OS X :: What Is UDP Traffic

Feb 27, 2006

Just found identified that for me to fix an issue with iTunes multiple speakers I need to open two UDP ports (6001 and 6002) on my firewall. What does this mean and could this cause a problem with the security of my network?

Basically, whats the impact on me if I open them?

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OS X :: How To Encrypt Incoming Traffic

Jun 16, 2010

Is there anyway to encrypt incoming traffic so people wouldn't know what I am downloading? I have an airport extreme base station and am wondering if it is possible to do it through that. If not, what would be the best software way to do this? Now, since illegally downloading is bad

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OS X :: Huge Traffic Coming In ?

Jul 13, 2010

I was asking some time ago telling about the traffic that is coming in, dont know where it originate from. But now its coming with 800KB/s, and its KB not kb. I'm connected directly to internet, no firewall, static IP. I can see in little snitch some local computers. Wonder if I'm safe with OSX ? kernel_task process was so high, it attracted my attention

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OS X :: Constant Incoming Traffic From No Known Source?

Sep 7, 2009

System: uMB 2.4/4GB Ram, October 2008, running 10.6. In the past couple days, I've all-of-a-sudden noticed that I'm receiving incoming network traffic; sometimes it's 300-400kbps, sometimes it's almost 1Mbps. It'll occasionally stop for a period of a few seconds to a minute, then pick up again. Disconnecting the computer from the network will stop it (obv), but it picks right up immediately upon reconnecting.

No programs are running that would seem to cause this behavior. Nothing is being downloaded (I mostly do that on a separate machine anyways) and nothing is running when this begins that would lean me towards a problem. Switching from a wired connection to a wireless connection does stop the download completely, which lends me to think that this is most likely an attack on that IP, though I can't find a way to be sure or to even look further on that idea.

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Mac Pro :: Directing Traffic To Second Ethernet Port?

Mar 23, 2012

What is the process used to direct certain IP addresses or a range of IP addresses to the second ethernet connection on a Mac Pro? I have a set of Mac Pros that use the first connection for internet access and corporate server connections using Samba. But the second ethernet connection is used for a lan between the Mac Pros and printers. It currently works but it take a bit for the "connect to servers" dialog to connect to a Mac Pro on the lan because I think it is searching Connection 1 first which has hundreds of Windows servers attached to it. And it takes several minutes to connect if our service has an interruption on Connection 1. All of the Mac Pros and printers are set up to use a manual IP address (192.168...) The Mac Pro workstations use Snow Leopard and we have a Mac Pro Server running Lion Server that we use to conntrol a network RAID.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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Applications :: Tunnelblick Configuration - Send All Traffic Over VPN

Aug 31, 2010

I'm using Tunnelblick to a OVPN server. I noticed Tunnelblick doesn't have an option to "send all traffic over VPN" like say Viscosity does, I would use Viscosity but I'm on a 64 bit kernel and Viscosity has no support for that, I know there are several guides but they don't work. So simply, how do I know if Tunnelblick is sending all traffic over VPN or not?

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OS X :: Vertical Traffic Lights (Like ITunes 10) On Firefox

Sep 17, 2010

Especially since it is open source, it surely shouldn't be too difficult to modify the traffic lights to be vertical in Mozilla Firefox like they are in iTunes 10. I've seen that you can change the iTunes 10 traffic lights to be horizontal. How would I do the opposite in Firefox?

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Applications :: Blocking P2p Traffic On Home Network?

Oct 7, 2010

Here is the situation. my family has someone staying with them our house who is basically addicted to internet pornography. They will be here for a while as they have hit a rough patch in their life and we are trying to help them out.

We already had a block set up with openDNS to effectively block all web sites through our router (apple time capsule) but that doesn't do anything to block p2p file sharing and our guest has figured this out. I discovered this because they are not too computer literate and all of their downloads from limewire and frostwire ended up showing up in their itunes shared library.

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IMac :: Won't Work With Monitor / Weird Traffic

Jun 29, 2009

I have a 20inch imac (bought in summer 2007). I am just getting into using it as my primary computer. I was playing around in order to learn more and I found something through Activity Monitor that does not make sense to me.

