PowerPC :: IBook G3 500MHz - DVD Not Read CD?

Jul 27, 2006

hi all. i bought an ibook g3 500 with a dvd-rom on ebay recently, and just got it yesterday, and noticed something weird. for some reason it doesn't read cd's. when i put a cd in, the tray pops open a few seconds later. is that normal? dvd's work just fine. i would think that a dvd-rom would be able to read cd's. no?

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PowerPC :: How To Setup Dual 500mhz IBook G3

Dec 6, 2006

I've got a friend that was using her Mac SE original from 1990 or so up until year 2004, at which time I insisted she get hooked up on an iMac g3 333mhz -- and I tried to get her an Apple Tech out to NC where she is to put a new hd in that old machine and some memory.

Well she's been running 9.2.2 and now it's time to go to Panther on an iBook 500mhz that I've upgraded with new hd and memory etc.

But I don't have the original set up guide. Yes, I downloaded a "users manual" off Apple but I need the basic booklet that came with the original machine -- or a download of it.

Anyone got one? Also anyone got a good Panther tutorial for someone who barely knows how to use OS9?

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Hardware :: After Ibook G3 500MHZ Overclock It Won't Recognize Hdd

Nov 27, 2004

my home-country local MAC forum cannot resolve. The thing is,that I did a bit of overclocking on my G3 DUAL USB 500MHZ IBOOK.I overclocked FSB bus to 100MHZ and CPU speed to 600MHZ.But after
that,my IBOOK wouldn't recognize internal HDD.Laptop itself works just fine, it boots from OSX Panther CD and so on,but OSX install JUST WON'T SHOW ME ANY HARD DRIVE WHERE TO INSTALL ITSELF ON TO.As you know... CD and HDD are connected via the same cable to the motherboard and CD works fine.I thought that maybe the part of the cable which was connected to the hdd was broken,so I changed the hole cable.Nothing happened,everything was still the same.I have tested HDD in other computer and it works fine.Also I have tried 2 different HDD-s in Ibook- still the same.I have also tried to reset everything I can> power managment reset (through that button) and reset via functsion+option+p+r (on keyboard...or smth. like that) My smartness has run out.What shall I do?

I should mention that if I don't but any OS cd into the CD-DRIVE,then I get flashing folder with question-mark on my screen.

Anyway,I think that the problem might be related to hdd partitions.I deleted my original OSX partition right after I got overclocked laptop back (because OSX install didn't recognized it) and then changed HDD-s partition to FAT32.(I thought that maybe OSX partition had been damaged during the overclocking process) But maybe the problem was still the cable (right in the beginning) and now OSX install wouldn't recognize my hdd, because it's in FAT32 format? Other thing what makes me think about that: as I told,if there is no CD in CD-DRIVE IBook shows blinking question mark with a folder on its screen.But yesterday I managed to delete hdd's FAT32 partition and replace it with HSF+. (in other laptop and in Windows XP) And when I but that hdd with HSF+ back to my IBOOK one change occured.Now, if it is turned on without OSX CD in it's CD-DRIVE, it shows on screen at first big globe and after a while blinking question mark with a folder.Therefore I assume,that the problem cannot be in hardware,because if I changed HDD partion type, then something else also changed?? Anyway OSX install still didn't show any HDD. What I have to do?? Could FSB upgrade be the key to that problem? (I don't want to believe it,because I read,that if overclocked,IBOOK would work fine, or it would crash- nothing related to the hdd.)

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PowerPC :: Ibook G4 Won't Read DVDs - How To Know About It

Sep 3, 2007

my ibook doesn't read dvds anymore like it used to, but it will read blank ones if i use an external dvd drive, but when i try and insert a normal dvd (ive tried a lot of dvds so its not just one disc) in the laptop drive or the external one, it says "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." and gives me an option to ignore or eject.

i tried creating a new account, but the same thing happened, so i used my install disks to install mac os x on an external drive and booted from that and the disk worked! but, ive got lots of important data on the laptop drive, so im stuck here.

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PowerPC :: Dual 500mhz G4 Inside A 400mhz Sawtooth?

Sep 20, 2010

I want to do this to increase the speed of my sawtooth. I think that the dual 500mhz was the last apple processor that is compatible with the sawtooth because they both run on 100mhz busses, correct?

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PowerPC :: Will A Dual 500mhz G4 Chip Work In A 400mhz G4 With AGP Graphics

Mar 24, 2010

I found one on craigslist for $15 but want to make sure it will work, or if I do get it and try to install it I want to make sure I don't break my computer.

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PowerPC :: G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) Dual 500MHz With 23" Cinema Display

Sep 16, 2008

I'm a PC guy (unfortunately), and I wanted to get my wife (graphic designer) a Mac present for our 3 year wedding anniversary (maybe a bad choice). As a cheep axx i looked on eBay for best deals... and happen to stumble upon an old G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) Dual 500MHz tower. I understand that is a old model, but the budget constrains gave me a no better choice... $300-400. For the first Apple it is a start.To make it up i got her a 23" Cinema Display.My dilemma as you see is the old vs new technology. I have not yet received the merchandise, but as i read I'm up for a surprise.

