PowerPC :: Replacing For Performance Of Computer?

Jan 25, 2007

will replacing the DDR3200 in my Powermac G5 with DDR4000 give any noticable increase in performance?

System stats:
dual core 2.5 GHz processor
2.5ghz crucial ram
ATI 9600 video card
OSX Tiger 10.4

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MacBook Air :: Poor Battery Performance Even After Replacing The Battery Under Warranty?

Feb 27, 2012

Apple Macbook Air late 2010, has been giving me poor battery performance even after replacing the battery under warranty. I am unable to find a solution, even the local apple service provider seems confused. Should I go for a replacement?My Macbook Air runs on the OSX 10.7.3 with all updates as on date. I use only softwares such as Microsoft Office for mac, Safari, Mail, iChat, iTunes regularly.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Replacing Logic Board And Computer Or Buying A New?

Sep 30, 2009

The guy that works at the apple store said it is better to buy a new mbp than replacing logic board and cpu.

I was wondering what you guys thought about the subject. Is it better to just buy a new model? or wait for the logic board and cpu replacement?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Extremely Slow Computer Even After Replacing Hard Drive

Apr 1, 2012

when I upgraded to lion (I think). I also run VMware fusion with windows 7 so maybe a virus? I ran disk utilities, followed suggestions on these communities to no avail. Our IT person and then apple support told me I should replace the hard drive. So I did. I played around a little bit and everything seemed good. Then I did a full restore from time capsule and everything is going downhill again.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: Replacing Case On G5?

Dec 19, 2010

So recently I found a cheap powermac G5 on ebay and won the deal and all, but when the computer arrived it was horribly dented. It was packed with on piece of under a 1/2" Styrofoam. In the end I got a full refund for the computer and the seller just said that I could keep it if I want it. So I wanted the thing on my desk so I went ahead and bought another case for it. Now here's the question, has anyone done this or knows how to do this? I want to keep all of the internals inside for it not to become a month or so long project in my spare time. I am not sure on a tool that would let me get up into the edges. If you want to see some video of the unboxing of the case and at the end some footage of the dented one and how bad it is go here.

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PowerPC :: Cracked Lcd - Replacing PB G4 12" LCD?

Jul 24, 2006

So what I thought would be a quick fix on my PB 12" Aluminum (867Mhz) has given me days of frustration. After I cracked the LCD on my PB G4 12" Alluminum (Model A1010), I tried find my way around shelling out $350 for a new lcd. The original LCD was a Samsung LTN121XJ-L01. After surfing Ebay for a while, I mangaged to find a completely new Samsung LTN121XJ-L02, which is essentially the same LCD with a different suffix (L02 instead of L01). I assumed that this would not matter at all since the LCDs are identical, but after swapping out the old cracked LCD for the new one I was completely bummed to see that new LCD dead at birth. I get no response from the LCD, unless I hook up the backlight wires of the new LCD to the old inveter and then connect the LCD flexcable to the old, broken LCD. When I do this, the backlight functions and the new LCD turns grey with no image. I've already reset the PMU, PRAM and NVRAM. I don't know what else I can do. Is this LCD completely incompatible with the old one? I don't see why it wouldn't be.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 DC-in Board Needs Replacing?

May 27, 2008

I have a 12" powerbook g4 that has fallen off the couch or ottoman many times, mostly because roommates never seem to realize that if you catch a cord on your foot that you probably shouldn't continue to walk. This is also because of the inferior non-magsafe charger. This ends up with the powerbook to land right onto the charger and bend the **** out of the male end. In fact I just received my 4th charger and now it doesn't work, I have a multi-meter so I know the charger has juice, but the computer isn't charging. Any advice before I bite the dust and totally dismantle this beautiful machine and place a new DC-in board into it?

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PowerPC :: DIY Replacing DC-in Board On Ibook G4

May 10, 2009

After spending a lot of time troubleshooting and researching to figure out what's wrong with my ibook I concluded to about 90% certainty that I need to replace the DC-in board. I ordered and received a replacement - and the necessary screwdrivers, etc - from ifixit, only now I find myself just staring at the laptop like I'm about to perform open heart surgery.

My questions are:

Is doing this myself high risk for someone who has never so much as seen the inside of a computer?

Roughly how long should this take me to do? I don't want to start it without some sense of the time commitment involved because I'd rather do it all in one sitting.

And lastly, from what I've seen in guides/tutorials it looks as though there's some prying involved in removing the casing and I'm wondering just how much finesse is required in closing it back up. Does it snap back in easily?

