PowerPC :: Fan Always Running, HD And Heatsink REALLY Hot?

Apr 26, 2009

I got a Powerbook G4 12" from my cousin, and the hinge was all beat up. The screen wouldnt work, although it did turn on fine(fan running and HD clicking). So we took it apart, and found a broken wire in the hinge, and replaced it, and now it works. But, after using it for a while, the fan was on full blast, and wouldnt turn down. Since it was still apart, we took off the top, and the HD and heatsink were encredibly hot(i probably would have burned my finger if I kept it there long enough). I know that it will get a bit hot, but nothing should be running at that temperature. What could cause this?

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MacBook :: Fans Running All The Time - Heatsink Minus One

Aug 6, 2009

For the past couple of weeks I've noticed that my old white macbook is running hot, and browsing has been kind of slow. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in the processes, but Heatsink A is reading -1. Should I just pull the machine apart and see if something isn't connected anymore? I installed a 7200 RPM HD a few months ago, but this problem is more recent.

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PowerPC :: G4 Dual 1Ghz Heatsink Alternative?

Jun 26, 2008

I have been searching high and low for a alternative heatsink for a dual 1Ghz G4 CPU. I just got this chip off Ebay, but by dual heatsink, that works with a dual 533Mhz, won't fit. And I can't find anyone who is selling just the heatsink.

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Mac Mini :: Lost Clip - Emi Heatsink

Jul 13, 2009

When I was doing an upgrade to my mac mini I lost a clip ( it fell off) that I believe was the emi heatsink clip right by the battery. where does this go and how important is it?

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Laptops :: Fix IBook Blank Screen With Heatsink Fin

Jan 16, 2009

I'm trying to fix the blank screen but I don't want to use any heat. I found this method. This is the only one I found that didn't use a blow torch or such. [URL] Do any of you know where I can get a heatsink like that or if just the fins are available anywhere? I'm not sure what to search for when I do it online and I tried different variations but all the heatsinks I find have fans. I don't want to spend more than I have to since I don't need the fan. I also don't really want to buy online unless I can't find it in a retailer.

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MacBook Pro :: CPU Heatsink Difference (Loosing Faster)

Dec 24, 2010

I've been noticing quite a difference in the temperatures of the two so just now I tried something. Running 4 threads of yes > /dev/null for 10 minutes now, I have a CPU temp of 202F and a CPU Heatsink temp of 128F. Thats a difference of 74F now either the heatsink is losing 74F faster than it can build it or something is wrong with the transfer between the two.

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MacBook Pro :: Tape Securing Fan To Heatsink / Electrical Tape?

Jul 4, 2010

I have a MacBook Pro 15" - Model A1226 (Santa Rosa, circa 2007). I need to replace my right fan. AppleCare just expired (of course). But replacing the fan should be pretty easy, I think.

The only question is about the tape securing the fan to the heatsink. On the old fan it looks like electrical tape, but on the "sticky" side, it looks like there is a bit of copper (?) in the middle.

So my assumption is that regular old electrical tape is not appropriate, but some special kind of electrical tape. What type of tape is that?

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PowerPC :: Running A VPN With An Old B&W G3?

Sep 14, 2009

a few years ago my friend gave me an old B&W G3 that was used in schools. It's got a 300MHz G3 and 256 megs of ram, and some DB15 ATI card. It currently sits in a storage room in the basement gathering dust.

I'm wondering, if I install OS X Panther (or maybe Jaguar if it'd run better), if I'll be able to host a VPN for my brother who's in China trying to get around the internet blocks there. The tunneling program he uses there is really slow.

On a side note, would it be worth upgrading the ram/CPU to do this? I probably wouldn't want to spend what it'd cost to upgrade the CPU for such an old computer, though.

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PowerPC :: G4 Not Turning On - Just Fan Running

Feb 7, 2006

I went to turn on my Power Mac G4 this morning and only the fan would come on. No light. No computer start up sounds. No screen. Just the fan. I tried a new battery and that's not it.

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PowerPC :: Mac G5 Running Slow

Nov 24, 2008

My dad might give me his Power Mac G5 soon, and I've noticed it running very slow. It is running Leopard, it usually has about 20 apps open at a time, and has 512 MB RAM (lol). How much ram should I slap in there to make it take off like a rocket? If you have any good Power Mac G5 RAM deals, then link to them.

