Applications :: Hide Mobile Accounts In IChat / Contacts For Mobile Aim Shows Up

Feb 11, 2010

I just used Chax to combine my AIM and Facebook accounts in iChat, but I just realized how many of my friends use the stupid mobile feature for AIM, so they all show up in my buddy list when they really arent available. Is there anyway I can hide those mobile accounts in iChat?

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Applications :: 2 Mobile Me Accounts - Edit 3 Calendars On All My Devices?

Jan 10, 2011

Background: 2 iPhones (wife and I), 1 iPad, 1 MacBook Pro. I have 3 calendars setup in iCal and the other devices that I want to start sharing over the air. Wife's got a work calendar, I've got a work calendar and we've got a "home" calendar.Do I really need to buy the family pack of Mobile Me or can I use the single user pack just the same? She does not need any of the other features except to be able to share a calendar and have her calendar info "pushed" to mine and vise versa. So no email, storage, etc.....just to be able to share and edit all 3 calendars on all my devices.

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Applications :: Send An Offline Message To Mobile Contacts?

Jun 3, 2009

I am new to Adium after learning that Mac Messenger is crap. I just have a quick question. I have some mobile contacts, however if they are offline and I want to send them an offline message when I click on their name it starts sending them a mobile message. I want to send them an offline message, I was wondering how to just send them an offline message, when I right click it just shows, "send mobile message" or "initiate group convo". I want to do this because I was trying to message someone the other day and I Was talking away thinking it was an offline message and they messaged and said I was im'ing to their phone.

Anyone know how to just send an offline message?

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MacBook Pro :: C2D Mobile I5 & Mobile I7 - Upgrades The Processors?

Mar 4, 2010

this noob understand what the differences will be in terms of pros/cons and overall performance. What about if Apple keeps everything else the same and just upgrades the processors, how would that affect things (hypothetically)?

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ICloud :: Merge It And Mobile Me Accounts?

May 11, 2012

I just upgraded to Lion and moved my MobileMe info to the iCloud. Unfortunately, Apple has created two different iCloud accounts. For the primary account, it wants me to create a new .me email address. I want to use my existing one, but it is listed as a non-primary account, and I can't figure out any way to merge the two.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPad2, iPhone 4S

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OS X :: Migrating Mobile User Accounts From One Domain To Another

May 7, 2010

I'm looking after some Macs that are migrating over to a new domain. The users are out of the office a lot, so they use mobile accounts on Macbook Pros using the most recent version of Snow Leopard. A lot of their configuration is specific to their mobile user accounts and I obviously can't log into the new domain using a mobile account from the old domain (I tested). So I found this: [URL] It outlines what I need to do in order to delete the local cached account without deleting the home directory. It also outlines how to give the same user account on the new domain access to the same home directory on the Macbook that they were using before.

- Unbound from old domain
- Bound to new domain
- Logged on as root and opened terminal and ran the below commands:
dscl . list /users (to find the user account)
dscl . -delete /users/USERNAME (this deleted the locally cached account)
chown -R USERNAME:NewDomainName.localOUThatUserIsIn /users/USERNAME

When I run the last command, I get the following chown: NewDomainName.localOUThatUserIsIn: Invalid argument (it doesn't display the after local) I verified that I was using the correct OU. I added NewDomainName.local to the DNS tab in Network settings under the domains to search in.

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MacBook :: Syncing All Contacts From Mobile Phone

Jun 5, 2010

I've been trying to sync all of my contacts off my old sony ericsson phone onto my macbook, so I can then sync them onto my shiny new android. How do I do this? Every time I use iSync nothing happens.

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ICloud :: Contacts On MacBook Pro Do Not Match The Mobile And IPad

Jul 5, 2012

I am using iCloud for my contacts but for some reason I have contacts that show up on my Mac but not on my mobile nor on my iPad.But if I delete a contact on one of my device it does get deleted on all of my other devices, same if I edit one contact.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Have To Enable Mobile Accounts So Notebooks Will Work When Traveling?

Mar 12, 2012

I have a mac mini running lion server.I have a couple of mac clients (notebooks). I have to enable mobile accounts so notebooks will work when traveling.However, I want family to logged into server as well. I am still in testing, and I think I have client side working ok (sync on demand, sync logging in and out)However, when user now logs directly into server (or anything else that would cause a sync, manual sync or logging off), it causes errors. It appears it isn't smart enough to know it is trying to sync back to itself. 

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Software :: Email Account (pop) To Sync With Mobile And Multiple Email Accounts

May 30, 2010

it is possible to get my work email account (pop) to sync with mobile me as well as my mobile me account?

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Use Mobile Accounts Locally (on Server) As Well As On A Laptop Connected To It?