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PowerPC :: Replacing Hard Drive On G5 - How To Take It Out

Jun 20, 2009

I just need help trying to take out this darn hard drive. It won't come out. There are two hard drives in my G5 right now, I'm trying to pull both of them out. I tried to do the bottom one first, didn't work. Tried the top one, didn't work. I'm stumped, and I tried my hardest to take them out. I followed these instructions:

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PowerPC :: Replacing Bottom Case Of IBook G3

Aug 18, 2006

I went through all the steps to change the optical drive on an old 500 MHz iBook G3, but am unable to attach the bottom case. The problem is the two long (20mm) screws near the back of the computer -- each apparently has to insert into something that looks like a gold-colored nut with serrated edges, like gears, otherwise the screws just rotate in place and don't "lock up." I'll attach a picture, but my only digital camera until I borrow one from a friend is my cell phone, so the pic won't be too good. The gold pieces fell out during the disassembly process and I can't figure out where they now go.

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PowerPC :: Replacing IMac G3 Hard Drive?

Aug 29, 2007

Are there any step by step instructions out there on how to replace an HD in an imac g3 that has pictures for every step?

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PowerPC :: Replacing PowerBook G4 Hard Disk

Jun 22, 2008

Could really use some advice on a PowerBook problem! Unfortunately the PowerBook in question (12" G4) belongs to my mum who lives a fair distance away, so I've not been able to do any 'hands on' diagnostics. Basically she was using the machine yesterday when it randomly started emitting a high pitched squeaking/scratching sound (she described it as screaming though, bless). She called me and I asked her to turn it off - gave it a couple of minutes and asked her to try turning it on again. When she did the computer immediately started making the same noises (even before the startup 'bong' sound). Today one of her friends who is a little tech savvy took a look at it, and figured it must be the hard drive. Fortunately he was able to retrieve all of the important data from the computer whilst enduring ear-splitting screeching.

1. Does it sound like the problem really is the hard drive? It does to me, though I'm not an expert - however would hate to waste money on a replacement drive to find out that wasn't the problem in the first place.

2. Is it worth replacing the drive? Any idea how much it would cost to replace the disk? Is it something that could be done by myself, or would we need to find a specialist repair person to do it? Would it likely be more cost effective to get a new laptop?

The money issue is pretty key as she's in something of a tight spot at the moment, so trying to find the cheapest solution that will get her computer working again asap. As she lives in a rural area and is housebound her laptop is very much a lifeline for her, so would be good to get it sorted.

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PowerPC :: Replacing Backup Battery In G3 IBook

Feb 28, 2010

I have a G3 IBook 500 mhz with 2 usb ports. The clock and date don't stay set so I think I need to replace the back up battery. I am wondering how difficult this is to do on it. On my G3 Powerbook it was fairly simple.

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PowerPC :: Replacing IBook G4 Power Cord

Jul 23, 2010

The cord on the 45w power brick for my iBook G4 has frayed and is no longer usable. I am considering removing the jack from the iBook cord and splicing it onto a 45w yo-yo-style cord (originally used with a 1400) that I have. Are there any issues associated with this of which I should be aware? I want to resolve my problem, but do not want to break my computer in the process, of course.

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PowerPC :: Cost Of Replacing IMac G5 Logic Board?

Feb 11, 2006

My iMac died a few days ago. I shut it down the previous night, and then in the morning when I went to turn it on, nothing happened. The screen display doesn't turn on, nothing. I opened it up and did the LED tests, and found that the first one would turn on, but none of the others would. The apple site says to take it to a store and have it fixed.

Now, I bought my mac on December 19th, 2004 ( what a day that was). At the time, I didn't think I'd need to buy applecare or anything. So about how much do you guys think it would cost to replace the logic board? And also, how long would it take to have it replaced?

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PowerPC :: Replacing IMac G5 ISight Logic Board

Jan 22, 2010

I've recently been having problems with my iMac G5 iSight after downloading iTunes 9. After a series of freeze-ups, i noticed a visual anomaly appear on my screen. Little hash-marks all over the display were present, and playing DVDs or iTunes visualizer would result in a checkerboard pattern. After doing some research, I found out this was a logic board problem, and it was not uncommon for iMac G5s. However, I kept using my computer for a few more months when it then started freezing two minutes after boot up. I figured it was time to open up the computer and take a look. But after spending the 3.5 hours opening the machine, removing all of the cables and screws, I couldn't find any visible damage on the board. No swollen capacitors like everyone was complaining about. The only strange thing I saw was some discoloration on a few circuits near the USB and Firewire outlets.

I've decided to replace the logic board myself for around $370, and I was wondering about a few things.
1. Would the new logic board come with a processor, or would I need to pry it off of my old one, and re-attach it?

2. Would I need to go through a lot of re-programing and software issues if I replaced my logic board, or would it just start running right off the bat after replacing it?

3. Is this operation worth it? Because I have come to like my iMac after 5 years of use, and I would like to know if fixing it would give me a decent amount of usage before I would simply need to replace it

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PowerPC :: Replacing Power Supply Board On IBook 12" G4

Dec 16, 2008

I've been lurking for the last 12 months but haven't posted until now. Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase a new PCB and lead for the power input. My youngest kid pulled my mac off the sofa and it landed right on the input which knackered up the lead forcing me to buy a cheap chinese job. I've taken the cover off and pulled out the small PCB to inspect it and it did have a cracked solder. I fixed that but the connection is still very fussy, I can't move the mac much or it will switch off (dead battery too). While I'd love to go out and buy a brand new macbook I simply can't afford it right now so patching up this one is my only choice. It needs ram, new battery, proper lead and power supply PCB. All easy to find except the PCB.