1. Do i need a power adapter for the display?
2. Do i need a ADC converter (or something like it)?
3. What (cheep) Graphic card will be a plausible fit to avoid conversions?
4. Will that card work with my motherboard (if there is one inside lol)

So far browsing i got:
RADEON 9800 Series

Requirements: Power Mac G4 or G5 with NVIDIA graphics card or ATI Radeon 7500 or better graphics card Limitations: The Power Mac G4 Cube computer must have a Nvidia Geforce 2MX graphics card to be compatible with the Apple Cinema Display HD or Apple Cinema Display (20-inch). he Power Mac G4 - (Gigabit Ethernet) video card does not support the Apple Cinema Display HD or Apple Cinema Display (20-inch) unless the original video card is updated to one that meets the specification for the display.

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PowerPC :: IBook Display Stopped Working / Boot IBook Via Target Disk Mode?

Aug 13, 2010

I have a G3 iBook and just the other day the display stopped working. There were no signs of the display going bad, it's just went. Am I able to boot the iBook via Target Disk Mode on my PowerBook and run the iBook Hardware Test CD on it? Also, can I reboot my PowerBook and choose the iBook as the startup volume?

I know how to do Target Disk Mode but the latter I'm not sure about.

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MacBook :: Read Ebooks With IBook On It?

Mar 20, 2012

I have donwloaded some ebooks from iTunes. Can I read them on my 2009 Macbook?

Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Read An IBook Purchase On It?

Apr 21, 2012

Is there anyway I can read an iBook purchase on my MacBook?

Info:MacBook Air

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Swapping - IBook G3 And IBook G4

Oct 20, 2006

My brother's iBook G4 (800Mhz, First Rev) has completely splattered itself and we're getting a new Macbook for him under insurance. My iBook G3 (White, 900Mhz G3..the last G3 Rev of the iBook) has a failing hard drive.

Now, could I swap out those two drives, at least to recover stuff? And is there a specific method of opening up the iBook G4 so that I don't break stuff (I've already messed with my G3..and ended up with a dozen extra screws ^_^

Mainly the aim is to salvage the hard drive and swap them out; replacing my faulty iBook G3 one with the iBook G4 one which is perfectly fine.

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App Store :: Read Ibook Books On A Mac Book Pro?

May 22, 2012

I would like to read the books I purchase for ibooks on my mac also. Is there an app for Mac that allows this?? there is no ibooks on the mac app store.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Power Supply For IBook G4?

Apr 5, 2007

My iBook G4 power supply failed and I'm awaiting a replacement. In the mean time, can I use the power supply from my iBook G3 with the iBook G4?

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PowerPC :: How Much Faster Is An G4 IBook Compared To A G3 IBook

Jul 13, 2008

Right now I have a G3 iBook (900 MHz, 640 MB RAM, Combodrive, 40 GB HDD). I'm looking at a G4 iBook (1.2 GHz, 768 MB RAM, Superdrive, 60 GB HDD).

How much faster would the G4 be over my G3. I figure that after selling my G3, the G4 would only be another $200ish on top of it. Would this be worth it?

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PowerPC :: Can I Port An IBook G4 Install To An IBook G3

Apr 19, 2009

I just bought a parts ibook from ebay, but I managed to fix it, except there was no hard drive. I currently have a 6 GB HD in it with OS X.3.9 on it, but I want tiger. I have the tiger family pack, so I have a license for it. It only has a CD-ROM drive, so I am wondering if I can buy a 40 GB HD, and clone the one from my G4 onto it.

ibook G3- 500 MHZ
192 MB RAM
currently has 6 GB HD
ibook G4- 1064 MHZ
1.25 GB RAM
Combo drive
40 GB HD

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MAc :: IBook G3 Wont Read OS X Tiger Install Disc?

May 11, 2009

I have an ibook G3 dual usb which was running Tiger but after an update to 10.4.11 I think it is, was running very slowly and the browser (i tried safari, camino and firefox) was constantly crashing. I have a back-up copy of retail Tiger on DVD as my original disc is scratched and no longer reads.I erased the hdd in hope of a clean install, but when I tried to boot from the dvd it just showed up with the flashing ? I know the disc will boot as it works in my G4 powerbook.

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Laptops :: IBook Screen Display Is Grainy And Difficult To Read?

Aug 14, 2009

have an iBook 12" the screen and the screen is very grainy, disintergrated image and text?Loads up perfectly and functions are all good , just hard to read the vague image.Any clues?Supposedly it has had the motherboard replaced by the dealer who said it is the screen. But not sure if i can believe this.

