PowerPC :: CPU Maxed Out When Viewing Youtube

Dec 8, 2009

I just upgraded my powerbook 1.5ghz g4 to 2 gb of ram. It runs multiply applications fine now. The only thing that I'm still disappointed with is when I am viewing videos on youtube or elsewhere my CPU maxes out and the video is all chopping.

I know it's old (6 years!) and I need a new computer (which I'm thinking of getting the 27" iMac i5) but I feel as if it should be able to view videos on youtube without being chopping and maxing out the CPU...

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PowerPC :: Maxed Out My IMac G5 On RAM?

Oct 22, 2006

so as you can see from the tittle of this thread i maxed out my g5 on ram, which is only a total of 2.5 gb but i really like the performance, definitly helps alot with alot more demanding programs. =) im so hapy i finally got this done! any body else have there g5 maxed out?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 - Non-Responsiveness, CPU Usage Maxed Out

Aug 7, 2008

I have an iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor) that runs Leopard pretty slowly, even with 2GB of RAM. Sometimes, it's a pretty severe lag: Type a sentence, twiddle your thumbs, bam, it's all inputted at once. Sometimes, the whole system is non-responsive for 60-120 seconds, before, bam, accepting all your key- and mouse-strokes at once.

Activity Monitor also reports extremely high CPU-usage. I've been using it for a couple of hours this morning and it's been maxed-out or nearly maxed-out basically the whole time.

There aren't any processes that appear to be hogging resources. Sometimes, it's finder / time machine that's using the most. Sometimes it's Safari or Mail.

I'm open to the possibility that it's just time to upgrade, but I was wondering if the forums had any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or reclaim some CPU cycles.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Maxed Out And Running Slow?

Sep 27, 2009

Hi Everyone
I have an iBook G4 with 800MHz and 512 MB. I understand this is the max I can run this on. I really cannot afford a new one now and wondered if there was a way to increase the memory at all or get it to run faster. I deleted programs I do not use but it is still slow.

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OS X :: YouTube HD Videos Viewing On Mbp 13"?

Jul 10, 2009

I just got a Macbook Pro 13" and one of the problems is when i view a HD video on YouTube, during playback it stops and starts constantly.. Is this a connection problem and if so are there any ways i can enhance it? Or is there a way to change some settings from within the OS?

I am connected to my home wifi network and it works great for everything else. Regular YouTube videos playback fine.

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PowerPC :: 3GB Ram Is Running Super Slow And Memory Usage Is Almost Maxed?

Apr 27, 2008

I recently bought a Power Mac G5 with 3 20" cinema displays, each with their own video card. I've since stopped using one and it sped up some. But even with the most simple tasks, it is hella slow and freezes sometimes. If I just have Firefox and iTunes open, it runs slow and the fans kick in overdrive. The main video card is an ATI Radeon x800 with 256 RAM and the other is a 9200 with 128 RAM. how to free up my RAM and speed it up?

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Safari :: How To Download YouTube Videos For Offline Viewing

Jun 28, 2012

What has happened to video downloads in YouTube? In the Activity window I used to be able to option double click on the video file and it would download so that I can view offline. Now I notice that video files are broken into 1.7MB pieces and have an expiry time (I think(?)). Is this YouTube's attempt at controlling piracy? So how can someone download these videos for offline viewing? I don't do this to pirate anything.

Its simply that its more convenient to have it on my disk for a short period of time so that I can view it when offline or want to have much quicker access to the video e.g. I have been following some tutorials on playing the guitar. Often I need to start and stop and search through the video for a particular segment. If I have to wait for the video to load from YouTube it takes some seconds or minutes which can be quite frustrating.

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iMac (late 2010) Core i7 16GB RAM

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PowerPC :: G4 500 Viewing Apple Movie Or TV

Jul 25, 2010

Does anyone know how to fix an issue with my G4 500 Altavec AGP desktop and IMAC G4 800 LAMPSHADE having same issue with both computers. When I try to view an apple movie trailer or When I go to Hulu to view a TV or Movie. The video is very choppy and slow. I have 2 ghz of memory and have had comcast out to check that the incoming signal is fast and it is. I have a 128 pro rage graphic card so that should be plenty to view video.

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PowerPC :: Viewing Output Of 1366*768 Resolution / Upgrade Required?