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PowerPC :: Replacing Logic Board On 933MHz IBook G4 (14")

Jul 17, 2009

I have an old iBook G4 with a dead logic board, everything works fine for about 10-15 minutes, then the display stops responding. The hard drive continues to spin, processor still chugs, etc. I'm going to leave it running iTunes in a few minutes and when it freezes, hit the space bar to see if the actual machine still responds. (In which case I would be sure that it's the video card, or some cable in that area.)

My question: I'm looking on eBay for replacement logic boards, and I'm wondering how specific/universal they are. Obviously, it needs to come from a 14" iBook, but does it matter what processor speed? Eg. Will a board from a 1.2GHz iBook work? I have the iFixIt guide, and I'm not too worried about wrecking the thing, so it's just a matter of making sure I get the right part. (How about this one: Linkety ?)

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Mac Pro :: Overclocking For Computer Higher Performance?

Nov 4, 2006

I know in the PC world computers can be overclocked to achieve higher performance. Can this be done in a Mac?

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Software :: Making The Computer Performance Better?

Jun 15, 2008

-Exactly what is "partitioning" and should I do this on my new hard drive?
-Dose it help the computer (Mac G4, 400 Mhz) perform better or would I need a faster processor?

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Software :: Aperture Slowing Down Computer Performance

Dec 10, 2010

I'm using Aperture 3.1 for my photo editing, every time I open Aperture my computer starts to slow and cannot even work with Aperture! updated several times but problem persists.

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MacBook Pro :: Calibrating Computer's Battery For Best Performance

Apr 17, 2012

What effect will the macbook have, if i fully charge and discharge the battery on a daily basis. I will leave it running on battery power when i leave for the day, and let the battery drain/discharge fully through the night.I will hook it back up in the morning to have it fully charged, may be 30 - 60 mins after it being fully charged, i will pull the power out and run the laptop the whole day on battery.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Does Boot Camp Affect The Performance Of The Computer

Jan 11, 2009

I installed XP onto Boot Camp, so I can run some Windows games on it. At first, it didn't seem like it was that bad but after loading Sims 2, 2 expansion packs and 1 stuff pack it was a little... different. Windows still starts up pretty quick and everything, but in OS X... the performance has been decreasing slowly. Doesn't the things only affect the things in the Windows partition instead of OS X? Safari's performance wasn't as smooth as it used to be.

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Portables: Calibrating Computer's Battery For Best Performance?

Mar 13, 2012

Point 4. Says the computer will automatically go to sleep and then point 5. Says I should turn of the computer. Isn't it the same of the computer stays in the sleep mode? 

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: How To Know About PowerBook H.264 Performance?

Sep 13, 2006

My PowerBook 12" 1.5G has 100% CPU usage when playing back the new TV program from iTunes store. And sometimes it even choke.

While I have no virus scanning software, some programs running such as Opera, iTunes, Entourage and have about 20% CPU usage when idle.

Why is it so slow on a PowerBook while you can actually play that video on an iPod? Is it the iPod too powerful or it is just because apple did not optimize enough for older Macs (pushing people to new hardware)?

I have just ordered a new iMac but I am not happy about my PowerBook which is just one year old.

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PowerPC :: Titanium Ram Performance?

Mar 25, 2008

I have an older Ti-Book G4 800MHz Dvi, and I wanted to expand the ram and wanted to make sure that this ram i found would work.

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PowerPC :: How To Increase PowerBook G4 Performance?

Sep 13, 2010

I have the 12" 1.5ghz model as many of you know. While a great machine, and fast enough for most things, I'd like to get a little more omph out of it. I can't use Tiger by the way. My school's software requires Leopard.

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PowerPC :: Raid 0 On G5 - Increase Performance?

Jan 30, 2007

I was thinking of installing a second 500BG hard drive in my powermac G5 and setting it up for raid 0. Will i notice any major increase in performance? (i'm planning on running Windows XP x64 on the system through Parallels Desktop)

dual 2.5GHz processor
2.5GB ram

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PowerPC :: Finding IMac G4 Performance?

Nov 29, 2007

I currently own a iMac G4 700 MHz and I was wondering if a iMac G4 1,25 GHz 20inch is a lot better than the 700 MHz ? Im not thinking of video editing or gaming, but basic use in Leopard.

If someone has any experience with a 1,25 GHz with Leopard, please tell me so I can compare.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Titanium Performance?

Mar 15, 2008

I am thinking of buying a Powerbook Titanium with 1Ghz, 1GB RAM, 100GB HD, with Leopard installed. I was wondering how this system will perform. Does anyone have a very similar setup, or any info?

I amwondering how fast it will startup, the overall speed of opening windows and Apps...web browsing...anything you think could help.

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