OS X :: Connecting And Pairing Airport Express To D Link Router?

Nov 11, 2010

Not sure if this is possible, I'm sure there's someone out there who would be able to tell me either way. I've got a D Link router thats plugged into my 50mb in my lounge. I'd like to put my airport express in my kitchen and pair them so its the same network. The reason for this is that I have my HIFI in the kitchen which will be plugged into my airport so I can use it as remote speakers for my itunes while I'm still connected to the 50mb and D Link. Is this possible?

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Hardware :: Connecting AirPort Express With Router

Nov 18, 2010

I have a D-Link Extreme router, and the WiFi has issues with my MacBook and such every so often and it drives me absolutely crazy. But I have 2 wired computers and a Xbox 360 that never have a problem plugged into the router via ethernet. I was wondering if I bought a Airport Express and plugged it into the 4th port of my router rather then into modem would it have enough juice to transfer the WiFi? I don't want to spend the extra money on a more expensive router for some plugs and WiFi if I can still use my router for wired and send a wire to the Airport for wireless. Yet I don't want to spend the money on the Airport Express if it can't be used like that like some other routers can.

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Hardware :: D-Link To Airport Express To Switch?

Sep 28, 2010

my sister has a couple of components in a room that needs an ethernet cable connected directly to them. The router is in another room so I bought her an Airport Express (should be arriving tomorrow).

I originally thought she only needed one device connected and I had read that the Airport Express can be used as an extender/access point.

Now that she needs two devices, can I simply connect a switch to the Airport Express and connect both devices?

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Hardware :: Airport Express As Wireless Extender For D-Link DIR-655?

Mar 30, 2010

I am a Windows user at the moment and plan to get a MBP in a few months. I am currently using a D-Link DIR-655 router. My house is a 2 story plus basement, and the D-link pretty much needs to be in the basement. We get excellent wifi reception in much of the house, but it is very spotty on the 2nd floor (an open to the first floor loft) and on the end of the first floor of the house opposite the router.

I like the idea of being able to use AirTunes, so I was thinking of buying an Airport Express as an extender to get usable reception throughout the house. I figure eventually, I may replace the D-Link with an Airport Extreme.

So can I do this wirelessly or do I have to wire the Express to the D-Link? Doing so would involve making holes in things that I don't want to make holes in, so I will put up with a spotty wifi network rather than getting an extender. Our house is a log home with hardwood floors and wood walls and ceilings throughout, so it is not as easy as patching some drywall if we decide to get rid of the wire/hole someday.

I am not a power user, not a gamer and if I want to download huge files, I can do so on the laptop in the basement. I just want a decent wireless connection throughout the house, and would like the ability to stream iTunes.

And if the Airport cannot be a repeater for the D-Link, what about the reverse, with the Airport as the base and the D-Link as the repeater?

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Hardware :: Airport Express As Solution For Crappy D - Link Timing Out

Nov 27, 2010

I have a D-link router with cable internet, two MacBooks that are constantly running up against the wifi dropping out (>< * and at the most inconvenient times!). A couple months ago I managed to limit the router to one channel and it seemed to fix the problem to a degree. Its become increasingly problematic recently and I folded the last pair of Kings because of a crappy wifi link up. After looking around a bit I think I may be able to finally put to use the Airport Express I bought back in 2005 as one writer commented that the installation of that would fix the drop outs.

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OS X :: Adding Airport Express To Wired Router?

Jun 5, 2006

I have a PC (running XP Pro) that accesses the internet through a wired router (D-Link) hooked to a cable modem. My boyfriend just moved in with his iBook and Airport Express. I hooked the Airport Express to a LAN port on the wired router, and it basically works fine. He is able to access the internet wirelessly without any trouble. I also connected the printer to Airport Express and he is able to print wirelessly. However, I thought I was going to be able to also print to the printer because following info from Airport FAQ.


Question: AirPort Express connects via wire to my third-party router, and I have plugged a compatible USB printer into AirPort Express. Will it share the printer with my non-Apple computers, too?
Answer: AirPort Express acts as a print server for any Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Windows 2000, or Windows XP computer that is on the same subnet, regardless of whether the third-party router is wired or wireless.