In the Network Activity tab, I see "Data received:" and "Data sent:" sections. As I browse the web, these numbers change of course, but it seems that the Data received quickly reaches hundreds of megabytes! Right now, Data received: is 540MB and Data sent: is 280MB (after a reboot earlier in the day). I am not using the iMac as a server or anything and I have never seen a Windows PC sending out so many packets in the course of browsing the web. Is this in line with others' experience? Should I be concerned about a spyware program on my iMac?

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MacBook Pro :: How To View What's Taking Up Network Traffic

Jan 16, 2010

Recently my internet has been slow, and even though I reboot my iStat Pro reports that I'm always downloading and uploading stuff (the speeds are like 100 kilobytes/sec) even though I have no applications running (I only have Finder in my Dock). How can I see what is using up my bandwidth?

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Applications :: LF IP Traffic Throttling From Skilled Network Admin?

Jan 11, 2009

I am looking for some advice from some pro network admins / elite type users.

I have some specific problems I am trying to address and could use a pointer in the right direction in terms of what software to get.

a) I'm looking for any software suite / program, MAC or PC, which can enable me to detect TRAFFIC on MY OWN network, and possibly correlate that traffic with known port numbers to create a graph / picture / etc of WHAT KIND of traffic a specific IP address / interface is transacting.

The purpose of this is to attempt to pinpoint how much torrenting / limewire / etc is going on on my network, and from what computers.

b) Any advice on any wireless router brand / model that enables IP / computer based bandwidth throttling such that I can clamp down on people who leech and drive my ping times through the roof.

This is a home network, college residence with approx 10 different users on the network. I have full control over the cable modem and the router. It is a consumer model (netgear) with limited configuration options, but very good wireless reception.

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Applications :: Block Outgoing Traffic On Specific Ports?

May 26, 2009

I need to block outgoing traffic on specific ports. Is there anything default in OS X to do this? If not, what application could I use? I'd prefer to use the OS, if it has an ability to do this.

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Hardware :: Unable To Monitor AirDisk / AEBS Traffic

Jul 20, 2009

I'm planning to connect an external hard disk to an AEBS and open the right ports to allow Internet access. I plan on distributing the HDs IP address and password among some friends for a collaborative project. Is there any way for me to monitor the inbound/outbound traffic of such a situation? Perhaps even log which IP addresses do what, so I have a history of each user's actions? This sounds like something akin to an incredibly stripped down version of the Admin Tool suite available on OS X Server.

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Software :: Unable To Work With Traffic Monitor / Can't Find Program

Apr 29, 2009

I have been having problems with uploads from my computer: is there a program that will help me monitor traffic and also pinpoint where all my traffic is going?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Have Two .dat Files That Each Have The VLC 'traffic Cone' Symbol On Their Icons?

Apr 21, 2012

I have two .dat files that each have the VLC 'traffic cone' symbol on their icons. How can I get them to display without it?

iMac (Flat Panel), Mac OS X (10.6.8), iMac G4 15"/800MHz/1GB and PowerBook G4 17"/1.33 MHz/1GB

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Applications :: Does ITunes 10.1 Break Colour Customization And Revert Traffic Lights

Sep 29, 2010

Love it or hate it, I couldn't stand the all-gray iTunes and the vertical traffic lights. So I dropped a little script in the terminal and installed a modification to bring colour back to my icons. Now that iTunes 10.1 is out, does anyone have any experience with it breaking such modifications? I can't quite remember what it was I changed or I would experiment for myself. Unfortunately I'm tech savvy enough for basic trouble shooting and following explicit directions but not enough to know all the components of iTunes. I think I replaced a resource file of some kind.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Join Wireless Network/Will All Traffic Go Mac Wireless Router

Jan 5, 2011

I have just got my 1Tb time capsule and there are a lot of confusing descriptions of how to connect it.

At the moment I have just selected "join existing wireless network" which is a ADSL 2.4ghz G Router that came with my internet package (Thompson TG585 v7).

Does this mean that all traffic goes via the ADSL Router and that I will not be using the 5ghz band when I back up so that all the data will follow a path like this and have slow data rates? :

MAC --2.4ghz--> ADSL Router --2.4ghz--> TC

or will I be communicating directly with the TC at 5ghz for backups and data transfer and 2.4ghz with the ADSL router for internet like this? :

MAC --5ghz--> TC
ADSL Router --2.4ghz--> MAC

If this is not a good setup, what setup would allow me to get the full speed to the time capsule and be connected to the internet.

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