internet Recovery and eventually gives a 'blue screen' (sometimes grey)

Starting using Opt gives me the choice of  'Macintosh HD' and 'Recovery-10.9.3' - both choices give me a blue (or grey) screen

Starting using 'Shift' displays a progress bar, which completes, and then gives a 'blue screen' (sometimes grey)

Starting using Cmd-S gives me a :/ root# prompt

After running fsck -fy twice I get the message:  '** The volume Macintosh HD appears to be OK.'

typing 'exit' to attempt a re-boot gives a 'blue screen' (sometimes grey) 

I have tried resetting NVRAM and PRAM

I have tried resetting SMC   

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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PowerPC :: G4 Shows White Startup Screen?

Jun 25, 2007

I got an old G4 and cleaned it up and hooked it up to a monitor, but when I start it- it shows the white startup screen and then just goes to black and i can't get an image on the monitor again. The computer is running and responding to the keyboard though

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PowerPC :: Ibook A1133 Going To Blue Screen - Boot From The Cd?

Feb 23, 2010

I was given an ibook g4 a1133 but when i boot it all i get is the blue screen with acursor on it which i can move and nothing else.It gets past the loading osx then thats when i see the blue screen, have tried ti install linux but do not seem to be able to boot from the cd using the c key nothing happens .As I am new to macs I need some help if that is possible, so any advice would be appreciated I have no discs with it so am unable see what os version is installed or any information at all, that so far I have been able to get.

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Software :: IBook G3 Not Start Up - Hangs Up At Blue Screen

Feb 10, 2006

My IBook G3 will not start up. I can get the gray apple screen with pinwheel and then after a really long time it will go to a blank blue screen. A couple times it went to the login screen instead but in the user id it says "other" and when I try to enter my username and password it won't recognize me. I am a college student and one of the Apple geniuses here did a check of my hard drive and it checked out okay. We were not able to get it to start up in safe mode; it seemed like it was starting in safe mode but then it came to the login screen and would not allow me to login with my usual information. I was able to start up in single user mode and run fsck which found a couple things and after another fsck it said everthing was fine. But, it still gets hung up at startup. When I try to boot from the OS X installation CD it doesn't seem to be booting up with it, it only goes to the screen to install OS X. According to the directions on the Apple support site when I insert the CD and start up holding down the "c" key it should start up and then I should be able to repair permissions but I can't get that far.

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Software :: G4 IBook Won't Boot Past Blue Screen

Oct 4, 2009

I am trying to reformat an iBook for a friend. Everything was running, but, there was no chime on boot. I logged into the machine, and was checking files and folders when it locked up. It actyally locked up while trying to run Microsoft Word. It now boots to a grey screen the the little "spinning" thing, and then, instead of going to the login screen, it just turns blue. It will NOT boot into Safe Mode, it will NOT boot to the iBook Install CD, I just get the same blue screen using both methods. I used Command-Option-P-R without success. I booted to Open Firmware and typed reset-nvram without success. I don't know what else to try. I am copying her files right now by booting into Target Disk mode, but, once I get that done, I still won't be able to boot the install disc to get the system wiped and reinstalled. What else can I do to correct this?

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IBook :: G4 Hangs On Blue Screen Except In Safe Mode

Jun 4, 2014

my ibook g4 hangs on blue screen except in safe mode


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MacBook Pro :: Desktop Shows Up As Blue But Shows Up Correctly In Settings?

Aug 21, 2014

My MacBook Pro 13", running on latest update, is showing a completely blue, plain blue, desktop background. It changed all by itself. When I tried to reset it by right clicking on the image I want on my desktop and selecting "Set Desktop Picture" nothing changes. When I go into my settings and try to change it that way, the image I want as my background shows as already being my background, yet my desktop is still blue. Tried rebooting already.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), iOS 7.1.2

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