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PowerPC :: G4 Running Really Slowly - How To Repair

Mar 21, 2006

Okay, basically, I've had my PowerBook for a little over 2 years. Over the last few months, it's been incredibly slow. For example, I can only load one or two tabs at a time in Safari before the 'rainbow spinning wheel of death' appears, and takes a couple of minutes to leave, and load the page. This type of thing happens across the board, on pretty much all applications.

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PowerPC :: Burning - Running Several Programs

Nov 5, 2006

What I used to love about my Powerbook G4 is that it's pretty much silent, unless I happen to be burning something, or running several programs at once. However, this appears to be a thing of the past, as I've begun to notice that the fan is now permanently whizzing, and while it's not loud, it's anything but silent. This happens constantly, while I'm running minimal programs, and while my computer is sitting on my desk, not on any soft surfaces.

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PowerPC :: Everything On EMac Running Slower

Mar 19, 2007

Everything on my mac is running slower and slower, I have the last ver. of the eMac, and still running the 256 Ram, and 12 GB of storage with an external of 250 GB. I dont know why, if you need a list of apps or anything just ask. I also dont have the 100 I need right now to upgrade the ram. Plus if anyone could tell me if and how I can use my external as my main drive, but it is a usb, that sometimes hikups being on my mac for access, it will access it sometimes 5 min after I boot, so I may not want to, or is it a glitch of my mac.

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PowerPC :: Running Fiesty On G4 With OS X And Ubuntu?

Apr 28, 2007

I am making a summer project out of dual-booting my G4 PowerBook with OS X and Ubuntu. I downloaded and burned the Fiesty PowerPC ISO. The live CD is awesome. I really really want to make this happen. I had tried installing Ubuntu back in the Edgy days, but it just wouldn't work properly. The trackpad wasn't working right, my wireless card wouldn't work (damn you Broadcom). Has anyone installed Fiesty and have it working on thier G4 PowerBook?

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PowerPC :: G5 Fans Constantly Running At 4K

Jan 19, 2009

My PowerMac's (G5 Dual 1.8GHz procs) fans seem to run at a solid 4k rpm's regardless of what I'm doing, even with CPU usage set to low. I've taken the whole machine apart, cleaning it with canned air and such, but the problem just won't leave me be. The air coming out of the machine is ice cold, and the temperature readings I'm getting are about 86 degrees F for the CPU's and 70 for the HDD, so I'm not sure what gives.. Slot and Backside fans are running at 255 rpm, but the others are all 4k.

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PowerPC :: Running Mac OS 7.5.3 On IBook Clamshell Possible?

Mar 16, 2009

Can I run Mac OS 7 .5.3 on my iBook Clamshell? Am I providing enough info? If you need more info, I'll tell you. Right now I'm copying some files over to my hdd drive, getting ready to clear 68 something MB's off. I will then put Mac OS 7 in the root (almost). Will this power pc thing do it? It seems that it's like the old Macintosh's, just more powerful and better.

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PowerPC :: G4 MDD Running Hotter Than Usual?

May 26, 2009

Have a G4 MDD and it has started to run hotter than usual. Its actually starting to seriously affect the temp in the room. Are there any fixes for this or is it just how it goes? I tried vacuuming it out and cleaning some of the dust out to help the airflow a little but some places are a little hard to access without tearing it apart.

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PowerPC :: How To Get G5 Running Apple LED Display

Jun 1, 2009

I have a Power Mac Quad 2.5. late 2005. I would like to get a LED display. The new Apple LED , I am told it wont run on my Power Mac. Is it as simple as putting in another video card, currently have a NVIDIA 6600, but I cannot confirm that. I pulled the video card out, but could not find a model number on it anywhere. What about third party cards, adapter etc.

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PowerPC :: G5 Pro Fans Running Too Fast

Jul 28, 2009

The fans on my G5 Pro are running at close to 3000rpm most of the time. I have read other forums and do not think this is normal at all. I started looking into the fans because I am getting frequent kernel panics (black screen crashes) and thought it might be the machine over heating. My CPUs are at about 50C to 52C and the fans are constantly running that fast.

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PowerPC :: How To Install OS X 4.7 On An EMac Running OS X 2.8

Feb 20, 2010

I have an eMac (version = 2.1) with DVD drive serial YM2383TW-N9K-ff12 700 mhz. PPC G4 256 ram runing os 10.2.8 and I'm trying to install os 10.4.7 Tiger. I have the gray discs. When I insert the disc I got this gray screen whit a bunch of scripts that tells me drive not supported.