Can anyone comment on this? How can I make this feature work from my wired computer? Is there something I need to do to make them on the same subnet? Also, if there IS a way to print via Airport Express, is there a way for me to access airTunes too?

I did read a somewhat similar situation and this is what was advised. "Manually give it an IP address and subnet in airport admin (under the internet tab). For example if your router IP address is 192.168.x.1 with a subnet of give your Airport Express 192.168.x.2 i.e. give your Airport Express 1 IP number higher than your router. Also make sure you are not distrupting IP address from your Airport Express, and you are creating a wifi not joining."

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Hardware :: Airport Express With Non - Apple Router

Jul 20, 2009

I feel really dumb asking it, having been "into" computers for over half my life; However I digress. Will an aiport express work with my router that came with the internet service I have? Or will it only work with an airport extreme base station?

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Hardware :: Which Non - Apple Router To Use With Airport Express?

Feb 19, 2010

I'm sure this has been asked upwards of a million times around here, and I've read a few of them. What I'm looking for is updated information. I was all set to buy a Linksys WRT54G as suggested by Arstechnica in 2004. However reading the first reviewer here suggests that Linksys has changed their internal firmware, and that I may not be able to use it anymore. All that has put me back at square one. Since this is a hack, different versions of each router may or may not work. I really want to know what currently sold routers people have managed to work with their Airport express.

Network information, current:...............

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PowerPC :: Connecting AirPort To Router With G3

Jan 25, 2010

I've got an iBook G3 with the B AirPort card installed that has worked fine until trying to connect it to the Linksys WRT610N. No matter what settings I use, AirPort cannot connect to the router. I've updated the router's firmware to the latest version, and am only using WPA, as WPA2 is not supported by the card. I've switch between TKIP and AES, which hasn't helped either. Also, I've changed the router between everymode (Mixed, Mixed B+G only, B only), and that hasn't worked either.

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Hardware :: Using 3G/HSDPA 'wireless Router' And Airport Express?

Oct 17, 2010

I've moved out to the middle of nowhere, and there's no phone line. However i do have a very fast 3G/HSDPA wireless router on the 'Three' network, and have been impressed by its speed - i was downloading at 285kb/sec just now! Only issue is that there's a 15gb/month limit on data, but it's the most i could get.

Anyway, it's not a USB dongle, it's actually a tiny wireless router and more than 1 person can be connected with no problems. It's a Huawei E585 Wireless Modem.Thing is, I still want to use my Airport Express (802.11n) to stream from different machines to my hifi.How should i go about this? If i connect the Airport Express to the 'Three' router (which is b/g speed) and use that normally, would it work properly do you think? Does anyone have a set up like this, or has tried it

I don't have my Airport Express with me as it's with a friend, so can't just go and try it myself. Obviously don't want to have to put a computer onto a different network to be able to use 'Airtunes'.

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Hardware :: Using AirPort Express Station As Wireless Router?

Mar 12, 2009

I live in a small apartment, so I never set up a wireless network, because, well I don't need to. However, lately I've been interested in trying some things out with my iphone to see how they work (the remote application mainly), but don't really have the money or need to go out and buy a wireless router. I was curious if there was any way to use my Airport Express Station as a wireless router? Someone told me it was possible, but after much googling, I didn't find much.

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MacBook :: Airport Stopped Connecting To Router?

Jan 3, 2009

I have macbook intel 2.0 GHz and Mac OS X 10.4.11.I had no problems with connecting with belkin g plus mimo router (f5d9230-4) before, but suddenly it dropped down the connection.It was about two months ago, in meantime I was trying to reset modem and router many times, I did "restore factory default" on the router and set it up again, I was trying to change location in network system preferences, but it doesn't work.I see my router as available in airport networks list, but I am not able to connect to it, it shows "password is not valid" when I'm trying to do it by network setup assistant, and "there was an error joining the airport network" when by airport scroll down menu.

I was also trying to set router as a open network, or to change the password.My other wireless devices like iphone 3g have no problems with setting up such connection, but my macbook must be wired if I want to access internet at the moment

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Hardware :: Connecting Airport Extreme With Another Router?