Jun 5, 2012

The girlfriend and I are consolidating machines and want to try a software based approach instead of a plug and swap approach. My goal is to have only a Desktop + iPad and she have her MacBook. The issue is that we also want to keep it limited to one monitor, etc. on the desk but she is in grad school and will have need for the larger screen and keyboard. My question is can I set up her laptop to use a Mobile Account and assuming she logs off on that before going onto the Server, can she then log in to the Server desktop and use that Mobile Account locally there? So sometimes use the Mobile Account on the laptop, Sometimes on the Desktop. From my days managing a small network, this seems plausible but could also be fraught with problems.

Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Applications :: FaceTime Mobile To Mac?

Oct 20, 2010

You can now download a FaceTime app for your Mac and make video calls to iOS devices. Wish they hadn't left PC users out in the cold. Hoping for a skype update soon!

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Applications :: No ITunes Without Mobile Me Account?

Nov 14, 2010

So I want to get rid of mobile me... But my mobile me account, is my iTunes account name and password. So if I get rid of my mobile me, does that mean I will no longer be able to access the music I purchased?!

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Applications :: IWeb Won't Stop Asking About Mobile

Nov 24, 2008

there is a way to get rid of the "do you want to use Mobile Me" window that pops up when i open iWeb. I dont have mobile me and it is some what annoying that EVERY time i open iWeb it ask me. you would think that after enough time of saying no it would learn.

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Applications :: IWeb Not Publishing To Mobile Me?

Feb 9, 2009

I'm not sure if this is a Mobile Me issue or an iWeb 09 issue

I recently upgraded from iWeb 08 to 09. Made some changes to my website no problem, and published it no problem.

For the last week, however, any changes i've made won't publish to the site. Any time I say "publish" it just opens a dialogue saying "sign into Mobile Me" "Learn More" or "Cancel. so I say sign in, and it opens my system preferences to Mobile Me, where I am already signed in.

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Applications :: Mobile Me Itunes Syncing?

Nov 9, 2009

Do you think they will ever add wireless itunes syncing to mobile me? or just wireless syncing period?

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Applications :: Control Mac Through Mobile Phone With Bluetooth?

Sep 3, 2010

I'm looking for software that lets you control your mac through a java enabled mobile phone, like salling clicker,preferably free. but any suggestion, paid or freeware will do

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Applications :: Ical Is Not Syncing With Mobile Me Account

Sep 22, 2010

My ical is not syncing with mobile me account. I anyone else having issues today?

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Applications :: Can't Open Numbers Doc From Mobile Me On MacBook Air?

Oct 15, 2010

Got a weird problem. I store alot of documents on my iDisk so I can access them on either my MacBook Air or my iMac. It has worked great for several years.

I'm using Numbers '08 on both computers and both computers are completely updated.

Several weeks ago, the MacBook Air quit allowing me to open a Numbers document stored on Mobile Me. When I try to open a Numbers doc, I get a message saying, "The document could not be opened."

However, all is fine on my iMac. All numbers documents will open as normal from Mobile Me.

Also, other types of documents will open fine on the MacBook Air from Mobile Me i.e. Preview, Pages.

I tried copying a Numbers doc from Mobile Me to the Air, but I get an error stating, "The operation can be completed because and unexpected error occurred(error code -8084)."

Also, If I'm not dealing with Mobile Me, Numbers seems to work fine on the Air. I can create documents and open them fine.

In desperation, I did a clean install on the Air, but to no avail. I still have the same problem.

I can't think of anything I did to the Air to make it suddenly quit opening docs from Mobile Me.

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Applications :: ICal Alerts On Mobile Phone?

Feb 18, 2008

Is there any application or way to get alerts on my mobile from iCal events? I have set few notifications in my iCal, but it will be shown on my Mac only. If there is any application that can send SMS to my mobile.

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Applications :: Mail & Mobile Me Not Working Today?

Jan 17, 2009

Anyone else all of a sudden have problems today with Mail working with Mobile Me?

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Applications :: Mobile ITunes Library And A Local?

Sep 29, 2009

I have a MBP that I take to work with me every day. I like listening to iTunes at work and at home. I have a pretty large library so I moved the library from my MBP to a nice 500gb external HDD. So while Im at work, I plug it in and poof, Im off and running with my tunes.

I keep a copy of that library on my home server also.

Now here is where I get lazy. At home, Im much more mobile with my MBP. I take it on the deck, I have it in the basement, I bring it to the kitchen, garage, ect... I dont like carrying the external HDD around all over the place.

So recently I opened iTunes using the Option-click command and selected my home server as the location for the library. The very same library I keep a copy of on the external. iTunes gave me an error about not having a library file in that location. So I copied the library file from my external to my server and tried it again. iTunes loaded up but...

