OS X :: T Mobile Internet Draining Hard Drive

Apr 15, 2010

I have a MacBook, which runs OS X 10.4.11 with a 2GHz processor and 2BG 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory (whatever that means). Anyway, I've recently got a T-Mobile USB Broadband stick (it's awful and I feel bad that my girlfriend bought it me, so don't ever buy one!) and I discovered yesterday, after much experimenting, that it was this that is running down my hard drive space considerably. I deleted around 10Gb of user support that I didn't need, and within a day it was gone. When I'm not using it, the space on the HD remains the same. I'm not downloading anything and have hardly streamed anything other than a few Spotify songs. My question is, where is the space going and can I get it back? I downloaded OmniDiskSweeper, and there is a log file of 10Gb. The log file is called 'console.log.5' and in the folder called '501' in the 'Console' folder. Can this be deleted without consequences?

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Upgrade - Battery Draining In 2 Hours

May 4, 2012

I upgraded my 500 GB hard drive to a 750 GB, 7200 rpm. Now my MacBook Pro's fans are always on and my battery only lasts 2 hours. I got at least 6 hours before the switch.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 8 GB ram

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MacBook Pro :: Draining Battery Due To WD5000BEKT 500GB Scorpio Black 7200 RPM Hard Drive?

Nov 26, 2010

I installed the hard drive with no problem and have experienced greater performance, no clicking nor vibration, and no freezeup or rainbow wheel. I also did a clean install of Snow Leopard. I did a PRAM reset at the beginning and calibrated my battery. However, now I noticed my battery is draining FAST, only lasting 2 hours. I looked a little online and discovered I may still need to reset the SMC (shift-control-option + power key), which I will do shortly. The battery lasted 6-7 hours before with my old hdd and is at 96% capacity.

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MacBook Air :: Why Toshiba Mobile Hard Drive (1TB) Cannot Be Used In It

May 4, 2012

Why my Toshiba mobile hard drive (1TB) can not be used in the macbook air?

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MacBook Pro :: Mobile Internet Not Working

Jan 3, 2010

I have a Bell Mobile Internet Stick and my Macbook Pro doesn't recognize it. I have installed The Bell Mobile Connect software numerous times and nothing. it will find the hardware, and when i select connect, it ask for my password. Once my password is entered, a crash report comes up wanting to send it to Apple. On my hackintosh dell mini 10v under the network preferences it has a connection for Novatel CDMA connection, but I cannot get that to come up on my genuine MBP. Any ideas to get this working? Unfortunately this is the only source of internet i have and i am on the netbook to post this. I recently upgraded my hard drive to a 500gb Seagate from my standard 160gb drive the computer came with, I did an install onto the hard drive from my Snow Leopard install disc, and when prompted transferred all of my files from a previous time machine back up.

Macbook Pro 13.3 inch (5,5)
2.26 Ghz
500gb hard drive
2gb RAM
OS X 10.6.0

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OS X :: Wireless Mobile Internet Card

Mar 23, 2010

My parents are taking a much needed vacation. I suggested to my mom she take the laptop i bought them a few years ago (a rarely used 17" PowerBook). And of course they will need a mobile internet card. But its not like they are jet-setters or use that laptop outside of the house very often, if ever. Their mobile phone carrier is Sprint. But it looks like all their internet card options are for a 2 year contract. I'm looking for something for either a very short or no contract. I even checked through AT&T, which is what i have, but everything seems like a 2 year contract. They get a vacation once every two years . Ideally, i was hoping for a one month data cost and either "renting" (??) an internet card, or buying one if they had to.

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MacBook Pro :: Mobile Internet - Express Card Or USB Dongle?

Nov 29, 2010

I have a macbook pro 17, I couldn't really wait for what might or might not come out next year, as there was an urgent need for it. I am interested in getting some mobile internet, and was wondering, would you seasoned pro's go for a usb dongle or express card slot option?

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Intel Mac :: Connect To External Hard Drive Connected To Mac Over Internet

Jun 24, 2012

I have a Mid 2009 21inch IMac connected to the external hard drive. I just bought macbook air which i use to connect to my iMac at home via icloud. My problem is that i cannot find the external hard drive which is connected to the iMac. I tried to assign the external storage as shared folder. That didnt work. I tried to make alias and drop it in the public folder. it does not work either.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: OS X Lion Internet Recovery - Does Not Detect Hard Drive

Jun 24, 2014

I have a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.7.2 and it recently stopped booting. Got the gray screen with the folder that has the question mark on it. I have attempted to use Command + R to do a Internet Recovery of the system, but once I get to the Mac OS X Lion screen to select where i want to install OSX, there are no hard drives listed. 