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PowerPC :: Using IBook And MBP Or IBook And IMac?

Jul 20, 2006

So, I'll spare you guys the details, haha, but I am stuck trying to decide between getting an iMac Intel or a MacBook Pro for my home use computer. What would be the advantages of one over the other? I just really love the fact that a MacBook Pro would be portable yet powerful. And yes, I have this iBook for portability to school and such, but if I want to do extensive work on the couch, I could bring a MBP vs. an iMac. What do you all think? Are too laptops redundant?

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PowerPC :: G3 IBook Screen Into A G4 IBook?

Dec 17, 2006

are these two LCDs swappable? Can I stick a G3 iBook Screen into a G4? I have no idea and I'd like to have some idea.

does the hinge and everything line up, too?

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PowerPC :: Using IBook G3 Keyboard On IBook G4?

Apr 27, 2007

Will an iBook G3 keyboard ([URL]) work on an iBook G4?

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PowerPC :: Using IBook G3 DC-in Board In An IBook G4?

Mar 31, 2009

Can it work? I found the part I need in my closet from an iBG3 and if it worked that'd just be great.

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Software :: Unable To Play Game - Requires Bus Speed Of 500MHz?

Apr 30, 2010

I just bought a new iMac with 1 processor with a speed of 3.06 GHz, dual core, 4 gigs of memory, and a bus speed of 1.07 GHz.

I'm trying to run an old Tiger Woods golf game on it. When I put in the CD it says the game requires a bus speed of 500 MHz and at least 1 MB of disk space free and the game will not run.

Being brand new, the Mac has almost all of it's memory space available and the speed required (500MHz) for the game is well below the bus speed of my computer (1.07GHz). Any ideas why the game won't run?

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PowerPC :: G4 Won't Read DVD?

Feb 25, 2010

I have a G4 PPC (specs below) and for some reason it won't read the install disks, or any other DVDs. When I put it in, however, it just does nothing, makes a few clicking noises, then spits it back out. Even if I start up holding C, it just waits till I let go then starts up normally and spits the disk out.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Read CDs

Feb 5, 2007

Ok, on my Powerbook in sig whenever I put a CD in it stays in for about 20 sec and then spits it back out, but when I boot up with the CD in it reads it just fine. This is making me mad because I'm trying to install the Burning Cruasde, and it is four discs.

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PowerPC :: G4 Refuses To Read A Particular CD?

Apr 3, 2009

I have an audio CD that my PowerBook will not read. I've read this CD in other media drives (such as my car's CD player and another computer's CD player), and I've read a different CD in my Mac's drive.

It appears to me that the issue then is this particular CD and my computer.

First, the CD is in very good condition, with no visible scratches unless you really scrutinize the read side. the label side has no damage at all. It is a 15 year old CD, but was probably played very few times when it was new, and has been simply sitting on a shelf for over a decade.

sometimes I insert the CD and after several seconds of unusual noises from my CD drive, I am able to begin to play it in itunes. However, after 1 to 3 minutes it inevitably will begin to skip so badly that itunes stops playing it, and often hangs up, forcing me to use 'force quit'. other times I insert the CD and after several seconds of unusual noises from my CD drive, the drive simply spits the CD back out, without ever having read it at all.

Is it possible that there was something about the way an older CD is encoded that my mac cannot deal with?

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PowerPC :: AHT Discs From A 1.2 GHz 12" IBook Work In A 1 GHz 12" IBook?

Aug 18, 2009

Will the restore and AHT discs from a 1.2 GHz 12" iBook work in a 1 GHz 12" iBook? All I am interested in is the AHT.

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PowerPC :: IMac G4 800 Read Dl Discs?

Oct 30, 2007

does a doublelayer disc work in an iMac G4/800 17" with the original built in superdrive? I want to burn a dl-disc with 7GB on my macbook and give it to a friend who owns that machine.

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PowerPC :: Imac G5 Won't Read Leopard

Dec 16, 2008

So i just got this imac g5 and planned on putting leopard on it since it has 1.5gb of ram. So i plop the dvd in and it doesnt read, but it will read other dvds and cds what gives?

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PowerPC :: CD Drive Will Not Read Disc

Jun 21, 2010

Ii have a Mac G3
600 mgz
320 mb ram
The CD Drive is not DVD Capable. Whenever I put a CD in the drive makes noise then the cd comes out. I've tried the PC reset.

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PowerPC :: IMac G3 Slot Loader - Can't Read DVD+R

Oct 4, 2006

First and foremost I should tell you that I am a new convert from Windows.

I'm currently running OS X 10.3 and find that I can not read any of my DVD+R discs but I can read my CDRs just fine. My guess is that the optical drive is simply too old to recognize the DVD+R format. Is this correct?

My alternative to this would be to purchase a firewire external drive enclosure and put one of my newer dvd burners in it, but would I be able to boot from this type of connection or do I have to actually buy a "superdrive"?

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