Apr 9, 2009

OK I know this can be done and have searched many forums and I cannot find the whole walk through on the process!!!

I have the Airport Extreme one version back without the dual antennas and I'm trying to make up for that with my old linksys router. I want my airport extreme to transmit wireless N only! and my linksys to transmit wireless G only!! configuration setting to make this happen??

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Hardware :: AirPort Express Serve As Fully Functional Router?

Oct 3, 2010

I am very computer savvy and am the neighborhood/work "go-to" guy for PC/Mac/iPhone/anything type stuff. I have been all Mac for about a year now so I am still learning. I currently have the lousy WRT160N Linksys router. I am very confused about Extreme/Express base station. All the mess about music and portability is confusing to me. Does it serve as a fully functional router?

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Hardware :: Is AirPort Express Router - Set Up Port Forwarding And Static IP's

Oct 28, 2005

I understand what it is used for and how it works (for the most part) but it is actually a router? Can I get into it's settings with a browser to set up port forwarding and static IP's, etc.? I am looking to replace my Dell TrueMobile wireless router and I want to make sure that I have the right idea about the AirPort Express before I buy.

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Hardware :: AirPort Express Setup - Connected To Router Via Ethernet

Dec 16, 2008

I'm trying to connect an AE to my PC using XP with a D-Link DIR-655 WiFi router. I've used the airport utility and connected the AE to my router via ethernet. It appears to be setup properly and I can see it on the D-Link software. After disconnecting the ethernet cable and with the AE sitting next to the router it continually shows up and then disappears. The light is green on the AE. Then I disconnected the power and moved the AE into the place where I'm going to use it.

Now it will show up on my D-Link software occasionally but the light won't turn green. It also doesn't show up on the airport utility software. I also have a Touch and ATV that both work fine on the same network and the same location. The AE is about 30 feet from the router with only one wall in between them. Am I missing something here or could there be a problem with the AE?

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Hardware :: Airport Express Works With Existing Router Or Need Two Routers

Jan 31, 2009

I have a linksys wirless router in room A next to my cable modem I have a stero system in room B connected to my tv

I would like to play iTunes music on the stero system in room B.

Do I have to buy two AirPort Express routers? One connected to the internet in room A and one connected to my stero in room B?

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Hardware :: Can Plug In A CAT5e Cable From Router Into The Airport Express

Feb 24, 2009

I know this seems like a silly question, but it's just something I want to ensure before I go out and buy an Airport Express.

I can plug in a CAT5e cable from my router into the Airport Express and it should work fine, correct?

Network diagram:

Modem -> Wired Router -> Airport Express

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Hardware :: AirPort Express Speed - Direct Wiring To Router

Aug 9, 2009

My current set up includes a cable modem to a Linksys wired router, to an Xbox 360, PS3 and Airport Express. This is the set up I have had for about three months. When downloading files or streaming videos the download speed rarely settles in more than 200 kb/s. My old place had a DSL model, which had a slower internet connection, but the airport express speeds (same set up) were much faster. I have tried directly wiring the computer to the router which unsurprising, resulted in much higher speeds. The things I can think it could be:

1. A lot of wireless networks in the vicinity.
2. Airport express just not up to streaming at height 802.11n speeds, although it is rated for them.
3. Attached to a slower port on the router.

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Hardware :: Connect Airport Express Wirelessly To Non - Apple Router?

Oct 1, 2009

I have a DrayTek Vigor 2800G wireless router which is connected to my phone line. I would like to use an Airport Express in the living room to connect to my stereo system in order to share my iTunes library from my Macbook. Therefore, is it possible to connect the Airport Express to the DrayTek router over wireless rather than a network cable? Or is a hard connection required?

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Hardware :: Connect Both Airport Express And Ethernet Wire To Router?

May 16, 2010

I have a modem (Tilgin Vood 342) that came from the phone company which I use to connect my old desktop PC and my new MacBook Pro to the internet, through two separate ethernet cables. The modem has three ethernet ports and connects to the internet through an ethernet port in the wall. I want to buy an Airport Express in order to get wireless internet to my MacBook, but since my desktop PC can't receive wireless internet, I still need it to be plugged into the modem through a cable (I don't mind that). So my question is, can I use one of the modem ports for the Airport Express and another for the ethernet cable without there being a conflict?