So I figure, the hard drive (Hitachi 500GB that came with the Mac) is damaged or not functioning correctly. This doesn't seem to be the case because I can hook it up to a notebook SATA hard drive enclosure, connect it to my other MBP and read all the contents of the drive! This was good news, as i was able to copy off all important data, etc. 

Using Disc utility, the partitions check out, and the drive appears to be functioning OK. 

Verify and Repair volume “Macintosh HD”

Checking file systemChecking Journaled HFS Plus volume.

Checking extents overflow file.

Checking catalog file.

Checking multi-linked files.

Checking catalog hierarchy.

Checking extended attributes file.

Checking volume bitmap.

Checking volume information.

The volume Macintosh HD appears to be OK.

Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required. 

I have purchased a replacement hard drive and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. 

My question now is this:

Am I able to do some kind of time machine backup, make an image, or do some kind of target drive restore from this hard drive since it is accessible on my other computer?  

I don't mind reloading the operating system on the original MBP, but would really like to avoid the process of setting up all the applications, settings, etc if this drive is in fact functional. 

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Attaching An External Hard Drive Kills The Internet Connection?

Feb 22, 2012

All of a sudden when I attach my external hard drive my Internet does not connect over Airport Wifi.  The issue is not isolated and as soon as i dissconcnect the extnal the netrnet connects again.  Everything was fine before but now that is not the case.  I have tried starting from scratch with the hard drive and this does nothing. I am running Lion 10.7.3 on a New MacBook Pro ?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Intel Mac :: How To Delete Internet Streaming Files That Are Causing Hard Drive To Be Full

May 5, 2012

Here is the back ground information of this situation.  I have a IMAC 21 inch 500GB Hard drive 4 GB RAM, which is up to date with OS X Ver 10.7.3.  So my wife loves to stream her favorite USA TV shows via the Internet, considering we are stationed overseas.  She pulled me away from the NBA playoffs because she kept getting this error of start up disk full delete files (or something to that effect.)  So last week, I deleted about 40GB of old shows that we downloaded and various other files and pictures.  Not even four days later the Hard drive is full again, and I think it is from my wife's streaming habit.  I went to "About This IMAC", to find out where the memory was being used from and its 377 GB used in a "OTHER", and the rest being utilized from APPS, MUSIC, PICTURES, etc.  So next I cleared the history and deleted the cache files and reset safari on both our log in profiles, then logged out and restarted the computer, which did not minimize the Hard drive memory being occupied. Where are those streaming files getting saved specifically, for maybe a manual delete? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Hide Mobile Accounts In IChat / Contacts For Mobile Aim Shows Up

Feb 11, 2010

I just used Chax to combine my AIM and Facebook accounts in iChat, but I just realized how many of my friends use the stupid mobile feature for AIM, so they all show up in my buddy list when they really arent available. Is there anyway I can hide those mobile accounts in iChat?

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MacBook Pro :: C2D Mobile I5 & Mobile I7 - Upgrades The Processors?

Mar 4, 2010

this noob understand what the differences will be in terms of pros/cons and overall performance. What about if Apple keeps everything else the same and just upgrades the processors, how would that affect things (hypothetically)?

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Software :: Internet Connection Hangs Disconnecting Using Mobile Connection (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)

Aug 21, 2006

I'm on holiday using my mobile phone (Nokia N80) to connect to the Internet over GPRS / EDGE / UMTS. Everything works like a charm, but often the Internet Connect applet drops the connection and just hangs disconnecting.

I'm running OS X 10.4.7 on a 17" Macbook pro, but I have the same result on a iBook G4, same OS X version, and even trying with a different mobile phone (Nokia 6600) and different network service provider.

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Windows On Mac :: No Internet On Bootcamp Drive - How To Set Wireless Internet

Aug 19, 2010

this is a major problem for me. I just installed ubuntu on my mac via boot camp, and I can't find how to set up wireless internet! Once, after installing windows, the same problem occurred. I'm not sure whether this version doesn't support airport (ubuntu v10.04.1) or I need the snow leopard drivers (but I can't because it's a .exe file).