Mar 17, 2007

I've got a 37" LG LC2D panel and a G5 PowerMac with dual DVI outputs. I just picked up a DVI->HDMI cable, expecting it output to a resolution of 1366*768. However, the only options I have are: 1024*768, 1280*720, and 1920*540 (which doesn't work). Is it not possible for the Mac to output to a 1366*768 resolution on the 256MB GeForce 6600 PCI Express? If not, what are my upgrade options?

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Mac Pro :: Maxed USB Don't Want To Add HUB

Feb 16, 2008

I need more USB ports, but want to add an internal component, like a PCI-E card (NOT a USB Hub). I just want a clean look, not an additional component. Does anyone have any recommendations? Does one even exist (?). I saw a PCI USB card at Office Depot & Best Buy, but I'm pretty sure that won't work.

I figured about now, in 2008, that machines would come with 6 USB ports (on the back) standard, considering everything is USB. Consumer Dell machines do it, so does HP and others... my $3000 Professional MP... 3 USB ports standard on the back.

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MacBook Air :: Volume Very Low Even When Maxed?

Feb 26, 2008

Just got a MBA and learning the machine. Are your MBA's really quiet? I have no problems with volume on my MB or MBP but on the MBA I find it quiet even when maxed.

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Mac Pro :: Would An I7 Quad Maxed Out IMac

Oct 28, 2009

I know there had been some discussions here about the new i7 quad, and before I spend my hard earned cash I wanted some last minute opinions.

I post this here in the Mac Pro forums because I figure there might likely be more FCP users...which is what my main use for my new machine will be.

I have been wanting a new unit for several months now, and have been just waiting to pull the trigger on a Mac Pro. In fact, it has gotten to be a running joke around my house with my wife and I...we can be talking about something totally non-related and I will say "I just have one word for you...OCTO!!!" Anyway, I digress.

While I simply cannot justify (or afford really) a maxed out octo, I have been considering a "fairly" maxed out quad MP. But now that the new iMac has appeared, I am having more trouble.

I am not a pro...meaning I am not paying my bills with FCP. I would characterize myself as prosumer...which describing myself really means consumer who likes nicer equipment. I do want a "respectable" machine that will handle FCP with somewhat ease.

My current video set up is an HMC150 mixed with Canon 7D. Converting to ProRes 422 (not the HQ flavor) and using things like Magic Bullet. Not doing much Motion work...mostly because I have not learned that process yet. I am currently doing it on a maxed out 2008 iMac. And so far it has not been all that bad. Ingesting is not taking long enough to bother me really...and editing is nice and smooth. The only really long times are for rendering and encoding to H.264.

So, given these facts, am I way out in left field here considering a maxed out iMac? I am sure that during the process, the render and encode times will be what taxes the machine the most. And I am not even really sure that those times would be much different on a quad MP. Octo, sure. But even then I am not sure what kind of differences we are talking about. I mean would a similarly configured octo have double performance from the quad? Would a 2 hour render or encode on an octo take 4 hours on a quad?

The other thing I am thinking is this...Even if the iMac turns out to be way less than what I would like, I am thinking I can use it for awhile (as long as I can stand it) then maybe down the road look again at the MP...say after the 6 or 12 core thing plays out. I could always use the iMac as the monitor for a MP down the road. The glossy thing is not a factor for me...it doesn't bother me at all.

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PowerPC :: Youtube Crashes My Mac?

Nov 21, 2010

So I'm new in this forum and I've got a HUGE problem with Youtube and my iBook G4 that started recently.

Whenever I enter to Youtube and start loading any video, the system crashes, not only Safari but any application that is open at the time.

I've uninstalled and installed Flash Player, updated the system and Safari as well as tried using another browser (Firefox) with no results.

When I disable Javascript from Safari the system does not crash and another thing I noticed is that I can watch embedded videos on other pages but not directly on Youtube.

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PowerPC :: G4 Pather Need To Use Youtube?

Oct 26, 2008

Im a PC user i bought a G4 tower (mirror door) with hardware upgrades. I need to upload Football film (high school) from imovie or maybe final cut express to you tube.

I can not even see youtube video on the Mac (Panther). I would really like any info about a solution. I would hate to go back to PC editing. I feel Mac is better for me to upload film and edit. Please what do I need to do ?