I'm asking because I went to an electronics store and I was told that there might be a conflict and that I should buy an Airport Extreme or another router with ports in order for it to work. I would really prefer the Express because it's and it's the most I can pay for.

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Hardware :: Can I Use An Airport Express To Extend A Network Using A Bwrg500 Router?

Jun 11, 2010

Can I use my Airport Express to extend my wireless network while using a Bountiful BWRG500 wireless router?


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PowerPC :: Emac G4 - Airport Extreme - Not Connecting To Router

Jul 8, 2009

i've just got my sister a emac G4 1ghz i installed the airport extreme card from my G5 cos she wants it in her bedroom but it's not connecting to the router, my router is a Thomson TG585 V7 i never had this problem with old airport, it only seems to be with extreme although the card was connecting to the network from my g5 was basically inches away from it, the Emac is on the floor about 2ft away i goto connect and it just keeps timing out, i've made sure the wpa key is correct and even tried manually entering the network config details but to no avail, is there any hope?

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Software :: Connecting PC To Airport Express?

Jan 23, 2010

I cannot get my PC to access the web through my wireless connection to AirPort Express. It worked fine with our older Belkin wireless router but when we upgraded to AirPort Express it detects the wireless network but when I go to connect to the web and type in the network password it scrolls forever. If I go into the AirPort Utility settings and turn off the security ("WPS/WPS2 personal" changed to "none") then the PC can access the web via the wireless network but I don't want an unsecured connection.

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Hardware :: Connecting A Router To Airport Extreme Base Station?

Jan 26, 2007

Connecting a router to Airport Extreme: Will it slow down the internet access to all the computers more? I wanna hook up my Mac Pro, iMac via Ethernet and my PowerBook will be wireless. Is it gonna effect my speed?

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Hardware :: Connecting AirPort Express Via Cables Possible?

Mar 22, 2010

I have my music with iTunes installed on a PC desktop that is cabled (cat5) to a router. Can I cable the AirPort via Cat5 to the same router and use that configuration to push music from iTunes to the Stereo receiver? All the configurations I see in the AirPort documentation show the input to it being wireless.

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Hardware :: Connecting HD To Airport Express Using Ethernet?

Nov 28, 2009

i know that it is possible to connect a HD to the AE by the usb port but now that manufacturers are offering more and more external HD with ethernet is it possible to connect them to the Airport Express or do i really have to spend more to get the Extreme?

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Hardware :: Connecting Xbox 360 To Airport Express

Dec 8, 2009

I have an Airport Extreme connected to cable modem. I also have an Airport Express for some reason. My 360 is in another room.. and while I have a long enough ethernet cable to hardwire it to the router, that's pretty inconvenient and doesn't really look that good. So my question is... how would the connection quality be if I connect it to the airport express? Is it like hardwiring it?

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Hardware :: Airport Express Unable To Connect To Network - Should I Change Router's Settings

Sep 1, 2008

i recently bought an Airport Express, and i finally took it out of its box after i purchased my new stereo. I connected the audio cable to the stereo and the airport unit and plugged it into an outlet. I opened up airport utility on my mac, AX appeared and i configured it to "join a wireless network". After completing the remaining steps, i updated it.. and waited for it to restart. Now here's my problem. It comes up with an error telling me it couldn't find the device after restarting. I have Verizon FiOS as my provider.. and I know that airport express has a history of trouble with the Actiontec router. Is there anything i can do with my current equipment to get this thing to work? I do not need to extend the network.. only join to use airtunes and print wirelessly... Also, my Actiontec router and FiOS connection are through my crappy dell pc downstairs, while i am using my 24" iMac upstairs in my bedroom trying to connect this. Should i change my router's settings?

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Hardware :: Can Airport Express Join Or Extend Existing Network Created By Other Router?

Jan 18, 2009

my router is linksys and i want to let my airport express join the network created by linksys wirelessly, would that be done? i was told at apple store that airport can extend existing network, what the problem is?

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