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Hardware :: Recover Data From Dead Lacie Hard Drive / Unable To Mount Hard Drive

Sep 6, 2009

Today I went to plug in my Lacie 250 GB USB external hard drive into my 13 in. MacBook to get a shirt template for a design I am making. I discovered that the hard drive just would not mount and show on the desktop, and I remembered that this happened a few days before, but all I did was unplug it and plug it back in, and it worked... except that today, that didn't work at all. I tried the other USB port, and the hard drive showed up on the desktop for about a second, and then disappeared. I kept on replugging it back into both USB ports, but nothing happened.

Then I tried to see if it would work on the PC beside me, and it was recognized as an external device; however, a message came up telling me the drive was malfunctioning. I am guessing this is from ejecting it incorrectly (because I am in a hurry to head to my next classes...I use this laptop at school), but I have incorrectly disconnected it before in the past and this problem never happened to me before.

Every single project I have ever created for my design career is on that hard drive, and all I want now is to get my files back. All I need it to do is show up on the desktop for just the right amount of time for me to copy my files onto my computer.

I read online to put it into the freezer for a while and it should mount, but that didn't work. I tried using Disk Warrior, Data Rescue 3, and Tech Tool Deluxe, but the hard drive did not show up on any of those apps.I tried plugging the hard drive into an iMac as well, but it did not show up either.

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MacBook Pro :: Audiable Click Sound Of Hard Drive / Protection Of The Hard Drive Dropped?

Sep 1, 2009

Got a new MBP last month to replace my white MacBook - loving it as an upgrade but one gripe - if I'm sat using it on my knee I regularly hear the "click" type noise of what I imagine is the protection of the hard drive because it thinks it is being dropped.

I never heard this on my old Mac and while it's not a huge issue it is a bit disconcerting, as though I'm being told off for moving it in a fairly responsible way.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Not Working / Logic Board Unable To Communicate With Hard Drive

Sep 9, 2009

My PowerBook G4 (Alum) died. I've had it for 4 years, taken it with me to Alaska and all over the lower 48, and have had nothing but happy experiences. I knew she was gonna go, but I was hoping she'd hold on until I could afford a MacBook. Alas, no. The problem appears to be the ability of the logic board to communicate with the hard drive. I can hear the HD spin, but even with Disk Warrior, I cannot locate it. The Mac Geniuses at my local Apple store confirmed this and gave me a shoulder to cry on. I've run Disk Warrior, Disk Utility, and tried finding it using the target disk mode - no luck.

The problem is that I've got 4 years of teaching materials, 6000 songs, and irreplaceable pictures on the HD, so I can't bring myself to just trash it. It's true that you only fail to back up you stuff once. This is my once. I've heard that with PC hard drives, you can just drop the old HD into a USB HD box and use it as an external HD. I can't afford professional data retrevial, and I want to give this option a try if it'll work with a Mac HD. Any ideas or suggestions?

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ITunes :: Play Media Files From Connected Hard Drive Without Transferring To Mac's Hard Drive?

Jun 3, 2012

How do i play media files from my external hard drive without transferring the files to my mac hard drive?  I have a lot of media files and want to be able to play them soley from my external hard drive. 

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1.1

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Making Weird Noises / Failing Hard Drive Or Something Else?

Nov 22, 2006

My PM G5's Hard Drive has been making wierd noises lately and I'm really beginning to worry that it's failing. How can I be sure?

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MacBook :: Migrating Contents Of Hard Drive To New One / Hard Drive Has Partition For Bootcamp?

Jul 27, 2009

I have an aluminum unibody macbook from October 2008. I'm looking to upgrade the 160 GB hard drive inside to a 500 GB one I'm considering from Newegg. Would it be possible to migrate/copy/clone the entire contents of my current hard drive to the 500 GB one? I also have a section of my current hard drive partitioned for Bootcamp. Would this affect my ability to transfer everything over?

If this is possible at all, how can I go about doing so? If there are steps laid out somewhere, I'd appreciate a referral. Sorry if my question is a little elementary, but I did a search on these forums and also google and nothing really came up

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OS X :: Unable To View Hard Drive - Hard Drive Not Appearing In Device Menu

Sep 9, 2009

I know this is going to be an incredibly easy fix, but I can't find it. The Hard Drive on my new iMac is not appearing on my desktop, nor is it appearing in the "Device" menu in Finder.