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PowerPC :: Dual G5 Running HD Content?

Mar 26, 2010

I have two machines. A dual 1.8ghz G5 with 5gb ram. And a new 2.66ghz macbook pro with 4gb ram and 7200rpm drive. For everyday use, the Macbook is faster, but not by much and I prefer to just use the G5 because of the bigger screen. However, the G5 is mainly my media center (store all of my movies and TV shows on it). I really like HD and the Macbook will run 1080P without a problem, but the G5 will only run 720P, and only some at that. Some 720P videos it will skip with. It is a solid machine, (I know they are older, but it really is not bad, and is there anyway I can make it handle all 720P smoothly?

For storage, searching the web, and watching movies, this computer is still great. But more and more things are in HD now and it is a bummer having some of them skip a few times when watching.

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PowerPC :: After 4 Years IBook Running Slow?

Dec 9, 2006

I have had my iBook for a good 4 years now. I have a 1.2ghz G4 ppc running Tiger and it is starting to run slow. I noticed that videos will now pause if something else is running or downloading. This never happened before. I was thinking about reinstalling my OS but would like to avoid that. Does anyone have this same problem or have any tricks to speed this up again?

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PowerPC :: Running Powerbook At 1366 X 768 Resolution?

Dec 15, 2006

I recently bought a DVI-HDMI cable to connect my Powerbook (see sig) to my Sony LCD tv. THe Sony's max resolution is 1366 x 768 (pretty much standard for HD-ready tvs). I've been trying to get my powerbook to output that resolution so I get a full screen picture on the tv. However for some reason I keep getting stuck with 1280x720, which leaves some black bars all around.

I'm using SwitchResX where I input the resolution as a custom resolution. I then restarted as the software suggests, but it doesn't let me apply the resolution.

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PowerPC :: Changing Forgot Password On G4 Running 10.4

Jun 7, 2007

My friend has forgot her password and cannot login. She is running os 10.4 on iBook G4 800mhz. I told her to insert the original OS CD, restart while holding down the C key and then click on options - change password when it has booted into the original CD. However, it just boots straight to the login screen.

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PowerPC :: Powermac G5 CPU Fans Running On Different Speeds?

Jul 3, 2007

CPU cooling fans are running at strange different speeds. Powermac G5 early 2005, dual G5 (not dual core).This is at idle:CPU A 60 degree Intake 300rpm Exhaust 300rpmCPU B 63 degrees Intake 1125rpm Exhaust 1100rpm! I have not noticed this before. They usually remain identical.

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PowerPC :: IBook Running Extremely Slow?

Nov 13, 2007

I was recently given a (supposedly) non-functional iBook. I reinstalled Tiger on it, and it did fine through the installation and initial startup. However, everything runs really, really slow. It will work normally for about 5 seconds, and then slow to a crawl. Opening system preferences just took 5 minutes. The beach ball shows up with nearly every click.

Anyone know what this means? Bad ram? Bad HD? It is the 14" 1.42 ghz model with 756 mb ram.

Oh yeah, the reason it was presumed dead was because the previous owner smacked it on something, and the LCD screen is bashed up. The rest of it seems physically fine, but it was subject to some sort of impact.

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PowerPC :: Normal IBook Running Temperature?

Jan 11, 2008

On a dual USB iBook G3, what is the standard temp? Mine is currently at 113 degrees

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PowerPC :: Running Leopard (10.5) On An 800mhz G4 IMac?

Feb 4, 2008

Just wondering if anyone's tried to run Mac OSX 10.5 on their 800mhz G4 and how the performance is (good/bad)? Obviously the cutoff is 867mhz.

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PowerPC :: Need To Connect 3 Monitors Running At Same Time On G5?

Feb 18, 2008

I have a G5 with an Nvidia 7800GT graphics card. what are my options if i need to have 3 monitors running at the same time (currently I can only have 2).

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PowerPC :: Applications Running Very Slow On Power Mac G5?

Jul 8, 2008

I am having a little trouble with my MAC machine. Right now, it is running very slow, and I usually work on application including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. When I opened a file there (file size could be large), I timed it, it took 12 minutes to open & 5 minutes to print. Such situation wouldn't be normal? I was wondering if I add more memory into the system, will it help at all (increase the response time overall)? Or do I need to tune up anything to reduce the loading time?

Here are the main configurations on the MAC machine:
-Power Mac G5
-Dual 2GH z Power PC GS (2.2)

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