1. Im missing 50% of my artwork, artwork I spent a while collecting.

2. When I switch back to my external drive, iTunes gives me the same error from above. So I have to copy the library file to my external drive from my server and then back again when I want to switch again. (Hope that makes sense.)

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Applications :: Separate Passwords - Itunes And Mobile

Jul 13, 2010

I changed my mobile me password today because I didn't like it being the same as iTunes which I share with a few family members. In the past I had them the same but now wish them to have seperate passwords, is this possible? Today I changed my mobile me login password and it changed iTunes too.

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Applications :: Send SMS From Mac Via My Mobile / Cell Phone Number?

Oct 31, 2010

I'm looking for a program/app that will allow me to primarily send SMS from my Mac using my current phone number. Does anyone know if anything like this exists? I can only think of something like this working in one of two ways: Sending an SMS composed on my Mac through my mobile/cell, via Bluetooth or some other method? OR Using software that emulates my mobile number to compose and send SMS?

I remember back in the day you could actually email an SMS to a phone by using their mobile number as a username and their network as the domain - e.g. Unfortunately, because pretty much all the networks now provide email services too, doing that nowadays means they will actually receive an email at their online account instead of their SMS inbox.......................

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Applications :: IWeb Domain Forwarding Options Via Mobile Me?

Mar 22, 2009

I have forwarded a domain to a non-MobileMe website in the past using my GoDaddy domain, but I'm having problems forwarding that same domain now to my new website I published on MobileMe via iWeb '09. My previous site I successfully was able to forward in the past was made on my MobileMe account I put the name of the domain I wanted transferred and clicked "done".On my GoDaddy account I put "" under one of the CNAMES as instructed by Apple's website, but still isn't working.

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Applications :: Cross Platform Mobile Email Client?

Jan 13, 2010

I would like to be able to have my email set up on a usb memory stick so that I can carry it around, plug it in to a mac and there's my email or plug it in to a pc and hey presto theres my email again.If that's not enough then I would like to be able to have multiple email accounts on the (living in a dreamworld) email client.Anyone got any ideas? I have tried a version of thunderbird that was sort of cross platform and mobile but it didn't work too well and writing a letter and posting it may well have been quicker at times.

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Applications :: How To Make Mobile (i.e IPhone BB Etc) Version Of IWeb Website

Oct 27, 2010

this has been driving me crazy, I've looked everywhere and the "best" answer I found was resize the window in iWeb and re-make my site. I'm not that experienced in making websites and I don't have the time to do it again (I did an spanish and english version already and made them look pretty good at least for me)
On my mac it looks great, on windows not so much and it takes it a lot to load. But on iPhone or BB it suuux so I wanted to make a mobile version of it but I haven't found a software that can transform it.

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Applications :: Can Password Protect An IWeb Page Or A Mobile Me Gallery

Feb 8, 2009

I don't want just anyone to have immediate access to my gallery via my iWeb site. Ideally I'd like my entire Mobile Me gallery to be password protected. I had a look at password protecting individual albums but that's just a horrible implementation, each album just comes up as a grey thumbnail in the albums view even if you enter login details. I thought an alternative (although far less secure) would be to have the link to the mobile me gallery on a password protected iWeb page as part of my iWeb site but I can't find any options to let me password protect just one page.

Am I right in assuming that Web Gallery only supports password protecting of individual items whereas Apple have gone the opposite route with iWeb where you can only password protect your entire site? If that's the case then it seems like they're really trying to make things hard for us!

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Applications :: Safari 4 On IMac Defaults To Mobile Version Of Google

Jan 1, 2010

Like an idiot I thought I'd try switching user agents as I was messing around with iPhone optimising a few web pages. So I saw in Safari 4.0.4 on my iMac, the Develop menu, where I changed the user agent to "iPhone xxx". I then switched back to auto detecting user agent. Ever since then, the page has screwed up, as it always loads in mobile view, and not the classic view it used to: This is what I always get now whenever I visit When I click on the "Classic View" link, I get this page, which displays correctly: Notice the extra text in the URL... which I shouldn't have to put that everytime! Strangely loads up fine: I have deleted all cookies associated with "google" and also rebooted my iMac, but still defaults to the classic view. I tried forcing the User Agent to Safari 4.0.4, but it didn't make any difference as it still loads in mobile view! Here are the cookies I have now which relate to google.

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Applications :: ITunes Mobile Applications Folder Location

Jan 23, 2010

Is the there a way to force iTunes to store my mobile applications on my external drive automatically?I have my library set to an external and all my music, movies, etc goes onto the proper location except the mobile applications. I know I can use the consolidate library command, which will move the apps to the external. But as soon as I d/l another app iTunes begins saving them to the default folder again.

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