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Applications :: If I Delete Files Off My Internal Hard Drive, Will It Still Be On My External Hard Drive

Nov 12, 2009

if i delete files off my internal hard drive (Macintosh HD), will it still be on my external hard drive or will it just add to it?

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Intel Mac :: Installed A New Hard Drive In 20" (2006) And Now The Hard Drive Does Not Show Up?

Mar 9, 2012

I have just installed a new hard drive in my imac intel 20" (2006) and upgraded the memory and now the hard drive does not show up in the 'select destinations' folder of the install program. I can see the hard drive in the disk utilities window however it wont let me do anything.It is a seagate 1TB SATA II drive however it is displaying it as a 7.3 TB.I have tried to erase and partition and get the same error message each time, 'Input/Output error'.
I have tried starting the thing with the install disk which is Mac OS X (Tiger?) which came with the computer


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OS X :: How To Clon And Copy The Content From One An External Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

Oct 14, 2009

with cloning/copying the content one an external hard drive onto a new external hard drive. Basically, I have a 500GB FW400 drive which I use to store my media files. It's full, so I purchased a 1TB FW800 drive to replace it. Obviously, I thought I could simply copy and paste the media files from the old drive to the new one.I cannot copy the media files to my internal drive first as my internal drive is only 250GB and nearly full itself.I have used Disk Utility to attempt to close the old drive to the new drive, but keep getting "insufficient space" errors.

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MacBook Pro :: Cloning Entire Hard Drive To An External Hard Drive

Mar 31, 2012

Recently I bought 2 identical WD Scorpio Blue 1TB hard drives for my macbook pro 13 inch 2010. My aim is to replace the internal hard drive with one of the two I just purchased and use it as my system drive with Lion, Windows and Data partitions. And for the other hard drive I want to use it as a full disk back up for the internal drive (now 1TB hard drive).After I was done with setting up both windows and mac and data transfer, when I booedt into the recovery partition from the internal drive to clone the drive to the external drive, the disk utility gave me this error (Could not validate source - error 254). I also tried using Carbon Copy Cloner but it only could clone partitions, not the entire drive. Yesterday I downloaded a copy of Clonezilla. It worked fine until it had to clone an exFAT partition (my data partition). The exFAT partition appeared as 'RAW' partition in clonezilla. As a result, the whole partition appeared to be full and clonezilla had to copy every single blocks of data in that partition and the estimated time remaining was about 30 hours. So clonezilla is out too. Just want to ask if there is any program/application (bootable or not) which allows can do a full disk clone to an external hard drive.

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MacBook Pro :: After Installing New Hard Drive - Previous Hard Drive Is Failed

Sep 9, 2014

Macbook Pro 17" Early 2011 

Notes. Failed HDD ASD Test.  A new hard drive was installed in September of 2011 after the previous hard drive failed. Having worked well until now the system seems to give the same problems as it had previously.  I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue as others have pointed out.  

I have been told by the technician my only option is to replace the entire hard drive again for the second time with a new one. However to my understanding a ASD test is very specific and this my not be necessary? Further I am attempting a final backup just in case. I don't have to take it in where I could just back it up myself without the system shutting down.

Mac Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Draining Really Fast?

Mar 30, 2012

Recently I've been noticing that my MacBook Pro's battery has been draining really fast.  It's draining about 5% every 7 minutes.  The battery condition is normal and it only has about 290 cycles on it.  My brightness is turned all the way down, bluetooth is off and the only application I have open is Google Chrome, and I'm only using it to do some light browsing.  Does anyone have this same problem? I have a MacBook Pro (mid-2010) running the latest version of Lion?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Why Battery Draining During Shutdown

Jun 2, 2014

when i first recieved my macair it was not charged dipite that the catalog says that is should be ready for used. I charged it and it worked pretty ok, and i even put it to sleep and no problems occured. however when i shut it down for a few hours i openned it to find that the battery was completely drained. it's doing it all the time when i shut it down! how could that be.? This is a mid 2013 13" model.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Is Draining Very Quickly

Jun 24, 2014

-Model Name: MacBook Pro
-Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
-Memory: 4 GB
-OS X Version 10.9.3 

When starting up it must be connected to the charger and when i turn it on it makes the bing noise, goes to the apple screen with the wheel turning for a second and shuts off. I have to do this multiple times until it works. Another issue that I am having is that the battery is draining very quickly. I just had it replaced a couple months ago.

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