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PowerPC :: YouTube On An IBook G4

Aug 12, 2010

I recently acquired an iBook G4 that seems to handle almost everything I throw at it very well. Web browsing and DVDs and even some older games zip by at a very nice speed. There's one big deal though, YouTube is almost unwatchable on it. For a 5 year old computer this shouldn't happen - YouTube came out in '05 after all. Videos are very jerky and it's quite annoying! I am running Flash 9 and Safari 3 as well as Tiger. The machine clocks in at 1.33Ghz with 1GB of RAM.

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Windows On Mac :: Handling Maxed Out Screen Resolution

Oct 29, 2009

This morning I installed Windows 7 Upgrade ($30 student price) from XP running via boot camp on my 2007 24" iMac. I had to do the clean install, but it worked flawlessly. I ran the bootcamp setup from the Snow Leopard disk (3.0) and it installed fine. My problem is the screen resolution. My resolution is maxed out at 1280x1024. Windows 7 handles this nicely, though, by simply putting the desktop in the middle of the display with black space around it (it could have stretched it out and made it really bad). I'm not sure what to do, since the driver is installed properly (ATI, RadeonHD2600). I'm also trying to run dual-screens, and that doesn't seem to work either. All these things worked perfectly on XP.

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Mac Pro :: Processor Activity Maxed Out At 50% With Snow Leopard?

Feb 18, 2010

I've been running some deinterlacing jobs with Compressor on our Mac Pro 3,1 dual processor. We'd added some RAM so I was interested to have a look in Activity Monitor to see how it was faring and noticed that the CPU activity never went above 50%. I find it very hard to believe that Compressor isn't intended to take advantage of both processors.

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PowerPC :: Does G4 Handle YouTube Videos Smoothly?

Feb 1, 2009

I currently have a powermac g4 gigabit ethernet model. It has a 400mhz cpu, 1gb RAM, and an ati rage pro video card with 16mb video memory. When I try to watch youtube videos (or any other online videos), it is choppy. I am looking into purchasing a PowerMac G4 Quicksilver. It would have a 1.4 ghz sonnet PPC cpu, 1 GB Ram, and an upgraded video card (I think ati) with 64mb video memory. I can get this quicksilver system for 250CDN.

Do you think that the quicksilver will be able to handle youtube videos better. Do you think it will be a major overall increase in preformance. I want to run flash cs3/cs4 on it. Currently on my gigabit ethernet model, flash cs4 runs pretty slow. In the end, do you think I will notice a overall increase in everything I do (including video streaming)? Please let me know if you think the quicksilver is a good upgrade.

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PowerPC :: Can't View Youtube Videos On EMac

Mar 15, 2010

I have recently purchased a good ol eMac with 1ghz processor, 1Gb RAM and Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11. I would like to watch youtube videos and just surf the web. But when i go to watch youtube videos they are all choppy and glichy. I dont watch them in HD.

Is there any way i can watch them like in a different player. It does not matter if they are not in HD i just want to be able to watch them smoothly. I have also installed flash player 10 and nothing has changed.

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Other Resolution To Run Games On My Maxed IMac?

Feb 1, 2009

I have the fully loaded 3.06GHz iMac with the upgraded video card. The native resolution is 1920x1200, which even with the iMac's decent specs, is a hefty performance dump being forced to run games in this high resolution. When I try lowering the resolution, literally every other resolution option looks like crap, while 1920x1200 looks crisp and perfect. Most of the other options aren't a matching aspect ratio for the widescreen monitor. Is there a good resolution you recommend, and if it isn't available in my game, is there a way to make it available?

Do I need to hack each game to display other resolution options that match my aspect ratio? How can I get better performance besides turning the graphics to crap? I would be happy running in a lower resolution with all other settings maxed, rather than most settings low with such a high resolution.

Do I have any options here or am I screwed? I'm sure some of you guys must have come across this issue! I'm a new Mac convert who can't get rid of my PC gaming.

Note: Preferably I would like to find an alternate widescreen resolution, rather than finding a way to use 4:3 with black bars, but either would be better than how it is now.

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PowerPC :: Ibook Freeze Frame Youtube Video?

Jul 31, 2008

I have a 2001 Ibook m6497 that my daughter is to take to school. When logging into youtube, sprint aircard broadband, the video plays the audio but the video is like a slideshow!

I have logged into apple to download updates, varified the hard drive and permissions. Any idea, is the processor too old,not powerful enough ?

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PowerPC :: Adobe Flash Fix For PowerBook G4 / Choppy YouTube Videos Etc

Aug 19, 2009

I found this forum through a google search, and wanted to put the word out. It seems choppy, laggy or otherwise unplayable youtube videos and other streams using Adobe Flash 9 or 10 on OS X 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 is a very common headache with no clear resolution other than, 'Your CPU is too slow".

It seems I may have found a suitable fix to allow flash videos (as poorly as adobe flash is coded for Linux and OS X platforms) to finally play on my old, but very much alive 12" PowerBook G4. I'm not talking HD videos in DVD glass pond-like quality, but I'm talking 1fps to an estimated 10-15fps with mp3 quality audio that doesn't stutter.

My specs as tested and functioning:

System: 1Ghz PowerPC G4 12" aluminum
Version: OS X 10.5.8 (originally came with 10.3.9)
Video: GeForce FX Go5200 32MB
Memory: 768MB DDR (upgraded from stock)
HDD: 160GB Western Digital (upgraded from stock)

ALL I had to do (not perfect, but very very noticeable improvement!) was right-click the video while it was playing, and choose the 'settings' menu for Adobe Flash player. From there, I simply unchecked the "Use Hardware Acceleration" on the Display tab, and bump the "Local Storage" tab slider bar up to 10MB.

If anyone else is or was experiencing this problem, please try this quick and easy work-around out and share your experiences. If we can get a few to confirm, I'd be happy to seed it on the google interwebs so others can find the information easily.

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PowerPC :: Video Card For A G5 - For Video Editing Watching Hulu And Youtube And Netflix

May 25, 2010

Well I got rid of the quicksilvers since they died. Power supplys gave out and took the motherboards, So I sold what was left on EBAY.

My G4 Ethernet was sold to a co-worked and he is quite happy.

And I got this off ebay today:

Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5Procs
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117D
Samsung HD160JJ/P 160GB SATA HDD (not apple labeled, not original to this system)
(1) Power Cord
pci106b,9 PCI Ethernet Controller

Well I didnt' read the fine print and BAZINGA! I noticed that it comes without a video card.

So For video editing, watching hulu and youtube and netflix What do you guys recommend.

I do have a PCI GEforce at home with 512 megs for PC and I was wondering if I could flash it and if so, does anyone know of a good walkthrough?

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OS X :: Won't Work With Youtube / Youtube Videos Not Playing

Oct 3, 2009

i hav the nu macbook pro 13" an i'm totally nu to macs. so i go to youtube to watch vids an the whole page loads but it wudnt play the vids. i hav flash player fr macs installed.

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PowerPC :: Compatible Video Card - Shutters On Youtube Video

May 8, 2009

i have a powermac g4 sawtooth. it stutters on youtube videos and other videos so i was wandering whats a decent video card thats compatible with it?

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OS X :: Viewing PC On Mac

Apr 3, 2010

I have my PC next to my Mac as I am a new owner, when I go into Finder it sometimes shows my PC so I can take files off it. Why does it not always show it? Is there something I have changed etc to make it do this, it does show my external drives. Forgive me if this has been posted before but I have tried a search to no avail.

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Applications :: Viewing MRI CD On Mac

Jun 15, 2007

I got a CD with my shoulder MRI from my doctor, but it won't open on my Mac. Is there a program to open or convert this so I can view it?

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OS X :: Using And Viewing IPhoto?

Aug 24, 2009

I'm a new mac user and I'm totally lost when it comes to troubleshooting my problems.

I've been trying to access my iphoto application for the past couple of days and it isn't working as it should. The application is open and when I place my mouse in a corner of the screen, the iphoto screen shows up in my boxes view, but I'm unable to click on it. As soon as I click on the screen it disappears. So the application is open and the options bar appears across the top of the screen, but I'm unable to view it normally.

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Mac Pro :: Downloading Pdf And Viewing Them From Safari?

Dec 7, 2010

I am having a problem with pdfing from safari, i can download the pdf, but it shows everything in Chinese! i've tried searching for the problem but to no avail.

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OS X :: Safari 5.0.3 Lag While Scrolling And Viewing?

Dec 9, 2010

I've been using Safari 5.0.3 for a few months now, and I hate it! Before I updated (using Software Update) Safari was smooth and did not lag while scrolling or loading web pages. Now, almost all pages (including MacRumors Home) lags when scrolling and viewing.

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